Protests Erupt @ Brooklyn Bar that Serves 40oz's of Rose Wine in Paper Bags to Racist Suspect Gentrifying Invaders

[gentrification = symptom of White Supremacy] From [HERE] Protest erupted at a Brooklyn bar after they released a press release advertising 40 ounces of rose wine in paper bags and 'genuine' bullet holes 

They met outside Summerhill, a 'boozy sandwich shop' in Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday to protest the 'bar's commodification of stereotypes that only serve to hurt the community'

Summerhill's racist suspect owner, Becca Brennan, wasn't in attendance for the protest but did release a statement condoning her remarks as being 'insensitive.'

In a press release on Monday was an advertisement for a mixed drink next to a 'bullet hole-ridden wall' which was supposedly part of a 'backroom illegal gun shop' In addition to the bullet wall, Forty Ounce Rose - wine bottled to look like a 40 ounce Colt 45 - was mentioned in the release with Brennan adding that she wanted to put them in paper bags

People on social media also voiced their disdain with the restaurant's publicity stunt and gave them one star on review sites such as Yelp. [MORE]

Above, affordable housing is on permanent hold in downtown D.C.

Gentrification is only a symptom of the problem of racism/white supremacy. Whatever happened or did not happen in Brooklyn is the result of white supremacists/racists; as they control everything in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war) - 24/7, worldwide. 'When you move people around you destabilize them. They can never settle. Gentrification or "Racial Dislocation" is an Integral, Ongoing Part of White Supremacy.' - Neely Fuller. Here, the victims may play like they have a say in all this but they don't. That is the problem. Time to deal with things as they are and not as we want them to be. 

Now you must make an appointment to use the public field to play soccer in the Mission in San Francisco.