Witnesses say Michael Samra Struggled After Lethal Injection. Pro-Life Alabama Authorities Shrug it Off & Get Ready for Their Next Murder: Blacks are 26% of AL population but 51% of Its Death Row

Alabama Death row 2.jpg

Uncivilized Alabama has the highest death sentencing rate in the US. According to the Equal Justice Initiative, each year in Alabama, nearly 65% of all murders involve black victims, yet 80% of the people currently awaiting execution in Alabama were convicted of crimes in which the victims were white. Only 6% of all murders in Alabama involve black defendants and white victims, but over 60% of black death row prisoners have been sentenced for killing someone white. [data in graph is from DPIC.]

Although black people in Alabama constitute 27% of the total population, none of the 19 appellate court judges and only one of the 42 elected District Attorneys in Alabama is black. Nearly 63% of the Alabama prison population is black. The State of Alabama disenfranchises more of its citizens as a result of criminal convictions than any other state in the country. [MORE]

Michael Brandon Samra was    put to death by lethal injection Thursday    the day after Gov Ivey signed the restrictive abortion bill. A few hours before signing the ban, the governor was asked about the bill not including rape or incest exceptions. "All human life is precious," Ivey responded. [   MORE   ]

Michael Brandon Samra was put to death by lethal injection Thursday the day after Gov Ivey signed the restrictive abortion bill. A few hours before signing the ban, the governor was asked about the bill not including rape or incest exceptions. "All human life is precious," Ivey responded. [MORE]

From [EJI] The State of Alabama delayed Michael Brandon Samra's execution last night for over an hour without explanation, and witnesses observed disturbing evidence that Mr. Samra struggled on the gurney before he died.  [Samra was classified as white.]

Supreme Court justices recently have complained about delays caused by last minute challenges to lethal injection protocols and have questioned the motives of lawyers who attempt to ensure that inmates are executed humanely, but Mr. Samra’s case did not involve any such litigation. 

Even though all litigation was completed more than two days before the scheduled execution and Governor Kay Ivey denied clemency eight hours earlier, state officials nevertheless delayed Mr. Samra's execution from the scheduled time of 6 p.m. until 7:09 p.m. The State did not offer an explanation for this significant delay.

Mr. Samra was pronounced dead at 7:33 p.m. Witnesses to the execution reported very troubling evidence that Mr. Samra actually struggled during the execution in ways that raise questions about whether it was administered in a humane manner.  

Samra appeared alert for several minutes before his eyes closed. At 7:15 p.m., his chest heaved three times in quick succession. 

After, his breathing appeared significantly labored, with his head slightly jerking with each breath. 

A consciousness test was conducted at 7:17. 

Two minutes later, Samra stretched and drew his fingers outward, attempted to raise his right hand against his wrist restraints before curling his fingers inward.

He then stilled.  The curtain was closed at 7:25 p.m.

Mr. Samra's execution is the latest in a series of problematic attempts to execute people by lethal injection. In 2014 in Ohio, Dennis McGuire gasped and convulsed for 10 minutes before dying; Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma writhed, groaned, convulsed, and strained to lift his head up despite being declared unconscious (he died 43 minutes after the execution began, of a heart attack); and Joseph Wood in Arizona repeatedly gasped for nearly two hours before being pronounced dead. In 2016, Ronald Bert Smith in Alabama clenched his fists and raised his head, then heaved, gasped, and coughed while struggling to breathe for 13 minutes after the lethal drugs were administered. And in 2017, Kenneth Williams in Arkansas violently lurched forward about three minutes after drugs were injected and continued to convulse about 20 times.

While lawyers have argued for years that lethal injection is an inhumane method of execution, the Supreme Court has denied these challenges and issued rulings that allowed states to carry out executions using this method. Yet evidence persists that cruelty and inhumane suffering may accompany executions carried out by lethal injection.

1 of the Only 2 Alabama Based Doctors who Does Abortions is Black. After Racist Statists Ban Procedure She Faces Life in Prison for Doing Her Job. Says En-Forced Law Will Mostly Impact Non-White Women

From [HERE] Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a controversial bill Wednesday that bans nearly all abortions in the state, including in cases of incest and rape.

The Alabama Human Life Protection Act is one the most restrictive anti-abortion laws since Roe v. Wade legalized the procedure nationwide in 1973. The act bans performing abortions in the state and imposes criminal penalties of up to 99 years in prison on doctors who perform an abortion. In addition, the Act goes further than most other recent abortion bans, with no exceptions to the ban except when the mother’s life is threatened by the pregnancy, including banning abortions when the fetus is conceived from rape or incest. These “carve out” exceptions to abortion laws are widely popular even among people who are otherwise anti-abortion, with a 2018 Gallup poll showing 77% of Americans favor allowing abortions in cases of rape or incest.

The bill passed through Alabama’s Republican dominated House of Representatives and Senate with overwhelming majorities. Though women make up 51% of Alabama's population, its lawmakers are 85% male. There are only four women in the 35-seat Alabama Senate, and they are all Democrats. [MORE]

In a statement issued following her signing of the bill, Ivey described the act as “unenforceable” and directly contrary to the precedent set by Roe v. Wade. Echoing the sponsors of the bill, she stated that the purpose in passing such a restrictive law was to force the federal courts to weigh in on the legality of abortion and “for the U.S. Supreme Court to revisit this important matter” in the hope that they will overturn Roe.

The American Civil Liberties Union has already committed to bringing a lawsuit to block the law’s implementation.

Since the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court last year, numerous states have raced to implement restrictive abortion laws with the hope that the new conservative majority on the court will overturn Roe. Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky have all recently passed “fetal heartbeat” bills that bans abortions later than six weeks into the pregnancy, while Texas and North Carolina have implemented “born alive” bills.

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DEMOCKERY. In an unrepresentative Demockery 25 white male senators enact abortion ban on behalf of a deluded, violent neuropeon votary, forcing their unwanted views down the throats of millions of non-white women. Like all laws, the abortion ban is command backed by the threat of violence against those who do not obey. Such is the true nature of “democracy.” Undeceiver Larken Rose observes,

“the belief in “authority” leads to a strange contradiction in how people see the world. Almost everyone advocates that “law” be used to coerce others to do certain things, or to fund certain things. However, while advocating such violence, knowing full well the consequences to any who are caught disobeying, those same advocates fail to recognize that what they are advocating is violence. There are millions, for example, who consider themselves to be peaceful, civilized people – some even proudly wear the label of “pacifist” – while advocating armed robbery against everyone they know, as well as millions of strangers. They see no contradiction, because the robbery is given the euphemism “taxation” and is carried out by people who are imagined to have the right to commit robbery, in the name of “government.”

He states,

A prevalent lie, used to try to hide the master-slave relationship between “government” and the public, is the notion of “representative government.” The claim is that the people, by electing certain individuals into positions of power, are “choosing their leaders” and that those in office are merely representing the will of the people. Again, not only does this claim not at all match reality, but the underlying abstract theory is inherently flawed as well.

…Even in theory, the concept of “representative government” is inherently flawed, because “government” cannot possibly represent the people as a whole unless everyone wants exactly the same thing. Because different people want “government” to do different things, “government” will always be going against the will of at least some of the people.

Even if a “government” did exactly what a majority of its subjects wanted (which never actually happens), it would not be serving the people as a whole; it would be forcibly victimizing smaller groups on behalf of larger groups.

Furthermore, one who represents someone else cannot have more rights than the one he represents. To wit, if one person has no right to break into his neighbor’s house and steal his valuables, then he also has no right to designate a representative to do that for him, To represent someone is to act on his behalf, and a true representative can only do what the person he represents has the right to do. But in the case of “government,” the people whom the politicians claim to represent have no right to do anything that politicians do: impose “taxes,” enact “laws,” etc. Average citizens have no right to forcibly control the choices of their neighbors, tell them how to live their lives, and punish them if they disobey, So when a “government” does such things, it is not representing anyone or anything but itself.

alabama white senators.jpg

According to FUNKTIONARY:

Statism - the belief "citizens"' and "states" exist and the memetic thought patterns supporting such beliefs. 2) the religion of oppression and domination coupled with the science of exploitation and sociopathic control. 3) the opiate of the so-called Elites. 4) a philosophy that idealizes majority rule gang force (authority) over individual authenticity (autonomy). 5) servitude over liberty and statutes over humanity. So long as "states"' are viewed and accepted as natural, normal, reality-based and inevitable, they will continue to violently abstract humans into extinction. Statism is mind control; people both unwillingly and willingly surrender their property (labor being one's most inviolable property) to men and women pretending to be "governors,"" "commissioners," and "presidents" etc. because they believe they are "citizens" of a so-called "state" and must pay their proverbial "fair share" to support such abstractions or fictions of law. Just using statism against itself proves bureaucrats never have a case regardless of what they "charge" someone with. "Statism and it's supporting political theology do not exist in people's minds to promote freedom or protect 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness:" it's pure mind control to divert our attention away from the actions of anti-social individuals (sociopaths) who are so desperate to "protect" us they are willing to kill us and steal our property." -Marc Stevens. (See: DOME. Beliefs, Landmine Legislation, Scrapitalism, Standing, Subject Matter Jurisdiction. Judicial Victimization, States. Holodeck Court, Allegiance. Anarchy, Society, Civilization, Citizens, Monopoly Capitalism The Golem, Government Paradox, Granfalloons, Corporate State. Government, Servitude. Stalinize, Property, Standing & Monopoly)

democracy - a commercial form of "government" (exploitation and theft via force, deception and involuntary participation) of the mob, by the mob, and/or the mob, i.e., Mob-Rule. 2) a guise rubber stamping of an alternative royalty into overruling power. 3) the worst possible form of government because the majority rules whether they be good, evil, or misled by a minority. 4) slavery of the people, by the people, for the people. 5) equality achieved through force. 6) a system where only the majority need to befooled. 7) advertised equality. 8) a parody of a free society that only ethical anarchism or voluntaryism can usher into existence.

