Baltimore Cop on Video Sucker Punching Black Man in Bogus Arrest for Loitering - $35 Million lawsuit filed

From [HERE] and [MORE] Kollin Truss, a Black man is seeking $35 million after he says a Baltimore police officer, Officer Vincent Cosom beat him up for no reason at all.

The video tape shows the victim being punched in the face repeatedly. The officer throws looping haymaker blows that land to the face or head of Truss. Apparently, the two had words in a liquor store after the cop asked him to leave the store. The officer waited for him outside and shortly thereafter approached him and sucker punched him. The officer claim he had probable cause to arrest Truss for loitering.

In a statement of probable cause, when Cosom asked him to leave, he says Truss stated `[expletive] you. I will see you when I get outside.”  

Truss was charged with misdemeanors, including assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication. The charges were dropped. [MORE]