After Cop Killing of White Woman, White Minn Mayor Promotes Caucasional Black Probot as Interim Police Chief

Put in Charge by Whom? From [HERE] Medaria Arradondo, 50, succeeds Janeé Harteau, who resigned Friday at the request of Mayor Betsy Hodges in the aftermath of the outrage by whites over last weekend's shooting death of Justine Damond, a white woman [in below photo], by a Black city patrol officer. Damond had called 911 to report a possible sexual assault near her southwest Minneapolis home and was shot when she went out to talk to police.

Arradondo, nicknamed “Rondo,” needs the city council’s approval before he can begin the job. He served as the department’s public face for most of a week after the July 15 police shooting of Justine Damond, until Harteau returned from "vacation" on Thursday.

According to the Atlanta Black Star [white] people who have worked closely with Arradondo say he has qualities that will fit well with the role: He’s friendly, forthright, has deep city roots and is African-American, which could help improve sour relations between police and the city’s black community. Rondo appears to be a proxymoronic black probot from The Moteasuh Tribe. 

According to Dr. Blynd in Funktionary,

probot is a propagandizing programmed robot. (An official  representative from an organization, agency or institution whose assignment is to make prepared statements and answer "cooked"  (prepared)  questions at news conferences, briefings and the like. A probot is a proxymoron who conveys programmed disinformation in computerized language and bureaucratese jargon. A probot is one who disseminates lies, distortions and convenient mass truths composed by a superior overruling elite. A Black probot, mechanically efficient but with no awareness, is a robot who has been programmed in service of white domination.  

proxymoron is one moron who speaks on behalf of another moron or a whole gang of morons. [MORE]

Mo' Tea Mam? Hiring probotic, proxymoronic Black persons from The Moteasuh Tribe [Mo-tea-sir?] and putting them in charge of police departments & other high places is part of the refinement of the white supremacy operating system. Other Black probot models are law enforcement bosses in Detroit (James Craig) Houston (Charles McClelland, retired but not replaced yet), Dallas (David Brown now replaced by Ulysha Renee Hall) and Milwaukee County (David Clarke, an older bot with outdated, less efficient programming).  

Here in the above video the new chief briefly discusses "procedural justice training" as a communication method to interact with non-white persons [at 25:23]. Such "procedural justice training" is being discussed in various urban environments. It is also part of the the refinement of racism/white supremacy and designed to mirror cosmetic changes in the criminal justice system [discussed infra]. It refers to police officers providing non-white persons with 'a show of respect' during on the street encounters or traffic stops. As Police Chief Medaria Arradondo says 'if a person believes he was treated with respect, dignity and with fairness he won't feel so bad about the outcome and he wll accept it better.'  Yet in a racist system, it is only 'a show of respect' because it is not also real or also resulting in "substantive" justice. During encounters with law enforcement the most important issue is whether cops are in-fact respecting a non-white person's alleged Constitutional rights.  

At its core the 4th Amendment is not about manners, politeness or respect. It is trickery to even conceive of your so-called rights in this manner. The Supreme Court has explained that the "central concern of the Fourth Amendment has to do with protecting liberty and privacy against arbitrary governmental interference." In the context of the traffic stop the 4th Amendment is said to "protect the travelling public from arbitrary action." [MORE] We know this is illusory nonsense when it comes to non-white people. 

An example of "procedural justice training" is on display in the above video of a pre-textual traffic stop of a young Black man for allegedly failing to yield to a pedestrian (the pedestrian actually had one foot on the curb & one foot in the street and the vehicle was in the far right lane on the opposite side of the street or 3 lanes removed from his vehicle [MORE]). After nearly an hour long traffic stop, the dummy white cops finally figured out they had not pulled over a drug kingpin. After interrogating him about his whereabouts, detaining him in public, searching him, his back pack, his car & trunk and FST DUI testing him and terrorizing him the white cop gives him "a break" by  letting him go with a traffic ticket and marijuana citation for possession. The cops were very polite. Thanks master. [MORE]

Does police stop and frisk or "papers please" become less Unconstitutional because a cop is polite as he stops you for an arbitrary reason? It is a tactic of white supremacy to give you something you already have and pretend it is something new. Steve Cokely calls this, "whitenology." He says "never play for your own sandwich" or for something that you already own or inherently possess. The procedural [only] 'show respect' and politeness is deception to make an unlawful police stop or interaction appear normal to you. A major goal of white supremacy is to make white people's domination and control over everything seem natural [MORE] Your belief or 'buy in' or consent enables you to participate and cooperate with your own subjugation. Racists depend on this reaction from us. 'Here, have some respect nigger' is a better way to control the plantation. 