"Democracy has always been seen (and is still seen today) as equality of rights (granted privileges), not conditions. To the hypothetical equality of rights there has always corresponded a substantial inequality of conditions. And instead of being related to the nature of their individuality, differences between people have always been those marked by the different basic conditions they live in as they struggle against the suffocating artificial divisions imposed on them by power." —Alfred M. Bonanno. Democracy is a euphonious term created mainly to serve as sheepskin for Leviathan, Doggy and the Crimethlnc. All-Stars. 9) Dictatorship camouflaged as freedom 10) a whitewashed plutocracy with a pastel eggshell finish. Democracy, next to "monetized debt," and direct taxation (on labor) is the biggest con-game perpetrated on a population. Democracy has proved only that the best way to gain and sustain power over people is to assure the people that they are ruling themselves. Once they believe that lie, they make wonderfully submissive and self-maintained slaves.

"There are those who maintain that at bottom what is called democracy, (whenever and wherever it is supposed to have existed), is merely the mask for the rule of capitalist and/or bureaucratic minorities over an ignorant and deceived majority whose franchise signifies only the right to choose or tc change its masters." -Max Nomad. As long as mob rule is allowed through secret ballots, operational and organizational transparency will evade us and vice (vested interests controlling economies) will continue to forsake us and break us. Democracy is a powerful synthetic ideology of recuperation. Democracy goes against the emancipation of desire. Democracy allows for A to band together with B (majority rule) to rip off C. Democracy and citizenship are the chains that filter your pursuit of happiness and the happiness in your pursuit. Democracy in America has been checked and balanced, or gone unchecked and unbalanced—depending on one's indoctrination—to the point (extent) of collapse. Only the improper is left to prop it up aright as if it were still standing on its own ideological efficacy and edifice. "Democracy (the political ideal) is just a dream, it has not happened anywhere, it cannot happen. And wherever it happens (in practice), it creates trouble, the medicine proves more dangerous than the disease itself." -OSHO. "If the people of a democracy are allowed to do so, they will vote away freedoms that are essential to that democracy." -Snell Putney. As H.L. Mencken so aptly observed, "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard." In a democracy, scum rises to the top; otherwise it starts there. Democracy is a specific instance of stationary rogue State power. Under the rubric of democracy, justice can be attained only by begging, buying, milking and taking.  

A gang is an embryonic democracy in the making. Keep in mind that Hitler was elected in a full, free and fair democratic election. Democracy is a sweet-sounding word that offers freedom but delivers illusions. It has no other choice—it isn't what it appears and never could be what it advertises. There has never been a democracy where the public was consulted for input or consent before statutes and policies detrimental to their interests were already completed and or implemented by the shadow, invisible or parallel government (the Pathocracy). The ruse of democracy and fake elections stalls rebellion.   It's a placebo fed to the public so the ruling dominant elite can execute their plans for a global society—a New World Order.  

"Already American democracy and freedom are in their to throes, hemorrhaging from years of corporatist mutilation. Elections have become a sham, a farce. Freedoms are disappearing becoming extinct. The enemy within wishes for nothing more than an authoritarian, fascist nation, the easier to make decisions the easier to implement their vision, the easier to control the population. The enemy within detests democracy, and this we must understand. Democracy and freedom are enemies.

Ask yourself who has been the organization destroying our democracy and freedoms, our civil rights and liberties?  Who has enacted Patriot Acts I and II, who has destroyed due process, right to an attorney, habeas corpus? Who has tried to silence truth, dissent, protest and free speech? Who has made torture legal, faise imprisonment necessary, confessions by torture legal and evidence concocted through hearsay or torture legal? Who has made it legal to spy on American citizens, opening our email accounts, overhearing our phone conversations, and looking into our lives It has not been the dreaded Arab evildoers. It has been the Bush administration. It has been your own government." —Manuel Valenzuela. [MORE]

Race-Neutral Black Strawboss in Mo County Won’t Presume White Cop is Racist Just b/c She Stopped & Frisked 3 Black Men for No Reason & Called Them NGHRS, Needs More Smoking Gun Proof of Racism

“NIGGER” IS WHAT IS BEING DONE TO YOU. A Nigger is a Non-White Person who is Subject to White Supremacy. From [WashPost] Montgomery County police say they are still investigating the “concerning incident” last week related to a video showing a white officer using a racial slur during an encounter with four African American men and will release additional information as it is “developed and confirmed.”

The Montgomery County Council sent a strongly worded letter this week to acting police chief Russ Hamill about the May 9 incident outside a McDonald’s restaurant in the White Oak section of Silver Spring. In it, the council said the officer’s body-camera video — showing her saying the n-word, then telling the men she was quoting their own use of the language — appeared to violate “department protocol and standards that we would expect of county-employed personnel.” [The white cop was sarcastic and provocative during the entire episode, it took very little for her contempt to rise to the surface.]

The letter, signed by all nine council members, went on to question the actions of at least one other officer who is seen on the body-camera video, which police released after one of the detained men posted his own video of the incident on social media. The letter said the “tone, language and actions of the sergeant on the scene was also contemptible.”

mo county police union.jpg

The footage has sparked outrage from some community groups, including a march and protest Monday to the police’s 3rd District station. But Torrie Cooke [Black droid in photo], president of the union that represents Montgomery police officers, said in a statement the officer’s “use of the term appears to be absent any racial or discriminatory intent” and noted the men interacting with the officers used the word before the officer did.

“As an African American police officer and the President of the Fraternal Order of Police, it is disturbing to hear the use of the n-word by male subjects referring to African American and White officers on the scene, and the female police officer repeating the word during a lapse in good judgment and composure,” Cooke wrote on the website of FOP Lodge 35.

His statement said the word should not have been used by anyone: “An objective viewer is hard-pressed to give deference to the males in the video who liberally use the n-word and are offended when their words are repeated back to them.”

[The word nigger actually has no meaning. The use of any word depends on the intent of the speaker. What was the speaker intending when he/she spoke? That's all. However, the intention of racists is to use the word as a derogatory term.

Officer Cooke, a Strawboss, is part of the lex-icon, a reconstructed world in the legal system. The fake world re-created or simulated in courtrooms is a “race neutral” world where non-discrimination is presumed. In order to establish that conduct was motivated by racism a party must provide tangible evidence of discriminatory intent from the mind of a bigoted decision-maker. Racial slurs, white kkk hoods, explicit pronouncements like, "I'm assaulting you because you are Black" or other egregious conduct is what the court is looking for. Such smoking gun evidence is rare because in the real world racism/white supremacy is primarily carried out by deception. A most effective deception is decontextualization. Amos Wilson explains that "an objective of white supremacy is to decontextualize subject matter and project it as race neutral and objective." This leads to half explanations, half truths and false solutions. The legal system’s illusory decontextualized search is done only for appearances, a placebo in the lex-icon.]

In reality most white people hate black people and most white people consciously or sub-consciously participate in the system of racism white supremacy. In said system of white domination and control all white people should be presumed to be or suspected of being racist [“racist suspect”]. So If you hear a white person say NGHR then you are probably listening to a racist.


The all-Democratic council, in its letter, asked Hamill how he intends to address the issues raised by the incident, whether the trespassing notices the police gave to the four men could be rescinded and how the culture in the police department may need to be changed.

The letter also requested a voluminous amount of additional information, including:

•Body-camera footage from every officer who responded to the 10:30 a.m. incident and calls related to the incident.

•More information on a program that allows business owners to authorize police to stop and question people for trespassing on their private property.

•All trespassing citations issued in the past two years in which no arrest or other charges were brought.

•Demographic and geographic statistics of everyone who has been stopped and frisked and cited for trespassing in the past two years.

•Additional information on the department's stop-and-frisk and racial-profiling policies.

“I’ve spoken to our county attorneys, and it’s my understanding everything we’ve asked for should be able to be released and given to us,” said council member Will Jawando (D-At Large), who initiated the letter.

In its statement late Thursday, the police department said it understood the concerns of the council members and others and had immediately opened an Internal Affairs investigation once the incident came to light. “The Department has been gathering further information and data as well as evaluating training and policies as the investigation and review of the incident proceeds,” the statement read. “The requests for information by members of the Council and others, while not routine, will be handled consistent with laws and policies applicable to the release of information.”

County Executive Marc Elrich (D), who has said the incident “violated the standards which we expect our officers to uphold,” also requested the release of more body-camera footage. He said Friday he was told the footage “is going through redaction.”

The police union said Friday that neither it nor the union members involved objected to the release of the footage. Police have not released the name of the female officer or said whether her duties have changed. But Elrich said Thursday that the officer is still working, but is not on patrol.

white supremacy chart 2.jpg

Jawando and Council member Craig Rice (D-District 2) met Monday with two of the men who were detained. The men have said they went to McDonald’s for breakfast the morning of the incident, then left the restaurant to wait for their ride to a landscaping job. It was then that the sergeant approached them, questioning them about trespassing. About six more officers appeared. All four men were given trespassing notices, and two also received civil citations for having a small amount of marijuana, according to a police spokesman.

[There was no basis for the initial stop and no basis for a frisk for weapons within the meaning of the 4th Amendment (something the racist suspects at the Washington Post don’t concern themselves with, at least in regard to their coverage of Blacks & Latino and their relations with cops). As such, the discovery of the marijuana was unlawful and the court should suppress it, if they challenge it. The charges are also bogus; to establish misdemeanor trespass the Government must prove that the Black men remained on the private property after having been notified by the owner not to do so. It appears that no one at McDonalds called the cops or had asked them to leave the premises. But racist suspects at the WashPost didn’t concern itself with reporting such details about the underlying basis for the stop and pending criminal prosecution of the Black men. The racist suspects at the WashPost most likely view this niggerizing incident as lawful but for the use of the “n-word.” As stated by Anon, “Once we understand what a "nigger" is, we will understand that a made-up word does not define who we are; it defines what is being done to us.“]

It was during that encounter that one of the men began taking a video on his cellphone, showing the female officer using the racial slur, along with some other comments Jawando said he found troubling.

Jawando said the men have since told him they have lost their jobs as a result of the encounter.

Arlington Police Finally Fire Cop Charged w/Negligent Homicide for the Murder of O'Shae Terry - Shot Unarmed Black Driver Multiple Times While Standing on Passenger Side of Fleeing Car

O'Shae Terry1.jpg
O'Shae Terry3.jpg

[IMAGES REDACTED TO PROTECT CORPORATE POLICE STATE] From [HERE] A Texas police officer has been fired after he was charged with criminally negligent homicide in the fatal shooting of a black man during a traffic stop last year.

