the Great Brain Robbery: Trump believers thought NPR tweeted propaganda. It was the Declaration of Independence

From [HERE] For about 20 minutes Tuesday, NPR traveled back to 1776.

To echo its 29-year on-air tradition, the public radio network’s main Twitter account tweeted out the Declaration of Independence, line by line.

There — in 113 consecutive posts, in 140-character increments — was the text of the treasured founding document of the United States, from its soaring opening to its searing indictments of King George III’s “absolute tyranny” to its very last signature.

Who could have taken issue with such a patriotic exercise, done in honor of the nation’s birthday?

Quite a few freaky white folks lost it and threatened to shut the station down.[HUH?] Yes jesusized Trump believers who love being dominated by him and love being necessary to his magical domination. [MORE]

Undeceiver Dr. Blynd explains in Funktionary:

Believer - one who accepts that which has no basis in reality. 2) a person who enjoys being deceived. A believer does not seek—just accepts theologies and/or ideologies. 3) one who is addicted to vanity and/or chained to convention with conviction. 4) one who lives in a cloud of illusions, confounded by language and its deceptions. Believers are people who make their lives subjective slaves to a mere belief—engineered my limited and fragmented understanding and fostered by erroneous conclusions based solely on effects and appearances. A true believer would rather believe in something and be wrong than not believe in it and be right. 

Jesusize - to believe in something (or someone—real, mythologized or imagined) or even worship it, based on little (scant and sketchy) to no evidence in support of it (single-source propaganda), and uncorroborated accounts that fly in the face of knows history, facts and science. 2) to turn fiction or fictional accounts into fact and history through propaganda, indoctrination coercion and violence.  Just because a man called "Jesus" did not exist in history does not mean that you cannot become the Christ you are awakening in (or at least to) the Divine Mystery. (See: Jesus Seminar & Christ Consciousness). [MORE]

Dr. Blynd further states, Racism is a "virus in the mind. A racist is a psychopath at war with his own being." [MORE] Suffering from the disease of constant comparison racists and their make believe beliefs, [imagining themselves to be a part of a hierarchy wherein persons unable to produce color & lacking melanin are supreme; imagining themselves to be higher than whatever they imagine you to be] are in a state of non-reality, a play world. "A divided mind, with the an unconscious and a conscious one, can never apperceive things as they are. Truth is adulterated with falsehood in the same proportion to which one is unconscious." 

These believers now have the media chasing granfalloons similar to the way non-white people chase racism and the false concept of race. A granfalloon "is an empty representation, of which one cannot even positively aver that it is even a concept." Dr. Blynd explains are necessary to "the Great Brain Robbery." Never fight (oppose) things that are not or 'what is not'  - as you will stratify your energy and disparate your life force while paradoxically strengthening what is not. If it is an absence - a granfalloon - then don't fight with it, seek the the thing of which it is the absence (for), find it and handle your business accordingly." [MORE]

Would you have a serious discussion with a child about his ramblings on finance? Like listening to a child's babble, there is also no actual substance to racist speech. Its not real. It is nothing to take seriously and analyze. 

Getting caught up in the substance of the story/illusion; that is, caught up in nonsensical unrealities is a trick bag or form of mental bondage, a trap intentionally set that you have been conditioned to fall into.