In real life would no 23 ever play for his own sandwich?  If he wins, he would only get what he already has! 

This smarter approach to our domination quiets down non-white persons who are always searching for respect from persons in authority, such as white cops. Beggar politics engaged in by Blacks and Latinos who pretend they can demand things from powerful racists yet they have no power to compel or get what they want. Still believing in moral suasion, always trying to overcome the imaginary granfalloon of race to prove themselves or something to whites in order to change or transform them somehow. In so doing they are functioning as servants who only flatter their masters. Their power depends on this kind of relationship. Why do you depend on the opinions of others? Why so desperate for respect? Is it better to pulled over and have your rights violated by a polite racist cop or to not be pulled over for an arbitrary reason in the first place? Respect as performance is not authentic respect anyway. For what reason would respect ever need to be acted or performed? Neely Fuller said 'if you want some respect look in the mirror and give yourself some.'   

As refinement of racism/white supremacy "procedural justice training" is part of so-called "due process" in the criminal justice system. For non-whites, particularly Black people, the criminal courts produce nothing but the appearance of justice. The [white] 'powers that be' go through great effort to produce this show of something called “fairness” and the court's emphasis on “procedural due process.” This production of the appearance of fairness leaves out no detail. Along with the traditional plastic flags, oaths, black robes, elevated judge platform and high ceilings found in a courtroom, more necessary props are; Black defense lawyers and prosecutors, Black judges, Black courtroom staff and probation officers and of course, occasional acquittals for Black criminal defendants. As we know, there are a disproportionate number of Blacks in the criminal justice system. So how would a courtroom look if all the lawyers, judges, security and court staff were white and the defendants were all Black? It would look like a racist courtroom during the 1950's. This is no knock against hard working, passionate Black lawyers and judges. But they are part of the deception – part of the strategy. They are like the team that plays against the Harlem Globetrotters or a boxer in a fixed fight. The harder they work and more passionate they play - the more real it looks. However, unbeknownst to them, the criminal justice system is rigged to begin with. Whether they like it or not, Black judges and lawyers are necessary participants, players in this racist system game of domination - a necessary illusion. [MORE

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing insisted that Black people study Nazi Germany and frequently compared our condition with the genocide of the Jews (who she asserted were also non-white and therefore destroyed). The courts in Nazi Germany were central in its deception of Jews – who thought of themselves as fully integrated naturalized German citizens [not jew German citizens] and had a thriving professional class of Jewish leaders called the Judenrat (Jews selected or approved of by Germans in power). Think of the people in those Nazi courtrooms. The attorneys and judges were licensed and highly educated professionals. Through their logical machinations those judges and lawyers rationalized, justified and upheld Nazi law and policy assisting in the destruction of Jews and their property. Logic is a whore. The German courts smoothed it out and it probably looked and sounded “fair” to all those who wanted to be deceived. The courtrooms in Nazi Germany also created something they called justice – but we know it was only the appearance of justice.

Certainly the appearance of justice is necessary for any system based on the rule of law. For instance, if parties generally believe a court has made a just decision but are not confident in the random or arbitrary manner it was achieved or processed then the rule of law would be weak - as the court's decisions would not be binding and people would have no confidence (perception) in the law or their “selected leaders.” Naturally, a system that is in-fact fair and just would have to also appear to be fair and just. In such a system substantive due process and “fairness” would naturally result from procedural due process and “fairness” - it would look real because it was authentically real.

However, like the courts in Nazi Germany, courts in America do not produce justice. Justice only exists in a civilized society - something the western (white) world cannot achieve so long as a White over Black system exists. 

Like beggar protests, this powerless victim's temper tantrum had nothing to do with anything that might happen in the case of Justine Damond & it will have nothing to do with the Mayor's future. The problem here is lack of power in a system designed to make us powerless based on skin color. White victims of police misconduct or the criminal justice system generally get all the justice they are entitled to get and more. The system will work properly for the Damond family because she was white. Progress has already been made, there was no video, no witnesses - yet the police chief was fired less than a week after the incident occurred. [MORE] Don't misunderstand your problem, everyday White people also get arrested and charged with crimes. However, when they are - the entire system functions properly: persons are arrested, charged, tried & sentenced fairly and all in due course. If mistakes occur they are generally corrected. White lives matter in this White over Black system.