NC Judge Declines to Certify Election Results as Fraud Investigation Continues into Yurugu’s Efforts to Exclude Blacks from Participating in It’s Illusion of Choice & Open Competition

From [WashPost] A state judge in North Carolina has declined to certify election results in the 9th Congressional District, citing state election officials’ authority to delay certification while they continue to investigate allegations of election fraud.

In a court hearing in Raleigh on Tuesday, Wake County Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway ruled against Republican Mark Harris, who leads Democrat Dan McCready by 905 votes in unofficial results from the Nov. 6 election.

“Asking this court to step in and exert extraordinary power to declare the victor in an election that is clearly a purview of other branches of government” would be “highly unusual,” Ridgeway said. “That’s an extraordinary step.”

The State Board of Elections voted not to certify the results after accusations of election fraud surfaced in the 9th District, a rural swath of farmland and small towns that stretches from Charlotte to Fayetteville along the South Carolina border.

A lawyer for Harris argued that the state board had not presented evidence that the fraud was widespread enough to affect the outcome. Harris has said the investigation should continue but argued that he should be seated in the meantime.

“We don’t know if there have been any votes that have been affected in this election,” said Harris attorney Dudley Witt. “There’s nothing in the record, nothing before the court to show any irregularities.”

“I don’t know what this investigation shows,” Ridgeway retorted. “I don’t think anyone knows what the investigation shows.”

Lawyers for the state board and for McCready countered that enough ballots are under review to call the margin into question.

Special Deputy Attorney General Amar Majmundar, an attorney for the election board, noted that there was “an ongoing investigation.”

The investigation, Majmundar said, “may very well reveal evidence sufficient to call into question the margin that currently exists between the candidates.”

Majmundar added that the investigation could be a “springboard” for criminal prosecution.

“It’s an open question as to who rightfully won this election,” he said. “That question is now being answered slowly by the investigation.”

Ridgeway also noted that state law does not require proof that irregularities affected enough ballots to sway an election result. The law also allows an election to be tossed if irregularities sufficiently “taint” the overall outcome, he said.

Marc Elias, a Washington-based election law attorney who represents Democratic political committees and candidates, argued for McCready that there is nothing in North Carolina law that requires the investigation to be completed by a certain date.

At issue are accusations that a political operative hired by Harris to run his absentee-ballot program illegally collected mail-in ballots from voters. Also under investigation is whether the operative, Leslie McCrae Dowless, or his employees discarded ballots that were not cast for Harris.

[N.C. congressional candidate sought out aide, despite warnings over tactics]

The lawyer for the state board noted that the nine-member panel — made up of four Republicans, four Democrats and one unaffiliated voter — had voted unanimously not to certify the 9th District results.

Further complicating the investigation is the fact that the State Board of Elections was disbanded in December, following a court ruling earlier in the year that had found the board’s makeup unconstitutional. The board is expected to be reconstituted on Jan. 31 under a new state law approved in December.

Even if Ridgeway had ordered the board’s staff to certify the results, it’s not clear that Harris would have been welcomed to Congress. House Democrats have vowed not to seat Harris until the state investigation is complete, and have the power with their new majority to call for a new election.

After the hearing, the state board’s staff issued a statement promising a public hearing once a new board is seated “to give North Carolina voters a full picture of the issues that affected” the 9th District election.

Harris attorney David Freedman said no decision has been made on whether to appeal Ridgeway’s decision.

According to a DHS Report, Border Patrol & the TSA Have Given Themselves the Authority to Spy on Everyone's Social Media Accounts to "Understand Relationships Between Individuals" & "Threats"

aclu suit dhs.jpg

From [MassPrivatel] The U.S. Border Patrol (CBP) and the TSA claim they need to secretly spy on everyone's social media accounts so they can understand a person's relationship with their friends, family and the government.

According to a DHS report published last month, nothing can stop the Border Patrol or the TSA from secretly spying on everyone's social media accounts.

"In order to conduct a complete investigation, it is necessary for DHS/CBP to collect and review large amounts of data in order to identify and understand relationships between individuals, entities, threats and events, and to monitor patterns of activity over extended periods of time that may be indicative of criminal, terrorist, or other threat."

Understanding a person's relationship with "entities" is just a euphemism for the government. The Feds want to know if you are anti-government an activist or a protester.

To re-cap, DHS claims they need to spy on everyone's Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Qzone, Weibo, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Ask.Fm, Tumblr, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, VK, Odonklassniki and Meetup accounts to find out about their political views and much more. (For a complete list of the sixty plus social media accounts DHS spies on click here.)

ACLU is suing the Feds for information about social media spying:

According to a recent article in the ACLU blog, the ACLU is suing the FBI in an attempt to learn more about social media spying.

"Today the ACLU sued the the FBI and six other agencies to get some answers, because the public has a right to know about the exact nature of social media surveillance — especially whether agencies are monitoring and retaining social media posts, or using surveillance products that label activists and people of color as threats to public safety based on their First Amendment-protected activities."

"Based on what little information is publicly available, it’s clear that the federal government routinely tracks domestic social media users, with a particular focus on immigrants."

DHS claims the National Security Act gives them the power to ignore the Constitution and spy on everyone without probable cause.

"The Secretary of Homeland  Security, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552a(j)(2), has  exempted this system from the following provisions of the Privacy Act: 5 U.S.C.  552a(c)(3) and (4); (d); (e)(1), (e)(2), (e)(3),  (e)(4)(G), (e)(4)(H), (e)(4)(I); (e)(5), and (e)(8);  (f); and (g). Additionally, the Secretary of  Homeland Security, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.  552a(k)(1) and (k)(2), has exempted this system from the following provisions of the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a(c)(3); (d); (e)(1),  (e)(4)(G), (e)(4)(H), (e)(4)(I), and (f). When this system receives a record from another system exempted in that source system under 5  U.S.C. 552a(k)(1), (k)(2), or (j)(2), DHS will claim the same exemptions for those records  that are claimed for the original primary systems of records from which they originated and claims any additional exemptions set forth here."

The extent to which DHS will go to justify secretly spying on Americans is appalling. I encourage everyone to read the "DHS Systems of Records Exempt From the Privacy Act" and tell your family and friends about it.

DHS does not need probable cause to spy on everyone!

"The accuracy of information obtained or introduced occasionally may be unclear, or the information may not be strictly relevant or necessary to a specific investigation. For the reasons noted above, DHS is not required to establish requirements, rules, or procedures with respect to such access."

The Border Patrol's power extends far beyond borders and airports.

A recent article in The Intercept warns that the Border Patrol has almost unlimited authority to stop and detain motorists across the country.

When a Border Patrol agent is contemplating pulling someone over, they have a checklist of possible behaviors to look out for. They can determine “whether the vehicle or its load looks unusual in some way,” or “whether the passengers appeared dirty.” If those descriptions don’t apply, they can assess “whether the persons inside the vehicle avoid looking at the agent,” or conversely, “whether the persons inside the vehicle are paying undue attention to the agent’s presence.” And if those don’t apply, they can simply determine that the car is in an area nearby the border and pull it over on that basis alone."

Which is exactly what I predicted would happen a year ago.

"Imagine driving down the road and being stopped by a Border Patrol agent for speeding. Imagine Border Patrol agents responding to domestic abuse calls at people's homes. Imagine the Border Patrol responding to trespassing calls and detaining motorists with K-9's."

To say that this puts the Department of Douchebaggery (DHS) on par with China really does not do it justice. Government surveillance is getting worse before our very eyes.

Filled w/Extreme Hate Yurugu Will Project & Justify Any Aggression as the Victim: White PA Troopers "Tried to Calm Down" White Man who said, “I’m going to kill this NGHR cop" Before Assaulting Him

robert brooks .jpg

Color Confrontation Theory. From [HERE] and [HERE] A white Franklin County man attacked a Black trooper who responded to his residence for a report of a domestic dispute, according to state police.

State police also said that before the attack, Robert Clinton Brooks used racial statements directed toward the officer.

Troopers were dispatched at 7:35 p.m. Monday to the residence off of McKenzie Road in Guilford Township for a report of a domestic disturbance.

Officers arrived and found Brooks inside the residence, and while speaking to those involved, they learned there was a verbal argument before they arrived.

Brooks then became irate and verbally combative, and began screaming “vulgar, ethnic, and racist statements” toward an African American trooper, state police said. Brooks is described in the police report as white.

Some of the statements police said Brooks used include “Get this (expletive) out of my house” and “I’m going to kill this (expletive) cop." He said "I'm not staying here with this n*****. I'm leaving," the report shows. 

Troopers tried to calm Brooks down, but Brooks “explosively shoulder struck” the trooper in the face, police said. Brooks then repeatedly punched the trooper in the rib area, which briefly incapacitated the officer, and the pair then fell to the ground.

A physical struggle ensued between troopers and Brooks, during which troopers had to use physical strikes and a Taser in order to take Brooks into custody, police said.

Minor injuries were reported as a result of the scuffle.

Brooks, 49, of Chambersburg, is charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and ethnic intimidation.

A court docket indicates Brooks was arraigned on his charges Tuesday morning, and was remanded to the Franklin County Prison in lieu of $150,000 bail. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 5.

At Covington Catholic High School the World’s Future Leaders are Taught They are the God of their Religion [racism]: Photo Shows Students in Blackface Degrading a Black Student at a Basketball Game

covington high racism.jpg

From [Truth or Fiction] and {DailyMail] After a viral controversy involving video of Covington Catholic students, photographs surfaced purportedly showing other students from the school. Here's a 2015 photo of a Covington Catholic basketball game where students are clad in blackface and one of them is harassing a black player. Covington's student body is 100% white, their entire faculty is 100% white, but they feel entitled to dress in blackface, call themselves 'The Crazies' and intimidate black youth. If that sounds more like the KKK to you than any high school basketball team, that's because you're right. The Covington bullies and their families are the face of Trump's American Nazi movement--$10,000 tuition, parents all work in white collar jobs. Don't believe a word of their PR spin, these kids are monsters.

Covington High School teachers lead pep rally with students in blackface. In this compilation video the Colonel Crazies (students) can be seen in blackface chanting in the gymnasium over the years. [MORE] The first video showed a compilation of chants students called “the crazies” yell. It was on their official you-tube page. They have removed it.



