Video Shows Off Duty NYPD Sergeant Attempting to Commit Murder & Cover it Up. After Cop Shot Black Man in the Face, He Planted a Knife Next to His Body - Not Charged with Any Crime

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BLACK ON BLACK CRIME IN SERVICE OF WHITE DOMINATION. From [HERE] and [MORE] An off duty Black police sergeant in New York was caught on video earlier this month confronting an unarmed 21-year-old Black man and shooting him at point blank range in the face and then planting a knife on him. Sgt. Ritchard Blake claims the victim, Thayvone Santana was trying to rob him, but video and family members say otherwise. Now, after investigating the incident, it was reported this week that Blake was fired—but he is still not charged.

According to police, Blake claimed that Santana was attempting to rob him, so he had no choice but to shoot him in the face. However, police later changed their story and admitted that Santana and Blake knew each other and may have been in a dispute over a girl.

As the video shows, Blake and Santana appear to be having a verbal dispute on the sidewalk. Blake then pulls a gun from his waistband and fires off three rounds into Santana’s face.  Moments after the shooting on Aug. 2 in the East New York neighborhood, video surveillance footage captured the sergeant patting down Santana, as if looking for a weapon.

The sergeant then pulled a large sheath knife out of his back pocket and dropped it out of its covering beside Mr. Santana

There was only one problem with planting the evidence, however—the surveillance camera. Once Blake seemed to realize he was on surveillance video, he then picked the knife back up and put it in his back pocket. 

Mr. Santana, 21, survived the shooting -which could be another problem for him. 

After he was seen on video shooting an unarmed man in the face and planting evidence, Blake was not arrested. Not only was he not arrested but he was allowed to stay on the force until last week.

“There are certain things that we saw in this investigation that we have questions that we want answered at this point, until we answer that we felt it was best to place him on modified duty,” said NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan earlier this month, according to WABC.

A spokesman for the office said on Saturday that the episode remained under investigation but declined to comment further.

The police official who disclosed the firing did so on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss it. Neither the Police Department nor the Sergeants Benevolent Association responded to questions on Saturday, and efforts to reach Sergeant Blake were unsuccessful.

He had previously told officers that he was worried about the safety of his girlfriend, whose relationship with the two men had been a source of simmering friction between them.

Around 5 a.m. on the day of the shooting, Sergeant Blake was walking away from the woman’s home and headed to work at the 109th Precinct in Queens, law enforcement officials said. Mr. Santana followed and got Sergeant Blake’s attention.

The video shows Sergeant Blake holding his arms out at his sides and talking. Mr. Santana moves closer with one hand in the pocket of his shorts.

The police gave conflicting accounts of what led to the shooting.

The Police Department said on Thursday that the sergeant fired because a man pretending to have a gun tried to rob him. A police official later said Mr. Santana had told Sergeant Blake that he had a gun, but not that Mr. Santana had been trying to rob him.

Sergeant Blake fired his gun twice, hitting Mr. Santana once in the face. He then called 911 to report an off-duty shooting. The 911 call has not been released to the public.

He was stripped of his gun and badge and placed on modified duty.

He was already on a form of administrative probation after being charged with assaulting a woman in 2016. He was suspended for 36 days and placed on dismissal probation, according to a New York Daily News article on police discipline published in March. That designation allows officers who have been disciplined to continue to work but gives the police commissioner the power to fire them without a trial during a yearlong probation.

Disturbing the Peace of the Masters in Public: Latino Man Discovers "His Rights" were Actually Just “Master’s Favors" - NYPD Public Relations Failure After Bullshit Stop

"A Group of Cornballs." Not what SNAG Spike Lee had in mind with his NYPD Public Relations [propaganda or psychological warfare] campaign to promote racism/white supremacy and the corporate police state .

Disorderly conduct requires an intentional breach of the peace --- of the public. One circumstance where a breach of the peace may be occasioned is where the defendant uses words likely to produce violence on the part of others. Others meaning persons other than cops, that is the public. In general courts have recognized that police officers are trained to be more patient than the average person in the face of hostile words: police officers are trained to deal with unruly and uncooperative members of the public. A police officer is expected to have a greater tolerance for verbal assaults, . . . and because the police are especially trained to resist provocation, we expect them to remain peaceful in the face of verbal abuse that might provoke or offend the ordinary citizen.’ In re W.H.L., 743 A.2d 1226, 1228 (D.C. 2000).


In the video the public appears to be undisturbed  - as no persons appear to be paying any attention to the argument in NYC during the day. What is clear is that the cops are in their feelings, particularly the Asian & Black cop. In real life, as FUNKTIONARY explains, "a willing slave gets upset if you refuse to to acknowledge his or her master. Usually when people say 'act responsibly' what they mean is cow-tow to the conforming lies we call truths" [quoting George Battailes].

Here, said Sambo cops cannot deal with the Latino man acting irresponsibly, who has questioned their authority or their master's authority one time too many. Larken Rose states, any one treating cops as mere mortals, as if they are on the same level as everyone else, amounts to showing disrespect for their alleged “authority.” Similarly, anyone who does not consent to be detained, questioned, or searched by “officers of the law” is automatically perceived, by the mercenaries of the state, as some sort of troublemaker who has something to hide. Again, the real reason such lack of “cooperation” annoys authoritarian enforcers is because it amounts to people treating them as mere humans instead of treating them as superior beings, which is what they imagine themselves to be." [MORE]


Belief that we have some illusional power is actually submission to and cooperation with "government," "authority" and the system of racism/white supremacy. Such beliefs empower elite racists while simultaneously disempowering ourselves. At any rate, believe in your "rights" at your own risk. 

According to Dr. Blynd:

rights - fantasmatic or fictitious objects having no reality in actuality by those imagining as an identity being in possession of them. Rights are cultural gratuities perceived through various fantasy frames, recognized, and sometimes even created, by man's system of law to provide a modicum or pretense of civility under a system whereby their very undermining and violation is vouchsafed. Rights are merely rites unless you know how to assert and defend them in order to enjoy them. 2) things people are free to do whether they are able to or not. 3) conditions of existence required by hue-man's nature for their potential survival (primarily against the cartoon that kills, i.e., the wholly unconscionable entity called the "State"). It is a mistaken notion that rights are enjoyed by one at the expense of the many—that is the realm of privilege. Enjoyment of rights in a neo-imperialistic world controlled by Yurugu through the Greater System (Symbolic Order), paradoxically, entails not only a recognition of their inevitability but, equally, their impossibility. How can we be endowed with rights, or even know what rights are when they are based on binary considerations? Rights, as ontological ephemera, cannot be universally observed, recognized, realized or, enforced—and paradoxically, act also as its own eternal source for its assertion and vessel for its fulfillment in our imaginary enjoyment of them. While the law reads rights referentially, what is universally needed in the praxis of rights discourse today is a particular re-inscription, demystification or reontologising of rights (revivified and convivial) by the pan-gendered subject-citizen-decoder—taken symptomatically rather than seriously. Most people rarely experience the cognizance of being property of corporate fictions because as long as you don't violate the rules of society your real status as feudal-property-slave is no: involved or revealed. If there is no 'I,' to what and to whom do rights as objects accrue? Those who are confused by suffering (and the subject of same) require a re-onotoligisation of rights through the trajectory of meaning independent of their existence. Rights and even 'lefts' (i.e., what remains after all of our imaginary rights are traced to their inception as figment) for that matter, like good and evil, are human inventions which humans treat as non-human realities. While fantasy frames invent rights, romanticism reinvents them. Enjoy your symptoms and play with your syndrome—the symptom is the solution. Read carefulh the holding in the supreme Court case of U.S. v. Babcock. Rights are myths—obedience to servitude or jail is the reality. (See: Abilities, Bill of Rights, Monoright, Servitude, Fantasy, Jurisdiction, Human Resources, Citizenship, Frankenstein, Autonomy. Rule of Law, Surrogate Power, Indigenous Power, Yurugu, Jouissance, Privilege, Disobedience, Duty & Willpower)

'Car is Stolen?,' 'That’s Weed?,' 'You Have a Gun?' Black Man Rejects Racist Projections from White Cop who Tells Him Questions & Asks Him Lies During Routine Traffic Stop in Free Range Prison

'WHATS GOING ON GUYS? I'M HERE TO ATTEMPT TO PLACE YOU IN GREATER CONFINEMENT. WILL YOU COOPERATE WITH MY COERCION?'  In the context of White American domination there is no innocent Black male, just Black male criminals who have not yet been detected, apprehended or convicted. [MORE] Above, unaccountable racist cops provide unwanted "service" to Black men in Des Moines. [MORE]

Race soldiers so frequently abuse their power that no one—no motorist, no juvenile, no adult, no professional of any kind—could make a compelling argument that constitutional rights afford Black people any real protection from the state.

Dr. Blynd states, "Constitutional protections are window dressing to make subject-citizens feel like they are being served - instead of screwed... Your constitutional protections are made of ribbed latex - and you're getting screwed royally." 

Since the 1980's police departments have co-opted local traffic codes as a major weapon of racism/white supremacy to be used against Black & Brown travellers. 

 For white folks, the bare essentials of a "routine traffic stop" consist of causing the vehicle to stop, explaining to the driver the reason for the stop, questioning solely based on the stop, verifying the credentials of the driver and the vehicle, and then issuing a citation or a warning. 10 minutes later, 'have a nice day buddy.' 

For many Non-whites, particularly Latinos and Blacks, the bare essentials of a traffic stop consist of a records check via radio or computer regarding the criminal & traffic history of those stopped and any outstanding arrest warrants for those individuals; papers check for citizenship status of driver and passengers, records check of the vehicle registration, [questioning unrelated to the stop such as] interrogation of those stopped directly on the subject of immigration status, drugs or weapons, interrogation about the nature and purpose of their travels, repeteive looped questions about all the above, seeking (and often obtaining) consent to conduct a full search of the stopped vehicle and the driver/passengers; smelling the occupants, DUI field sobriety testing, using a drug-sniffing dog to detect the presence of any drugs in the stopped vehicle and/or verbal abuse, provocation, physical beat down, prolonged detention and/or deportation. Threats to comply or go to jail and Promises to be lenient if they admit to any offenses [MORE]

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Maricopa Prosecutor says Torture was Reasonable: Cops Put Foot on the Back of Native American Teen’s Head, Used Neck Pressure Hold & Pulled Handcuffed Arms Behind his Back & Toward his Head

From [HERE] and [HERE] Two Mesa police officers are not expected to face any charges related to an excessive force investigation involving a 15-year-old robbery suspect, according to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. 

