Reporter Baffled by Trump Supporters' Stupidity [Don't worry about it, Racists Want to be deceived]

Dr. Blynd explains that Racism white supremacy is a virus in the mind. Neely Fuller says that most white people have made racism their religion and have made themselves the God of that religion.

Whenever the unreality of race is present racists are in a real deep state of attachment that prevents them from being conscious. When YOU appear they have checked out and checked into some robotic beliefs going on in their minds. Believing in an imagined hierarchy based on their lack of skin color and inability to produce color they imagine themselves to be higher than what they imagine"others" to be.  This whole little make believe game is going on in their minds. This belief system of racism/white supremacy prevents them from seeing things as they are. Anything done in this sleeping state will be stupid. How could it not be?

Bhagwan explains, "a mind filled with belief always goes on projecting things in the world, it sees things which are not there. This is the problem. The mind which believes is always vulnerable and always provides an opportunity to be exploited by the cheaters - and the cheaters are all around." 

Examples of racial idiocy happen everyday in our lives. Check out the white woman Trump voter in the video above. She was probably primarily motivated by racism to vote for Trump. Here, among other nonsense, this zombie-like lady believes millions of undocumented non-white people in California voted over and over in elections. lol. But don't blame Trump and the thousands of lies he told the white votary.  She wants and wanted to be deceived. If she had not been deceived by Trump, then somebody else would have deceived her. Her racist mind is the problem not the deceivers. 

What did the mostly white jury see when they saw this video of white Charleston cop Michael Slager shooting unarmed Black man, Walter Scott, over & over in the back as he fled? [MORE]   

What did this white Forest Acres cop believe he saw when he saw this Black teenager he tried to kill? He seems to sincerely believe the teen was trying to run him over. But that did not occur. Listen to his explanations. [MORE

Bagwan further states "a mind filled with belief always goes on projecting things in the world, it sees things which are not there. This is the problem. The mind which believes is always vulnerable and always provides an opportunity to be exploited by the cheaters - and the cheaters are all around. . . So who deceives it not the question. It has been my observation that if somebody deceives you, it shows a certain proneness in you to be deceived. And if somebody can lie to you, it means you have a certain affinity with lies. A man of truth cannot be deceived. A man who lives in truth cannot become a victim of liars. Only a liar can be deceived by another liar; otherwise there is no possibility. There are millions of people who are ready to be deceived, who are simply waiting for someone to come and deceive them - because of their beliefs, because of their vicious desires, because of their greed."

Racism/white supremacy is not the only belief and belief sysytem which is foul - all beliefs and belief systems are. Watch your mind - it is a motherfucker. 

The great rebel, Buddha said: "All beliefs are dangerous. You should not believe, you should see. 

Belief is a closing of the mind -- then the aperture is closed, then you don't look." In fact, a man who believes becomes afraid to look. Maybe the truth is against his belief. Then what to do? -- he closes his eyes. It is easier to protect one's belief with closed eyes than with open eyes. Who knows? -- the truth may not coincide with your belief, the truth may shatter your belief, the truth may be against your belief. It may not be Christian, it may not be Hindu, it may not be Mohammedan. Then what will you do? So it is better to remain with closed eyes.

A man with belief becomes afraid: he does not seek and he does not enquire and he does not search. He never explores. He remains stuck with his belief. He holds his belief to his heart; this is out of fear." 

In Funktionary, Dr. Blynd provides the following for greater understanding into the danger of "belief" and "belief systems." 

believer - one who accepts that which has no basis in reality. 2) a person who enjoys being deceived. A believer does not seek—just accepts theologies and/or ideologies. 3) one who is addicted to vanity and/or chained to convention with conviction. 4) one who lives in a cloud of illusions, confounded by language and its deceptions. Believers are people who make their lives subjective slaves to a mere belief—engineered my limited and fragmented understanding and fostered by erroneous conclusions rased solely on effects and appearances. A true believer would rather believe in something and be wrong than not believe in it and be right.  A believer is never a spiritual person, and a spiritual person is never a believer. A spiritual person knows not; a religious person think she knows; a believer only (merely) believes. Unbelievably, a believer elevates the very notion of belief to a higher value than fact or knowing. Belief and believer are one. The condition is thought or belief in form; the two are actually one. Regardless of the particular belief held, it is belief itself which gives the sustaining power to thought. "It is done to you as you believe." -Jesus (of Biblical Myth). Keep believing and it will continue being done to you. All belief is still an act of consciousness, hence it can be reduced to a state of thought. The Law of Belief creates its own law which is changed only by reversing or dispersing the belief. "Believe not every spirit": refers to the psychic confusion of believing. You see, subjective forms are not always what they seem or claim to be. (See: Convictions, Absolute Truth, True Believer, Self-Realization, Prayer, Awakening, Meditation, Buddha-Christ, Stillness, Body of Christ, Knowingness & Blind Faith).

