Message to Magician Trump & his Jesusized Believers: Please Shut the Fuck Up

Trump's rambling of generalized theoretical messages about accountability to the public and independence have absolutely nothing to do with him and what he is actually doing now, here in this present reality. His many words are someone else's talking points. His statements to African Americans, "what do you have to lose?" Meaningless words in his racist mouth that were paraphrased & borrowed from Karl Marx. He is standing for whatever his believers will fall for. [MORE]

Undeceiver Dr. Blynd explains in Funktionary:

Believer - one who accepts that which has no basis in reality. 2) a person who enjoys being deceived. A believer does not seek—just accepts theologies and/or ideologies. 3) one who is addicted to vanity and/or chained to convention with conviction. 4) one who lives in a cloud of illusions, confounded by language and its deceptions. Believers are people who make their lives subjective slaves to a mere belief—engineered my limited and fragmented understanding and fostered by erroneous conclusions based solely on effects and appearances. A true believer would rather believe in something and be wrong than not believe in it and be right. 

Jesusize - to believe in something (or someone—real, mythologized or imagined) or even worship it, based on little (scant and sketchy) to no evidence in support of it (single-source propaganda), and uncorroborated accounts that fly in the face of knows history, facts and science. 2) to turn fiction or fictional accounts into fact and history through propaganda, indoctrination coercion and violence.  Just because a man called "Jesus" did not exist in history does not mean that you cannot become the Christ you are awakening in (or at least to) the Divine Mystery. (See: Jesus Seminar & Christ Consciousness). [MORE]

Doc Blynd further states, Racism is a "virus in the mind. A racist is a psychopath at war with his own being." [MORE] Suffering from the disease of constant comparison racists and their make believe beliefs, [imagining themselves to be a part of a hierarchy wherein persons unable to produce color & lacking melanin are supreme; imagining themselves to be higher than whatever they imagine you to be] are in a state of non-reality, a play world. "A divided mind, with the an unconscious and a conscious one, can never apperceive things as they are. Truth is adulterated with falsehood in the same proportion to which one is unconscious." 

Osho Rajineesh says "beleivers create their own deceivers." 

Trump has found suckers; people who want to be deceived & dominated by him & feel necessary to his domination. In being dominated they feel important [egos elevated] because his domination depends on them. Without believers where would he be? 

With his finger pointing to the moon, Osho provides further understanding in the break down of the following koan; 

There was a monk who called himself “The Master of Silence.”

Actually he was a fraud and had no genuine understanding.

To sell his humbug Zen he had two eloquent attendant monks

to answer questions for him,
but, as if to show his inscrutable silent Zen,
he himself never uttered a word.

One day, during the absence of his two attendants,

a pilgrim came to him and asked:
Master, what is the Buddha?

Not knowing what to do, or how to answer,

he looked desperately around in all directions

for his missing mouthpieces.

The pilgrim, apparently pleased and satisfied,

thanked the master, and set out again on his journey.

On the road the pilgrim met the two attendant monks

on their way home.
He began telling them enthusiastically
what an enlightened being this Master of Silence is.

He said: I asked him what Buddha is
and he immediately turned his face to the east and to the west

implying that human beings are always looking for Buddha
here and there, but actually,
Buddha is not to be found in any such directions.
Oh what an enlightened master he is,

and how profound his teachings!

When the attendant monks returned,

the Master of Silence scolded them thus:

Where have you been all this time?

A while ago I was embarrassed to death and almost ruined

by an inquisitive pilgrim. [MORE