On May 17, police were called to investigate an armed robbery and found a 15-year-old suspect on scene. The teen was arrested and charged with multiple counts including armed robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

The case was one of two use-of-force episodes that Mesa Police Chief Ramon Batista sent to Scottsdale police to investigate. Batista sought the review to determine whether officers used excessive force when they arrested the teen. 

In a statement, the county attorney said Scottsdale's investigation "focused on potential charges of aggravated assault" because the officers squeezed under the boy's jaw [otherwise known as your neck] while he was in handcuffs. The torture technique is called mandibular angle pressure [see photo below]. Apparently, a range of lesser offenses such as simple assault were not considered. 

Police had responded to a report of someone with a gun threatening a bystander at a Circle K store on May 16.

The county attorney said, "there is no reasonable likelihood of securing a conviction for Aggravated Assault under these facts and circumstances."

Officers approach and put the suspect in handcuffs. One of the officers can be seen placing a foot behind the suspect's head while he is on the ground. The officer notes in the police report the boot was there to "keep him from getting up."

 Mandibular angle pressure hold [ MORE ]

Mandibular angle pressure hold [MORE]

As police pull the suspect up and take him to a squad car, one officer can be seen in the video grabbing and holding the suspect by what the police report describes as a pressure point behind his ear.

The teenager is pushed against the squad car and repeatedly says, "I'm just trying to get home to my grandma." An officer again appears to hold the suspect by the pressure point near his ear while searching for a gun. The teenager begins screaming in apparent pain, continually denying he has a gun.

In the report, an officer said he "applied pressure to (the suspect's) mandibular angle pressure point below his left ear" to keep him from moving around.

In the footage, officers pull the teenager's handcuffed arms behind his back and toward his head, and he reacts in pain to the torture technique. [MORE] He is screaming in pain during the arrest. 

After reviewing body camera footage, Scottsdale police launched an investigation. Two of the Mesa officers involved were put on administrative leave.

The findings from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office were released Friday and show they believe there is not enough evidence to lead to a conviction given the leeway the law gives officers when making arrests.

"The totality of the circumstances reveals that the force applied occurred as a result of efforts to affect the arrest of the suspect and to facilitate a search for a weapon used in the armed robbery of a nearby convenience store.

The suspect’s interview confirmed he continued to move while officers sought to secure him and search him for the missing weapon. Arizona law permits the use of reasonable force to effect an arrest. Therefore, there is no reasonable likelihood of securing a conviction for Aggravated Assault under these facts and circumstances." [MORE]

The report specifically states that it does not confirm whether or not the amount of force used is appropriate by Mesa police standards. MCAO says they will forward their findings to Mesa police for any further review.

Officers with the Mesa Police Department are still facing several different use of force allegations in other cases. Among those, an 84-year-old woman is suing the department and two officers claiming officers caused serious bruising and injuries to her face.

In another case, charges were dropped against a man who claims police used excessive force on him during an arrest in Mesa. Robert Johnson appears to be leaning against a wall while being questioned by officers and is then punched several times in the face before he fell to the ground and was taken into custody. Internal reviews of the officers involved in both of those cases are still ongoing.

To Fight the War on Drugs Border Cops Conducted an Anal & Vaginal, Strip Search of a Black Woman During an Unlawful Detention @ Kennedy - Suits Reveal a Pattern of Abuse Against Women, Kids

border cops 4.jpg

From [HERE] Tameika Lovell was retrieving baggage at New York City’s Kennedy Airport when two female U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers stopped her for a “random search.”

It was Nov. 27, 2016, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and the school counselor from Long Island had just arrived from a short Jamaica vacation. Lovell, who is black, had been stopped and felt profiled before, but this time a CBP supervisor began posing questions she hadn’t heard previously.

“Don’t you think you’re spending too much money traveling?” Lovell, 34, recalls him asking.

What allegedly happened next is outlined in a harrowing civil lawsuit Lovell filled in March in federal court. And the assertions aren’t unique, based on allegations in similar suits filed not just in New York but also in California, Arizona, Texas, Michigan and Pennsylvania.   

Inside a secure room, Lovell’s litigation asserts, one of the female officers searched Lovell’s belongings, presumably for illegal drugs, and asked Lovell if she were using a tampon or sanitary pad. The question upset her, but she replied “no” and complied when told to remove her shoes, lift her arms and spread her legs.

 As the other female officer observed, hand on her firearm, the suit says, the first touched Lovell from “from head to toe,” before ordering her to squat. The officer squeezed Lovell’s breasts “hard,” and allegedly “placed her right hand into her [Lovell’s] pants ‘forcibly’ inserting four gloved fingers into plaintiff’s vagina” before parting Lovell’s buttocks with her hand “for viewing.”

Lovell was left “violated, shocked and afraid,” according to her suit, which accuses CBP officers of violating not only her constitutional rights, but the agency’s own handbook as well.

An August 1 Justice Department filing sought to dismiss CBP and individual officers, but not the U.S government, as defendants.  Nevertheless, Lovell’s lawsuit — and 10 others since 2011 reviewed by the Center for Public Integrity — raise timely and unsettling questions about how far border and other immigration officers can go with their considerable power to detain people at the nation’s 328 ports of entry. 

The existing rules can be shocking for travelers. Legal precedents grant federal officers at ports of entry the power, without warrants, to require people to strip for a “visual inspection” of genitals and rectums, and to submit to a “monitored bowel movement” to check for secreted drugs. At the same time,  a CBP detention-and-search handbook instructs officers to record a solid justification for every single step beyond a frisk, and to respect detainees’ dignity and “freedom from unreasonable searches” and to “consider the totality of the circumstances … when making a decision to search.”

The handbook also warns officers against engaging in what could be considered either a “visual or physical intrusion” into vaginal or anal cavities.

Yet in these suits, innocent women — including minor girls — who were not found with any contraband say CBP officers subjected them to harsh interrogation that led to indignities that included unreasonable strip searches while menstruating to prohibited genital probing. Some women were also handcuffed and transported to hospitals where, against their will, they underwent pelvic exams, X-rays and in one case, drugging via IV, according to suits. Invasive medical procedures require a detainee’s consent or a warrant. In two cases, women were billed for procedures.

The suits underscore mounting criticism that accountability for officer conduct is too weak — at a time when President Donald Trump is beefing up the ranks of CBP officers and urging ever-tougher crackdowns at the border and other ports of entry. Settlements show that the government has opted to close some cases before trials that could require CBP court testimony; six of these suits have resulted in settlements that cost taxpayers more than $1.2 million in payments to plaintiffs by the U.S. Treasury Department. A Canadian traveler who sued lost a jury trial in 2013. Other cases continue to wind their way through the system.

Minors strip searched?

In one pending suit, filed in March in Fresno, California, a detained undocumented teen from Guatemala alleges that in 2016 in Presidio, Texas, a male CBP agent touched her vaginal area and breasts after ordering her to strip. He allegedly said he was checking for weapons. A federal court has sealed the case.

In February in San Diego, another suit filed in federal court on behalf of C.R., a 16-year-old, alleges that CBP strip-searched her last September as she and her adult sisters were returning from a family visit in Mexico through the San Ysidro pedestrian port.

The sisters were allegedly “flagged” after a false drug-sniffing dog alert. Female officers took C.R. aside, the suit asserted, and allegedly told the tearful girl to disrobe, hand over a sanitary pad—and squat and cough “while officers probed and shined a flashlight at her vaginal and anal areas.” Justice Department attorneys representing officers have filed to dismiss C.R.’s suit, arguing that it was not filed properly.

But C.R.’s alleged experience isn’t isolated:  It is one of three alleged San Diego border strip searches of Hispanic minors and one 42-year-old Hispanic woman reported just since last September to the San Diego office of the American Friends Service Committee, a rights group.

And C.R.’s lawsuit isn’t the first of its kind filed in San Diego.

Unbeknownst to the public, almost two years before C.R.’s search, records reviewed by the Center show that in 2015 the U.S. government quietly settled a different lawsuit for $500,000 with a woman also subjected to a prolonged ordeal at the San Ysidro port — an ordeal that allegedly involved vaginal probing, twice, by a CBP officer.

Officers’ ability to initiate warrantless searches on “reasonable suspicion,” a lower threshold than “probable cause,” is grounded in arguments that ports merit greater scrutiny, as well as a 1985 Supreme Court ruling. In that case, United States vs. Montoya, the court found that a rectal exam revealing cocaine-filled balloons didn’t violate a woman’s Fourth Amendment rights because officers considered various factors and had “reasonable” concerns that she’d concealed drugs.  

Settled civil suits accusing officers of failing to wisely act on suspicions don’t establish guilt or criminal liability. But documents do reveal how searches escalated, and how attorneys attempted to defend CBP before settling. In an Arizona case, Justice Department attorneys representing CBP officers argued that the detention handbook was simply “guidance.”

Each of the suits tells a story: [MORE]

NC Authorities Charge Black Man with APO & Resisting Arrest - No Charges for Gang of White Cops who Assaulted Him w/a Deadly Weapon [Baton] while Holding Him Face Down in the Street

Raleigh Cops.jpg

From [HERE] and [HERE] A video showing half a dozen of North Carolina police officers punching, kicking and beating with batons a Black man has been widely shared on social media drawing massive backlash on social media as he was unarmed, on the ground and had already been neutralized, but the police officers kept using force.

A cellphone video of the incident was posted on Facebook Friday and quickly reached thousands of people. The video shows police brutally beating an unarmed man who allegedly was resisting the police officers, at the intersection of Garner Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in southeast Raleigh, North Carolina.

Authorities have started an investigation after the video surfaced and after several human and civil rights activists denounced the police brutality. "They are trained law enforcement officers, we are not talking about a group of vigilante citizens with no training who are trying to subdue a situation," said Dawn Blagrove executive director of the Carolina Justice Policy Center and activist. 

Media organizations report 44-year-old Frederick Hall of Raleigh was arrested Sunday for resisting arrest and assault on police officers. [MORE]

The Raleigh Police Department has an ongoing investigation and has issued a statement. "In the spirit of transparency, we have proactively made the District Attorney's office aware of this situation. The Raleigh Police Department offers no further comment on this ongoing investigation," read the statement. 