According to FUNKTIONARY

Yurugu - a mythological figure within the Dogon tribe (Africa) who is "the incomplete being" (fiend without a face) referring to Neuropeans (neurotic Europeans) within the European asili. 2) a regressive (degenerative) state of consciousness where the soul is cut off from itself. 3) the inability to recognize or abate unacknowledged destructive capabilities. Yurugu also expresses itself and manifests as the pathological condition that utterly fails to convince those in geographical proximity of its harmlessness, therefore has to kill them. Yurugu is in a vicious spiral increasingly at odds with his own humanity—as fragmented, pathological, and distorted as it is. (See: Asili, Caucasian, Racism White Supremacy, Elite, Western Civilization, Neuropean, WASP, Privilege, Oppression, Scarcity, Violence, Genocide, Manifest Density & Ma'afa)

Black Grad Student Gets $1.25M Settlement & a Niggerization Lesson About "His Rights" from 6 White Evanston Cops Who Assaulted Him After a White 911 Caller Assumed He was Breaking Into His Own Car

From [CBS] Dr. Lawrence Crosby spoke publicly about what happened to him on Oct. 10, 2015 and the lasting effects following a 911 call where someone mistakenly thought he was breaking into a car. The City of Evanston has settled his police brutality case for $1.25 million. [MORE]

He also was given a “niggerization” lesson about his rights by the gang of white cops who criminally assaulted and falsely arrested him with impunity. During the assault with punches, kicks and smothering he told the white cops the 4th Amendment protects against unreasonable searches , stops and seizures. Rights are an illusion. On the street rights only exist if cops share the illusion. Lawless Race soldiers so frequently abuse their power that no Black or Latino motorist, juvenile, adult, professional of any kind—could make a compelling argument that constitutional rights afford Black or Latino people any real protection from the Government. As explained by Dr. Blynd, “Enjoyment of rights in a neo-imperialistic world controlled by Yurugu through the Greater System (Symbolic Order), paradoxically, entails not only a recognition of their inevitability but, equally, their impossibility. 

Niggerized -"unsafe, unprotected, subjected and subjugated to random violence, hated for who you are to the point you become so scared that you defer to the powers that be while willing to consent to your own domination." - Dr. Cornell West quoted in FUNKTIONARY.

evanston white racist 911 caller.jpg
Dr. Lawrence Crosby.jpg

From [HERE] Pinned to the ground by white officers who kneed and struck him, Lawrence Crosby screamed whatever he could think of to convince them that he was a law-abiding PhD student, not a violent car thief.

“This is my vehicle, sir,” he said, his voice captured by the dashboard-camera video. “I have evidence. . . . I purchased this vehicle Jan. 23, 2015, from Libertyville Chevrolet.”

The white officers placed him in handcuffs in the driveway of a church, two blocks from the police station in Evanston, Ill.

Police released the dash-cam video earlier this week, detailing the half-hour encounter that sparked a civil lawsuit from Crosby and a discussion about race and policing in this city of 75,000, just north of Chicago.

The video includes footage from the dash cam of one of the officers involved in the altercation. But it’s also synced with video of a personal dash cam Crosby kept running in his car.

On that night in October 2015, Crosby was headed to Northwestern University, where he was studying for his doctoral degree in civil engineering. A white woman called 911 and reported that an African American [man] with a black hood was trying to break into a car’. Listen below. The racist suspect also followed him in her car after he drove away [see 2nd video below]

Crosby stops the car in the driveway of a church, and slowly gets out facing the officers with hands in the air.

He begins to explain, but the officers order him to keep his hands up. Others scream at him to get on the ground.

He turns and, in an instant, five white officers sprint toward him. They drive him back several feet, kneeing him to force him to the ground and striking him with open hands to make him [officially] comply, a police spokesman said later.

“Stop resisting,” an officer yells as another strikes Crosby.

“I’m cooperating. I’m cooperating,” Crosby replies. He continues to explain that the car is his, where he got it from and when. He attends Northwestern and is a civil engineering PhD, he says. He was just trying to fix his car.

He asks the officers why he’s being handcuffed; they say they have to figure out who the car belongs to.

They determine it’s his, but he was still arrested and charged with disobeying officers and resisting arrest. A judge later threw out the charges, Crosby’s attorney Tim Touhy, told the Chicago Tribune.

The officers were never charged or disciplined. The Evanston Police Department has defended their actions.

AG Nominee Barr wrote a Memo,“The Case for More Incarceration" Claiming Racial Disparity was Natural & Authorized Indefinite Detention of HIV-positive Haitians Seeking Asylum in Interment Camps

ALWAYS DOWN FOR SHOW AND TELL BUT WHAT DOES IT DO? RACIST SUSPECT Barr was an architect of many policies that have since led to the disproportionate incarceration of African Americans. DURING SENATE CONFIRMATION HEARINGS    CORY Booker repeatedly    pointed out this discrepancy, and ultimately pressed Barr  to commit to a study  on these disparities. IN OTHER WORDS LIKE MOST RACISTS BARR BELIEVES BLACK PEOPLE ARE INFERIOR TO WHITES AND    PRONE TO CRIMINALITY.    he believes crime is evidence of biological difference. as a believer in the concept of “race”, which has no scientific validity  and is better translated to mean organization. The sole purpose of WHICH is to maintain white domination and world control of non-whites,  HE IS A RACIST.    AS EXPLAINED BY DR. AMOS WILSON, “Black criminals function as a negative reference group vital to maintaining the White American self-image. Alleged Black criminality, while evoking White American fear and loathing, reassures them of their vaunted self-worth, their assumed innately superior moral standing, of their self-congratulatory self-constraint in contrast with presumed Black American unworthiness, innate inferior moral standing, inherent criminality, lack of self-constraint and self-control. [   MORE   ]    COMMIT TO A STUDY? AS EXPLAINED BY DOC BLYND WE ARE ALWAYS OFFERED THE IMAGE AND NEVER THE REALITY IN    THE SPECTACLE SOCIETY.

ALWAYS DOWN FOR SHOW AND TELL BUT WHAT DOES IT DO? RACIST SUSPECT Barr was an architect of many policies that have since led to the disproportionate incarceration of African Americans. DURING SENATE CONFIRMATION HEARINGS CORY Booker repeatedly pointed out this discrepancy, and ultimately pressed Barr to commit to a study on these disparities. IN OTHER WORDS LIKE MOST RACISTS BARR BELIEVES BLACK PEOPLE ARE INFERIOR TO WHITES AND PRONE TO CRIMINALITY. he believes crime is evidence of biological difference. as a believer in the concept of “race”, which has no scientific validity and is better translated to mean organization. The sole purpose of WHICH is to maintain white domination and world control of non-whites, HE IS A RACIST.

AS EXPLAINED BY DR. AMOS WILSON, “Black criminals function as a negative reference group vital to maintaining the White American self-image. Alleged Black criminality, while evoking White American fear and loathing, reassures them of their vaunted self-worth, their assumed innately superior moral standing, of their self-congratulatory self-constraint in contrast with presumed Black American unworthiness, innate inferior moral standing, inherent criminality, lack of self-constraint and self-control. [MORE]


From [MintPress] William Barr — President Donald Trump’s nominee for the position of attorney general, the chief law enforcement post in the U.S. — is the subject of no shortage of controversy over his past as he testifies this week on Capitol Hill. But Democrats are hammering Barr over an unsolicited memo he wrote to the president that slammed the Mueller probe as “fatally misconceived,” while paying far less attention to far more troubling pieces of information about his past.

In particular, Barr, who was attorney general previously between 1991 and 1993 under President George H.W. Bush, has expressed backward views on mass incarceration. And his use of indefinite detention tactics for political gain, his approval of presidential pardons for six Reagan officials involved in the Iran-Contra scandal, his opposition to Roe v. Wade, his views on the president’s authority to use force abroad, and his pioneering of a mass surveillance program should all raise red flags for progressives, lawmakers, and civil liberties advocates alike.

In 1992, Barr, as attorney general, authored a memo entitled “The Case for More Incarceration.” The document includes sections and subsections like “Prisons work,” “A failure to incarcerate leads to increased crimes,” “Prisons do not create criminals,” “More prisons are needed,” “We are not over-incarcerating,” “Failure to incarcerate costs money,” “A failure to incarcerate hurts black Americans most,” and even includes an appendix that cites Rand Corporation “research” supposedly showing that the disparity in incarceration rates along racial lines is not attributable to bias.

“The study concluded that one could predict with 80 percent accuracy whether an offender would be sentenced to probation or prison. Adding the offender’s race to the equation did not improve the accuracy of this prediction. Race was also unrelated to the length of prison term imposed,” Barr’s document read. In other words, the racial disparity wherein black Americans are far more likely to be given harsher sentences or prosecuted at all in the first place is an entirely natural phenomenon, in Barr and Rand’s view.

But when it comes to incarceration, the memo is perhaps the least concerning part of Barr’s record.

Barr’s concentration camp for HIV-positive Haitians fleeing U.S.-backed death squads

Following the CIA-backed coup in Haiti in 1991, hundreds of thousands of Haitians fled the military regime terror that was sweeping the island, many to seek asylum in the United States. The U.S. Coast Guard then destroyed their boats and took them aboard. Eventually, they were taking to the U.S. naval station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. They were then assessed to determine whether they had real fears of political persecution or were merely seeking economic opportunity.

The State Department went to Belize and Honduras, asking them to take in the Haitian asylum-seekers, but the countries demanded they be tested for HIV. After some tests turned up positive, the U.S. government conducted HIV tests on every single person whom it had determined had a legitimate need for asylum.

But federal law banned the U.S. from accepting HIV-positive refugees, and since their fears were determined to be credible, the U.S. government was unable to return them to Haiti. So the Haitians were detained there in Guantanamo indefinitely. Reportedly even Dick Cheney — then secretary of defense — who is not generally regarded for his commitment to rule of law, objected to the interments Barr had schemed.

“Even Dick Cheney, … not to mention the military’s own doctors, expressed concern about keeping these asylum seekers in Guantanamo for political gain,” Senator Richard Blumenthal recently told The Daily Beast. “When you’re to the right of Dick Cheney on Guantanamo, you know you’ve gone too far.”

Barr later recalled the opposition he faced, saying in an interview years later:

What do you want me to do? You want 80,000 Haitians to descend on Florida several months before the election? Come on, give me a break… Florida will go ape.

Their position was, ‘Guantanamo is a military base, and why were all these people here, the HIV people, all these other people? How long are you going to be on our property with this unseemly business?’ I’d say, ‘until it’s over. But we’re not bringing these people into the United States.’”

Reportedly, conditions at the facility — which was later likened to a concentration camp for HIV patients by federal judge Sterling Johnson — were horrid. Food was covered in maggots and the refugees — among them 200 HIV patients — were forced to live in makeshift barracks with no protection from the outside elements. Women were also reportedly given forced birth-control injections. U.S. military fighters clad in riot gear would be sent in to periodically quell protests and hunger strikes.

Judge Johnson eventually ruled in 1993 that the refugees could not be indefinitely detained, writing:

Although the defendants euphemistically refer to its Guantanamo operation as a ‘humanitarian camp,’ the facts disclose that it is nothing more than an HIV prison camp presenting potential public health risks to the Haitians held there.”

And so the Haitians were released to the U.S. mainland, but the legacy of Barr’s prison lives on in Cuba. The asylum deal blocked any judgments on whether U.S. laws apply to prisoners held in Guantanamo, effectively paving the way for the detainee abuse and torture that have occurred there during the post-9/11 era.

 The “Godfather” of illegal National Security Agency surveillance

In 1992, Barr helped draft a surveillance program for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which saw the agency beginning to amass phone call data and order telecommunications companies to covertly turn over records on all phone calls made from the U.S. to a list of other countries (which eventually, according to the ACLU, became “well over 100 nations”).