In a statement Friday, Arlington police announced Officer Bau Tran was fired after an internal investigation found policy violations that led to the Sept. 1 shooting of 24-year-old O'Shae Terry .

Tran, who may appeal his dismissal, has yet to enter a plea to the criminal charge. A message left with his attorney wasn't immediately returned.

The indictment marks a rare criminal prosecution of a police officer in the historically conservative North Texas county. It could draw greater attention to a case that was largely overshadowed by another in the same month in which a white Dallas police officer fatally shot a black man in his own apartment.

Tran shot Terry on Sept. 1 after another officer pulled the Forest Hill resident over on a registration violation. After talking for several minutes, body camera footage shows Tran grabbing the passenger-side window of the SUV Terry was driving as it begins to roll up. The officer stepped on to the vehicle's running board as it started to move, pointed his gun into the SUV and fired multiple shots. Terry later died at a hospital.

Tran was placed on restricted duty following the shooting, then was put on leave when the Tarrant County grand jury returned its indictment on May 1.

Tran's attorney, Randall Moore, has maintained that his client's actions were legal and taken to protect the public.

Fed Court says Navajo Tribe Not Allowed to File Suit on Behalf of Loreal Tsingine; 5 Foot Tall, 90 lbs Woman Posed No Real Danger to Race Soldier who Shot Her to Death after Shoplifting Incident


DISPROPORTIONATE USE OF FORCE. From [HERE] A federal court has dismissed the Navajo Nation’s lawsuit against the U.S. government and Winslow, Arizona over the police shooting of a tribal member.

The Gallup Independent reports Judge G. Murray Snow ruled last week that the tribe lacked standing and “did not suffer a legally cognizable injury” from the March 2016 death of Loreal Tsingine.

The tribe filed suit last year, claiming Tsingine’s civil and constitutional rights were violated. It also faulted the U.S. Justice Department for not prosecuting former Winslow Police Officer Austin Shipley [racist suspect in photo].

The department said it could not prove that Shipley willfully used excessive force and did not act in self-defense.

Navajo Nation spokesman Jared Touchin says the tribe is reviewing the ruling and has not yet decided if it will appeal.

The Navajo Nation sued the federal government and the city of Winslow in March on behalf of Loreal Tsingine's (SIN'-uh-jin-ee) daughter.

Tsingine was shot and killed on Easter Sunday by Shipley, a Winslow police officer responding to a report of shoplifting at a nearby Circle K. Shipley fired five shots from his firearm after Winslow police say Tsingine brandished a pair of scissors threateningly at him. The shooting spurred an outcry from members of the Navajo Nation, whose reservation borders Winslow, that Native Americans suffer systemic discrimination and excessive use of force at the hands of city police.

Authorities say Tsingine posed a threat to now former Winslow police Officer Austin Shipley when he killed her in March 2016.

The tribe contends Austin Shipley, who subsequently resigned his position as an officer, could have used non-lethal force when he responded to a report that Tsingine shoplifted from a convenience store in March 2016.

"Our people have the right to be free from unreasonable violence when they visit our neighboring communities, particularly from off-reservation law enforcement," Navajo President Russell Begaye said in a statement. "Navajo lives matter, and that needs to be acknowledged and protected by our bordering jurisdictions."

The Navajo Nation said Shipley could have used less than lethal force as Tsingine stood 5 feet tall and weighed less than 100 pounds. Shipley is over 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds.   Even if she had attempted to stab Shipley, his body armor would have protected him, the tribe alleged.

Tsingine also had a history of mental health-related issues, and the tribe contends police officers weren't properly trained. The tribe alleged violations of her equal protection rights in its claim against the Justice Department. [MORE]

Racist suspects at the Maricopa County Attorney's Office cleared Shipley of wrongdoing in the shooting. The U.S. Department of Justice reviewed the case but said it could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Shipley willfully used excessive force and did not act in self-defense.

Authorities said Tsingine resisted arrest, refused commands and advanced on Shipley with the scissors before he shot her, striking her four times in the torso. The 27-year-old was pronounced dead on the sidewalk, down the street from the convenience store.

Kevin Washburn, a law professor at the University of New Mexico, said wrongful death lawsuits typically aren't filed by tribes but it's an exercise of sovereignty.

Tsingine's family previously filed a $10.5 million notice of claim against the city, a precursor to a lawsuit. 

The claim alleges that Officer Austin Shipley [racist suspect in photo] violated Tsignine’s civil rights and contends the city “uniformly ignored warning signs that Austin Shipley was a threat to the public.”

"The city is responsible for Shipley's homicide because it was negligent in hiring, training, retaining, controlling and supervising Austin Shipley," the claim said.

"Shipley's record demonstrates that he does not exert self-restraint, does not obey law, and ignores orders. Personal feelings and animosity influence his actions and decisions. He is incapable of exerting his authority with courtesy required of servant of the people." [MORE]

According to records obtained by the Associated Press, at least two officers who trained Shipley had serious concerns about his work, including that he was too quick to go for his service weapon, ignored directives from superiors and falsified reports.

“Shipley has a well-documented history of incompetence, insubordination, dishonesty, aggression and unreasonable use of force,” the claim said. 

The document uses Winslow Police Department evaluation forms to detail more than 30 violations Shipley racked up during his four months' training in the field to be an officer. The list of issues includes tampering with evidence, falsifying reports, repeating the same mistakes, and tunnel vision, along with concerns that he was too quick to go to his gun.

In field training reports released by the city of Winslow, a police corporal wrote, "at this time I do not believe that this Officer should be retained by the Winslow Police Department due to the below listed reasons." Those reasons included: "integrity issues", "inability to follow the chain of command", "lack of conducting a proper investigation", "fails to control suspects when making an arrest" and "continues to falsify reports." [MORE]

Documents do not show how the department responded the Chisholm’s recommendation.

In his 2½-year career as an officer, Shipley held a suspect at gunpoint at least five times, drew his Taser four times, and used physical force in at least three situations, according to his personnel file.

Twice Shipley was suspended for a day without pay: once in 2013 after he was found to have violated the department’s code of conduct for using vulgar language with a 15-year-old girl, and a second time in 2016 for violating the department’s Taser policy for shocking a 15-year-old girl as she walked away from him.

According to his letter of disposition, at the time of shooting of Tsingine, Shipley was on six months of disciplinary probation and was required to enroll in department-mandated training on the use of force and Taser deployment.

White Mississippi Cops Grab Non-Resisting Latino Woman By Her Hair & Drag Her Out of Car in Front of Her Kids for Not Obeying their Orders Fast Enough

From [HERE] A weekend arrest is under investigation after a video of a Latino woman being pulled out of a car by her hair by Mississippi police officers went viral. 

Jaqueline Clay, 32, of Philadelphia, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and failure to comply, Philadelphia Police Chief Grant Myers told the Neshoba Democrat. The arrest about 7:30 p.m. Saturday stemmed from "a disturbance call that progressed to a car chase," he told the paper. 

Meyers could not be reached on Monday about details of the arrest.

Clay, responding on Facebook to a Clarion Ledger inquiry about the video Monday, said, "They said I fled from them but it was because he was hollering and getting mad at me in front of my kids. I was only going 10-15 mph on my street to the end of a stop sign and went down to the next stop sign which was on at least 5-10 yards maybe. I'm bad with the measurements."

Officers were wearing body cameras, Meyers told the Democrat, and the events leading up to the arrest will be reviewed. The video begins after the woman has come to a stop.

In a 36-second video published to Facebook, a woman is sitting in the driver's seat of a vehicle with screaming in the background. Her window is rolled down and she is not wearing a seat belt.

Two male officers approach the vehicle and the woman's arm reaches to the passenger side, where the front-seat passenger appears to be filming. The woman's window is rolled down. One officer reaches inside the car and appears to unlock the door. A second officer opens the door and grabs the woman by her left arm. Less than one second later, the first officer grabs her by her hair, both officers dragging her out of the car. She does not resist and appears to be completely surprised when her head is grabbed and is jerked backed.

The white cops then throw her on the ground, the first officer putting his knee into her back to handcuff her although she is not resisting the arrest.

According to the Democrat, Meyers said there’s another several minutes of dialogue the department has and is reviewing, stressing he plans an objective review of the incident.

Video Shows a White SAPD Cop Use a Chokehold on Black Man for 32 Seconds while Another Repeatedly Punches Him in the Kidneys to Make Arrest for an Alleged “Criminal" Assault

From [HERE] The family of a man whose arrest was caught on camera claims he was the victim of excessive force, at the hands of San Antonio police.

SAPD says they arrested Denzale Shaw Monday because he was assaulting his girlfriend near Pecan Valley Drive on the East Side.

Police tried to put him in handcuffs, but say Shaw resisted.

"He shoots him with a taser gun," Krystal Thomas said.

That's when one officer shot him with a taser. His family says Shaw was simply in a panic and wasn't resisting.

"I know he was fearing for his life because for one, he's never been arrested like that, he's never been tased," said cousin Krystal Thomas. "That's traumatizing, you can tell he was traumatized."

Shaw remains in the Bexar County Jail, charged with assault and resisting arrest.

SAPD chokehold brutality.jpg

Police sent us the following statement:

“Per policy, all use of force incidents are documented and reviewed to ensure departmental policies were adhered to. Any incident where the force appears to be excessive or outside of policy will be addressed through the formal investigative process at internal affairs.”

Thomas said officers went to far, especially when the video appears to show an officer put him in a choke-hold and another punching him.

"You're supposed to protect us no matter what," Thomas said.

In terms of domestic violence, Thomas said it could have been a mutual fight between Shaw and his girlfriend.

67 Yr Old Black Woman was Murdered after Calling 911 to Report a Prowler. Jackson Cops Went to her Home, Knocked, Looked Around & then Left. Jury Awards $1 Million

A necessary &    comforting illusion    in a police state is that police are here to protect us and are primarily engaged in “police work.”  Would an armed, private security force be more accountable to Blacks & Latinos?

A necessary & comforting illusion in a police state is that police are here to protect us and are primarily engaged in “police work.” Would an armed, private security force be more accountable to Blacks & Latinos?