"It really doesn't matter what happened leading up to it because the standards of care being deployed by our law enforcement shouldn't matter," said Blagrove. "Those standards should stay in place regardless of the situation."

This is the latest case of police violence in the U.S. as activists and rights organizations in the country have been for years denouncing and protesting against the killings of unarmed Back people which they argue is part of a systemic racism within police forces in the country. 

In a study published by Criminology & Public Policy in 2017, it was found that police officers were twice as likely to kill unarmed Black civilians as unarmed white civilians. The study examined the most robust dataset on police shootings available, compiled by the Washington Post in 2015.

Baltimore "Straw Boss" Commissioner Says it was Not Officer's Job to Stop Cop’s Criminal Assault on Black Man - 'Our Policy is Allow Injustice to Occur & Beg a Higher Authority to Make Amends Later'

b-more straw boss.jpg

According to FUNKTIONARY:   

Straw-Boss  - a Sambo who is appointed a certain oversight role for the white power Overseer. It is the job of the Straw Boss to establish a formal organization to effectively and systematically carry out the wishes of the white supremacist power matrix while serving his own personal needs and ends through patronage power. 2) a ranking SNigger. 3) Toby. 4) "Safe Negro." 5) responsible (to the white supremacist ideology) Negro. 6) the gatekeeper for black professional positions gained through (acquiesced) to various sexual positions. 7) Pork Chop Boy. (See SNigger & McNegro)

b-more cops 3.jpg

Law Over Humanity Borgs. Coming to a government agency, corporate outreach center or courtroom soon. Obedient Black rolebots plugged into Doggy's operating system. These citizen servants are used by Neuropeans primarily against Black people to disguise the system of racism/white supremacy. They worship rules, government and logic within the parameters of the lex-icon [law as image- the appearance of justice (the form) over the substance of justice via truth and law over humanity.]. With their fingers on the nuclear button they will do whatever master programs them to do. Their mind is really not their own. They fulfill their roles dutifully because they misunderstand it completely. Said Borgs believe themselves to be aligned with experimenter controlling Skinner's cage when they are in reality aligned with the mice inside it. As such, they function similarly to the black-on-black criminal committing crimes in service of white domination,

'he doesn't understand that what he perceives as his needs, desires, ideals, motives, goals, etc., are manufactured and implanted in him by Neuropeans for the benefit of Neuropeans at the price of the destruction of his humanity. He must understand that his vain attempts to satisfy those introjected desires, etc., do not represent what it means to be free, to be a man, to have arrived at the pinnacle of human possibilities, or success, but instead represent the grossest form of slavery. He must understand that Neuropeans and their so-called civilizations, the human behaviors, attitudes, and relations they engender, represent the most destructive factors existent in the universe, today and to identify with them is to identify with a self-destructive spirit within himself, a spirit which makes his own existence pointless and meaningless. He must understand that he can only achieve authentic honor, fulfillment, love, respect, security, belongingness, distinction, through self and group empowerment. He can gain transcendence only through the full acceptance of his African identity, the reclamation of his birthrights, through economic and cultural self-determination, through love for self and others; through his recognition that his and his people's mission, in conjunction with the world's other peoples, is to bring into being a new World Order. This new order must not be a "colored" version of the old and present Eurocentric order which has inspired his criminali­zation and the dehumanization of mankind, but one inspired by his own remembrance and full psychic integration.' - Dr. Amos Wilson

ICE Race Soldiers Detain Latino Man Driving his wife to the Hospital to Give Birth to their Baby After Unlawful Stop @ Gas Station

arona lana.jpg

NO ONE TO CALL IN RACIST SYSTEM. From [HERE] Father-to-be Joel Arrona was about to meet his infant son when ICE agents apprehended him.

Arrona stopped for gas in San Bernardino, California on Wednesday while driving his pregnant wife, Maria del Carmen Venegas, to a local hospital for a scheduled C-section. ICE agents approached the car while it was parked at the gas station and asked the couple to present their identification. When Arrona said he didn’t have his ID with him, the agents took him into custody.

Security footage from the gas station obtained by CBS Los Angeles shows ICE agents leading away Arrona in handcuffs. The footage also shows Venegas frantically calling for assistance in the gas station’s convenience store.

Venegas drove herself the rest of the way to the hospital. She gave birth alone.

Venegas told CBS Los Angeles her husband has never been stopped by police and has never been in trouble with the law before.

ICE has previously claimed its enforcement operations are focused on immigrants who pose a security risk to the country, like people with violent criminal records.

But now, according to ICE officials, “no population is off the table” and agents will go after any undocumented immigrants who enter the country illegally. Under the Trump administration, there has been an increase in arrests of undocumented immigrants who have no history of breaking criminal laws.

The agency reinforced that point in its public statement about Arrona.

Arrona joins a long list of immigrants who have been detained in the course of their daily activities, such as paying traffic tickets, filing for protective orders, and showing up for court appearances. The ACLU recently alleged that ICE agents are essentially laying traps for undocumented immigrants seeking legal status, waiting to take them into custody outside of government offices.

“My husband needs to be here,” Venegas, a mother of five, told CBS Los Angeles. “He had to wait for his son for so long, and someone just took him away.”

Collective White Power? White Cops Acting as Mercenary Security Guards Stalk & Attack Black Teen in Parking Lot After Removing Him from NC Walmart - White Media Justifies Their "Right" to Do So

"'You have rights alright, just don't get caught exercising them, Ok?' Government is simply, unequivocally , and always initiation of force or coercion and nothing else." Dr. Blynd. 

Clearly what sets the white male cop off is the fact that the young man is talking to him as if he is having an arm's length conversation with one his equals. He demands explanations and declines orders from cops - persons he mistakenly believes are his "public servants." Cops are not equal with citizen-subjects. Public rulers do not serve their subjects, especially Black ones. And questioning his authority was out the box to this already angry race soldier.  Dr. Blynd makes it plain;

"The child who is taught to believe the law will be his protection is the child who will become the victim of its own beliefs."  "Unquestioned beliefs own you."

Larken Rose states, "It is very telling that many modern “law enforcers” quickly become angry, even violent, when an average citizen simply speaks to the “officer” as an equal, instead of assuming the tone and demeanor of a subjugated underling. Again, this reaction is precisely the same – and has the same cause – as the reaction a slave master would have to an “uppity” slave speaking to him as an equal. [MORE]

Most White Journalists Believe Whatever White Cops Tell Them to Believe. Here is what racist suspects at the "Larinburg Exchange" wrote about this incident prior to the release of the above video: 

"A Smithfield man was arrested Saturday after refusing to stop riding a hover-board in Walmart and refusing to listen to management and police.

Perry Briggs Jr., 23, of North Second Street, Smithfield, was arrested at the Laurinburg Walmart, according to Police Capt. Chris Young.

According to Young, Briggs refused to stop riding his hover-board in the aisles of Walmart and refused to leave when asked by management. When the police arrived he refused to give any information and walked out of the building — but continued to cause a disturbance in the parking lot.

Due to the continued disturbance and refusal to leave the area, police arrested him. When officers attempted to place him in handcuffs, he caused an altercation. During the altercation, there was damage to a parked vehicle, causing dents.

Officers were able to subdue and arrest him. When at the Magistrate’s Office, Briggs used profane language towards the magistrate even after being told not to.

Briggs was charged with disorderly conduct, injury to personal property and resisting arrest — as well as receiving the contempt of court for using the profane language. He was given a $3,500 bond."

Always Seeking Better Relations w/His Masters, SNAG Spike Lee Partnered w/the NYPD to Propagandize the [Necessary] Illusion that Cops Exist to Protect & Serve Black People


SNAGs - $nitch-ass Negroes Aiding Governments. 2) COINTEL-BROs. 3) Smile Negro And Grin—while I put it In. SNAGs are coin-operated piece-activist sniggering infiltraitors from the native Black American community who support the psychopathological dominant minority elite European global racist-supremacist mindset and Agenda along with its narcissistic projections and population control objectives (genocide and eugenics).

SNAG's are responsible for facilitating agents of various "government intelligence" operations in successfully accomplishing the "wet jobs" (assassinations) and downfall of some of our most cherished leaders, luminary thinkers, uncompromising revolutionaries and lovers of justice for all humanity. SNAGs come in all shapes, colors, sizes and forms within the Black American community but they all share one common thread—self-hatred. Some of the less known but high-exposure SNAGs were Alex Haley (who covertly worked his roots on Malcolm X), Ernest Withers (civil rights photographer and FBI informant), and Justice Thurgood Marshall (also snitching and informing on the Right-Reverend Martin L. King, Jr.) [MORE]

spike with chicken .jpg

From [HERE] The NYPD paid SNAG, Spike Lee more than $200,000 to help launch a new policing program aimed at improving relations with minority communities.

The department tapped the director in 2016 as a consultant for the campaign, a spokesman for the department’s nonprofit New York City Police Foundation confirmed Thursday. The contract with Lee’s advertising firm, Spike DDB, was for $219,113 — which was paid for by the Police Foundation.

“The Foundation approached and consulted several creative teams including the Spike DDB agency to help develop a public awareness campaign that would aim to strengthen the partnership between the NYPD and the communities it serves,” said spokesman Brady Littlefield. “We received tremendous input and ideas, and that process ultimately resulted in last spring’s neighborhood policing ad campaign.”

The partnership was revealed in the Police Foundation’s most recent tax filing covering some of 2016 and 2017. [MORE]

spike lee posing with chicken .jpg

His latest project is a film called Black Klansman, it tells the allegedly true story of a black detective infiltrating a Colorado Springs chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. Not everyone is certain now is the best time for telling stories about heroic police officers. “Sorry to Bother You” writer-director Boots Riley took to Twitter the day after “BlacKkKlansman” opened to question the nature of the film’s narrative.

“After 40 years of cop shows and cop movies, did we really need one more movie where it’s supposed to be about racism but the cops are the actual heroes of the film and the most effective force against racism?” Riley asked. The director noted his tweet was a “rhetorical question,” indicating the answer is “no.” [MORE] “It’s a made up story in which the false parts of it to try to make a cop the protagonist in the fight against racist oppression,” he writes. “It’s being put while Black Lives Matter is a discussion, and this is not coincidental. There is a viewpoint behind it.”