The program was drafted by Barr and his deputy at the Justice Department, Robert Mueller. That’s the same Robert Mueller carrying out the investigation into allegations of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the officials of the Russian federation, and the same investigator whom some worry Barr will fire should he become attorney general.

Barr and Mueller’s DEA program went on to become the “blueprint” for the National Security Agency’s mass cell-phone surveillance program under the 2001 Patriot Act. Barr later argued that the illegal surveillance and all the other abuses of the draconian post-9/11 security bill did not go far enough.

During the administration of George W. Bush, Barr worked as a lobbyist for Verizon, taking up such causes as getting a bill through Congress that would immunize telecom giants from lawsuits by people illegally surveilled with the telecoms’ assistance.

Supporting the president’s authority to wage war anywhere he damn pleases

William Barr went to bat for President George H.W. Bush on three occasions in the midst of war-powers debates — including Panama, Somalia and Iraq — Chip Gibbons, Policy and Legislative Counsel at Defending Rights & Dissent, uncovered. In the case of Iraq, Barr advised Bush that he had the legal authority to preemptively strike Baghdad, but suggested he seek a non-binding resolution of support from Congress, which the president did.

The subject of who is in charge of authorizing American military force continues to be a contentious one since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The Authorization for Use of Military Force, passed by Congress just three days after the attacks, allowed for the president to circumvent Congress when waging war on specific, loosely-interpreted targets.

The Senate has recently tried to invoke the War Powers Act, which checks the President’s power to unilaterally wage war, in order to curb U.S. support for the genocidal war in Yemen. As Gibbons notes, it is likely “that the President and Congress may soon butt heads over war powers.”

$3M Settlement: After Shoplifting Arrest Authoritarians at Hampton Roads Jail Denied Mentally Disabled Black Man Water, Food & Medicine in Filthy Cell For 4 Months Causing Death    

In photo AUTHORITARIAN David simons, the superintendent of the barbaric hampton roads jail when jamycheal mitchell WAS HELD WITHOUT BAIL.    authoritarians - the great unweaned of the world 2) violentists. 3) 'reality-violaters.' 4) uniform (costume-wearing) and non-costume wearing purveyors of the absolute worst crimes against humanity. 5) the coercive class within an economic and social caste-based society. While the State is a military formation, it is first and foremost a fruit of justice—not to be confused with (or extrapolated to imply or mean that) justice is a seed of the State. There is a high correlation between justice systems and the development or proliferation of the State. (See: Justice, Control, BOG. Statists, Power. Psychopaths & Violence)    FUNKTIONARY

In photo AUTHORITARIAN David simons, the superintendent of the barbaric hampton roads jail when jamycheal mitchell WAS HELD WITHOUT BAIL.

authoritarians - the great unweaned of the world 2) violentists. 3) 'reality-violaters.' 4) uniform (costume-wearing) and non-costume wearing purveyors of the absolute worst crimes against humanity. 5) the coercive class within an economic and social caste-based society. While the State is a military formation, it is first and foremost a fruit of justice—not to be confused with (or extrapolated to imply or mean that) justice is a seed of the State. There is a high correlation between justice systems and the development or proliferation of the State. (See: Justice, Control, BOG. Statists, Power. Psychopaths & Violence) FUNKTIONARY

From [VA Pilot] Hampton Roads Regional Jail, its former medical provider and the state have agreed to pay $3 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Jamycheal Mitchell, a 24-year-old Black inmate with mental health problems whose death in 2015 sparked outrage.

The settlement agreement, part of which required Gov. Ralph S. Northam’s approval, has been in the works for months but was finalized this week, according to court documents. In that time, the U.S. Justice Department released a scathing report that concluded the jail’s treatment of inmates amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. One of the correctional officers named in the suit also was indicted on felony assault charges. The federal investigation of Hampton Roads Regional Jail — where several inmates have died — determined the jail is violating prisoners' rights by failing to provide adequate medical care. It described the jail as lacking enough medical staff to treat a high number of physically sick and mentally ill inmates, many of whom are locked up repeatedly for minor offenses. [MORE]

His family filed its lawsuit the following year, claiming Mitchell was beaten, starved and treated “like a circus animal” in the months leading up to his death. The suit said Mitchell was ultimately left to die in his cell as fellow inmates pleaded with guards to get him help.

Still, the settlement came with no admission of wrongdoing by the jail, NaphCare or others named in the lawsuit — which initially sought $60 million in damages.

jamycheal Mitchell,.jpg

The facts in this case are fantastic and egregious. The uncivilized authoritarians have not disputed the facts so BW has provided the factual part of Mitchells’ complaint. It is long but worth reading, parental guidance is suggested:

On August 19, 2015, 24-year-old Jamycheal M. Mitchell was pronounced dead by EMS after being found not breathing and without a pulse while a detainee at the HRRJ.

Approximately four months earlier, in April 2015, Mitchell was arrested for allegedly stealing $5 in snacks from a 7-Eleven.

When he was in or about the fourth grade, Mitchell was diagnosed as mildly intellectually disabled (upon information and belief, Mitchell was characterized in school records as mildly "mentally retarded"). Mitchell had also long suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. A mental health screening ordered by the Portsmouth General District Court in 2015 noted that "Mr. Mitchell's thought processes were so confused that only snippets of his sentences could be understood, the rest were mumbled statements that made no rational sense." At the urging of a mental health expert, the General District Court ordered that Mitchell be treated at Eastern State Hospital, a state mental hospital, to "restore his competency." However, according to Eastern State Hospital and to a state investigation conducted after Mitchell's death, Defendant Lenna Jo Davis, the Portsmouth General District Court Clerk, and, implicated by circumstances, her employee, Defendant Kelly N. Boyd, did not forward the restoration order to Eastern State Hospital until more than two months after it was issued. When Eastern State Hospital finally received it, the order was never acted upon because Defendant Gail Hart, an Eastern State Hospital admissions employee, simply shoved the order in a drawer; she never entered Mitchell's name into the log used to manage incoming patients to Eastern State Hospital. An investigative report by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Development Services ("DBHDS") found that Hart's drawer contained a "significant number of [competency restoration orders] that had not been entered." By statute, it was the specific duty of Defendant Debra K. Ferguson, the Commissioner of DBHDS, to comply with the General District Court's restoration of competency order regarding Mitchell. During the relevant period, Defendant Ferguson regularly disregarded competency restoration orders issued by judges throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

While housed at the HRRJ, Mitchell was repeatedly mistreated and/or purposefully ignored by Jail personnel. The Correctional Officer Defendants sealed Mitchell in his cell by regularly locking shut the "chuck hole" to Mitchell's cell door. During the last months of his confinement, Mitchell was confined in a two-inmate cell that he occupied by himself. The cell door had a Plexiglas window. When the cell door and the chuck hole were closed, the cell was completely sealed, excepting a small gap between the cell door and the door jam. Mitchell and other inmates spoke to each other through the small gaps. Other detainees and inmates were permitted at times to stand in, or pass through, the central pod area in front of Mitchell's cell. However, Mitchell was almost never permitted to leave his cell.

Further, the Correctional Officer Defendants regularly denied Mitchell food. One inmate estimates that Mitchell would sometimes receive only one meal a day or one meal over several days. Mitchell would suffer dramatic, significant weight loss that was never adequately addressed by Defendants HRRJ/HRRJA or their employees, or by HRRJ/HRRJA's medical contractor, Defendant NaphCare/its employees. Despite inconsistencies and incompleteness across medical records and public statements made by Jail officials as to Mitchell's weight, it appears Mitchell lost approximately 40 pounds, and may have lost closer to 50 pounds. What is clear is that his weight ultimately fell to 144 lbs on his 6' 1" plus frame. At a court hearing held approximately three weeks before his death, his family was shocked to see how gaunt Mitchell had become. Mitchell's aunt, Roxanne Adams, Administrator of Mitchell's Estate and Plaintiff in this action, made well over 40 calls to Jail officials seeking help for her nephew. HRRJ officials told Adams that Mitchell's weight loss was due to his failure to eat; however, Jail detainees/inmates have stated that Mitchell ate ravenously when he was provided food. Jail officials told Adams that they would follow up on her concerns, but they never did.

The Correctional Officer Defendants also turned off the water in Mitchell's cell. As a consequence of no toilet water and a sealed door, Mitchell was encapsulated in a cell that reeked from the stench of unflushed urine and feces. Indicative of the depths of his mental illness, and/or out of an effort by him to simply be noticed and helped, Mitchell smeared feces on the Plexiglas window to his cell.

In the air-conditioned Jail that inmates regularly describe as "cold," for months, the Correctional Officer Defendants denied Mitchell clothing, a mattress, a sheet, and blankets (he reportedly received a bare mattress only days before his death). Mitchell's "bed" was a metal sheet. Day after day, he stood cold and naked at the doorway of his cell. He did not have any shoes to insulate his feet from the frigid cement floor. During a period of lucidity, he explained to another detainee that he stood at the doorway because he felt that there was some warmth provided by the overhead light.

Although psychotropic medications (medications capable of affecting the mind, emotions, and behavior) were prescribed for Mitchell and important for the maintenance of his mental competency, Mitchell reportedly received virtually no psychotropic medication at the Jail, and, about a month before his death, his medication was discontinued altogether. Mitchell also was prescribed medication to treat his severe edema, but also did not receive it as ordered. Jail personnel have contended in the press that Mitchell "refused" to take his medications and also refused other treatments, but those statements suggest an informed and conscious decision, which Mitchell was incapable of making. Further, other inmates refute the contentions of Jail personnel that Mitchell was offered medication. The inmates assert that at "pill pass" NaphCare nurses regularly walked past Mitchell's cell without offering any medications. The Correctional Officer Defendants oftentimes encouraged NaphCare nurses to bypass Mitchell, asserting to "not bother with" Mitchell as "he was crazy," or words to that effect. Despite knowing that Mitchell was, among other things, significantly mentally impaired, not receiving his medications or other medical treatments, losing significant amounts of weight, physically deteriorating, and "smearing" feces/urine - thereby creating a highly infectious environment - Defendants NaphCare; Edwards, LCSW; Kolongo, MD; Ngwa, NP; Ray, NP-Psych; Thomas, RN, HSA; Rivers, LPN; Nicholson, MA; Doris Murphy, MSW; and Pam Johnson, RN; did not adequately monitor, treat, and/or attempt to treat, Mitchell, did not have adequate systems in place to allow Mitchell proper medical/mental health care, and did not follow up with DBHDS regarding the failure to transfer Mitchell to Eastern State Hospital per court order.

Mitchell was also physically and verbally abused by the Correctional Officer Defendants. At times, Mitchell was forced to the ground, dragged, sprayed with mace, stood upon, punched and kicked by Correctional Officer Defendants. Inmates state that the Correctional Officer Defendants regularly mocked and laughed at Mitchell. In the words of one inmate, certain Correctional Officer Defendants "treated [Mitchell] like a circus animal." Many times following the abuse, Mitchell could be heard crying from his cell.