From [HERE] and [HERE] A Hinds County Circuit Court jury has awarded $1 million to the family of a 67-year-old Jackson woman killed in 2014 after family members and others say Jackson police bungled the woman's 911 call about a prowler.

"If they would have followed policy and procedures, more likely than not, it would have saved her life," said attorney Dennis Sweet III, who represented Ruth Helen Harrion's family members.

"I hope this verdict sends a message that the city needs to get things right," Sweet said after the verdict.

According to the family attorney, Dennis Sweet III, two trials occurred Friday in Hinds County Circuit Court, the last day of the testimony.

A Civil Rights violation case against the City of Jackson was determined by a jury and a Mississippi Tort Claims Act case was decided by Judge Adrienne Wooten.

“Actually it was a dual trial. We trialed the 1983 action. Which is a jury trial, and now the judge has to make a decision on the tort claims act. You know that’s capped at 500,000. But it’s a judge trial, it’s not a jury trial. So she heard the evidence as the case was going forward. So she’ll make that determination," said Sweet.

Jurors began deliberating in the lawsuit filed by Harrion’s children Friday evening.

The family claimed a violation of civil rights, reckless disregard and negligence.

The jury deliberated for about an hour and 40 minutes before returning the verdict Friday night.

Helen Harrion.jpg

Five of Harrion's children held up a family poster board with pictures of their late mother following the verdict.

"This verdict was for my mother," said Angela Harrion of Jackson. 

The lawsuit said that after Harrion called 911 to report a prowler, the dispatcher failed to keep her on the phone, failed to ask the location of the prowler and whether she could see the prowler. The suit also said officers dispatched to Harrion’s residence failed to make contact with her and failed to search the perimeter of the home prior to leaving the residence.Alonzo Stewart, 33, is charged with capital murder in Herrion's death. He confessed to the crime, according to authorities, and told police he was in Harrion's home when the officers came and left.

Then-Jackson Police Chief Lindsey Horton said in 2014 that JPD mishandled the case. At the time, he told the Clarion Ledger that the two officers failed to thoroughly check the property from which the call had originated. 

One of Harrion's family members discovered her body behind her Kingsroad Avenue home about 11 hours later.

She had been beaten, strangled and shot in the face, according to Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham Stewart. The victim's neck also had been broken, Grisham Stewart said, and it appeared she had been sexually assaulted.

Stewart hasn't gone to trial based on questions about his mental competency. The last entry in his court file shows Hinds County Circuit Judge Winston Kidd has set a Dec. 2 trial date for Stewart.

Harrion had called Jackson dispatchers at 2:23 a.m on July 15, 2014, to report a prowler, according to a 911 tape obtained by the Clarion Ledger. When the officers arrived 8 minutes later, nobody answered the door, and they left.

"They should have made contact with the complainant," Horton said in 2014. "They should have made contact with her to make sure of her of her welfare. But they did not do that."

"We have a practice and policy in place," he said, "and in this occasion I think they did not follow that."

The dispatcher, Debra Goldman, and officers Derrick Evans and Tommie Heard were later fired but reinstated by the Jackson Civil Service Commission, according to court records.

Assistant City Attorney Richard Davis argued in court that the plaintiffs couldn't identify a policy that was violated, an alleged unconstitutional policy or act where Harrion's constitutional rights were violated.

Davis said the only person to blame is Stewart for Harrion's murder.

"i sympathize with this family, but there is someone responsible, a man who shouldn't have been walking the streets of Jackson," Davis said of Stewart.

In a statement released on behalf of the family Friday night through Sweet, they said they were still still seeking justice.

"The family of Ruth Helen Harrion and her attorneys are pleased that the City of Jackson was found to be responsible for failing to react to her 911 call appropriately. This, however, is just one  part of the justice they are seeking. Family members continue to wait for the man who brutally raped and killed Mrs. Harrion to be held accountable for his crimes."

9 White Cops Censor Black Woman & Raid Her Home Seizing Computers on a Warrant Issued by a White Judge After a White Neighbor Complained About Her Playing Malcolm X Speeches Too Loudly

Garner doc p1.jpg

WE ARE ALSO ON THE “THOUGHT STANDARD” WITH REGARD TO OUR SO-CALLED “RIGHTS”-if you think you have rights and a white Government orderly agrees, then you have rights. Constitutional rights are a myth. FUNKTIONARY explains, “an abstract fictional entity “government” cannot give you any rights, and even if reality was inverted to accommodate this illusion, anything functionaries of a government pretend to give you they can take away, and the definition of rights is inherent things that cannot be taken away.” [MORE]

From [HERE] At about 10:00 p.m. Thursday, a swarm of Garner cops banged on Mikisa Thompson’s door, demanding that she and her family step outside. Police cars had flooded the street in front of her split-level house on Vandora Springs Road, red and blue lights flashing. At first, her children hid in the upstairs bathroom. But then they realized that Thompson was alone. So, with a cell phone broadcasting the incident on Twitter, they headed downstairs as she opened the door.

At least a half dozen police officers stood outside. More were waiting in the street, partially blocking traffic. They read her a search warrant. They spread out through the house, seizing a MacBook, an HP laptop, a computer monitor, seven iPhones, computer speakers, an alarm clock, and charging cables. On their way out, they issued Thompson a summons to appear in court on June 24.

Her alleged crime: violating the town’s noise ordinance, a class-3 misdemeanor, which carries a maximum penalty of a $500 fine.

Specifically, her white neighbor had complained that she’d played Malcolm X speeches too loudly.“The raid was officially insane and based on an unconstitutional statute,” says Thompson’s attorney, T. Greg Doucette. “Doing a midnight raid with nine officers—over a noise ordinance, of all things—is a disproportionate show of force that shows there’s something else at play. That’s the type of overkill that’s intentionally designed to terrorize and punish people, not to actually do what's necessary for enforcing the case.”

Mikisa Thompson.jpg

This wasn’t the first time the Garner cops had seized Thompson’s property for allegedly violating the noise ordinance.

On April 22, her neighbor, Don Barnette, called 911 to complain that Thompson, who has a Black Lives Matter sign in front of her house, was playing “loud Islamic-Muslim preaching” in her backyard while she cleaned her patio. That day, officers came, seized Thompson’s stereo, and issued her a $50 fine. Their return visit three weeks later occurred because Barnette complained that Thompson had continued to play “amplified speech being projected by some sound amplification device,” according to the search warrant, which an officer said he could hear from Barnette’s property line.

At no point did the police conduct a decibel reading to see how loud the amplified sound actually was. Under Garner’s ordinance, they don’t have to. The ordinance bans “the creation of any unreasonably loud, disturbing and unnecessary noise … of such character, intensity, and duration as to be detrimental to the health and welfare of any individual.”

The ordinance cites as an example of forbidden sound the “playing of any radio, phonograph, television set, record player, sound reproduction device or any musical instrument in such a manner or with such volume during the hours between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., as to annoy or disturb the quiet, comfort, or repose of persons in any dwelling house, apartment or other type of residence.”

None of Thompson’s alleged violations of the ordinance occurred during this time period.

Jonathan Jones, a Durham attorney who specializes in First Amendment law, says the ordinance’s vague wording leaves the question of whether a crime occurred up to police discretion. That, “creates a standard that is too flexible and therefore open to abuse.”

While the ACLU of North Carolina declined to comment on the specifics of the case, field manager Jessica Turner says the situation follows “a disturbing pattern of people calling 911 on black and brown people for simply engaging in everyday life like gardening in their backyard. It’s quite literally life and death for people of color when the police are called on them.”

Thompson says her rights have also been violated.

“I’m a second-class citizen in the eyes of Garner and the Garner PD,” she told the INDY in April, after the police seized her stereo. “It feels like the things that Malcolm X spoke about in the sixties are exactly the same in 2019.”

She recorded her encounter with the police on April 22 and posted it online. An officer told her she was playing the speeches—by Malcolm X and Angela Davis, which she was listening to while she cleaned the back patio, she says—too loudly. In the recording, the speeches are vaguely audible in the background but don’t overpower Thompson and the officer’s conversation.

The police returned several times that day, eventually confiscating Thompson’s $250 beFree stereo. She has not yet gotten it back.

In a statement, Garner police told the INDY the stereo’s speaker was pointed at Barnette’s house.


“Our officers did everything they could at the time to try and bring a peaceful conclusion to this issue before seizing the speaker,” Captain Joe Binns wrote in an email. “First, we warned Ms. Thompson and asked her to turn it down. When she refused and received a second complaint, we issued her a citation for violation of the ordinance. And finally, when she continued the loud and unreasonable noise, a search warrant was obtained and the speaker was seized. While I cannot make an inference as to whether Mr. Barnette took issue with the content of the noise, our officers were only concerned about how loud the noise was and the fact that we had a valid noise complaint from a neighbor.”

It’s clear that Barnette did take issue with the noise’s content, which he described to the INDY as “Islamic Jihadist-type messages.”  

“When it’s talking about killing white people and if you’re black and you still work for a white man, you’re a slave, all that kind of stuff, I don't need to hear that,” Barnette says. “My grandkids don't need to hear that mess.”

After the police took her speaker, Thompson kept playing music and speeches from her property, according to the search warrant. On May 16, Barnette contacted the police again. They met him at his house, and an officer reported that he could hear sound from the property line—which, again, is only violating Garner’s ordinance if the police say it is, as there’s no objective standard.  

According to the warrant, Barnette showed the police four videos he’d taken that day, time-stamped at 12:46 p.m., 12:49 p.m., and two at 1:22 p.m. Almost nine hours later, the police arrived at Thompson’s house to execute a search warrant.

Binns says the police resorted to the search-and-seizure sweep to “keep the peace” in the neighborhood.

Doucette calls the raid “absolute overkill. All crime in Garner must have been solved” for the police to commit that many resources to a misdemeanor violation, he says. The police took computers and phones “to make their lives harder to make sure they had no way of communicating with anyone,” he adds. An iPhone, he points out, can’t produce that level of disruptive noise; the police also left the family’s televisions. 

“It is punitive. It’s not trying to do an investigation, it’s not trying to gather evidence for the district attorney to decide what to do,” Doucette says. “It is trying to use the process to punish someone even though they have not actually committed a crime.”