“For Spike to come out with a movie where story points are fabricated in order to make a Black cop and his counterparts look like allies in the fight against racism is really disappointing, to put it very mildly.” [MOREWas he also paid by the Government to make this film?


Spike Lee's politics always involve an appeal to the moral suasion of racists. His latest project apparently is no different. The poster for the movie states "infiltrate hate." Like many confused victims of racism/white supremacy Spike Lee does not discuss white supremacy as racism. He mostly complains that racism is about bad attitudes & behavior, mean words, stereotypes and inconveniences to Black people. Hence his goals are a moral quest for respect from racists and for more kinder & thoughtful white people - towards those ends he apparently seeks to reform racists with his movies - as they appear to be the indirect target of his messaging and activities. Asking master "to do the right thing" misses the point entirely. At this point in history said goals are entirely pathological and perhaps even a sign of a mental disorder. The master-servant relationship must be destroyed, not updated and refined. 

Dr. Blynd explains, "Racism is not individualistic, but institutional, cultural, economic, political, linguistic, self-perpetuating and systematic." White Supremacy is a power group dynamic involving the relationship between whites and Blacks in a vast system of unequal power. It is economic discrimination by one group over and against another for the purposes of subjugation and/or maintaining the imbalance of power through cooperative control, misinformation, indoctrination, genocide and oppression. [MORE] Belief that racism is only bigotry is a vital part of false programming sold to you by the vested interests for your cooperation and submission to your own oppression. [MORE] Defining racism in terms of bad attitude or bigotry leads to solving the wrong problems. [MORE]


White Supremacy is a con-game in the minds of Black people. Belief in many many lies told to Black people by racists primarily maintains their voluntary compliance with this system of cooperative coercion. Dr. Blynd states, "White Supremacy (Degeneracy) is socially engineering Black Consciousness and/or also responsible for the falsification of Black consciousness." [MORE] FUNKTIONARY states, "Everyone is standardized with the same indoctrination - conditioned under the same mis-education and dis-information. Since we all watch the same TV and download the same standardized education, it never occurs that we are getting conned, uploaded, downgraded, brain-chipped and ultimately faded from memory of being an individual self." 

With such a "socially engineered Black Consciousness" the use of force is not necessary to maintain the unequal balance of power between Blacks & whites. Dr. Amos Wilson explains, 

The threatened use of physical (police and military) force stands behind White power in all its deceptive metamorphoses. But more effective and deeply enduring than the use of physical force or the coercive threat to use it in maintaining the domination of White over Black, is the long-term use by Whites of harshly unrelenting psychic violence against the collective Black persona. For this violence more effectively neutralizes Black opposition to and possible overthrow of White domination than the preponderance of White military might. Psychic violence hobbles the most powerful of human weapons — the human mind and its productive creativity, ingenuity, innovativeness and vision. Moreover, it hobbies the human capacity to develop and press into service the social identity, social consciousness, unity and solidarity, and the cooperative social spirit which combined empower a race to overcome impossible odds posed by other hostile and apparently more powerful races of men. [MORE]

According to Wilson, " It is the White monopoly on psychic violence and their devastatingly ingenious use of it against the minds of Afrikan peoples which represent the greatest threat to Afrikan survival. Through unrelenting psy-ops elite racists have programmed Black people with a falsified Afrikan consciousness. He  explains,

'The final end of the violent White-instigated psychic assaults against the collective psyche of Blacks is to induce in them states of false consciousness, self-alienation and self-hatred so as to irreparably impair their capacity to overthrow their White oppressors through the mobilization of their human and material resources.

False consciousness, self-alienation and self-hatred are conjoining states of mind which motivate oppressed Blacks to engage in continuing self-defeating, self-destructive assaults against their own interests and against themselves. Consequently, by these means Blacks are unwittingly manipulated into forming alliances with their oppressors and exploiters in disempowering themselves and in empowering those who dominate and exploit them all the more.' [MORE]

Wilson explains that such a manufactured mind in a system of white supremacy "requires that Blacks involuntarily and obsessively deceive themselves. This collective self-deception, which is the benchmark of oppressed Black consciousness, is the main product of White-Black social power relations, motivated by anxiety and ignorance, founded on the denial and distortion of reality. [MORE]  Such a group mind makes it impossible for Blacks to become Endependent and/or have a unified group consciousness necessary to successfully build effective and independent Black organizations, businesses & political movements. To exist in a particular society you need a particular mind. [MORE] Elite racists have programmed Blacks to be obedient, citizen-subjects characterized by double-consciousness  - this ruled mind must be dropped.  

NYPD propaganda.jpg

Above, Keepin your oppression the realest with Spike Lee. 

Elites racists probably would not be able to maintain the falsified afrikan consciousness without the assistance of coin-operated SNAGs like Spike Lee. Here, he has worked as a paid consultant for the NYPD to create propaganda to deceive Black people. According to FUNKTIONARY, propaganda is 'a psychological technique and means by which the lawless confound the lawful. It is to be used as subversion, which is the undermining or detachment of the loyalties of significant social groups and their transference to the symbols and institutions of the aggressor-oppressor. "It is a political necessity to destroy the African consciousness of colonialized Africans or African people." -Dr. Amos N. Wilson." [MORE]

Naturally, as Alex Vitale observes, "everyone wants to live in safe communities -  but when individuals and communities look to the police to solve their problems they are in essence mobilizing the machinery of their own oppression." In the above video entitled, "familiarity," Lee sells the idea that 'cops are not here to harm you but to protect you.' The commercial features two young Black men [who were the targeted demographic for the ads] voicing their perceptions of cops in a Government sponsored ad - that is, voicing their concerns and desires to a representative Government that is taking their input into account as a way of participating in a democracy, where none exists [another con game]. Thus Lee is pandering a false image of legitimacy to the NYPD, promoting the false concept of authority and hiding the reality of a corporate police state. 


To assist in the creation of such manipulation makes him a traitor and a SNAG -  he is the opposite of Kaepernick - he stands with his lawless oppressors who would choke his little ass to death in broad daylight in front of cameras & witnesses Eric Garner style and get away with it because that is the way "it" works - "authority" said so. Cops exist primarily to manage the behavior of Blacks & Latinos within a free-range prison controlled by Government. Their goal is to place you in greater confinement.  As Dr. Blynd observes, "people who are awake see cops as mercenary guards that remind us daily through acts of force, that we are simultaneously both enemies and slaves of the Corporate State - colonized, surveilled and patrolled by the desensitized and lobotomized drones of the colonizers." Their authority is not legitimate because none is - it is a main source of your oppression. It is rule through your coerced participation and nothing more. Any protection from cops is incidental and random - making us safe is not their goal.

[To be clear here, as defined in FUNKTIONARY, "corporate state" refers to "an asexual, amoral, fictionalized group-entity "created" and operated by thieves (territorial gangsters) who endeavor via illusion and coercion to enforce slavery in the guise of "civilization," form over reality, and law over humanity. "Corporate Police State" refers "to the enforcer of the commodification of life within the Spectacle Surveillance Society. Anyone who thinks that he or she is immune to the baseless destruction of his or her life (including immediate family members) by a "government" or corporation does live in a happy menagerie—enjoy your illusions." [MORE]] 

And cops do not serve Black & Latino people. 'To expect the master to serve the slave and to expect power to be used solely for the benefit of the one being controlled, not the one in control - is ridiculous.'

Larken Rose explains, "In the United States there is a ruling class and a subject class, and the differences between them are many and obvious. One group commands, the other obeys. One group demands huge sums of money, the other group pays. One group tells the other group where they can live, where they can work, what they can eat, what they can drink, what they can drive, who they can work for, what work they can do, and so on. One group takes and spends trillions of dollars of what the other group earns. One group consists entirely of economic parasites, while the efforts of the other group produce all the wealth." In the context of the system of racism/white supremacy Blacks and Latinos would therefore be in the powerless class, a sub-group within the "subject class" or in the basement of power. 

In this system, it is patently obvious who commands and who obeys. [Black] people are not the “government,” by any stretch of the imagination, and it requires profound denial to believe otherwise. Nevertheless, propaganda and "predictive programming" have achieved such a result and maintain such beliefs in the falsified consciousness of oppressed Black people. Such a consciousness filled with stupid beliefs is the only thing that holds the system of racism/white supremacy together. Without such false programming, elite racists would be forced to rule through brute force or yield. SNAG's like Spike Lee help to make this racist projection or false reality possible. 

“Blame on Both Sides" in Relations Between Master & Willing Slave: Trump Needs Servant-Believers & Massa'bator Omarosa Wanted to Be Dominated & Be Necessary to His Domination

white supremacy chart 2.jpg

Bhagwan explains;


And not only does he live in confusion, he also goes on spreading confusion in others. Out of confusion only confusion is born.

So if you are confused, please remember - don't help anybody, because your help is going to be poisonous. If you are confused don't be occupied with others, because you are simply creating trouble, your disease will become infectious. Don't give advice to anyone, and if you have a little clarity of thought, don't take advice from someone who is confused. Remain alert, because confused people always like to give advice. And they give it free of charge, they give it very generously!

Remain alert! Out of confusion only confusion is born.


If you dominate men, you live in confusion; if you allow others to dominate you, you will live in sorrow, because a slave cannot be blissful.




You should not try to influence anybody, and you should be alert that you are not influenced by others. The ego can do both but it cannot remain in the middle. The ego can try to influence, then it feels good, dominating, but remember that the ego also feels good being dominated. The masters feel good because so many slaves are dominated, and the slaves also feel good being dominated.

There are two types of mind in the world: the mind of those who dominate - the male mind, and the mind of those who like to be dominated - the female mind. By female I don't mean women, or by male, men. There are women who have masculine minds and there are men who have feminine minds. They are not always the same.

These are the two types of mind: one which likes to dominate and one which likes to be dominated. In both ways ego is fulfilled because whether you dominate or are dominated YOU are important. If someone dominates you, then too you are important, because his domination depends on you. Without you, where will he be? Without you, where will his kingdom be, his domination, his possession? Without you, he will be nobody.

Ego is fulfilled at both the extremes, only in the middle does ego die. Don't be dominated and don't try to dominate.

Just think what will happen to you. You are not important in any way, not significant in any way, neither as a master nor as a slave. Masters cannot live without slaves and slaves cannot live without masters - they need each other, they are complementary. Just like men and women, they are complementary. The other is required for their fulfillment.