Other detainees were deeply disturbed by Mitchell's horrid circumstances and the mistreatment he received, and sought to intervene on his behalf. For instance, one detainee told Correctional Officer Defendants, among other things, "this man shouldn't be here. He needs help." However, the pleas of Mitchell's fellow inmates went unheeded; Correctional Officer Defendants were deliberately indifferent to Mitchell's circumstances, saying, among other things, "as long as he does not die on my watch," they did not care about his circumstances.

In the later part of his detention, Mitchell's feet and legs became very swollen. One detainee said that one of Mitchell's feet and legs was so swollen that it looked as it if he was wearing a large cast. After a considerable period of inadequate attention in-house, Defendant NaphCare finally sent Mitchell to Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center ("Maryview Hospital") for treatment. During his brief ED stay, Mitchell's condition was assessed - lab tests were performed and he was diagnosed as suffering from "Bilateral lower extremity edema," "hypoalbuminemia," and "elevated transaminase level" - but the cause of his conditions was not ascertained nor was he provided any treatment. Mitchell was given a consultation to see a GI doctor. However, Jail medical records reveal that upon Mitchell's return to the Jail, Defendants NaphCare; Kolongo, MD; Ngwa, NP; Pam Johnson, RN; and other NaphCare employees and/or agents, provided no follow up care, including no GI consult, for the remaining 19 days of Mitchell's confinement before his death, nor did they provide proper care or refer Mitchell to an ED again when his medical condition considerably worsened.

Defendants NaphCare; Kolongo, MD; Edwards, LCSW; Ray, NP-Psych; Ngwa, NP; Thomas, RN, HSA; Rivers, LPN; Nicholson, MA; Doris Murphy, MSW; and Pam Johnson, RN; and, upon information and belief, Defendants HRRJA/HRRJ, Simons, and Eugene Taylor, among other HRRJ and NaphCare employees, were well aware that Mitchell was mentally decompensating and physically deteriorating, but did not adequately address such. Indeed, an evaluation for a temporary detention order (TDO) was requested by Defendant Edwards, LCSW, on July 31, 2015. A TDO was not necessary, and likely was contrary to Virginia law in this circumstance, where a CRO had been issued by the Court; in any event, the TDO evaluation was not completed. However, despite her awareness of Mitchell's mental and physical decline, and her acknowledgement with the TDO evaluation request that Mitchell was imminently in danger at HRRJ and needed to be removed, Defendant Edwards, LCSW, failed to follow up when no TDO evaluation had been conducted as of August 3, 2015 and Mitchell otherwise had not been removed from HRRJ (and no other NaphCare or HRRJ/HRRJA employees followed up either). Mitchell thus remained largely abandoned in his cell at HRRJ until his death on August 19, 2015.

Hungry Cop Watching You.jpg

Prior to his death, Mitchell, who inmates report was always whistling and making other noises between the crack between his door and door jam, became quiet. For as many as four days before his death, Mitchell uncharacteristically laid slumped on the rack in his cell. When other detainees/inmates asked him what was wrong he moaned that he was feeling very bad and needed medical help. The detainees/inmates relayed that information to Correctional Officer Defendants and implored them to help Mitchell, but the "COs" ignored the requests, or otherwise did not obtain medical help for Mitchell. At one point, inmate witnesses report that Mitchell's cell door was opened and Mitchell stepped out of his cell and asked for medical care, but Correctional Officer Defendants returned Mitchell to his cell and no medical care was provided to Mitchell.

On August 19, 2015, fellow Jail detainees discovered Mitchell unresponsive in his Jail cell. Upon information and belief, a correctional officer employee then attempted to clean Mitchell's cell. Upon information and belief, in response, inmates yelled that the correctional officer was "tampering with a crime scene." Responding NaphCare providers recorded that, upon their arrival, Mitchell was not breathing and had no pulse. Upon information and belief, when these providers attempted to use the defibrillator, it was not working. EMS was called to the scene and pronounced Mitchell dead. In the Death Scene Investigation Report, despite, upon information and belief, the above attempted cleaning efforts, investigators from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner described Mitchell's cell as having the stench of a "foul odor." The toilet in the cell was full of urine and feces. Investigators found puddles of urine on the floor of Mitchell's cell.

An autopsy performed by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner listed the cause of Mitchell's death as "Probable cardiac arrhythmia accompanying wasting syndrome of unknown etiology." Assistant Chief Medical Examiner Wendy M. Gunther, M.D., described Mitchell as "nearly cachectic," meaning the loss of body mass that cannot be reversed nutritionally.

Upon viewing his body, Mitchell's family was stunned. Their beloved Jamycheal, despite his struggles with mental illness, had been a vibrant young man who loved music and always made people laugh. In his place was a withered figure the family could hardly recognize. [MORE]

Georgia Ct Grants New Trial to Mentally Disabled Black Man Convicted of Murder & Rape of White Woman by an All-White Jury -White Prosecutors Labelled Prospective Black Jurors as “N"

From [DPIC] A Georgia judge has granted a new trial to Johnny Lee Gates based on new evidence that excludes him as the source of DNA on implements used by the killer during the 1976 rape and murder for which Gates was sentenced to death. DNA testing disclosed that Gates’s DNA was not found on a necktie and the bathrobe belt the prosecution said were used by the killer to bind Kathrina Wright, the 19-year-old wife of a soldier stationed at Fort Benning during the murder. In a January 10, 2019, decision overturning Gates’s conviction, Senior Muscogee County Superior Court Judge John Allen credited the analysis of defense DNA expert Mark Perlin that Gates’s DNA was not present on the evidence. Judge Allen noted that Perline had trained the two Georgia Bureau of Investigation scientists the prosecution relied upon in the most recent court proceedings in the case and that the testimony of the GBI witnesses supported Perlin's conclusions. Judge Allen wrote that “[t]he exclusion of Gates’ profile to the DNA on the two items is material and may be considered exculpatory” and entitled Gates to a new trial.

johnny lee gates .jpg

Gates, who is African American, was convicted and sentenced to death by an all-white jury in a racially charged case. His death sentence was overturned in 2003 based upon evidence that he is intellectually disabled, and he was resentenced to life. Heightening the racial tensions of a black man accused of raping and murdering a young white woman, prosecutors deliberately excluded African American jurors from the case. Lawyers from the Georgia Innocence Project and Southern Center for Human Rights filed a motion in March 2018 arguing that Columbus, Georgia prosecutors engaged in a pattern and practice of systematically striking black prospective jurors because of their race in Gates’s case and six other capital cases with black defendants, discriminatorily empanelling all- or nearly-all-white juries in those cases. The prosecutors’ jury selection notes in those seven capital trials showed that the state attorneys in his case had carefully tracked the race of jurors, struck every black juror they could, and repeatedly wrote derogatory comments about blacks and black prospective jurors.

“The notes reveal that the prosecutors:

(1) labeled the white prospective jurors as “W” and the black prospective jurors as “N”;

(2) singled out the black prospective jurors by marking dots in the margins next to their names;

(3) identified one white prospective juror as a “top juror” because he “has to deal with 150 to 200 of these people that works for his construction co.”; GEORGIA, MUSCOGEE COUNTY SUPERIOR/STATE COURT eFILED 3/19/2018 8:23 AM ANN L. HARDMAN, CLERK 2

(4) described black prospective jurors as “slow,” “old + ignorant,” “cocky,” “con artist,” “hostile,” and “fat”;

(5) tallied the race of the final jurors selected to serve, with twelve marks in the white column and no marks in the black column; and

(6) ranked black prospective jurors as “1” on a scale of 1 to 5 without any further explanation.

These notes do not stand alone. There were two prosecutors at Gates’s trial: Douglas Pullen and William Smith. Pullen was involved in five capital trials involving black defendants between 1975 and 1979. The prosecution struck 27 of 27 black prospective jurors across the five cases. Smith was involved in four capital trials involving black defendants in that same period. In three of the four, the prosecutors struck all of the black prospective jurors. In the fourth, they used 10 strikes to exclude black prospective jurors; however, an all-white jury was impossible because the final pool of prospective jurors had more black citizens than the prosecution had strikes.”

A Georgia Tech mathematics professor provided expert testimony that the probability that black jurors were removed for race-neutral reasons was infinitesimally small – 0.000000000000000000000000000004 percent. In an opinion that excoriated local prosecutors for “undeniable ... systematic race discrimination during jury selection,” Judge Allen found that the prosecutors “identified the black prospective jurors by race in their jury selection notes, singled them out … and struck them to try Gates before an all-white jury.” However, the court said the race discrimination against Gates was not grounds to grant him a new trial because he had not shown that the lawyers who previously represented him did not have access to the evidence of systematic discrimination.

Alabama’s Uncivilized Prisons are Indicative of Society’s Sickness: Report says the Homicide Rate is More than 600% Higher than the National Average

alabama prisons.png

Alabama’s Prisons are the Deadliest in US. From [HERE] On November 19, 2018, James Lewis Kennedy was fatally stabbed at Elmore Correctional Facility in Alabama.

Kennedy had served 14 years of a life sentence with parole, following a 2004 conviction of burglary and attempted murder. His release was set for November 26, 2018, one week after he was killed, his sister Teresa told ThinkProgress.

“He wouldn’t have risked anything, he wanted to get out,” Teresa said of her brother, who was an auto-mechanic with five children. One of his sons would call him at prison several times a week and they’d talk for hours. Another is due to graduate from high school this year, a ceremony Kennedy was looking forward to.

Kennedy’s case isn’t unique in Alabama, where the prison homicide rate is the highest in the nation at more than 34 per 100,000 prisoners. The level of violence has skyrocketed over the past 10 years, as prisons in the state come under fire for “horrendously inadequate” care that violate the U.S. constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Holman Penitentiary in Escambia County, Alabama is one of the state’s worst offenders. Over the course of nine days last month, from December 2 to December 11, there were at least four separate stabbing incidents at Holman alone.

In response to the slew of stabbings, the Free Alabama Movement (FAM), a campaign of incarcerated individuals organizing through non-violent direct action for the end of prison slavery, called for an emergency response task force to lead a fact-finding mission at Holman, seeking to bring clarity and public scrutiny to the situation.

While an investigation has not yet been initiated, other prisoner advocates have taken it upon themselves to raise awareness of the crisis. Following the murder of Vaquerro Kinjuan, a 29-year-old with a 22-year sentence for first degree robbery, who died in the first series of stabbings at Holman in December, Equal Justice Initiative, a Montgomery-based non-profit committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment, published a report showing that the homicide rate in Alabama prisons is more than 600 percent higher than the national average.

Prisoners like Derrick, who has served 20 years of a 22-year sentence at Holman and wishes to withhold his last name for safety reasons, claim that corrections officers knowingly “put certain people close to each other that have a history of violence toward one another, which leads to more blood spilled. If they wanted the violence to stop, they wouldn’t keep doing this.”

The reason, according to Derrick and prison justice groups, is that the state, pointing to overcrowding and minimal staffing, wants to justify building more maximum security prisons, a move that would only exacerbate the current crisis.