Though the Garner police say they were only concerned with “how loud the noise was,” the May 16 search warrant notes twice that Thompson was playing Malcolm X.

Jones says that “just sets of all sorts of red flags that perhaps there’s some animus here about the actual content as opposed to just the noise level.” If the content played a role in the police’s action—consciously or subconsciously—that would be a violation of the First Amendment. Courts have ruled that all restrictions on speech have to be content-neutral.

After her first encounter with the Garner police, Thompson told the INDY that she couldn’t sleep.

“I don't feel comfortable here,” she said, “because it’s not just the neighbors. It’s the police that uphold the white supremacist ideology. That’s painful.”

Five hours after the cops raided her house—at 3:00 a.m. Friday—Thompson emailed to say she feared for her life: “There was no provocation or warning,” she wrote. “They were watching the house all day. Garner PD wants to kill me.”

‘The Black Electorant’ is Stopping the Advancement of an Aspiring White Puppetician in Denver who Didn’t Know NAACP Stands for “Negro-Anglo-American Corporate Preserve"

denver puppets.jpg

“Whoever pays the piper calls the tune.“ From [HERE] Denver mayoral challenger Jamie Giellis failed to identify what the acronym “NAACP” stood for in a live interview on an African American-focused show Tuesday afternoon, renewing debate among minority voters about whether she’s a promising new ally or too far removed from communities of color.

Host Shay Johnson told Giellis on Brother Jeff Fard’s webcast Tuesday that the show had received several questions about her knowledge of the NAACP. Giellis offered that it could begin with the words “National African American,” laughing as she learned that was incorrect.

“It’s important, because it’s our people, and we want to know if you’re connected to our people,” Johnson said.

“They do advocacy for the African American community, they talk about policy, they talk about issues, they stand up for civil rights, they do a number of things,” Giellis said. [halfway correct. They perform leadership, make speeches and help the votary choose better masters but deliver very little of tangible, material benefit to Black & Brown people.]

The acronym stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. [WRONG AGAIN!.] According to FUNKTIONARY:

NAACP - Negro-Anglo-American Corporate Preserve. 2) National Association for the Advancement of Confused People. The Niagara Movement was the precursor to the NAACP. In the early 1900's some indigenous women who had been meditating at Niagara Falls for eons had their heads severed and thrown into the falls. A riot ensued and eventually the people were dispersed as Caucasians assumed leadership of the organization before assigning a Yiddish European (so-called Jew) to take over the organization. Mary White Ovington, a Caucasian woman, was the co-founder of the NAACP. In the charter of the NAACP, the "Jews" ensured that the organization be precluded from owning any property. Whoever pays the piper calls the tune. It's crazy to think or believe otherwise. It's no mystery; check the history. When asked about the NAACP, she stated: "I'm colored and they are stopping my advancement." -Betty Davis, singer-songwriter-sexy-icon. (See: Racism White Supremacy) NAAPC - National Association for the Advancement of the Politically Correct. (See: Colored People, Status Quo & PC)

White Rochester Cop Arrested Christopher Pate for “Impeding Traffic" but in Trial Acknowledged He Never Saw Him Do That. Then He Testi-Lied He Never Saw His Partner Punch Black Man in the Face

christopher pate.jpg

From [HERE] The Black man at the center of an incident of alleged brutality testified that he crossed the street to avoid police because he "was afraid."

Christopher Pate, who suffered a broken bone in his face when police arrested him on May 5, 2018, in a case of mistaken identity, testified against suspended Rochester Police Officer Michael Sippel Friday.

"I was afraid," Pate said. "Police are intimidating and scary."

And it was that mindset, he said, that led him to cross Bloss Street before he was confronted by Sippel and his partner, Officer Spenser McAvoy.

Sippel is charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and his trial is being heard by City Court Judge Thomas Rainbow Morse. Morse will determine Sippel's innocence or guilt, not a jury.

None of the cops involved dispute that police wrongly identified Pate as a criminal suspect for whom police were searching. But Morse is trying to determine if police properly approached Pate and then were justified in how they restrained, Tased, handcuffed and arrested him.

On Thursday, Sippel's partner at the time of the arrest, McAvoy, testified about the incident. McAvoy's testimony began Wednesday and continued throughout the court's session Thursday.

McAvoy testified he left his car and Pate crossed the street. Pate said he was afraid and was trying to avoid police. McAvoy asked Pate for his identification and Pate said he presented his electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card.

During his testimony, Pate recalled his activities that day. He went to Embrace Recover, a group that focuses on helping people deal with addiction, at 649 Jefferson Ave. in Rochester during the morning to volunteer. 

Pate said he took a bus to a store on Clifford Avenue to get his phone updated and then rode another bus to a corner store on Lyell Avenue to purchase cigarettes. He said he was on his way to another volunteering opportunity, when he took the scenic route, and was ultimately confronted by Sippel and McAvoy on Bloss Street.

Pate said he was taken to the ground, tased without warning and hit on the left side of the face “more than once” after crossing the street due to his fear of the police officers.

Defense says Pate suffered facial damage during fall

Prosecutors allege that Sippel assaulted Pate by punching him. McAvoy said he did not see Sippel hit Pate. Sippel's defense attorney, Clark Zimmermann, has said that Pate suffered the facial injury in the fall to the sidewalk.

The officers charged Pate with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, alleging that he impeded traffic when he crossed the street when first approached by McAvoy. McAvoy acknowledged Wednesday that, even though he filled out the arrest report alleging the crimes, he did not personally witness Pate interfere with traffic. [Yes, that’s called impeachment. Lying about the basis for a stop and arrest. If he lies one time will the jurors believe anything else he says? If there was a 1 fruit fly in your soup, would you remove it and eat the rest?}

A City Court judge dismissed the charges against Pate.

Assistant District Attorney Gina Clark questioned Pate. She asked him about the pain he felt in his face, how his vision was impacted, and how long he spent in the back of the unmarked police car before being taken to Rochester General Hospital for treatment.

Dr. Matthew Battaglia, an emergency department doctor at Rochester Regional Health, was the first to testify Friday. Battaglia testified about his treatment of Pate and the injuries Pate suffered, including a broken left lower orbital bone.

Battaglia said he removed Taser prongs from Pate's back and had to cut through four layers of clothing to get to the impacted area. Battaglia said there were no injuries to the right side of Pate's face.

The doctor added that the injuries were consistent with direct blunt force trauma. Since he didn't witness the incident, Battaglia said he couldn't testify to what caused the injuries.

Zimmerman sought to question Pate's credibility during the cross-examination. Zimmerman had Pate review portions of his grand jury testimony from last October in an effort to potentially show how Pate's story has changed.

Zimmermann asked Pate, "Do you know what it means to be afraid?" Pate repeatedly said that he didn't understand the question. But Morse reminded Pate that he admitted to being afraid just 90 minutes before in his earlier testimony. 

Zimmermann tried to establish that Pate's story has changed and the only accurate depiction of the incident came from body-worn camera footage.

"I think there was a clear misunderstanding here," Zimmermann said. "I hope it became evident that Mr. Pate was afraid for whatever reason, not through any actions of those officers on that day."

“I’ve talked about miscommunication in the past, not between the two officers, but Mr. Pate and the two officers. Frankly, had he just stopped and said, ‘I’m Christopher Pate, this could’ve all been avoided,’” said Clark Zimmermann, defense attorney. [Translation. NGHR we can stop you whenever we want and you must OBEY us.]

[Black Lives Don’t Matter to Racist Authoritarians] Administrative “Trial" Reveals Text Message from NYPD Lieutenant after Eric Garner’s Murder: "Not a big deal. We were effecting a lawful arrest"



From [NYT] A police commander in Staten Island received text messages from one of his officers in July 2014, informing him that a man identified as Eric Garner had been arrested, and was “most likely DOA” after he had been wrestled to the ground.

“Not a big deal,” the lieutenant replied. “We were effecting a lawful arrest.”

Audible gasps were heard as the texts were read aloud on Thursday during a police disciplinary hearing for Officer Daniel Pantaleo. He is accused of recklessly using a chokehold that led to Mr. Garner’s death after he was detained on the suspicion that he was selling untaxed cigarettes.

The texts and testimony provided unsettling new details in one of the most wrenching cases of suspected police misconduct in New York.

Mr. Garner’s dying words “I can’t breathe” — repeated 11 times — set off protests around the country and became a powerful slogan for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The texts between the commander, Lt. Christopher Bannon, and the officer, Sgt. Dhanan Saminath, were revealed for the first time on the fourth day of the hearing for Officer Pantaleo, who faces possible termination.

He has never faced criminal charges. A grand jury on Staten Island declined to indict Officer Pantaleo in 2014. A federal civil rights inquiry has dragged on for years without charges being filed. The statute of limitations expires on July 17, the fifth anniversary of Mr. Garner’s death.

An independent police watchdog agency, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, brought the current charges against Officer Pantaleo, which resulted in this week’s hearing.

The evidence at the hearing picked up events from the Police Department’s perspective while Mr. Garner — who was at least 6 feet 3 inches tall and had asthma so severe that he quit his job — was lying motionless on the ground on Bay Street near the Staten Island Ferry.

The communications started with Sergeant Saminath messaging Lieutenant Bannon and telling him that Mr. Garner had been wrestled to the ground and then add ing, “He’s most likely DOA,” using the abbreviation for dead on arrival. “He has no pulse,” Sergeant Saminath wrote.

[Rule by Intimidation/Limited Liability = Terrorism] White Boulder Cop who Unlawfully Stopped & Made Felony Threat to Black Man Picking Up Trash Outside His Dorm Quits Job & Cuts Deal for $69K

Terrorism - the implementation of the principle/concept of limited liability. 2) "A system of government that seeks to rule by intimidation." -Funk & Wagnalls New Practical Standard Dictionary, 1946. [MORE]

Terrorism Theater, Full Video Released. From [HERE] A white Colorado police officer who pulled out his gun during a confrontation with a black man picking up trash around his dormitory resigned this week under an agreement that lets him collect $69,000 in salary despite violating department policies.