belief system - a model or construct (mega-frame) of consensual reality based on the mythologies, grey lies, and oral traditions of (an)others—mixed (superimposed over or grafted onto) one's past experience, coding and acculturation. 2) a set of beliefs whereby one draws conclusions about the nature of reality and treats the resulting perceptions as though they were absolute truth. A belief system is a set of unasked questions conveniently put aside and rent asunder so that we don't have to seek an answer out from reality. Think!! You cannot keep the view by taking the window with you. You can always test the validity of your belief system by your agility or inability to leap out of it (the frame). The various systems of belief throughout the world do nothing to ease mankind's hatreds, prejudices, wars, conflicts and animosities. It is belief that has caused our fissures and divisions. It is my belief pitted against yours, my rights and your wrongs, my god over your god. Belief has created competing ideals, dogmas and rituals. It has created fear and hatred for its opposite. It is responsible for most of our wars and our individual hostilities. A belief system is responsible for the creation of your physical pseudo-reality and the reflection of that pseudo-reality through your sensorial network back to your mentality. A belief system is also responsible for architecting your artificial construct personality. What you have in mind in the form of persona reproduces itself in like-kind in space-time. To solve (or dissolve) any (or many) of our so-called or imagined 'personal,' or the world's problems, we must transcend belief and knowledge into the real(m) of realization—Self-Realization. Things believed through faith are untestable. The logic of a belief system is so circular that it is virtually inescapable once instantiated. Beliefs tend to be transmitted by believers when they make believers (and non-believers alike) believe the things that transmit their beliefs. Inaccurate beliefs prevail if, when and where they facilitate their own means of transmission (memetic self-replication). Holding beliefs (memetic replicators) causes believers to engage in the very activities that perpetuate them and hold them down in humble or haughty ignorance. Beliefs tend to ameliorate imagination's shortcomings and exonerate us as prisoners of our own delusions. We must see the source of our need for belief (accurate, delusional or inaccurate; with or without faith, ergo neither proof or disproof) among (amidst) its distortions and limitations and then boldly go beyond it. A belief system is a sacred surrogate—a simulation of spirituality; assimulation without direct experience. Just how secure are you in your house of cherished illusions? (See: Self-Realization, Awakening, Knowledge Scrolling, Reality, Faith, Clairvoyant, Perception, Faith Paradox & Absolute Truth). 

belief systems - linguistically created illusions of structured thought. Belief systems are "my truth is better than your truth" systems carved out of absolute truth (abject falsehood) codified as dogma, spread by fear, enforced by hatred, resulting in continuous warring, genocide, and unimaginable atrocities. Belief systems create formulas and fixed patterns (ruts) for living. They provides us with ready-made reactions (not responses) to whatever situation may arise. Thus we are never phfree to act spontaneously in the fullness of any moment. Life is infinite in its unfolding; it cannot be met with formulas and scripts. Belief is a tether that keeps us forever in the tiny circle of our vanities. Ken Carey has aptly noted, "Belief systems are cages created by words, imprisoning their makers. Even insights that accurately reflect reality cannot be preserved effectively by a belief system." Belief systems are the greatest of our shared vanities. We judge, choose, and reach conclusions, and from these conclusions we create concepts and images. We vest these images with the illusion of reality; we give them life, and they in turn allow us to think that we know—but knowledge is always of the past. It is fixed, lifeless and immovable. No amount or quality of belief system can expand knowledge nor bring any justice. Besides, even knowledge is not reality. It is an image and conceptualization that we create of and about reality—a dead thing. Belief systems suck you in but can't get you off. Why are you living your life based on the unquestioned chain of hearsay? Our beloved BS (belief systems) are elaborate mirage-like constructions of vibrations through and to which we chain ourselves: ideas, ideologies, representations, events, and information deemed important and considered as foundational if not real. However, all that we are is an elaborate thoughtform appearing (temporarily congealed as light) within a world of ceaseless change that itself is a thoughtform that we (as human beams) choose to experience as physical and governed by the physical laws through which impersonal Consciousness creatively expresses (self-animates) in the world through undulating patterns of repetitive existential Self-relation. "The pathway to Enlightenment via radical truth is demanding and requires the surrendering of all belief systems. Only then does ultimate reality reveal itself..." -David R. Hawkins. (See: Reversion, Surrendering, Human Beam, Enlightenment, Spiritual Unfoldment & Mind-Inversion)