Homicides aren’t the only threat in Alabama penitentiaries. For decades, prisoners at Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women in Alabama have been raped and forced to engage in oral sex by corrections officers. Incidents of officers watching women in the shower, groping them, organizing strip shows, and refusing to give women clean uniforms unless they partook in sexual acts were reported by the Department of Justice in 2014. Those who report the abuse are often locked in solitary confinement. [MORE]

Philly Narcotics Cops Faked Paperwork to Hide Snitches. Hundreds of Cases May be Challenged.

From [] In May 2017, Philadelphia Narcotics Bureau supervisors Inspector Raymond Evers and Chief Inspector Anthony Boyle called staff into a police conference room in Germantown for a mandatory meeting. Evers would later describe it as a “pep talk” to "get better-quality investigations.”

But what he outlined, according to a 177-page August 2018 Internal Affairs report obtained by the Inquirer, was a scheme to flip low-level suspects into off-the-books confidential informants through a process that would evolve into falsifying paperwork, as well as hiding information from the District Attorney’s Office.

Some officers at the meeting described the system that Evers outlined — and that he, in at least three cases, personally oversaw — as illegal and a violation of police directives, according to the report. It sustained allegations Evers abused his authority, failed to supervise subordinates, and then lied during the course of the investigation about it. Internal Affairs also sustained charges against Boyle for failure to supervise, and against two officers for false paperwork.

The Police Board of Inquiry, the department panel that ultimately determines guilt and administers discipline, has not yet held a hearing.

“I was shocked by what the inspector and chief said. … These officers were provided improper instructions involving illegality,” narcotics Capt. Laverne Vann told investigators.

Narcotics Staff Inspector Debra Frazier said the recipe was simple: “Inspector Evers was encouraging the officers to obtain informants by flipping. Persons with a small amount of drugs, he said to put it on a property receipt and say you found it on the highway.”

The Internal Affairs investigation was launched in response to an anonymous letter “from stressed black personnel of the Narcotics Unit.” It echoes claims in a lawsuit against Evers, Boyle, and the city filed by the Guardian Civic League, an organization representing black police officers, and three African American narcotics officers, including Vann and Frazier, who claimed they suffered retaliation for resisting.

In a Thursday interview, Boyle said that he adhered to “legitimate and long-standing law-enforcement procedures,” and that any informant activity he was aware of was properly logged and reported to the DA. He called the allegations baseless, and said he believed Evers, too, had acted properly.

“It is 100 percent about attempts to get nonproductive members of the bureau to become productive or to get rid of them, and definitely a large portion of it, if not the total impetus, is an antiwhite sentiment among some of the minority officers.”

Evers said he would not comment based on his attorney’s advice.

The internal rift could have far-reaching consequences, according to Michael Mellon at the Defender Association of Philadelphia, who said hundreds of arrests made during and after Evers' yearlong tenure in leadership at Narcotics could be tainted.

“We believe that for close to two years the Philadelphia police narcotics units adopted an explicit policy and culture of altering and destroying evidence, hiding witnesses and suspects, and fabricating police paperwork, in an effort to coerce people into acting as confidential informants,” he said. “We have uncovered additional evidence of such activity beyond what is reported in the Evers investigation. This practice clearly violates the law, police protocol, and often the constitution.”

The concern with off-book flipping is it can produce informants motivated to lie in order to evade arrest, and it sidesteps any type of oversight by the DA or police Internal Affairs. But, more than that, it raises questions about what evidence may be obscured in drug busts that involved “flipping” — for example, if police are hiding that there was a second suspect in a house who may have been in possession of drugs.

“It’s impossible to know what the police destroyed or never recorded," Mellon said. “How can the citizens of the city trust that we have not been convicting innocent people?”

Alexandra Natapoff, professor of law at the University of California, Irvine, and author of the book Snitching: Criminal Informants and the Erosion of American Justice, said there’s nothing illegal about a police officer declining to arrest a suspect in hopes of extracting information. But falsifying documents and deceiving prosecutors often leads to injustice, she said.

“The famous problems with the use of criminal informants are that they lead to wrongful convictions because they lie to get a good deal or to avoid arrests themselves," she said. “They continue to commit crimes themselves, because they obtain a kind of impunity as a result of collaborating with the government, so they escape liability and accountability for their own crimes and then the whole process generates a secretive culture in which rule-breaking, cutting corners, and sometimes corruption is more likely to occur, because everyone knows that it’s very unlikely that anyone will find out what the deal was.”

Previous Philadelphia police narcotics scandals have led judges to reverse at least 1,500 cases after it was learned that police lied. More than 890 cases were tossed out since 2012 after a group of narcotics officers were accused of planting evidence, falsifying records, and even committing robberies on the job. Another 125 cases were dropped in connection with Chris Hulmes, an officer who lied about narcotics arrests. More recently, the Defender Association has filed a petition for review of 6,400 cases involving officers on a District Attorney’s Office do-not-call list of problem cops whose testimony wasn’t considered reliable.

Civil rights lawyer David Rudovsky, who reviewed the key points of the Internal Affairs report, said the investigation seemed incomplete, because it failed to establish how widespread the practice Evers outlined was, or how many cases were affected.

The Border Patrol has been a Cult of Brutality Since 1924



From [intercept] SINCE ITS FOUNDING in the early 20th century, the U.S. Border Patrol has operated with near-complete impunity, arguably serving as the most politicized and abusive branch of federal law enforcement — even more so than the FBI during J. Edgar Hoover’s directorship.

The 1924 Immigration Act tapped into a xenophobia with deep roots in the U.S. history. The law effectively eliminated immigration from Asia and sharply reduced arrivals from southern and eastern Europe. Most countries were now subject to a set quota system, with the highest numbers assigned to western Europe. As a result, new arrivals to the United States were mostly white Protestants. Nativists were largely happy with this new arrangement, but not with the fact that Mexico, due to the influence of U.S. business interests that wanted to maintain access to low-wage workers, remained exempt from the quota system. “Texas needs these Mexican immigrants,” said the state’s Chamber of Commerce.

Having lost the national debate when it came to restricting Mexicans, white supremacists — fearing that the country’s open-border policy with Mexico was hastening the “mongrelization” of the United States — took control of the U.S. Border Patrol, also established in 1924, and turned it into a frontline instrument of race vigilantism. As the historian Kelly Lytle Hernández has shown, the patrol’s first recruits were white men one or two generations removed from farm life. Some had a military or county sheriff background, while others transferred from border-town police departments or the Texas Rangers — all agencies with their own long tradition of unaccountable brutality. Their politics stood in opposition to the big borderland farmers and ranchers. They didn’t think that Texas — or Arizona, New Mexico, and California — needed Mexican migrants.

Earlier, in the mid-1800s, the Mexican-American War had unleashed a broad, generalized racism against Mexicans throughout the nation. That racism slowly concentrated along an ever-more focused line: the border. While the 1924 immigration law spared Mexico a quota, a series of secondary laws — including one that made it a crime to enter the country outside official ports of entry — gave border and customs agents on-the-spot discretion to decide who could enter the country legally. They had the power to turn what had been a routine daily or seasonal event — crossing the border to go to work — into a ritual of abuse. Hygienic inspections became more widespread and even more degrading. Migrants had their heads shaved, and they were subjected to an increasingly arbitrary set of requirements and the discretion of patrollers, including literacy tests and entrance fees.

The patrol wasn’t a large agency at first — just a few hundred men during its early years — and its reach along a 2,000-mile line was limited. But over the years, its reported brutality grew as the number of agents it deployed increased. Border agents beat, shot, and hung migrants with regularity. Two patrollers, former Texas Rangers, tied the feet of one migrant and dragged him in and out of a river until he confessed to having entered the country illegally. Other patrollers were members of the resurgent Ku Klux Klan, active in border towns from Texas to California. “Practically every other member” of El Paso’s National Guard “was in the Klan,” one military officer recalled, and many had joined the Border Patrol upon its establishment.

For more than a decade, the Border Patrol operated under the authority of the Department of Labor, which in the early years of the Great Depression, before the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his appointment of Frances Perkins as secretary of labor, was a major driver pushing deportation. Perkins, even before she entered FDR’s cabinet, had already criticized Border Patrol brutality. In office, she tried to limit the abuses of immigration officials as much as she could, curtailing warrantless arrests, allowing detained migrants phone calls, and working to extend the protections the New Deal offered citizens to migrant workers, including an effort to make abusive migrant labor contracts more equitable.

Reform was short-lived. The White House, bowing to pressure from agriculturalists, placed the Border Patrol, and migration policy more broadly, under the authority of the Department of Justice. More laws further criminalizing migration reinforced the Border Patrol’s power. For example, the end of the Bracero guest-worker program, along with the 1965 Hart-Celler Act, which for the first time assigned quotas to Mexico and other countries in the Western Hemisphere, now meant that thousands of seasonal Mexican workers were officially “illegal.”

Exporting Paramilitary Policing

At the same time, experience gained in migrant interdiction began to be exported internationally. The Border Patrol is often thought of, even by critics of its brutality, as a sleepy backwater federal agency, far removed from the Cold War’s ideological frontlines. But the Patrol played a role in expanding the radius of Washington’s national security doctrine — the tutoring of allied security forces in counterinsurgency tactics — and accelerating the tempo of paramilitary action. [MORE]

US Can’t Count or Track the Number of Non-White Immigrant Children Separated from Parents Pursuant to Trump's Family Destruction Policy, but It’s Thousands More than Reported

From [ABAJournal] and [HERE] The number of separated immigrant children is far greater than the amount revealed in a court-ordered review, according to a report released Thursday by the inspector general for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

HHS has so far identified 2,737 children transferred to its care by immigration authorities in response to a court order in Ms. L v. Ice, the class action lawsuit that obtained family reunification.

But thousands of children might have been separated from their parents and guardians during an influx of immigrants that began in 2017 before the court-required accounting, the report says. The Washington Post, Politico, CNN and the New York Times have coverage.

The total number of separated families is unknown, the report revealed.

Nor is it known whether children have been reunified with families if they were separated during the 2017 influx, HHS Inspector General Ann Maxwell told Politico and other reporters in a press call.

The Department of Homeland Security separated the children from their families and transferred them to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, an office of HHS.

The IG’s report identifies several reasons why children haven’t been identified. The Department of Homeland Security has not provided detailed information about the children, and there isn’t an “integrated data system” to track children across agencies. There is also “complexity of determining which children should be considered separated.”

It is unclear whether recent changes to systems and processes will clear up the problems, according to the report. “The jury is still out on that,” Maxwell told the Washington Post.

More reports are planned, including reports on the children’s housing and health.

In the press call, Maxwell told reporters the current report doesn’t address whether senior Trump administration officials knew about the separations that occurred before an April 2018 announcement of a zero tolerance policy on illegal entry, according to Politico. “We did not, in this report, address who knew what, when,” Maxwell said.

The American Civil Liberties Union had filed the Ms. L lawsuit, which partly settled in September.

Lee Gelernt, lead attorney and deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, said in a statement Thursday: “We will be back in court over this latest revelation.”

“This policy was a cruel disaster from the start,” he said. “This report reaffirms that the government never had a clear picture of how many children it ripped from their parents.”