Don't be either. Then who are you? Suddenly you disappear because then you are not significant at all, nobody depends on you, you are not needed.

There is a great need to be needed. Remember, you feel good whenever you are needed. Sometimes, even if it brings misery to you, even then you love to be needed.

A crippled child is confined to bed and its mother is constantly worried about what to do: I have to serve this child and my whole life is being wasted. But still, if this child dies, the mother will feel lost, because at least this child needs her so totally that she has become important.

If there is nobody who needs you, who are you? You create the need to be needed. Even slaves are needed. [MORE]

Fed Court says the 1st Amendment Protects the "Right" to Photograph Police in Public [this "Write" Exists in Courtrooms, but Who Will Protect its Use on the Street?]

camera 2.jpg

YOUR WRITES ARE JUST WORDS ON PAPER. Laws protect no one. Their existence depends upon your belief in them. Lawless cops so frequently abuse their power that no one—no Black or Latino motorist, no juvenile, no adult, no professional of any kind—could make a compelling argument that constitutional rights afford any real protection from the state. Believe in them at your own risk.

From [HERE] A panel for the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit [judicial website] on Tuesday vacated [opinion, PDF] a lower court’s decision dismissing a suit against the Department of Homeland Security [official website] for confiscating photos of law enforcement officials at the border.

The photos were taken by activist Christian Ramirez in 2010 on a pedestrian bridge near the US-Mexican border. Ramirez observed a Customs and Border Protection official patting down only women who were crossing the border and became concerned. He took “approximately ten photos” on his cellphone. Several officers surrounded Ramirez, took his phone, and deleted the photographs.

The opinion stated, “the First Amendment protected the right to photograph and record matters of public interest, and whether a place was ‘public’ depended on the nature of the location.” The burden of proving that confiscating the photographs were the “least restrictive means” rests with the government.

The lower court had ruled that deleting the photos was “that least restrictive means of serving the compelling interest of protecting the United States’s territorial sovereignty” while applying strict scrutiny.


The court stated;

“Public streets and sidewalks” are “the archetype of a traditional public forum.” Comite de Jornaleros de Redondo Beach v. City of Redondo Beach, 657 F.3d 936, 945 (9th Cir. 2011) (quoting Snyder v. Phelps, 562 U.S. 443, 456 (2011)); accord United States v. Grace, 461 U.S. 171, 177 (1983) (noting that “‘public places’ historically associated with the free exercise of expressive activities, such as streets, sidewalks, and parks, are considered, without more, to be ‘public forums’”); ACLU of Nev., 333 F.3d at 1101 (“[W]hen a property is used for open public access or as a public thoroughfare, we need not expressly consider the compatibility of expressive activity because these uses are inherently compatible with such activity.”).

According to Dr. Blynd:

rights - fantasmatic or fictitious objects having no reality in actuality by those imagining as an identity being in possession of them. Rights are cultural gratuities perceived through various fantasy frames, recognized, and sometimes even created, by man's system of law to provide a modicum or pretense of civility under a system whereby their very undermining and violation is vouchsafed. Rights are merely rites unless you know how to assert and defend them in order to enjoy them. 2) things people are free to do whether they are able to or not. 3) conditions of existence required by hue-man's nature for their potential survival (primarily against the cartoon that kills, i.e., the wholly unconscionable entity called the "State"). It is a mistaken notion that rights are enjoyed by one at the expense of the many—that is the realm of privilege. Enjoyment of rights in a neo-imperialistic world controlled by Yurugu through the Greater System (Symbolic Order), paradoxically, entails not only a recognition of their inevitability but, equally, their impossibility. How can we be endowed with rights, or even know what rights are when they are based on binary considerations? Rights, as ontological ephemera, cannot be universally observed, recognized, realized or, enforced—and paradoxically, act also as its own eternal source for its assertion and vessel for its fulfillment in our imaginary enjoyment of them. While the law reads rights referentially, what is universally needed in the praxis of rights discourse today is a particular re-inscription, demystification or reontologising of rights (revivified and convivial) by the pan-gendered subject-citizen-decoder—taken symptomatically rather than seriously. Most people rarely experience the cognizance of being property of corporate fictions because as long as you don't violate the rules of society your real status as feudal-property-slave is no: involved or revealed. If there is no 'I,' to what and to whom do rights as objects accrue? Those who are confused by suffering (and the subject of same) require a re-onotoligisation of rights through the trajectory of meaning independent of their existence. Rights and even 'lefts' (i.e., what remains after all of our imaginary rights are traced to their inception as figment) for that matter, like good and evil, are human inventions which humans treat as non-human realities. While fantasy frames invent rights, romanticism reinvents them. Enjoy your symptoms and play with your syndrome—the symptom is the solution. Read carefulh the holding in the supreme Court case of U.S. v. Babcock. Rights are myths—obedience to servitude or jail is the reality. (See: Abilities, Bill of Rights, Monoright, Servitude, Fantasy, Jurisdiction, Human Resources, Citizenship, Frankenstein, Autonomy. Rule of Law, Surrogate Power, Indigenous Power, Yurugu, Jouissance, Privilege, Disobedience, Duty & Willpower)

White DA Needs More Time to Determine whether White Cop Used Excessive Force when He Strangled Black Teen Outside Waffle Shop: Cop Came to the Aid of White Workers who Dialed 911

What is White Collective Power? When white police officers strangle and assault a Black teenager with intent to do serious bodily harm at the behest of white workers who called him a "fagg*t" and then their fellow officers, the police chief, internal affairs, the union, jurors, district attorney and the white media support, defend, and finance the officers “right” to do so. [MORE

DA Ernie Lee.jpg

NEED A CONTINUANCE. From [HERE] and [HERE] The controversial case of a Black man arrested by a large white cop outside an Eastern Carolina Waffle House has been continued for the second time.

Anthony Wall will not appear Thursday in a Kenansville courtroom after Warsaw police say he got into an argument with restaurant employees and one of their officers arrested him outside. [white judge?]

Officer Frank Moss arrested Wall on May 5th. A video of the arrest shows Moss putting his hand on Wall's throat and putting him on the ground. That video quickly circulated on social media with many people calling it use of excessive force.

Wall, according to his attorneys, had complained to staff at the Waffle House after he and his sister sat down at an empty table that had not been cleared. The two came to the restaurant after Wall had accompanied his younger sister to her high school prom.

The attorneys say employees spoke to the two "in a derogatory manner, using homophobic slurs directed at Wall, and eventually summoning the police."

The State Bureau of Investigation launched an investigation whether the level of force by Officer Moss used was appropriate. That investigation was turned over to the district attorney late Tuesday afternoon.

District Attorney Ernie Lee says because he is still reviewing that lengthy report, Wall's court date on misdemeanor disorderly conduct and resisting a public officer charges will be moved to October 11th.

Wall's original court date was delayed because the SBI had not completed their investigation into the case.

The investigation into whether an Eastern Carolina police officer used excessive force outside a Waffle House is now in the hands of the district attorney.

Warsaw police officer Frank Moss arrested Anthony Wall on May 5th outside the restaurant after he got into an argument with employees. A video of the arrest shows Moss putting his hand on Wall's throat, strangling him and slamming him on the ground next to the curb. As he is gripping his neck to choke him, the white cop appears to lift him off his feet momentarily. That video quickly circulated on social media with many people calling it use of excessive force.

Wall, according to his attorneys, had complained to staff at the Waffle House after he and his sister sat down at an empty table that had not been cleared. The two came to the restaurant after Wall had accompanied his younger sister to her high school prom.

The attorneys say employees spoke to the two "in a derogatory manner, using homophobic slurs directed at Wall, and eventually summoning the police."



The State Bureau of Investigation launched an investigation whether the level of force by Officer Moss used was appropriate.

District Attorney Ernie Lee, racist suspect in photo, told WITN that he was given a copy of that completed investigation just before 5:00 p.m. today.

The 22-year-old Wall is scheduled to appear Thursday on charges of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and resisting a public officer.

The district attorney says he is just beginning to review the SBI report and will determine tomorrow whether the Sampson County man's case will happen on Thursday.

After the video surfaced, multiple groups asked for the police officer, who was placed on administrative leave, to be fired as well as a boycott of Waffle House.

Lee says the report is lengthy and "will make and announce any decisions after thoroughly reviewing the evidence and consulting with the SBI."

Class Action Lawsuit Accuses CoreCivic of Exploiting Non-White Immigrant Detainee Labor at ICE Family Destruction Centers [Prisons]


From [HERE] A federal class-action suit filed on April 17, 2018 in the Middle District of Georgia accuses private prison behemoth CoreCivic – formerly Corrections Corporation of America – of exploiting immigrant detainees who perform work in the company’s ICE detention facilities, specifically at the Stewart Detention Center in central Georgia.

The complaint alleges violations of state and federal labor laws. According to one of the attorneys representing the proposed class, Azadeh Shahshahani, legal director for Project South, “CoreCivic is exploiting the labor of detained immigrants to enrich itself. It must be stopped.”

CoreCivic, the largest private prison operator in the U.S., has been the target of numerous lawsuits in states where it maintains detention facilities for inadequate medical treatment and employee misconduct, and has been fined millions of dollars by various government agencies for contract violations. Prison Legal News has extensively covered these various scandals, which include the common threads of cutting corners and exploiting prisoners in order to increase profits.

Although legal precedent does not uniformly restrict corrections officials from compelling healthy prisoners to work, the complaint notes that the legal status of detained immigrants is different: “Immigration violations are civil violations, and immigration detention is civil in nature. Many detained immigrants have no criminal history at all. Notwithstanding immigration detention’s civil nature and purpose, detained immigrants are subjected to prison-like conditions at Stewart.”

Further, according to the lawsuit, “CoreCivic’s economic windfall, and the profitability of its immigration detention enterprise, arises from its corporate scheme, plan, and pattern of systemically withholding basic necessities from detained immigrants to ensure a readily available, captive labor force that cleans, maintains, and operates its facilities for subminimum wages under threat of solitary confinement, criminal prosecution, and other sanctions.