Police body camera footage released Thursday provided a full video account of the tense encounter, which had gained national attention based on video shot by someone inside a student dormitory at Naropa University, a liberal arts school associated with Buddhism in the city of Boulder.

City officials said the investigation could not prove that the officer, John Smyly, acted because of Zayd Atkinson's race. [Investigators were looking for proof of racial animus -something that is rare because racism is carried out primarily through deception & tangible evidence of an individual's thought process only exists under egregious or random circumstances. The fake search for tangible evidence from the mind of a bigoted decision maker ignores white supremacy as an operating system of oppression and is done only for show in the lex-icon. The fake search for racial animus presumes a post-racial environment. Fake due process without the right to secure a different outcome].

Smyly violated two department policies: police authority and public trust and conduct, the city attorney said. The report released with the video said Smyly had no authority to detain Atkinson or probable cause to charge him with any crime and should have left once Atkinson provided his name, address and his reason for being there.

boulder cops 2.jpg

"Boulder is essentially saying we're going to pay this officer and let him resign for threatening Zayd's life, for racially profiling Zayd," said Atkinson's attorney, Siddhartha Rathod. "If you or I were to do this, we would be criminally charged. We would immediately lose our jobs."

Smyly approached Atkinson on March 1 in front of the condo-style building, where he was using a metal tool with a mechanism at its base to grab & place trash into a bucket. Smyly said he noticed Atkinson on the rear patio and wanted to see if he lived or worked there - for no particular reason. [That is, the white cop was suspicious because he saw a Black man outside a college dorm.]

Atkinson said he did, and Smyly asked for identification with the address on it. Atkinson provided his school ID, which did not have an address and then offered to let himself into the building as proof.

Smyly asked for Atkinson's date of birth. Atkinson refused, then picked up the bucket and tool and walked away.

"Put that down," Smyly said on the tape. "Stop!"

He then told Atkinson that he was obstructing a police officer, "a jailable offense." Smyly later told Atkinson that he was being detained for trespassing.

Smyly drew his stun gun and followed Atkinson to the back of the building, repeatedly ordering him to sit down on the ground and put the "weapon" down, referring to the trash tool. Atkinson repeatedly said he had not done anything wrong.

"Your hand is on your weapon and you're gonna shoot me," Atkinson surprisingly shouted. "That's what you're gonna do, officer? You're gonna shoot a resident on his property for picking up trash?"

Smyly drew his gun when the two men reached the back of the building, an investigative summary said. At no time did the Black man pose any threat or make any threatening movements or statements as he stood at least 20 - 30 feet from him.

{It appeared the white cop-artist was creating a narrative for the body camera audience; making statements similar to “don’t make me have fear for my safety” or “stop resisting” in order to justify a violent confrontation with the Black man. He insisted to the Black man multiple times that the trash stick tool indeed was a weapon. As explained by Pastor Jedediah Brown ‘police have learned what to say when they want to get away with excessive force and malicious policing.’]

After about eight minutes, more white officers arrive and surround Atkinson.

One officer can be seen holding a rifle; the investigative summary says the weapon fires bean bags [something you would not know if it was pointed at you]. One officer drew his handgun when he arrived but reholstered it in less than a minute, while Smyly had his gun out until Atkinson put the trash-grabbing tool down, according to the summary.

Atkinson, 26, said he has had trouble sleeping and spends time outdoors or with friends to calm him. "My life right now is kind of restless, unsettled," he said.

City Attorney Tom Carr said firing Smyly would have led to a drawn-out appeal and potentially allowed him to keep his job.

Under the agreement, Smyly resigned his police role on May 9 but will remain an employee through February without performing any work. He will receive "commensurate pay and benefits" during that period and "a single, lump sum" payment for any accrued and unused vacation time when his employment officially ends Feb. 9.

Carr said the resignation agreement "allowed the city to provide the community information more quickly, and it transitioned Officer Smyly out of a law enforcement career." The city's bargaining agreement with police officers requires an appeal for any disciplinary action and could have allowed Smyly to return to duty, he added.

In Viral Video White Houston Cop Releases the Black Man He Unlawfully Detained in His Own Yard b/c He Wanted to, Not b/c of the Black Man’s Demands- but We are “Free" to Believe Otherwise

houston deputy detention.jpg

From [HERE] A white Houston deputy tried to arrest a black man playing with his kids outside his own home — because he apparently mistook him for a fugitive wanted in Louisiana, viral video shows.

A 5-minute video [see below] on Facebook posted on May 8 by Clarence Evans — which has racked up more than 1.1 million views as of Thursday — shows Evans pressed up against a car in the driveway of his home after a white Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office deputy misidentified him as a suspect named Quentin who was sought by authorities in Louisiana.

“You don’t know my name, so how can you tell me I have an open warrant in Louisiana?” Evans asked the deputy, identified by KHOU as Garrett Lindley. “You don’t even know my name. Why would I trust you?” [MORE]

FREE-RANGE PRISON. Although the heated interaction may appear to be an arms length discussion between a public servant and a citizen, it is actually far from it, your mind is playing tricks on you again. Cops are representatives of authority who have been given super-human status with regard to morality and immunity from laws. When we do the same things they do we will be held accountable to written laws and also judged according to normal standards of morality. Public rulers do not serve their subjects, unless they want to. Toward this end the executive branch of every government has granted cops official, discretionary authority to stop, detain and arrest citizens and commit other unprovoked acts of violence when they deem it necessary to do so.

All laws and police commands are actually threats backed by force. Michael Huemer explains ‘at the end of a chain of commands or orders must come a threat that the violator literally cannot defy. The system as a whole must be anchored by a non-voluntary intervention, a harm that the state can impose regardless of the individual’s choices. That anchor is provided by physical force.’ [MORE] Here, the white cop used his discretion and chose not to en-force his orders on a disobedient Black citizen who questioned his authority.

After the video check out the obedient happy slaves on the Roland Martin show. Mr. Bolden has probably not ever set foot in a criminal court. If so, no one paid him to be there. Here he is harming people with his ignorance and love for his own slavery. He has gone too far to stand up for his masters [FUNKTIONARY explains, "a willing slave gets upset if you refuse to to acknowledge his or her master. Usually when people say 'act responsibly' what they mean is cow-tow to the conforming lies we call truths" [quoting George Battailes]. Bolden is offended by a disobedient Black man’s words & conduct. If you have belief in such things in The Spectacle at least know what you're talking about.

  • In order for the cops to stop you the Supreme Court has explained that cops must have reasonable articulable suspicion that there is criminal activity afoot and that you are involved in the activity. Cops may not act on on the basis of an unclear and unparticularized suspicion or a hunch - there must be some specific articulable facts along with reasonable inferences from those facts to justify the intrusion.

  • If cops reasonably suspect that you are committing, have committed or are about to commit a crime, they may briefly detain you for questioning. Under these circumstances, the officers may request your identification and an explanation for your actions.

  • In order to frisk you the Supreme Court has ruled that the police must have independent reasonable articulable suspicion that the person is armed and dangerous before they may touch you or put their hands on you (a cursory patdown for weapons). Police may not act on on the basis of an inchoate or unclear and unparticularized suspicion or a hunch - there must be some specific, actual & articulable facts along with reasonable inferences from those facts to justify the intrusion. That is, cops must have some reason that they can articulate by pointing to specific facts that led them to believe the detainee was armed; like they saw a bulge, nervous movement or attempt to conceal etc.

All the above is lacking in the video above. Here, the white cop apparently had only a vague description of a black male w/dreads. The cop had no other corroborating details, such the suspect's height, weight, build, complexion, hair length, facial hair, age or what color jacket, shirt, pants or whether the suspect had a hat on, a hoodie etc. He was black man w/dreads and that was good enough to this costumed authoritarian.

maidera student art 23.jpg

Doc Blynd explains in a legal system based on intentional, harmful physical coercion, so-calledrights” are myths—obedience to servitude or jail is the reality. If “rights” are intended to be protections from Government intrusions then rights only exist in courtrooms or if an officer shares in the belief that they exist. Brazen white cops so frequently abuse their power that no Black or Brown motorist, juvenile, adult, professional of any kind—could make a compelling argument that constitutional rights afford any real protection from the state on the street. The real problems here are racism/white supremacy and the belief in authority.

According to statist belief “the people” have delegated or transferred to police the moral right to commit acts of unprovoked violence on people. Cops have been authorized by Government to initiate the use of force on “citizens” to make arrests and so forth. [MORE] Question here: can you delegate a right to someone that you don’t have? Where does their “authority,” the right to rule others, come from? Asked differently, if you don’t have the right to initiate unprovoked acts of force against other people then how can you delegate or authorize another person to do such things? How did police acquire such super-human powers? 

The answer is logically unsupportable as “the belief in “authority,” which includes all belief in “government,” is irrational and self-contradictory. Yet all modern statism is based entirely on the assumption that people can delegate rights they don’t have.” [MORE]


Larken Rose explains, “the belief in “authority,” which includes all belief in “government,” is irrational and self-contradictory; it is contrary to civilization and morality, and constitutes the most dangerous, destructive superstition that has ever existed. Rather than being a force for order and justice, the belief in “authority” is the arch-enemy of humanity.”

Allegedly governmental power comes from the people. But people cannot delegate rights they do not have to other people. You don’t have the right to arrest someone or initiate unprovoked acts of force against other people - so how can you delegate or authorize anyone else to do such things? This makes it impossible for anyone to acquire the right to rule (”authority”). If everybody on your block voted to make you responsible for picking up their trash would it be binding? If you refuse could they issue you a fine you and subsequently use force to arrest if you fail to pay or comply? What makes it right when politicians require you to do things through “laws?” When did you explicitly consent to this “voluntary” governmental arrangement?