Amended Complaint for Jemel Roberson Reveals the Name of the White Cop who Fatally Shot a Black Security Guard Outside a Bar, But Elite White Media & Authorities Keep His Image Masked

Ian Covey.jpg

From {NewYorkTimes] and [HERE] A suburban Chicago police department on Friday confirmed the name of the officer who shot a black security guard as he was detaining a suspected gunman who opened fire at the bar where he worked. The security guard, 26-year-old Jemel Roberson, stopped a mass shooting at the bar and was killed after the incident was over.

Officer Ian Covey [pictured above], a four-year veteran of the Midlothian Police Department, shot Roberson on Nov. 11 outside Manny's Blue Room Lounge, a bar in the neighboring suburb of Robbins, according to Police Chief Daniel Delaney.

The name of the officer who shot her son was revealed as part of a wrongful-death lawsuit she filed against the officer, Ian Covey of the Midlothian Police Department, and the village of Midlothian.

Hours after the amended complaint was filed on Friday, Chief Daniel Delaney confirmed the officer’s name in a press release.

no photo available 2.jpg

Delaney had previously resisted calls to release Covey's name. Midlothian and Illinois state police had previously declined to name Officer Covey, even as Mr. Kulis subpoenaed records of the shooting and Mr. Roberson’s family pressed for the officer to be identified. The white media apparently has not pressed the issue with police and apparently Google and other elite racist suspects have managed to scrub the internet removing any images of the white cop. [MORE] It appears that no major news outlet has published an image of the white police officer - a so called “public servant” assigned a public badge number “serving” the community. One lone photo can be found on an Instagram page. Said photo has not been confirmed by cops or the disinterested media. There is nothing unique about such omissions when white cops harm Blacks or Latinos - contrary to any pretenses elite media protects authority. In what ways are such efforts [& lack thereof] similar to a klansman’s white hood masking his/her identity? Racism is carried out through deception, violence and cooperative control.  Part of the deception is not knowing who the racists are. It is difficult for non-white people to ‘always determine who is a racist, who is practicing racism and who is not - as it is impossible to monitor (or judge) all the individual actions and words of any white person at all times.’  Nevertheless, most white people, consciously or subconsciously participate in the system of white supremacy because it is in their perceived survival interest to do so. [MORE] This necessarily includes elite media - which as explained by Ishmael Reid is as white as a kkk picnic.

“If a young man shot a police officer, that young man’s picture would be on the TV tonight,” Gregory Kulis, Ms. Roberson’s lawyer, said at the news conference. “But for two months we have been looking for the name of the officer that killed Jemel Roberson.” [and the image is still not on TV]

The wrongful death suit was filed days after Roberson's killing and initially listed Covey as "Officer John Doe." Gregory Kulis, the attorney for Beatrice Roberson, has subpoenaed Midlothian and other law enforcement agencies whose officers responded to the incident to turn over any police dash camera or body camera video footage they captured at the scene.

Mr. Roberson, 26, was killed early on the morning of Nov. 11 as he detained a man who was believed to be involved in a shooting outside the bar in Robbins, Ill.

The shooting outside Manny's Blue Room Lounge has drawn national headlines, outrage and questions about whether race factored into the officer’s decision to open fire. Roberson was black. The officer is white.

Roberson was armed and licensed to carry a gun. He apprehended the gunman outside the bar, pinned him down and was waiting for police help when a responding officer from Midlothian arrived. 

Police say the officer ordered Roberson to drop his gun. Witnesses say they shouted at Covey that Roberson was a security guard. Roberson was wearing clothing emblazoned with the word “security” when he was shot. Mr. Roberson, who was licensed to carry a firearm, was holding the man at gunpoint.

The person Roberson apprehended had allegedly fired a weapon inside the bar moments earlier, wounding multiple people and drawing Covey and police officers from surrounding jurisdictions to rush to the establishment.

“I hear some people say he was shot,” Ms. Roberson said. “My son was not shot. My son was murdered.”

Jason Van Dyke's Wife Cried to White Judge: 'He did what he was trained to do' [translation: Cop was Authorized to Commit Unprovoked Acts of Genocidal Violence Against Black People for Our Survival]

BOO-HOO! Sovereign immunity was Not Available to White Cop who Murdered Laquan MacDonald but the white judge made sure the Law of the Jungle principles & Rules of White Supremacy Still Applied by Hooking Him up with a Light Sentence. Van Dyke’s wife said her life has been “a nightmare” since her husband was charged. She said she was denied a job and her daughter was not accepted into a dance group because of their last name.

If Van Dyke goes to prison, she said, her biggest fear is “somebody will kill my husband for something he did as a police officer, something he was trained to do.”

She looked up over her shoulder and addressed the judge directly: “His life is over. Please, please. He has paid the price already … I beg for the least amount of time.” [MORE]

Van Dyke, 40, will likely serve slightly more than three years. His sentence is based on his second-degree murder conviction, which only requires 50 percent of a sentence to be served.  He will receive credit for time served awaiting sentencing. [MORE]

It is doubtful the prosecution’s plea offer could have been better than the white judge’s sentence.

So Mrs. Van Dyke got what she wanted for her psychopathic race soldier or tool or “living human resource -walking fodder for Uncle Brother’s corporate police state and the system of racism white supremacy.”

In Racist System You Can Be Executed Anytime, Anyplace by a White Cop. Van Dyke shot Laquan McDonald 16 times as he walked away from him. In order to shoot him that many times he reloaded his gun and continued shooting him while he was on the ground.

Several black motorists testified Friday at his sentencing that the white cop used a racial slur and excessive force during traffic stops in the years before the 2014 killing that was captured on a shocking dashcam video.

One of the witnesses, Vidale Joy, said Van Dyke used a racial slur after pulling him over in 2005 and at one point put a gun to Joy’s head. He said Van Dyke “looked infuriated” and seemed “out of his mind.” Under cross examination, Joy acknowledged he did not allege Van Dyke used a slur in his first accounts of the stop.

Another witness, Ed Nance, struggled to maintain his composure as he looked across the room to identify Van Dyke. Testifying about a 2007 traffic stop, he said the officer cursed and slammed him on the car’s hood, grabbed him by the arms and pulled him to the squad car. [MORE]

What is white collective power? When a white cop shoots a black man, his fellow officers, the police chief, internal affairs, the union, the media and the judge support, defend, and finance that white police officer’s “right” to shoot (murder) a black person.’ [anon] The system of racism white supremacy is designed for the survival for persons who classify themselves as “white.” Such deluded persons [racists] believe in an imaginary hierarchy wherein persons unable to produce color & lacking melanin are supreme; imagining themselves to be higher than what they imagine those classified as non-white to be.

van dykes wife .jpg

As articulated Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, most white people consciously or subconsciously understand the following;

  • White plus Black equals Colored.

  • White plus Brown equals Colored.

  • White plus Yellow equals Colored.

White people are genetic recessive. In general, this means they cannot reproduce a white child when they have sexual relations with non-whites. The white "race" can be replaced or "genetically annihilated" through such assimilation or social intermingling with non-whites. As white populations have been consistently declining, Black and Brown populations are surging. The "fear of replacement" or fear of losing control over non-whites fuels the system of white supremacy/racism and causes racists to act genocidally towards non-whites in a perceived "survival game" they are engaged in with "us." Her color confrontation theory explained that the more the white population shrinks, the worse its conduct toward non-whites will get.

For instance, this great fear of replacement or intermingling logically justifies the murder of Blacks, particularly Black males. "Within the historic framework of Western civilization and culture (the civilization and culture organized to prevent white genetic annihilation), all white peoples have the spoken or unspoken mandate to participate actively in their collective struggle for global white genetic survival. This specifically means, of necessity, the murder and slaughter of Black and other non-white males whenever it is felt within the white collective to be necessary and, therefore, justified. [MORE] She states, 'A major strategy in the war against the Black collective is the killing of Black males. Black males are being killed daily, in ever-increasing numbers, across the country by whites. Other non-white males also are being killed in ever-increasing numbers.' [MORE

Just Following Orders & the Law of the Jungle. Naturally, no Black man convicted of murder would expect to get hooked up with basically a 3 year prison sentence if he blasted a white cop in the street by shooting him 16 times. Cops have been granted superhuman powers and status from elected authorities in a legal system of coercion or physical force.

 FUNKTIONARY makes it plain:

Sovereign immunity  - ''government" so-called, applying the law of the jungle to its relationship to the people. We are bound by the written law but those who wrote the law are bound by the law of the jungle. Makes you feel like a fool, doesn't it? Minority rule majority fooled? Surely, on earth as it is in heaven. Why would we ever allow "government" to assert the position that it is not bound by the same law that binds us? The answer is that we are fools sweet-talked by judges into believing that the "natural state of affairs" is to bind the people by law, and the "'government" by fiat. "Government" has replaced religion as the opiate of the masses using the Media as its subduing gasses (fumes of subterfuge). (See: CHAOS, Overrulers, Judicial System, Constitution, Law, Domestication, Justice, Economics, Civilization, Weitiko Disease & "Government") 

As noted by Colin Kaepernick accountability for cops purposefully remains incidental, random, accidental or symbolic by design in a system of injustice. Indeed, through the doctrine of sovereign immunity court’s apply the law of the jungle to cops and their relationship to people. We are bound by the written law but those who wrote the law are bound by the law of the jungle. [MORE] Yet unaccountability is merely a symptom of the root problem of governmental authority.


Government “authority” can be summed up as the right to rule. “The concept of “government” is about certain people having some special right to rule. And that idea, the notion that some people – as a result of elections or other political rituals, for example – have the moral right to control others, in situations where most people would not, is the concept being addressed here. It is the idea that some people have the moral right to forcibly control others, and that, consequently, those others have the moral obligation to obey.” [MORE]

According to statist belief “the people” have delegated powers to politicians. And politicians have given police the moral right to commit acts of unprovoked violence on people. That is, police officers have acquired the moral right to initiate violence and commit acts of aggression against others (by way of so-called “laws”) “to protect” the people for their own benefit. [MORE]

Question here: can you delegate a right to someone that you don’t have? where does their “authority,” the right to rule others, come from? Asked differently, if you don’t have the right to initiate unprovoked acts of force against other people then how can you delegate or authorize another person to do such things? How did police acquire such super-human powers? The answer is logically unsupportable as “the belief in “authority,” which includes all belief in “government,” is irrational and self-contradictory. Yet all modern statism is based entirely on the assumption that people can delegate rights they don’t have.” [MORE] Similarly, did you voluntarily consent to an arrangement for others to hold authority over you, if so when?

BW is aware that the creator of this video is now a jesusized gop statist believer. Here he is pointing to the moon so pay no attention to his hands - look at the moon!

Like the concept of race, the concept of “authority” and “government” are also granfalloons!

Undeceiver Larken Rose states, “Despite all of the complex rituals and convoluted rationalizations, all modern belief in “government” rests on the notion that mere mortals can, through certain political procedures, bestow upon some people various rights which none of the people possessed to begin with. The inherent lunacy of such a notion should be obvious. There is no ritual or document through which any group of people can delegate to someone else a right which no one in the group possesses, And that self-evident truth, all by itself, demolishes any possibility of legitimate “government.