“CoreCivic’s deprivation scheme,” the complaint continues, “ensures that the individuals detained in Stewart provide the billion-dollar corporation with a ready supply of available labor needed to operate the facility. Detained immigrants mop, sweep, and wax floors; scrub toilets and showers; wash dishes; do laundry; clean medical facilities; and cook and prepare food and beverages daily for the nearly 2,000 individuals locked inside Stewart. For this labor, CoreCivic pays detained immigrants between $1 and $4 per day and occasionally slightly more for double shifts. When CoreCivic needs ‘volunteers’ to work double shifts in the kitchen or to work more than five days per week, as it often does to run Stewart, it employs a policy of threatening detained immigrants until they comply. Under no circumstances does CoreCivic pay the detained immigrant workers anything close to the federal minimum wage.”

The lawsuit was filed by three plaintiffs, Wilhen Hill Barrientos, Margarito Velazquez Galicia and Shoahib Ahmed. They noted that detainees were willing to work for the low pay because they needed money to purchase hygiene items and make phone calls. Previously, an Inspector General report found that CoreCivic staff at Stewart did not give detainees soap or toothpaste, or even toilet paper, “promptly or at all when detainees ran out of them.” Instead, they had to purchase such items from the facility’s commissary. The meager wages also were needed to pay for phone calls.

“If I didn’t work, I would never be able to call my family,” said Barrientos, who has been held in detention for almost three years while seeking asylum.

Detainees who refuse to perform “voluntary” work assignments remain in dorm housing units instead of two-person cells that are private and safer.

“The lights in these dorms are on all day and night, requiring some detained immigrants to fold socks over their eyes in order to sleep,” the complaint states. “There is one bathroom in these dorms with three to four toilets, three to four urinals, and four sinks. This shared bathroom is often filthy, to the extent that the pod residents at times have to plug or cover their noses to avoid the overwhelming and festering stench. The showers in the open dormitories do not have temperature control and provide only extremely hot water. The open dormitories are also the site of frequent conflict and even violence. Indeed, the detained immigrants refer to open dormitories as ‘El Gallinero,’ or ‘the Chicken Coop,’ for both the conditions and overcrowded living quarters.”

According to Meredith Stewart, a senior staff attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center, “CoreCivic is placing profits above people by forcing detained immigrants to perform manual labor for next to nothing, saving millions of dollars that would otherwise provide jobs and stimulate the local economy. CoreCivic is padding its pockets by violating anti-trafficking laws.”

In response, CoreCivic spokesman Jonathan Burns countered that its ICE detention center work programs are voluntary and operate “in full compliance with ICE standards,” adding, “We have worked in close partnership with ICE for more than 30 years and will continue to provide a safe and humane environment to those entrusted to our care.”

In addition to the Southern Poverty Law Center and Project South, the plaintiffs in the class-action suit are represented by the law firm of Burns Charest LLP and Nashville, Tennessee attorney Andrew Free. See: Barrientos v. CoreCivic, Inc., U.S.D.C. (M.D. Ga.), Case No. 4:18-cv-00070-CDL.

Similar lawsuits have been filed against CoreCivic competitor GEO Group, accusing that company of exploiting immigrant detainees by paying them $1.00 per day for their labor in order to increase its profit margin, too. [See: PLN, June 2018, p.38]. 

Secret Report Reveals Israeli Soldiers Operating an Armed Drone Pursued & Murdered Four Boys Playing on Gaza Beach in 2014

murder on gaza beach.jpg

From [INTERCEPT] A confidential report by Israeli military police investigators seen by The Intercept explains how a tragic series of "mistakes" by air force, naval, and intelligence officers led to an airstrike in which four Palestinian boys playing on a beach in Gaza in 2014 were killed by missiles launched from an armed drone.

Testimony from the officers involved in the attack, which has been concealed from the public until now, confirms for the first time that the children — four cousins ages 10 and 11 — were pursued and killed by drone operators who somehow mistook them, in broad daylight, for Hamas militants.

The testimony raises new questions about whether the attack, which unfolded in front of dozens of journalists and triggered global outrage, was carried out with reckless disregard for civilian life and without proper authorization. After killing the first boy, the drone operators told investigators, they had sought clarification from their superiors as to how far along the beach, used by civilians, they could pursue the fleeing survivors. Less than a minute later, as the boys ran for their lives, the drone operators decided to launch a second missile, killing three more children, despite never getting an answer to their question.

Suhad Bishara, a lawyer representing the families of the victims, told The Intercept that Israel’s use of armed drones to kill Palestinians poses “many questions concerning human judgment, ethics, and compliance with international humanitarian law.”

Remotely piloted bombers “alter the process of human decision-making,” Bishara said, and the use of the technology in the 2014 beach attack “expands the circle of people responsible for the actual killing of the Bakr children.”

Just hours before the attack, on the morning of July 16, 2014, the public relations unit of the Israel Defense Forces had been promoting the idea that the live video feeds provided by drones enabled its air force to avoid killing Palestinian civilians.

The PR unit released operational footage, apparently taken from the screens of Israeli drone operators, which documented how three Israeli airstrikes had been called off that week because figures, identified as civilians, had appeared close to targets in the densely populated Gaza Strip.

Those images were released one week into Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, a 50-day offensive against Hamas militants in Gaza in which Israel would eventually kill 1,391 civilians, including 526 children.

Later that same day, at about 3:30 p.m., an Israeli Hermes 450 surveillance drone hovering over a beach in Gaza City transmitted images of eight figures clambering from the strand onto a jetty.

A small shipping container on the jetty had been destroyed by an Israeli missile the day before, based on intelligence indicating that it might have been used by Hamas naval commandos to store weapons. Some analysts have questioned that intelligence, however, since there were no secondary explosions after the structure was hit and journalists staying in nearby hotels reported that no militants had been seen around the jetty that week.

The Israeli military police report reviewed by The Intercept documents what happened next. After one of the figures on the jetty entered the container that had been destroyed the previous day, an Israeli air force commander at the Palmachim air base, south of Tel Aviv, ordered the operators of a second drone, which was armed, to fire a missile at the container.

As my colleagues Cora Currier and Henrik Moltke reported in 2016, although the Israeli government maintains an official stance of secrecy around its use of drones to carry out airstrikes, hacked Israeli surveillance images provided to The Intercept by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden showed an Israeli drone armed with missiles in 2010.

Speaking privately to a visiting American diplomat after Israel’s 2009 offensive in Gaza, Avichai Mandelblit, who was the country’s chief military prosecutor at the time and now serves as its attorney general, acknowledged that two missiles that injured civilians in a mosque had been fired from an unmanned aerial vehicle, according to a leaked State Department cable.

One reason that Israel might decline to acknowledge that its drones have been used to kill Palestinian children is that such information could complicate sales of its drones to foreign governments. In June, the state-owned company Israel Aerospace Industries signed a $600 million deal to lease Heron drones to Germany’s defense ministry. That deal was initially delayed by concerns from German politicians that the drones, to be used for surveillance, could also be armed. The same state-owned company has also sold drones to Turkey, a strongly pro-Palestinian nation, which has nonetheless used the Israeli technology to bomb Kurds in Iraq.

The Israeli military police report on the 2014 strike seen by The Intercept offers the most direct evidence to date that Israel has used armed drones to launch attacks in Gaza. Testimony from the drone operators, commanders, and intelligence officers who took part in the attack confirms that they used an armed drone to fire the missile that slammed into the jetty, killing the person who had entered the container, and also to launch a second strike, which killed three of the survivors as they fled across the beach.

According to the testimony of one naval officer involved in the strikes, the mission was initially considered “a great success,” because the strike team believed, wrongly, that they had killed four Hamas militants preparing to launch an attack on Israeli forces.

Within minutes of the two strikes, however, a group of international journalists who had witnessed the attack from nearby hotels reported that the victims torn apart by the missiles were not adult militants but four small boys, cousins who were 10 and 11 years old. Another four boys from the same family survived the attack, but were left with shrapnel wounds and deep emotional scars.

Harrowing images of the children running desperately across the beach after the first missile had killed their cousin were quickly shared by a Palestinian photographer, an Al Jazeera reporter and a camera crew from French television.

A brutal image of the immediate aftermath captured by Tyler Hicks of the New York Times, one of the journalists who witnessed the attack, made the killing of the four boys, all of them sons of Gaza fishermen from the Bakr family, reverberate worldwide [above].

The French TV correspondent Liseron Boudoul, whose report that day included distressing video of the boys running along the beach before the second strike, noted that she and other witnesses to the attack were unclear where, exactly, the missiles had come from — although initial speculation centered on Israeli naval vessels seen just offshore. [MORE]

While We Were Distracted, Dummy Trump Signed a $717 Billion War Budget to Enrich Crimeth Inc, in Our Name with Our Money

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Dr. Blynd explains, the "War on Terrorism" is a never-ending fount of profitable corruption for the sociopathic, ruthless, and murderous, and the well-connected global inter-generational white supremacist ruling class crime family syndicates. [MORE

From [HERE] President Donald Trump signed a $717 billion military spending bill on August 14. What made headlines was not the size of the bill or what is in the bill. Rather, most were upset that Trump did not thank Senator John McCain, whose name was put on the bill by his colleagues in Congress to honor him.

On CNN, Jake Tapper, host of “The Lead,”  said Trump thanked “a laundry list of people before officially signing the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act. One person who wasn’t on that list of people that he thanked? Outspoken Trump critic and the namesake of the bill, Senator John McCain. You know, the decorated war hero, who was a prisoner of war, continues to serve as a United States senator, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.”

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“The bill the president signed is called the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act. No mention of him by the president today,” Tapper added. “Since President Trump would not do it, let us here on ‘The Lead’ congratulate Senator John McCain and his family and thank him for his service to the country.”

Tapper’s performance was a reminder of how the United States establishment press is indifferent to the ballooning of the military industrial-complex that occurs each year.

Many liberals were also outraged. Again, they were not upset that the war-making budget of the U.S. is expanding by hundreds of millions of dollars. For example, Steve Benen at wrote, “It would have cost Trump nothing to say a few kind words about the ailing senator, and it might have gained him quite a bit.”

“Had the president recognized McCain’s service and sacrifices, many observers would’ve taken note of Trump’s willingness to take the high road,” Benen added.

But what is in the $717 billion military spending bill that Trump signed? What military contractors benefit from this legislation that only 10 senators and 66 representatives voted against?

The bill authorizes $921 million for military construction in “overseas contingency operations,” which is the Pentagon’s euphemism for empire-building or war-making in countries and regions around the world.

That figure is a 23 percent increase from the $748 million in the military spending bill for fiscal year 2018.

