Whitenology: "Straw Boss" Donna Brazille was Not a Powerful Strategist - Just a Potted Plant Like Michael Steele

Donna Brazile: "I considered replacing Clinton with Biden as 2016 Democratic nominee." [MORE] Brazile is a member of the Democratic Party, briefly serving as the interim chairperson for the Democratic National Committee in spring 2011, and assumed that role again in July 2016, until February 2017.

She was the first African American to direct a major presidential campaign, acting as campaign manager for Al Gore in 2000. She has also worked on several presidential campaigns for Democratic candidates, including Jesse Jackson and Walter MondaleGeraldine Ferraro in 1984, and for Dick Gephardt in the 1988 Democratic primary. [MORE] Her actual role in any of said campaigns is a mystery and all were losing efforts. Was she a "straw boss?"

In FUNKTIONARY Dr. Blynd decribes a  

Straw-Boss  - a Sambo who is appointed a certain oversight role for the white power Overseer. It is the job of the Straw Boss to establish a formal organization to effectively and systematically carry out the wishes of the white supremacist power matrix while serving his own personal needs and ends through patronage power. 2) a ranking SNigger. 3) Toby. 4) "Safe Negro." 5) responsible (to teh white supremacist ideology) Negro. 6) the gatekeeper for black professional positions gained through (acquiesed) to various sexual positions. 7) Pork Chop Boy. (See SNigger & McNegro). 

So, Donna Brazile had her fingers on the nuclear buttons while HRC was up in the polls by 20 -30 points? This is the stuff of childish fantasy from a mind controlled victim of racism/white supremacy. About as fantastically unrealistic as the NAACP demanding that NFL commissioner Roger Godell meet with him or else over Kaepernick! Beggars cannot make demands in real life. Racist suspects at the DLC put Brazille in charge of the DNC to create false appearances. Her token representation, a necessary illusion to to give the appearance that Blacks and Latinos have a meaningful role and act as valued participants and major "players" within the Democratic Party. Brazile was in charge of elite whites at the DNC and HRC valued the advice of a Black woman who also functioned as her "close advisor" is fantasy that Black voters want to believe. This propaganda is in line with the programming on television which depict relations between Blacks & whites in various contexts as symbiotic, equal or arms lengths interactions. Brazile served a purpose for the DNC but not the one she believes she served.

Like most of the Black electorate, Brazile wanted to be deceived by Democrats. This is not to to say that Brazile is not intelligent or that her advocacy is not genuine [This is digression and distraction from an actual, ongoing hoax that the GOP dissapeared nearly a million of non-white votes through the Interstate Crosscheck program. It is demonstratably clear that Dem leadership has no real interest in the substantive rights of Blacks - but now we can also easily see the procedural rights of Blacks, such as voting or pretending to vote, are not even taken seriously. In the face of mounting evidence Dem leadership has done nothing to enforce the "voting rights" of Blacks & Latinos). It just means she is a self deluded victim of racism/white supremacy. Belief in racism/white supremacy is making Black people deluded, crazy and mentacidal

Neely Fuller explains, "in a socio-material system dominated by Racism (White Supremacy) many non-white people like to pretend they are in charge, and/or that, it is they who make the final decisions of major matters. Since they do not, it is incorrect for those to pretend they do." 

Racism/white supremacy is carried out primarily through deception; many, many lies and false appearances presented by racists for non-whites to consume. It is designed to subjugate non-whites through the masterful promotion of falsehood. 

Fuller states, "non-whites are not smart or sophisticated in their attempts to prevent being subjugated by White Supremacists. They are usually easily fascinated, deceived and victimized by any white person who believes in and knows how, to practise Racism."  

"Whatever a Black person gets, and/or is allowed to keep, is the result of decisions made by White Supremacists. This is the functional meaning of White Supremacy (Racism) that many people — particularly non-white people — prefer not to acknowledge.  It is correct for all non-white persons to know and understand these things to be true, and to stop pretending that they are not. Non-white people should stop pretending that they have power that they do not have." [MORE]

'Whatever happened or did not happen at the DNC last summer was probably the result of white supremacists/racists as they control everything in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war) - 24/7 worldwide.'

Although the GOP is "the white party" which functions solely as a racist "racial identity" party for whites (the GOP now depends on white votes for 90% of all their votes in presidential elections), the Democratic Party is also a white party - run & controlled by racist suspect elite whites in the DLC. Maintaining the illusion that Blacks and Latinos are important decision makers within the Democractic Party is necessary, as 71% of Latinos, 93% of Blacks, 84% of Native Americans, 73% of Asian Americans but only 39% of white people vote Democrat. Brazille was showcased by racist suspects to maintain our belief - which is part of a much larger deception. 

Amos Wilson explains, 'politicians and the media strive strenuously to convince the Black votary that every conceivable problem which confronts it can be resolved through voting heavily for Black and friendly White politicians. The establishment is ever quick to remind the Black electorate of the historical struggles necessary to achieve their right to vote. It indicts the community for any perceived electoral apathy and seeks to evoke guilt feelings in those who do not participate in the electoral process — making such ritualistic participation emblematic of democracy and first-class citizenship.

This is of special interest when it is realized that very few of the major political, economic and social goals achieved by Black America, including the Voting Rights Act, were accomplished through Black voting prowessThe ballot box has been a relatively impotent weapon in the achievement of major victories by the Black community. Suddenly vigorous protest and direct-action legal suits and extralegal processes such as boycotts, sit-ins, and the like, which were used so effectively by the community to achieve its socio political ends and to fight injustice and oppression, have fallen far behind the election of Black and friendly White politicians to achieve the same ends. Politicians who in no way are interested in developing a program for the economic emancipation and empowerment of the Black community, and who are not committed to neutralizing White supremacy.' [MORE] (For instance, will the new "Blue Wall" or Democract control of all branches of Government in the western states California, Washington and Oregon empower Blacks & Latinos living in those areas of the country? What tangible positive gains will follow? 

It is painful to recognize the powerless reality that Blacks face - but you have to begin somewhere. 

In FUNKTIONARY Dr. Blynd states;

The Electorant - the ignorant electorate—the suckers (voters and "taxpayers") who delegate and abdicate their power to elected and appointed officials (employees) and the system through which voters" will is subverted through statutes, laws and policies not approved or even known in the election process. The "electorant" are always ranting and raving about their sordid and assorted conditions when they are responsible for them by being ignorant of the nature of delegated power and its effect, i.e., arbitrary power wielded with impunity and State-sanctioned immunity. The electorant have no recourse but to fuss and talk about change—utterly clueless. All power of the State resides in those who hold the purse strings. Control of the ""money" is in the hands of those who further use it to corrupt others in order for one to retain power (dynastic banking cartel families) and the other to remain in power (politician). It is a symbiotic racket and one that continues unabated. (See: Voters, GEO-Dollars, '"Monetized Debt," Federal Reserve System. Gangbanking, Elections, MONEY, S&M Banking, Taxpayers, Second Tax. Dumbing-Down & Citizens of the United States).