The average person believes that “government” has the right to do numerous things that the average individual does not have the right to do on his own. The obvious question then is, How, and from whom, did those in “government” acquire such rights? How, for example – whether you call it “theft” or “taxation”– would those in “government” acquire the right to forcibly take property from those who haw earned it? No voter has such a right. So how could voters possibly have given such a right to politicians? All modern statism is based entirely on the assumption that people can delegate rights they don’t have.” [MORE]

Dr. Blynd states “There is no freedom in the presence of so-called authority, i.e. outside of one's Self and Self-Nature.) He further states, authority is rule through coercion. The real threat to "authority" is the masses overcoming info-gaps and verigaps through self-knowledge and the proliferation of symbols of opposition, not crime or destruction of property.”


Racism White Supremacy - psychopathic degeneracy. 2) "The local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet earth—a planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as non-white (Black, Brown, Red and Yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people." -Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, MD.

Prison Nation - U.S. Citizen - Unnecessarily Suffering citizen and enemy of the state -freely deluded to imagine otherwise.

Statism - the belief "citizens"' and "states" exist and the memetic thought patterns supporting such beliefs. 2) the religion of oppression and domination coupled with the science of exploitation and sociopathic control. 3) the opiate of the so-called Elites. 4) a philosophy that idealizes majority rule gang force (authority) over individual authenticity (autonomy). 5) servitude over liberty and statutes over humanity. So long as "states"' are viewed and accepted as natural, normal, reality-based and inevitable, they will continue to violently abstract humans into extinction. Statism is mind control; people both unwillingly and willingly surrender their property (labor being one's most inviolable property) to men and women pretending to be "governors,"" "commissioners," and "presidents" etc. because they believe they are "citizens" of a so-called "state" and must pay their proverbial "fair share" to support such abstractions or fictions of law. Just using statism against itself proves bureaucrats never have a case regardless of what they "charge" someone with. "Statism and it's supporting political theology do not exist in people's minds to promote freedom or protect 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness:" it's pure mind control to divert our attention away from the actions of anti-social individuals (sociopaths) who are so desperate to "protect" us they are willing to kill us and steal our property." -Marc Stevens. (See: DOME. Beliefs, Landmine Legislation, Scrapitalism, Standing, Subject Matter Jurisdiction. Judicial Victimization, States. Holodeck Court, Allegiance. Anarchy, Society, Civilization, Citizens, Monopoly Capitalism The Golem, Government Paradox, Granfalloons, Corporate State. Government, Servitude. Stalinize, Property, Standing & Monopoly).


Corporate Police State - the enforcer of the commodification of life within the Spectacle Surveillance Society. Anyone who thinks that he or she is immune to the baseless destruction of his or her life (including immediate family members) by a "government" or corporation does live in a happy menagerie—enjoy your illusions. (See: GUPI & Judicial Victimization)

Corporate State - an asexual, amoral, fictionalized group-entity "created" and operated by thieves (territorial gangsters) who endeavor via illusion and coercion to enforce slavery in the guise of "civilization," form over reality, and law over humanity. 2) Enfranchised crime. 3) The "Law" of Club & Fang. 4) a Shakedown Racket. 5) "A territorial monopoly of compulsion. As soon as you grant it anything, you have given it everything." -Hans Herman Hoppe. All Corporate States are rogue states by nature. Corporate State is hierarchy institutionalized as the only acceptable and unquestionable decision-making paradigm of rule by the compelled consent of the ruled. Corporate State is created by criminals who use deadly force if you don't comply with their dictates of compelled conformance and you have no other choice than to leave and become domiciled in another similar Rogue State. "The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws." -Tacitus (55-117 A.D.) "The State is basically a protection racket. The fact that it incidentally provides a few beneficial services merely camouflages its essential role as enforcer of the money-commodity (sic) economy, without which most of the artificially maintained conflicts of interest that now provide a pretext for the State would lose their rationale." -Ken Knabb. With respect to taxes and taxation by the Corporate State, the lucid anarchist-activist, Kenneth Rexroth, had this to say: "The state does not tax you to provide you with services. The state taxes you to kill you. The services are something which it has kidnapped from you in your organic relations with your fellow man, to justify its police and war-making powers." (See: Formal Education, Territorial Gangsters, Hierarchy, Democracy, Crime, Stationary Bandits, Monopoly Capitalism, Cooperative Federalism, Corporation, Fascism, Granfalloon, Reification, Constitution, Declaration of Undie-Pendence, Nations, Terrorism, Taxtortion, Crimethlnc., "Credit" & Group-Entity)

In System of Injustice White Judge Hooks Up White Cop who Murdered Laquan McDonald with a 6 Yr Sentence, which only requires 50% of said Sentence to Be Served



WHAT IS COLLECTIVE WHITE POWER? From [WGN] and [HERE] Former Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke has been sentenced to six years and nine months in prison for the 2014 murder of Laquan McDonald.

Van Dyke, 40, will likely serve slightly more than three years. His sentence is based on his second-degree murder conviction, which only requires 50 percent of a sentence to be served.  He will receive credit for time served awaiting sentencing.

The decision comes more than four years after Van Dyke killed McDonald and more than two years after courts and reporters forced the city of Chicago to release video of the killing it had sought to keep secret. The video showed that McDonald had not lunged at Van Dyke, as officers and city officials claimed for years to explain why he had not faced discipline or criminal charge.

A Cook County jury in October found Van Dyke guilty of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery in the Oct. 20, 2014, slaying. McDonald, 17, was shot 16 times.

The murder charge carried a possible sentence of four to 20 years in prison; probation without prison time was also an option. Each count of aggravated battery carried a sentence of six to 30 years.

Cook County Judge Vincent Gaughan on Friday said he would only consider the second-degree murder conviction while making his decision.

"This [sentencing someone] is not pleasant and this is not easy," the longtime judge said. "I assume that 100 percent of everybody [non-white] is going to be disappointed."

Defense attorneys sought probation. Special prosecutor Joe McMahon during his closing arguments Friday requested a sentence of 18 to 20 years.

Wife Tiffany Van Dyke took the stand Friday afternoon, asking the judge for leniency.

"My biggest fear is that somebody would kill my husband [in prison] for something he did as a police officer, something he was trained to do," Tiffany Van Dyke said. "There was no malice, no hatred on that night. It was simply a man doing his job."

The prosecution called six witnesses earlier in the day: Vidale Joy, Jeremy Mayers, Eric Breathett, Edward Nance, Alberto Luces and the Rev. Martin Hunter, who is Laquan McDonald's great-uncle. The first five men testified about separate traffic stop experiences they had with Jason Van Dyke.

Nance, who was pulled over by Van Dyke in 2007, cried on the stand. He testified that Van Dyke violently cuffed him and threw him face-down in a squad car.

"I couldn’t move my shoulders. I couldn’t move nothing," he said.

Nance said Van Dyke "pulled me out of the car by left arm," took off the handcuffs and told him to go home.

"I said, 'Wait. Can I have my license? Where's my license at?'" Van Dyke said, "Shut the f--- up or you're going to jail," according to Nance.

Nance previously sued Van Dyke for tearing his shoulder. Nance was awarded $350,000 by a jury.

Hunter took the stand last, and read a victim-impact statement written from McDonald's point of view: "I'm a real victim of murder and that can never be changed."

The defense began calling witnesses later Friday afternoon. Among them was Van Dyke's 17-year-old daughter Kaylee, but no audio or video was recorded of her testimony because she is a minor.

white supremacy chart 2.jpg

Former CPD union president Dean Angelo also testified for the defense.

“He’s not the monster people made him out to be in the media and in political circles," Angelo said. "He's a big, gentle kid. ... He's a hard worker. He's dedicated. He's a good guy. He's religious. He's quite loyal."

Van Dyke faces four to 20 years in prison for second-degree murder; probation without prison time is also an option. Each count of aggravated battery carries a sentence of six to 30 years.

Van Dyke was the first Chicago police officer in 50 years to be charged with murder for an on-duty incident. The murder of Laquan McDonald took place on October 20, 2014, in Chicago, Illinois, when the 17-year-old African American was fatally shot by the white cop. McDonald was reported to have been behaving erratically while walking down the street, and holding a folding knife with a three-inch blade at his side. Initially, internal police reports described the incident similarly and ruled the shooting justified and Van Dyke was not charged in the shooting at that time.

When the police released a dash cam video of the shooting thirteen months later, on November 24, 2015, it showed McDonald had been walking away from the police when he was shot and posed no threat to them while doing so.

Video of the shooting, which was released via court order in November 2015, sparked massive protests and prompted federal and local investigations. [MORE]

Video Shows Jesusized Mob of Delusional Racist Teens with Trump Hats, Mocking Native American Vietnam Veteran & Interfering with Indigenous Peoples March in DC

“THE GREAT BRAIN ROBBERY.” Daily News reports that a video that showing a white mob of Kentucky high school students mocking and harassing a Native American war vet during the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington has sparked uproar online. With regard to non-white peoples, DC cops usually consider such arrestable conduct as disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, loitering, threats etc. No white teens were arrested.

Multiple clips shared across social media show a group of rowdy teens, many of them sporting Covington Catholic high school apparel, surrounding and yelling at a group of peaceful protesters at the D.C. event on Friday.

One student wearing President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat can be seen leering at a man playing a drum while he stands inches away from his face. The protester, identified by Indian Country Today as Vietnam War veteran and Omaha elder Nathan Phillips, remains stoic and continues to beat his instrument while those behind him sing along. Many of the white children are wearing MAGA hats and yelling “build a wall” to the Native Americans.

“I heard them saying ‘Build that wall. Build that wall.’ This is indigenous land. We’re not supposed to have walls here. We never did,” Phillips said in video posted to Instagram. [MORE]

racist white teenager .jpg

Dr. Blynd states, Racism is a "virus in the mind. A racist is a psychopath at war with his own being." [MORE]  Race is an empty representation having no meaning or a granfalloon. Yurugu is ruled through many granfalloons and belief systems. Whenever the unreality of race is present [in their minds] racists are in a real deep state of attachment that prevents them from being conscious. When YOU appear they have checked out and checked into some robotic beliefs going on in their minds. Bhagwan explains, "a mind filled with belief always goes on projecting things in the world, it sees things which are not there.” Dr. Amos Wilson explained “when the projecting party or projectionist has superior influential advantages, as in the case of the White community relative to the Black community, projection becomes introjection, an act of creation, of transforming and conditioning reality.”

Bhagwan also explained “Believers create their own deceivers.”  Neely Fuller says that most white people have made racism their religion and have made themselves the God of that religion.

Fuller explained, "Most white people hate Non-White people. The reason that most white people hate Non-White people is because whites are not Non-White people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you."