As Ryan Alexander of Taxpayers for Common Sense wrote in 2017, this continues a practice President Barack Obama’s administration employed, where projects are moved “off budget” and do not count toward Budget Control Act caps. However, the military projects this slush fund pays for still add considerably to the country’s trillions of dollars in debt.

Sixty-nine million dollars is appropriated for a high value detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, which is a part of Trump’s agenda to not close the prison camps and continue to use facilities to hold detainees.

It extends the Pentagon’s authority to train and equip Syrian opposition groups with arms, which has fueled war in Syria.

Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard, who voted against the bill, opposed a section of the bill that gives Defense Secretary James Mattis the authority to draft a strategy to “counter the destabilizing activities of Iran.” She contended it authorized the U.S. military to go to war.

“The provision does not define what destabilizing activities they want our troops and taxpayer dollars to counter. It does not define a clear objective or end-state for our troops to achieve,” Gabbard stated. “In addition, this provision shuts the American people out from this decision entirely by circumventing Congress’s constitutional responsibility to declare war and giving unilateral power and unending authorization to ‘counter Iran’ to this and future administrationswithout defining in any way, shape, or form what the objective really is.”

Both Independent Senator Bernie Sanders and Republican Senator Mike Lee voted against the bill. They’ve demanded Mattis disclose the scope of U.S. military involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen.

Remarkably, Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein voted against the military spending bill because of provisions that remove “congressional oversight for building future nuclear weapons.”

“I don’t believe any president needs more nuclear weapons, but I’m particularly troubled by this administration’s statements that it would consider using low-yield weapons to fight so-called ‘limited’ nuclear wars,” Feinstein declared. “Building nuclear weapons for a role beyond deterrence is incredibly reckless. There is no such thing as a ‘limited’ nuclear war. Once a nuclear weapon is used, it’s game over.”

Trump will have funds available in fiscal year 2019 for a military parade. It also accelerates the Pentagon’s militarization of space by establishing a structure under Strategic Command for a force for “space warfighting.”

According to the Republican Policy Committee’s summary, the bill appropriates $360 million for Stryker A1 combat vehicles—an increase of $338.1 million. General Dynamics, which was recently awarded a $258 million “contract modification” by the Pentagon to upgrade 116 Stryker flat-bottom vehicles to the Stryker A1 configuration,” will benefit.

It grants “multiyear procurement authorities” for the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet aircraft (Boeing), Lockheed Martin C130 Super Hercules aircraft, and Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkeye aircraft.

Congress appropriated $1.8 billion for the Boeing Super Hornet and $903 million for the Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkeye.

It earmarks $1.13 billion for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.

As the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) reported, “The F-35 has now entered an unprecedented seventeenth year of continuing redesign, test deficiencies, fixes, schedule slippages, and cost overruns. And it’s still not at the finish line.”

“Numerous missteps along the way—from the fact that the two competing contractors, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, submitted ‘flyoff’ planes that were crude and undeveloped ‘technology demonstrators’ rather than following the better practice of submitting fully functional prototypes, to concurrent acquisition malpractice that has prevented design flaws from being discovered until after production models were built—have led to where we are now,” POGO added.

Another billion will further enable the Pentagon to hide cost overruns and conceal developmental issues.

Bloomberg reported in February that Trump would seek 24 Boeing Super Hornets, which reversed a decision by President Barack Obama’s administration to no longer purchase the fighter from Boeing. The Navy is trying to make up for the fact that the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighters are not yet ready for deployment.

The Navy plans to procure a total of 75 E-2 Hawkeye aircraft from Northrop Grumman, and 45 were already manufactured. The remaining aircraft will feature “aerial refueling capability.”

The bill appropriates $452 million for Boeing’s Apache Block III helicopters, and more than a billion for Lockheed Martin’s UH-60 Blackhawk M Model helicopters. It also earmarks over a billion for the Pentagon’s M1 Abrams Tanks upgrade program, which will benefit General Dynamics.

General Dynamics already was granted a contract from the Army to upgrade 100 Abrams “main battle tanks.” In January 2018, it was reported that the military contractor was not only upgrading the tanks for the U.S. but also Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

When it comes to drones, the military spending bill appropriates $60 million for the Army’s Gray Eagle system, which benefits General Atomics and Raytheon.

Remarkably, the bill increases the funds for General Atomics’ MQ1 Predator drones from $87 million to more than $100 million. The initial request was for $43 million, but during conference, that number was raised over 100 percent to $103,326,000.

According to, as of August 13, Boeing donated $2.9 million in 2018 to candidates, party committees, other political action committees, or outside spending groups. They ranked 62 out of 16,585 companies or organizations whose PACs or employees and their families that made contributions. The corporation spent $7.5 million on lobbying in 2018 and $16.7 million on lobbying in 2017, ranking tenth out of 3,846 companies or organizations. It donated over $2 million to incumbent senators and representatives.

General Atomics donated $941,000 in 2018. They ranked 273. The corporation spent $2.7 million on lobbying in 2018 and $4.7 million on lobbying in 2017, ranking 94th in 2018. The corporation gave over a half million to incumbents.

General Dynamics donated $2.4 million in 2018. They ranked 84. The corporation spent $5.9 million on lobbying in 2018 and $11.46 million in 2017, ranking twenty-sixth. The corporation gave over $1.4 million to incumbents.

Lockheed Martin donated $3.4 million in 2018. They ranked 44. The corporation spent $6.8 million on lobbying in 2018, and $14.4 million in 2017, ranking sixteenth. The corporation gave over $2.3 million to incumbents.

Raytheon donated $2.2 million in 2018. They ranked 97. The corporation spent $2 million on lobbying in 2018 and $5 million in 2017, ranking eighty-fourth out of 3,645. The corporation donated over $1.2 million to incumbents.

Donations to incumbents are significant because defense corporations have a significant interest in maintaining the status quo. They want representatives and senators who have proven themselves to be dependable in delivering massive appropriations bills for what they manufacture, and they depend on the U.S. government to help them meet their shareholders’ expectations for growth.

Very few senators made statements critical of the military spending bill in its entirety, but Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, who voted against the bill, called attention to how it will benefit the military industrial-complex.

“After Republicans in Congress spent almost $2 trillion in tax breaks that are overwhelmingly skewed to multinational corporations, they’re now pushing through legislation that green-lights billions more for open-ended military commitments,” Wyden stated.

Wyden was also concerned about the provisions for nuclear weapons. He also indicated he could not support a $700 billion bill without having an opportunity to vote for amendments “related to nuclear weapons, sexual assault in the military, presidential war powers, cybersecurity, and Buy America for important national security industries, among others.”

Much is made about how many trillions a program like Medicare For All would cost taxpayers. Everyone is always concerned about social welfare programs, including increasingly popular plans for free college tuition, and how much that would impact the country’s budget.

The best way to build support for these policy changes that would be important to millions of Americans is to emphasize how the country always has trillions for wars (as well as trillions for tax cuts and bailouts for corporations). But there never seems to be many who are concerned about how military spending continues to balloon.

'Can't Guarantee He Doesn't Refer to Blacks as “Niggers" but Everybody on the Plantation is Working So . . . ': Blight House says it’s Impossible for Trump to be Racist if Lots of Blacks Have McJobs

WEALTH IS HEALTH. White House officials found themselves on the receiving end of much criticism Tuesday when press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pointed to low black unemployment numbers while defending Trump against accusations of racism recently made by former White House step-and-fetchit coordinator Omarosa Manigault Newman.

One thing that the White House, Fox News and other Trump believers appear to be missing is that in crediting Trump for low black unemployment numbers, they regularly fail to acknowledge that the decline in black unemployment actually began during the Obama administration. And the president and his staff also have yet to share what he has done specifically to continue that decline and to address the nuances of these numbers. [MORE]

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5 Decades Past the Era of Legal Segregation Black Unemployment Remains Double the Rate for WhitesBy demographic group, the unemployment rate for blacks dropped to 6.6 percent, a new low. Nevertheless, the unemployment level for black Americans would qualify as a near crisis for whites. And the relative gains have not erased disparities in opportunity and pay. [MORE

McJob = Slavery by Another Name. According to Dr. Blynd, a McJob is a "low pay," low prestige, low benefit, no benefit, no future job in the feudal looks-like-it-could-be food chain service (servitude) sector of the New God Economy. (See: Ploiter & Eyeservant). [MORE]. 

Wage growth actually appears to be decelerating, in spite of the low unemployment rate.

In reality,  workers in America are struggling. Many are out of work, and for many more paid workers, wages have remained stagnant as income inequality has widened. There has also been an erosion in the quality of work, especially with regard to autonomy, voice, status, and security. [MORE

Despite the strong labor market, wage growth has lagged economists’ expectations. In fact, despite some ups and downs over the past several decades, today’s real average wage (that is, the wage after accounting for inflation) has about the same purchasing power it did 40 years ago. And what wage gains there have been have mostly flowed to the highest-paid tier of workers. The disconnect between the job market and workers’ paychecks has fueled much of the recent activism in states and cities around raising minimum wages, and it also has become a factor in at least some of this year’s congressional campaigns. [MORE]


Blacks Function as Servant/Consumers in White over Black System. In 2015, the black homeownership rate was virtually unchanged since 1968. The homeownership rate among white Americans is about 64 percent.

Put another way, black homeownership is as low as it was when housing discrimination was legal. [MORE]


The Racial Wealth Divide is Accelerating. African American and Latino Families Won’t Match White Wealth for Centuries, we showed that it if current trends continue, it will take 228 years for the average Black family to reach the level of wealth White families own today. For the average Latino family, matching the wealth of White families will take 84 years. Without a serious change in course, the country is heading towards a racial and economic apartheid state. By 2020 Whites will own 86x more wealth than Blacks [MORE] and [MORE]

The overall distribution of wealth is troubling. So is the racial wealth distribution. The median white family has a net worth of $134k. The median hispanic family has a net worth of $14k. The median black family has a net worth of $11k.

Whites hold an extremely disproportionate amount of the national wealth. Whites are also the largest racial group. Consequently, whites own almost all of the wealth in the nation.

White families hold 90% of the national wealth. Hispanic families hold 2.3% of the national wealth. Black families hold 2.6% of the national wealth. The remaining 5.1% of the national wealth is held by others (natives, Asians, Pacific Islanders, multi-racials, etc.). With few exceptions, whites own America. [MORE] and [MORE]

The income gap between black and white working-class Americans, like the gap between black and white Americans at every income level, remains every bit as extreme as it was five decades ago. (This is also true of the income gap between Hispanic and white Americans.)