Dr. Blynd explains that there is no freedom in the presence of authority. Authority is not a force but a farce! FUNKTIONARY states: 

"authority" - (so-called)—a cartoon, an alleged image of the Law. 2) a cartoon clothed in flesh and blood. 3) the notion of an implied right and application of that "right" of individuals or groups of same to control or exercise external power over others, which has no meaning in reality. 4) power over...which is thoroughly institutionalized. 5) ruling through coercion. So-called "authority" is the justification for remaining impotent. The real threat to "authority" is the masses overcoming info-gaps and verigaps through self-knowledge and the proliferation of symbols of opposition, not crime or destruction of property.

authority - (from the root word author)—which means to originate. Only you have authority over your Self...anything else. i.e.. to accept any authority external to one's Self once of discriminating age, is the very definition of irresponsibility. There is no freedom in the presence of so-called authority, i.e. outside of one's Self and Self-Nature.) 2) the handmaiden of autonomy. 3) internal power. 4) Nommo. All authority, like the kingdom of heaven, is within. Be an authority unto yourself as all authority should come from your own authentic experience—that is the only source or wellspring of authority. Authority is the means by which society uses to control its population. Ignoring or belittling authority does not mean people are either good or bad, whether or not they are punished for their insubordination. Healthy people do not need authority figures to tell them what to do, but only the knowledge of themselves. You can teach a parrot to quote from either scripture or statute, but a parrot is not an authority. Only by you becoming truth do you have authority to speak—and then only on your behalf (i.e., your inner truth), your innerstanding. An authority is an eyewitness or an I-witness. and to picture the dynamic truth no proofs or negatives are needed nor possible—as reality isn't certain or static. When you are dead to sin and Alive to the God-Self-Divine, you become the Buddha, the Christ, the true authority within. (See: Obedience, Predictive Programming. Autonomy, Anarchy, Nommo, Sin, Alive. Authentic, Responsitivity, Dharma, Follower, Spontaneity, Conditioning, Conditions, Freedom & Responsibility). [MORE

Corporate Police State - the enforcer of the commodification of life within the Spectacle Surveillance Society. Anyone who thinks that he or she is immune to the baseless destruction of his or her life (including immediate family members) by a "government" or corporation does live in a happy menagerie—enjoy your illusions. (See: GUPI & Judicial Victimization) 

Keeping the Group Hallucination Alive: Trump’s Central Promise is the Elevation, Protection & Promotion of Whiteness - Shrinking White “Race" Fears Demographic Change & Loss of Power, Control

FUNKTIONARY    explains that a "Caucasian" is "One whose worst and most basic fear still remains genetic annihilation in the form of the fear of the impending "Black Planet." Whither goest thou white man? (See: Weiteko Disease,    Yurungu   , Western Civilization, Recessive Genes, Colored People, Melanin & Mutant).    RACE IS A GRANFALLOON. a "psychological retro-virus in people's minds." Suffering from the disease of constant    comparison    racists imagine themselves to be aTOP OF a hierarchy wherein persons unable to produce color & lacking    melanin    are supreme and they imagine themselves to be higher than what they imagine non-whites be. FUNKTIONARY EXPLAINS ‘RACE IS hue-man's greatest and most manipulated myth—just a pigment of your imagination. Race is not real but the psycho-socio-economic effects of racism surely is. Race as a biological construct has been created to be wrongly confused with ethnic identity in order to establish the sense of "otherness" and de-humanization of melanated peoples around the globe.”    The only purpose of race is to practice racism. Having little biological validity, the term "race" is better translated to mean organization. The sole purpose of such organization is to maintain white domination and world control of non-whites. [   MORE   ]    Racism White Supremacy is a virus in the mind, a malignant meme that has both the host of the virus and the whole society sick. [   MORE   ]

FUNKTIONARY explains that a "Caucasian" is "One whose worst and most basic fear still remains genetic annihilation in the form of the fear of the impending "Black Planet." Whither goest thou white man? (See: Weiteko Disease, Yurungu, Western Civilization, Recessive Genes, Colored People, Melanin & Mutant).

RACE IS A GRANFALLOON. a "psychological retro-virus in people's minds." Suffering from the disease of constant comparison racists imagine themselves to be aTOP OF a hierarchy wherein persons unable to produce color & lacking melanin are supreme and they imagine themselves to be higher than what they imagine non-whites be. FUNKTIONARY EXPLAINS ‘RACE IS hue-man's greatest and most manipulated myth—just a pigment of your imagination. Race is not real but the psycho-socio-economic effects of racism surely is. Race as a biological construct has been created to be wrongly confused with ethnic identity in order to establish the sense of "otherness" and de-humanization of melanated peoples around the globe.”

The only purpose of race is to practice racism. Having little biological validity, the term "race" is better translated to mean organization. The sole purpose of such organization is to maintain white domination and world control of non-whites. [MORE]

Racism White Supremacy is a virus in the mind, a malignant meme that has both the host of the virus and the whole society sick. [MORE]

By Charles M. Blow From {NYT] The white male racist patriarchy will not be denied. It is having a moment. It has its own president.

According to a Pew Research Center analysis of race/ethnicity and sex among validated voters in the 2016 presidential election, white men were the only group in which a majority voted for Donald Trump — 62 percent — although a plurality of white women did also — 47 percent.

We are living through a flagrant display of a white male exertion of power, authority and privilege, a demonstration meant to underscore that they will forcefully fight any momentum toward demographic displacement, no matter how inevitable the math.

The fear of white male displacement is a powerful psychological motivator and keeps Trump’s base animated and active.

It keeps farmers holding out hope and making excuses for him, even as his trade war devastates their operations. It keeps coal country loyal, even as the promises of a revitalized coal industry ring hollow. It keeps white voters in the rust belt on the edge of their seats, waiting for the day that he will magically bring back manufacturing. It keeps white voters in the South heated over the issue of immigration and an “invasion” or “infestation” of Latin Americans.

Trump’s central promise as a politician has been the elevation, protection and promotion of whiteness, particularly white men who fear demographic changes and loss of status and privilege.

As Vox reported in 2017, white people of all ideologies, including liberals, become more conservative when confronted with the reality that a rising minority population means a loss of white dominance.

As the psychologist Jonathan Haidt recently told Vox:

“As multiculturalism is emphasized more and more, there emerges a reaction against it on the right, which is attractive to the authoritarian mind and also appeals to other conservatives. And this, I think, is what has happened, this is what Trump is about — not entirely, of course, but certainly this is a big factor.”

It is about stacking the courts, controlling the bodies of women (look no further than the raft of state abortion restrictions recently passed, including the outrageous new abortion law in Alabama), fighting the redefinition of gender as personified by the advances in liberty among people who are transgender, restricting the voting of nonwhite, less conservative groups, and controlling the flow of migrants into the country who do not bolster the white population.

trump hates non-white people.jpg

But the stacking of the courts may well be the thing that makes all the others possible.

While much of the country tries to contend with the unending stream of outrages in the White House, the Senate majority leader is pushing through a steady stream of Trump’s far-right federal judges, often breaking precedent and allowing for their confirmations over their home state’s senators’ objection.

The recent confirmation of Joseph Bianco to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, based in New York, was Trump’s 38th confirmed circuit court judge, HuffPost reported last week, adding:

“That’s more circuit judges than any president has gotten by this point in a first term, and means that one in every six seats on the nation’s circuit courts is now filled by a Trump nominee.”

These are lifetime appointments. Even if demographics change over one’s lifetime, these judges will not.

As a recent Congressional Research Service report pointed out, 90 percent of Trump’s circuit court nominees have been white and 92 percent of those confirmed have been white. Among recent presidents, only Ronald Reagan — who opposed making Martin Luther King Jr. Day a federal holiday, but eventually reversed himself, and who vetoed the Comprehensive Apartheid Act, which, with a congressional override, leveled sanctions against South Africa for its oppressive racist social architecture — appointed and confirmed a higher percentage of white judges.

Eighty percent of Trump’s judicial nominees have been men, and men have been 74 percent of those confirmed.

None of this can fully prevent change, but it can slow it.

The strategy is to find a way to maintain white supremacy, white dominance, without the necessity of a white majority in the U.S. population.

The point is that once white people become a minority in America, the country itself will move from a majority rule ideal to a minority rule one.

Trump will be president for only two more years — or, God forbid, six more — but this tension and standoff over power and status will continue. At present, white men still control much of the power in this country.

Frederick Douglass once said, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” I speculate that this power may not concede until its death rattle.

white supremacy chart 2.jpg

Mr. Blow does not fully understand what the global system of racism/white supremacy is. It is a global system of survival that most white people participate in. It is defined as follows:

Racism White Supremacy - psychopathic degeneracy. 2) "The local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet earth—a planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as non-white (Black, Brown, Red and Yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people." -Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, MD. [MORE]

Whites have always been outnumbered worldwide - hence the need to create a global system for their white genetic survival and control over non-white people. As articulated Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, most white people consciously or subconsciously understand the following;

  • White plus Black equals Colored.

  • White plus Brown equals Colored.

  • White plus Yellow equals Colored.

White people are genetic recessive. In general, this means they cannot reproduce a white child when they have sexual relations with non-whites. The so-called white "race" can be replaced or "genetically annihilated" through such assimilation or social intermingling with non-whites. As white populations have been consistently declining, Black and Brown populations are surging. In fact, according to the Census Bureau, whites remain the only segment of the U.S. population where deaths outpace births And this scares racists to death. [MORE

Persons who classify themselves as Whites make up less than 10% of the world's population. That is, 90% of the world's population of 7 billion people are non-white.  

The "fear of replacement" or fear of losing control over non-whites fuels the global system of white supremacy/racism and causes racists to act genocidally towards non-whites in a perceived "survival game" they are engaged in with "us" (an imagined "other" species. 