FUNKTIONARY defines as follows:

MOBS - Many Other Belief Systems. 2) More Obvious Bullshit Stinking. 3) Mentally Off Balanced Society. 4) Most Other Belief Systems. All belief systems throughout all eras are designed to funnel human power (freedom, creativity, innovation, resources and wealth) up to a controlling manipulative elite. MOBS (secular, political and religious) in theory preach non-violence but in actual practice, ‘the crowd,’ foment, precipitate and participate in bloodshed and pathological violence when challenged by other belief systems, absolute truths or scapegoats (symbols of projection). See: The Crowd’s Clothes)

Jesusize - to believe in something (or someone—real, mythologized or imagined) or even worship it, based on little (scant and sketchy) to no evidence in support of it (single-source propaganda), and uncorroborated accounts that fly in the face of knows history, facts and science. 2) to turn fiction or fictional accounts into fact and history through propaganda, indoctrination coercion and violence.  Just because a man called "Jesus" did not exist in history does not mean that you cannot become the Christ you are awakening in (or at least to) the Divine Mystery. (See: Jesus Seminar & Christ Consciousness). [MORE]

belief systems - linguistically created illusions of structured thought. Belief systems are "my truth is better than your truth" systems carved out of absolute truth (abject falsehood) codified as dogma, spread by fear, enforced by hatred, resulting in continuous warring, genocide, and unimaginable atrocities. Belief systems create formulas and fixed patterns (ruts) for living. They provides us with ready-made reactions (not responses) to whatever situation may arise. Thus we are never phfree to act spontaneously in the fullness of any moment. Life is infinite in its unfolding; it cannot be met with formulas and scripts. Belief is a tether that keeps us forever in the tiny circle of our vanities. Ken Carey has aptly noted, "Belief systems are cages created by words, imprisoning their makers. Even insights that accurately reflect reality cannot be preserved effectively by a belief system." Belief systems are the greatest of our shared vanities. We judge, choose, and reach conclusions, and from these conclusions we create concepts and images. We vest these images with the illusion of reality; we give them life, and they in turn allow us to think that we know—but knowledge is always of the past. It is fixed, lifeless and immovable. No amount or quality of belief system can expand knowledge nor bring any justice. Besides, even knowledge is not reality. It is an image and conceptualization that we create of and about reality—a dead thing. Belief systems suck you in but can't get you off. Why are you living your life based on the unquestioned chain of hearsay? Our beloved BS (belief systems) are elaborate mirage-like constructions of vibrations through and to which we chain ourselves: ideas, ideologies, representations, events, and information deemed important and considered as foundational if not real. However, all that we are is an elaborate thoughtform appearing (temporarily congealed as light) within a world of ceaseless change that itself is a thoughtform that we (as human beams) choose to experience as physical and governed by the physical laws through which impersonal Consciousness creatively expresses (self-animates) in the world through undulating patterns of repetitive existential Self-relation. "The pathway to Enlightenment via radical truth is demanding and requires the surrendering of all belief systems. Only then does ultimate reality reveal itself..." -David R. Hawkins. (See: Reversion, Surrendering, Human Beam, Enlightenment, Spiritual Unfoldment & Mind-Inversion)  

Initially Authorities said Tempe Cop’s Safety was Imminently “Threatened," But Bodycam Video Shows Cop Fatally Shooting 14 Yr Old Latino Boy in the Back From Over 30 Yards Away as He Fled

Tempe Police liars.jpg

A LONG DISTANCE THREAT. From [CNN] and [HERE] A 14-year-old Latino boy holding a replica gun was shot and killed by a police officer as he ran down an alley in Tempe, Arizona, authorities said.

The Tempe Police Department released body camera footage of the incident.

Authorities declined to provide the officer's first name, citing safety concerns for the public servant; however, the Police Department did release his photograph [b/c cop was not white].  The cop was responding to a call from a citizen reporting a suspicious vehicle and approached a gray Chevy pickup apparently involved in a burglary parked in an alley, Chief of Tempe Police Sylvia Moir said in a press conference.

The video shows the officer taking cover behind a trash can while the teen exits the truck. The officer is heard calling for the teen to put his hands up as he runs away from Jaen

"He's got a hand gun," the cop is heard saying on the footage. Cop Jaen calls for backup. Police say the teen “fell” at the end of the alley. The video shows Jaen stopping there, with his gun still drawn, pointing down at something on the ground. Police said the video was edited for public release so as to blur out the boy's body.

The gun was a replica 1911 airsoft gun that police claim the teen had just stolen from the truck.

The teen runs almost to the end of the alley, and the officer fires two shots. The teen ran from the police.

One of the shots struck him in the shoulder blade and the other hit a wall at the end of the alley, Moir said. Authorities did not give a cause of death.

Initially, on Wednesday Tempe Police said the officer chased the boy and gave verbal commands. During this time, police say the officer "perceived a threat" and fired his gun, striking the boy. [MORE] Police said the officer was chasing the teen Tuesday afternoon and at one point, the teen turned around, the officer felt threatened and fired his gun. [MORE]

An attorney for the family of the boy told CNN affiliate KPHO his relatives are in shock.

"We're in the process of trying to figure out what happened. The video is but one piece," Danny Ortega said.

The family went to the police station and requested to see the footage. Ortega said the distance between the officer and the boy when he was shot seemed to be significant.

"It was a long distance. How this young man could have presented a threat at that far a distance is a question that needs to be asked."

Officer Jaen has been a on the Tempe Police force for 14 years and was in the National Guard from 2007-2013, serving in Iraq in 2011, Moir said.

He has been placed on administrative leave pending criminal and administrative investigations.

Settlement Reached in Luis Góngora Case: Attorneys say White San Francisco Cops Shot Homeless Mayan Man in the Head from Above, while He was Either Sitting Down or Lying Prone on the Ground


From [MIssionLocal] The family of Luis Gongora Pat, the homeless Mexican immigrant police shot and killed in the Mission District in 2016, has settled a federal civil lawsuit with the city of San Francisco.

Although attorneys representing the family would not confirm the settlement nor the amount of the award, court records filed Wednesday reveal that Gongora Pat’s family have reached an agreement with city that must now be ratified by Board of Supervisors. This will likely happen in May.

Until then, all parties are bound to keep the terms of the settlement confidential.

The agreement comes nearly three years after Sgt. Nate Steger and Officer Michael Malone shot 45-year-old Gongora Pat six times at a homeless encampment at 18th and Shotwell streets on April 7, 2016.

The two officers and other civilian witnesses have alleged that Gongora Pat threatened the officers with a large knife, prompting the fatal shooting, while witnesses at the homeless encampment claim Gongora Pat was not wielding the knife, which would cast doubt on the justification for the shooting.

Video of the incident captures the officers shooting Gongora Pat a mere 30 seconds after exiting their vehicles. This raised enduring questions about how — and if — the SFPD properly uses “time and distance” when engaging with people in crisis.

Racist suspect District Attorney George Gascon last May declined to file criminal charges against the officers, sparking protests outside of the Hall of Justice and even Gascon’s home. The fatal shooting was among several that prompted calls for the ouster of Greg Suhr, then the San Francisco Police Chief.

Suhr resigned May 19, 2016, at the request of Mayor Ed Lee, hours after police shot and killed 27-year-old Jessica Williams in Bayview.

The recently settled lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in October 2016, alleges that the SFPD — and, consequently, the City of San Francisco — violated Gongora Pat’s civil rights and that his “wrongful death” was a product of the officers’ negligence.

The lawsuit cites eyewitness accounts and video evidence that Gongora Pat was not facing officers during the shooting that “left him riddled with bullets in his forehead, back, right arm and chest while leaving his wife a widow and his three kids fatherless.” The lawsuit also notes the officers repeatedly gave commands only in English, while Gongora Pat’s primary language was Mayan.

Attorneys for the Góngora family presented video and photographic evidence that they say shows that police officers shot Góngora from above, while he was either sitting down or lying prone. Photographs from a private autopsy show that Góngora was shot in the top of his head, as well as in the back, both arms, and the abdomen.

“The officer can be seen shooting down at the wounded man, with a handgun in one hand and a shotgun in the other, in a scene reminiscent of a gangster movie,” the claim states.

In an enlarged, slow-motion version of surveillance video, previously released by the San Francisco Chronicle, shows a partial view of the shooting. One of the officers can be seen firing three rounds.

“If you slow down this clip, you will witness that the officer who initially had the shotgun is pointing downward,” said Adante Pointer, one of the attorneys. “Mr Góngora was already down on the ground when this officer decided to pump three shots into his body.”

Two white San Francisco police officers fired four beanbags and then seven bullets at him within 30 seconds of stepping out of their patrol vehicles, video footage of the incident shows. The surveillance video provides a clear picture of some aspects of the encounter but does not show what 45-year-old Luis Gongora — was doing at the moment police opened fire. Gongora was just outside the camera’s frame.

The incident began when city homeless outreach workers — who had responded to a report of a disturbance in a homeless encampment — called 911 to say a man was waving a large kitchen knife. Officers arrived minutes later.

The footage obtained by The Chronicle, taken by a camera on the side of a building, shows three marked patrol cars pulling slowly up to the 400 block of Shotwell Street between 18th and 19th streets and parking in the middle of the roadway. Three officers, all of them men, emerge from the police cruisers. The driver of the car in front gets out with a beanbag shotgun and walks to his left to the sidewalk.

Within 10 seconds of getting out of his car, the officer points the gun at someone out of the frame and shouts, “Get on the ground! Stay on the ground!” The officer is moving forward, and a second officer joins him at his side. A few seconds later the officer with the beanbag gun again shouts, “Get on the ground.”

Moments later, both officers appear to shout at the man, commanding, “Put that down” and “Put it down.” The officers continue to advance and move out of the frame. Two more seconds pass before the first beanbag blast, which is followed by three more in short succession. The officer with the weapon can be heard pumping it to ready it for the next shot. The officers can be heard shouting more orders at the man.

Moments later — within 30 seconds after the first officer got out of his car — a burst of seven gunshots is heard. The two officers are still out of frame when the gunshots begin, but then can be seen retreating back into the frame as they fire the final shots.

A third officer is then heard reporting “Shots fired” over his radio as witnesses on the street cry out in shock and a woman on the opposite sidewalk bursts into a sprint away from the scene. [MORE] and [MORE]

Witnesses at the scene have contradicted the police account. They said Gongora spoke only Spanish, never challenged officers and probably didn’t understand what they were saying before he was shot. The witnesses said there was no one else near Gongora when the officers approached him.

“He didn’t charge the officers,” said John Visor, 33, who was living in a tent on Shotwell Street and said he was roughly 10 feet from Gongora when police arrived. “He was going in circles. He didn’t understand what they were saying. They just shot him. They just shot him.”

Visor said Gongora carried a knife for safety, but that he didn’t have it out when police arrived.

Last Monday evening, Gongora Pat’s family members — including his widow, Fidelia del Carmen May Can, who traveled from the home she and Gongora once shared in Yucatan, Mexico — gathered with 30 others who reassembled his memorial where the shooting took place on Shotwell.

His family members had given depositions related to the lawsuit earlier in the day.

“This is the first time the family is at the site where Luis died,” lawyer and advocate Adriana Camarena said to those in the circle. “This is a very special night for them.

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