In 2015 — the most recent year for which data are available — black households at the 20th and 40th percentiles of household income earned an average of 55 percent as much as white households at those same percentiles. This is exactly the same figure as in 1967.

Indeed, five decades of household income data reveal a yawning and uncannily consistent income gap between black and white Americans across the economic spectrum. Fifty years ago, black upper-class Americans had incomes about two-thirds those of white upper-class Americans, while the black middle class — those in the 60th percentile — earned about two-thirds as much as its white counterpart. Those ratios remain the same today.

The median white household has about 13 times the wealth of the median black household — and much of that wealth is transferred between generations. This remarkable gap helps perpetuate the consequences of centuries of social and economic injustice. [MORE]

The racial wealth gap is large and shows no signs of closing. Recent data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation shows that black households hold less than seven cents on the dollar compared to white households. [MORE]

The statistics are stark: black households constitute nearly 13 percent of the country’s population but hold less than three percent of the nation’s total wealth. According to the Federal Reserve Board’s 2016 Survey of Consumer Finances, black households hold less than seven cents on the dollar compared with white households. As the Duke researchers find, white households living near the poverty line generally hold about $18,000 in wealth, while black households living under similar conditions hold a median wealth near zero.

The data reveals that even when blacks and whites are on equal footing when it comes to educational attainment, salary history or home ownership, black families still lag significantly behind. In comparing families with the same level of higher education (bachelor’s degree or postgraduate degree), for example, white families remain more than three times as wealthy as black.

Even starker is data that shows that black households with a head with a college degree are more “wealth-poor” than white households with heads who never got a high-school diploma — a dilemma related not to investment in education, according to Federal Reserve researchers, but “resource availability” and different household composition between white and black households.

The major sources of wealth for most of the country’s super-rich are inheritances and in-life transfers, according to William “Sandy” Darity Jr, one of the Duke researchers and a Duke University Professor of Public Policy, African and African-American Studies. Darity contends that the relentless disadvantages of post-slavery life for African Americans — violence, Jim Crow laws, “redlining” and discrimination — have kept generations of African Americans from accruing the type of wealth that whites in the top one percent have today. [MORE]


As defined in FUNKTIONARY

wage $lave - on the hour, by the hour. "Sell your time to buy the time that other people sold." Way down deep in the marrow of my bone, this much I have known - I am unable to to obey (or conform to) someone who views my time as their own.

Slavery - psychologically or physically subjugated to another where one"s thoughts or one's labor is not his or her own. 2) mental and/or physical captivity—living someone else's reality consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly. 3) a system wherein someone is forced to work without pay, being economically exploited, and unable to walk away. 4) that which separates thought from action. Slavery is an economic system, not a social system. Slavery  wasn't ended—-but extended, i.e., slavery is not dead—but in the head—of all men it lingers. Forced labor, also known as involuntary servitude, may result when unscrupulous employers exploit workers made more vulnerable by high rates of unemployment, poverty, racism, crime. discrimination, corruption, political conflict, or cultural acceptance of the practice. Immigrants are particularly vulnerable, but individuals also may be forced into labor in their own countries. Female victims of forced or bonded labor, especially women and girls in domestic servitude, are often sexually exploited as well. Slavery is never dropped gradually, either you have overstood and you are free, or you have not overstood and are just pretending to overstand.

For instance, taxation is a form of slavery when your labor is taxed. We're living an Agenda not our own—merely an obfuscated and sophisticated form or" slavery. Slavery is a segmented labor market—it is cut off from the other types of labor that exist within a nation or region.

Nowhere in the Bible (the Godspell) is slavery condemned by God. Instead, the mythic Sky God of the Bible accepts slavery as moral and normal. Slavery is not despised but legitimized in the Old and New Testaments. Exodus 21:20 and 21:7-10; Proverbs 20:19: Deuteronomy 20:13-14. I Peter 2:18: and Ephesians 6:5 ("Slaves, obey your human masters with fear and trembling.") Christianity included the exhortation of slaves to remain enslaved, such as reflected in the gospel fable at 1 Timothy 6:1, where "freedom-loving" Paul states. "Let all who are under the yoke of slavery regard their masters as worthy of all honor, so that the name of God and the teaching may not be defamed." See also Colossians 3:22 and Titus 2:9 in the New Testament. The goal of chattel slavery was to psychologically make the enslaved a willing accomplice in his own extermination. (See: "The Laws." Sky God. Servitude. Income Taxes. Palhocracy. Direct Taxes. Patriarchy. Gangbanking. Slave Lifestyle, Bureaucratic Structures, Holy Bible. Corporate Religion. Old Testament. Doggy. Willie Lynch Letter, Infallibility, Phfreedom & "The Greater System,"' Human Resources, "Monetized Debt" GEO-Dollars. Law of Moses & Power)

white supremacy chart 2.jpg

The Definition of "Dummy" - FUNKTIONARY

As defined in FUNKTIONARY:

dummy - a wooden puppet or programmed dupe that only speaks when spoken through. 2) one seeming to act independently but in reality controlled by another. -Webster's Dictionary. I know it's hard for most people to imagine themselves as dummies, but the reality of our circumstances painfully underscore this sad fact. How else could it be that for eons, centuries, and even up to this day, that the elite few rule, fool, divide and terrorize the many? If we imagine that we are free, we won't ever suspect or imagine we are dummies. Seeming to be free and actually experiencing, i.e., load testing, your alleged freedom are two different things altogether. As long as we seem to be free (despite all the facts to the contrary), it is most trivial to be manipulated and conned into doing the will of another against your own vital interests. If and whenever one is willing to overcome denial and accept his or her apparently free condition as false or an abject delusion, then the strings of control that have been (mis)guiding you will begin to become noticeable or perhaps even felt. What part of you has been complicit in ''pulling the strings" of the puppet master as the fat lady sings another stanza from the star-spangled banter? (See: Politician, Borg, Zombie, Proxymoron, Jehovah's Witness Protection Program, Dummy Return, True Believer, Perceptions & Disciple)

sanders another dummy.jpg

probot - a propagandizing programmed robot. (A representative from an organization, agency or institution, especially the Internal Revenue Service, Pentagon, State Department, or Blight House,  whose assignment is to make prepared statements and answer "cooked"  (prepared)  questions at news conferences, briefings and the like. A probot is a proxymoron who conveys programmed disinformation in computerized language and bureaucratese jargon. A probot is one who disseminates lies, distortions and convenient mass truths composed by a superior overruling elite. (See Proxymoron & Mass Truth)

a proxymoron is one moron who speaks on behalf of another pluperfect moron or a whole gang of morons. (See Politician, Congressman, Moron-Majority, Delegate, Prozac, Oxymoron & TV). [MORE]

Grand Jury Report Says Catholic Church's ‘Playbook to Conceal the Truth’ Included Providing Housing & Living Expenses Even when They Knew the Resources were Used by Priests to Commit More Child Rapes

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From [HERE] Avoid scandal. Use euphemisms. Ask inadequate questions. Lock complaints away in a “secret archive.” Above all, don’t tell the police.

Those are some of the tactics that leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania used to conceal child sexual abuse by priests over a period of 70 years, according to a grand jury report released Tuesday. [PDF]

“It’s like a playbook for concealing the truth,” said the grand jury, whose investigation identified more than 1,000 sexual abuse victims in six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania.

Special agents from the F.B.I.’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime reviewed evidence collected by the grand jury, the report says, and identified a series of practices that were regularly used by the six dioceses to cover up reports of abuse.

“While each church district had its idiosyncrasies, the pattern was pretty much the same,” the report says. “The main thing was not to help children, but to avoid ‘scandal.’ That is not our word, but theirs; it appears over and over again in the documents we recovered.”

[Read: Church covered up child sex abuse in Pennsylvania for decades.]

Here is how the grand jury, in caustic terms, described the Catholic Church’s methods for covering up abuse and protecting priests:

First, make sure to use euphemisms rather than real words to describe the sexual assaults in diocese documents. Never say “rape”; say “inappropriate contact” or “boundary issues.”

Second, don’t conduct genuine investigations with properly trained personnel. Instead, assign fellow clergy members to ask inadequate questions and then make credibility determinations about the colleagues with whom they live and work.

Third, for an appearance of integrity, send priests for “evaluation” at church-run psychiatric treatment centers. Allow these experts to “diagnose” whether the priest was a pedophile, based largely on the priest’s “self-reports,” and regardless of whether the priest had actually engaged in sexual contact with a child.

Fourth, when a priest does have to be removed, don’t say why. Tell his parishioners that he is on “sick leave,” or suffering from “nervous exhaustion.” Or say nothing at all.

Fifth, even if a priest is raping children, keep providing him housing and living expenses, although he may be using these resources to facilitate more sexual assaults.

Sixth, if a predator’s conduct becomes known to the community, don’t remove him from the priesthood to ensure that no more children will be victimized. Instead, transfer him to a new location where no one will know he is a child abuser.

Finally and above all, don’t tell the police. Child sexual abuse, even short of actual penetration, is and has for all relevant times been a crime. But don’t treat it that way; handle it like a personnel matter, “in house.”

"The Church" as Defined by FUNKTIONARY

According to FUNKTIONARY:

The Church - an epic mythic master-narrative within a context of secular power and control. "God" is a revivification of the ancient Hebrew "Yahweh' (a mental idol itself). Yahweh and his "chosen" is a narrative of empire-building while the Godspells (themselves equally mythic stories of a Jesus of Nazareth) were mental idol (Yahweh-Slaying) narratives of spiritual insurgents engaging and teaching inner evolution towards obtaining the Kingdom of Heaven within. The Church is a reconstituted and recast master-narrative of submission to empire—a purely political move of power and control through fear. It is well to remember that freedom from enslavement by native Black Americans was not accomplished by, but in spite of, the church. The Church and State still today have shackles around the minds of the native Black Americans as there's no separation of fate under the Church and the State—one enshackles the mind (through dogma) and the other your behind (through statutes and regulations). (See: Serapis, The Bible, Plato, Sacred Mushroom, Christian Cryptographers, Aristotle, Corporate State, Religion, Christianity, Jesus, BOP, Constitution, Human Resources, Taxation, SSN, Christ, Theology, Dogma & Slavery)