McNegros Kicked to the Curb by Master, David Clarke & Donna Brazile Meet to Unite the MoTeaSuh Tribe

Self Hate & Pity Party. Former Milwaukee County Sheriff SNigger David Clarke ran into DNC Straw boss Donna Brazile in New York City on Wednesday, where they discovered the two have at least something in common: 

both are delusional McNegros who belong to the Moteasuh Tribe and their respective roles in the system of racism/white supremacy have expired - at least for the time being. Like old soldiers looking for a new war or characters on a cancelled sitcom, what is an all-served out McNegro to do when master no longer has use for you? Anyway, at least they are trying to bring the Tribe together now. Not programmed how to serve themselves or how to solve their own problems, what will they do next? Although they are both out of service, they are still on call waiting to once again serve Doggy and be apart of its illusions. 

Anyway, what does 'more Dems needing to tell the truth blah blah' have to do with either one of these fools and how would it benefit Black people or the problems they face in this system of racism/white supremacy, a system run by their masters to dominate them.  

According to FUNKTIONARY Dr. Blynd explains:

The Moteasuh Tribe - the miseducated coin-operated buck dancing, sole-shuffling, politically dis-appointed kneegrows who pander to Massah's agenda - Mo' Tea Sir? This tribe of sorry ass kneegrows follow the dictates and even orchestrates the marching bandits of racism white supremacy as spewed forth from the mouthpieces of political power within the borders of the Witches Castle. It's the Condi-Clarence-Powell complex - that is, those who do Massah's bidding as if you weren't kidding yourself that you were doing otherwise. Keep your eyes on the lies, the liars, and the disguise. (see McNegro).