"Israelien" [imposters having no ancestral connection to Afrikan Hebrews] Soldiers Murder 18 yr Old Palestinian Medic while he was Treating Injured Protesters in the West Bank

israel murded medic.jpg

According to FUNKTIONARY:

Israeliens - imposter (pale interloper alien) Hebrews—Eastern European stock Caucasians who adopted the philosophy, myths, fables, and traditions of the so-called "Jews" while living in Russia—masquerading as if they had any genetic or historical ancestry and cultural heritage to the Afrikan Hebrews, the Afrim people, who occupied Canaan (Palestine) from ancient times. 2) those who currently are occupying Palestine (the land of Canaan), colonizing and killing its rightful descendants, historic owners and dwellers), and are undeniably alien (foreign—not aboriginal) to that land. 3) imposter Hebrews originating from the Pale of Settlement in Kazzarian Russia currently an occupying force (militarily holed-up and propped-up by US financial support and British skullduggery) in occupied Palestine. 4) alien Jews—Pinchbeck Hebrews. Israeliens are East Europeans with no genetic or actual historic ties whatsoever to the land now called Palestine. Israeliens have brainwashed (and fooled themselves and many others into believing this historical lie and propaganda that they are the descendants of "Jews" (a misnomer for African Hebrews, itself a misnomer for the Afrim people). Anyone with a modicum of research skills, knowledge of basic geography, philology, and an unbiased-by-religious-myth mind can easily confirm or validate this fact for his or herself. Both so-called Sephardic and Askanazzim "Jews" are not historically tied to the Afrim. It's not that Caucasians who have adopted the "Jewish" religion shouldn't have a place to live—but how about suggesting relocating where they came from—the hills of Russia, and not on another peoples" land. You don't invade (break into) someone's house (property) and expect them to just go away and not fight to get it back (despite how much force, murdering, deception, and propaganda that is brought to bear to justify such wrongful invasion and genocide). Psychological repression is both invisible and reflexive. (See: Zionism, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, Genocide, Immigrant Human, Evolution, Caucasian, Pilgarlick, El & Judaism)