Blow states, “The[ir] strategy is to find a way to maintain white supremacy, white dominance, without the necessity of a white majority in the U.S. population.” He misunderstands his actual contextual environment and is caught in the Spectacle presented to him by elites. He naively believes only Republicans are racist and fails to understand that there are different methods of practicing racism and racists may disagree or even wage wars over the ways of maintaining the system of racism. Majority is really meaningless. Whites have always been outnumbered worldwide - yet elite whites control nearly everything of important value and every resource worldwide and control the world’s wealth. As stated by Dr. Bobby Wright, 'everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks in close proximity to each other, whether it is Ferguson, Mo. or Zimbabwe, the whites are in control. Yet Blacks rarely question this extraordinary universal phenomenon which defies every known statistical law of probability.' [MORE]

So the real question Mr. Blow and all non-white people should be asking [as posed by Dr. Amos Wilson]

"[Blacks] must question how is it that a minority people [whites], a very small percentage of mankind, a people who are essentially resourceless in terms of their natural resources, maintain the power they have. Why is it that the peoples whose lands contain the wealth of the earth are the poorest people? Why is it that Afrika with some twenty (20) or thirty (30) strategic metals that make the space age possible — why is it that the image of Afrika is projected at us time and time again as that of starving children, as societies in disorder, as societies on the verge of disaster? This implies that there must exist a political, social situation wherein the mental orientation of our people must be so structured that the power and the ability of the Europeans to rule this earth are continually maintained.' [MORE]

Citing Frederick Douglass, Blow writes, “Power concedes nothing without a demand. I speculate that this power may not concede until its death rattle.” He doesn’t realize that white people’s power is based upon a consensual relationship it has with Black people. Said power will change when the relationship changes. The “demand” is a demand disciplined Black people must make upon themselves to individually drop the subordinate role they play with white people. Such introspection requires courage and effort from Black individuals. This true rebellion has nothing to do with petitioning government authority, moral suasory, singing songs, praying, chanting or other reactionary conduct that has kept Blacks “in a continuous state of checkmate” or in a “losing streak that is centuries long. [MORE

FUNKTIONARY explains that among other things, the imbalanced power between Blacks and whites in the system of racism white supremacy is maintained through cooperative control. ‘Racism/white supremacy is a power group dynamic involving a master-servant relationship between whites and Blacks in a system of vast unequal power and conditions. Dr. Amos Wilson explains, “the oppressive configuration the White man has assumed in relationship to the Black man is in good part the result of the fact that we have permitted ourselves to remain in a complementary subordinate configuration conducive to his oppressive designs.” 

Through the use of unrelenting psyops, elite whites maintain consensual control by keeping Black people in a state of mental maladaptiveness. [MORE] As explained by Wilson, "It is not so much that the European says we are inferior and that the European maligns our character, et cetera. It is the belief on our part that what he says is true that drives us to be crazy. It is a crazy reaction to what the European says, an insane and unthinking kind of approach to dealing with what he says about us, that maintains the craziness." [MORE] and [MORE]. Such a manufactured or falsified consciousness stupidly looks at the imbalance of power as a natural or coincidental outcome.

Neely Fuller explains that in the system of racism white supremacy ‘non-white people, regardless of age function as children. They are the servants to, the victims of, and the "children” under the power and direction of elite racists. Elite racists function as their parents, bosses, masters, and their major decision-makers.’ Elite racists hope and intend to keep all non-white people in a childish condition.’ [MORE]

Numbers do not sustain the system of white supremacy; the world is 90% non-white. It takes great individual effort to recognize your own false programming. But it is necessary to destroy the master-servant relationship helping to maintain the imbalance of power. Watch your mind. When a critical mass achieve a level of “endependence” it will change the world, discarding the old relationship like counterfeit currency.

Trump Administration Wants To Cut Funding For Public Housing Repairs - Thousands of Units [Disproportionately Occupied by Non-White People] Already Unfit for Human Habitation

Ben Carson is Trump's Unqualified Straw Boss or Safe Negro, Loyal to the White Supremacist Ideology & Appointed to Ensure "Fair Housing" Matters are Handled Frivolously    According to    FUNKTIONARY   :    Negro - a man or woman of Afrikan descent living in pathological mental state of cultural abstinence and historical amnesia— one who wants to impress his or her oppressor while ignoring the effects and plight that his or her accommodationist posture inures. [   MORE   ]

Ben Carson is Trump's Unqualified Straw Boss or Safe Negro, Loyal to the White Supremacist Ideology & Appointed to Ensure "Fair Housing" Matters are Handled Frivolously According to FUNKTIONARY:

Negro - a man or woman of Afrikan descent living in pathological mental state of cultural abstinence and historical amnesia— one who wants to impress his or her oppressor while ignoring the effects and plight that his or her accommodationist posture inures. [MORE]

From [NPR] Mold. Leaks. Rodents. Crime. These are just some of the things the nation's 2 million public housing residents have to worry about. Many of the buildings they live in have been falling into disrepair for decades. Public housing officials estimate that it would cost $50 billion to fix them up.

But the Trump administration wants to eliminate the federal fund now used to repair public housing in favor of attracting more private investment to fix up and replace it.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson says the country needs a new approach because the current one is not working. He admits that living conditions for many public housing residents are extremely poor.

"There are two possible solutions. You can just throw more money at it, or you can say 'Why is that happening and why is it getting worse and is there anything that we can do about those factors,' " Carson recently told a House appropriations subcommittee.

Part of the problem stems from a steady decline in public housing repair funding over the past decade. About $2 billion to $3 billion has been appropriated in recent years, half the amount approved in 2000. At the same time, the needs have grown at a more rapid rate, creating a massive backlog.

Tyrone Garrett, executive director of the District of Columbia Housing Authority, is one of many housing officials across the country trying to deal with the fallout. Earlier this year, Garrett announced that his agency faced "a monumental crisis." About 2,500 public housing units in the city — about a third of its stock — are in such disrepair that Garrett says they're unfit for human habitation.

Would we want our parents, our family members, our mothers, or our children for that matter to live in units that are decaying around them?" he asks. Garrett says the answer is obviously "no," but about 5,000 Washingtonians now live in those units. He says his agency needs $343 million in emergency funding to meet the most urgent needs.

Garrett shows what he's talking about at Richardson Dwellings, a public housing complex in Northeast Washington. Like much of the nation's public housing, these two-story brick apartments are decades old and have been patched together with one Band-Aid repair after another. Today, some of the units are beyond repair.

"You have roof leaks, ceiling leaks, probably stemming from something on the roof, decaying floors, walls," says Garrett, pointing to water stains above him in one unit and chipped linoleum on the floor.

The apartment's living room is small and crammed with furniture, piles of personal belongings and a big refrigerator standing in one corner. It's difficult to walk through the room. Scarlet-colored carpeting on the stairway is so loose, it's difficult to walk upstairs because it's unclear where one step begins and another one ends. Upstairs, Garrett points out more water stains on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms, and to black grout between the bathroom tiles.

"You can see where the mold is building up and this is probably more than likely from a lack of ventilation," he says. These apartments were built in 1953 before exhaust fans were standard.

The apartment has other hazards, including lead-based paint, which has made Fields and her family eligible for emergency vouchers to relocate to other housing. She says at least the bug infestations aren't as bad as they used to be.

"It's just the mice. The mice is out of control a little bit," she says.

There's a lot at this complex that threatens the health of children. A tree in the courtyard outside is decorated with stuffed animals and pinwheels — a memorial to a 10-year-old girl who was caught in a hail of gunfire when she went out to buy ice cream last summer and died clutching a $5 bill. Her family is now suing the housing authority, saying it did not provide enough security in an area prone to violent crime.

Garrett says D.C. is not alone. "Other housing authorities throughout the country are in the same boat. We're looking for opportunities to be able to improve the lives of our families, and it's becoming increasingly difficult with the funding cuts," he says. Garrett estimates it would take more than $2 billion to fix up all of the city's public housing over the long run.

But HUD Secretary Carson says the federal government has limited funds and needs to attract more private investment. He told Congress that the administration hopes to address the problem, in part, with a program enacted in the 2017 tax law that provides large tax breaks for investments in what are called "opportunity zones."

"A lot of money will be pouring into those and a lot of these distressed areas are in the opportunity zones — 380,000 public housing units," he told lawmakers. [MORE]

Renters in Chicago's Black Neighborhoods 4 Times as Likely to Face Eviction [by mostly White Landlords] as those in White Areas

From {ChicagoTrib] It first appeared in patches — dark and spotty.

Then with each rainfall, it started to spread across the ceiling, taking on a life of its own.

Mary Williams said that when her landlord neglected to fix her leaking roof and clean up the mold in her bedroom, she stopped paying rent.

“I kept telling them, and they didn’t care,” Williams said. “In my mind, I was saying they’d have to take me to court. Once they take me to court, I’m going to go to the court and show them my living conditions because they won’t come to fix the problem.”

After the landlord filed a complaint to have Williams, a 52-year-old Chicago Public Schools Safe Passage worker, evicted, the two parties settled, allowing her to move out of the South Chicago apartment next month without having to pay the roughly $5,000 she withheld in rent.

In African American neighborhoods like Williams’ South Chicago, landlords file for evictions at a substantially higher rate than in other parts of the city, according to a new report from the Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing, a local housing advocacy organization that reviewed nearly 300,000 Cook County eviction court records for 2010 through 2017. In 2017, landlords in majority-African American neighborhoods filed for evictions four times more often than in white neighborhoods, the report found.

“This is not acceptable,” said Randall Leurquin of the Lawyers’ Committee, who analyzed the data for the report.

“We have a requirement to affirmatively further fair housing, and that’s just not about obtaining a house, it’s also about maintaining a house,” he said.

But seeking an eviction is often the last recourse for landlords after tenants fail to pay rent because filing an eviction case is a costly process for landlords, according to property managers and attorneys who represent landlords. For example, Chicago ordinance keeps landlords from recovering attorney’s fees in eviction cases.

“The idea that landlords who go to these communities, rebuild these properties and, in most cases, provide good housing would venture on a money-wasting and -losing process by filing disproportionately against communities of color is so nonsensical it boggles my mind,” said Michael Griffin, attorney at Sanford Kahn, a Chicago-based law firm that files thousands of eviction cases every year.

Fair housing advocates said the racial disparity in eviction filings is linked to poverty, instability and other historical racial dynamics that warrant further exploration.

Peter Rosenblatt, an associate sociology professor at Loyola University Chicago, said the large disparity between minority and majority-white neighborhoods isn’t likely the result of widespread intentional discrimination by landlords but rather comes from structural racism, which he defined as the historical and contemporary reinforcement of inequality along racial lines.

One contributing factor, Rosenblatt said, could be the high proportion of African Americans and Hispanic renters who pay more than 30% of their incomes for housing, the maximum level recommended as affordable by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

In Chicago, about two-thirds of African American renters and more than half of Latino renters pay above that threshold, compared with only 40% of white renters, he said.

Having to pay that much for housing “can lead to evictions because there’s less wiggle room when other expenses come up,” Rosenblatt said. [MORE]

white supremacy chart 2.jpg