'Who supplies the lies we all consume?' Elite US Media is Lying About Venezuela to Con-Sense-Us into Believing an Artificial Reality in which Robbery [theft by force] is Justified

According to FUNKTIONARY:

Media- a mind-shampoo and conditioning process of the Greater System—"the media is the mirage." 2) the psychotherapist for the Greater System—a conditioning process and a subdivision of Commerce. 3) the guardian of the Commodity and Spectacle. 4) the misinformation cul-de-sac. 5) reconditioned reality. "Every media extension of man is an amputation." -Marshall McLuhan. "In our society, the media functions as a collective nervous system or immune-response task force, inoculating the social body against any new pattern or incoming information that might threaten the conventional value and biases." -Daniel Pinchbeck. All mainstream media is "doubt-sourced" information (prepackaged programmed propaganda)—consider the source; consider the agenda; who supplies the lies we all consume? (See: "Greater System," Spectacle Society, Great Lie, Propaganda, Televasion, TV, LIAR, Consensus Reality & Camera)


MEDIA - Mind-controlling Everyone's Decisions and Ideologies in America. 2) Mindless Entertainment Deviation Indoctrination Alienation. 3) "Multi-Ethnic Destruction In America."-Professor Griff. 4) Brainwashington, Drone City. 4) Mentally Entraining Drone Information Anonymously. 5) Marginally Entertaining Distraction In Amerika.

According to Amos Wilson, "the most effective means of disseminating and reproducing ideas in society is to have that community perceive their dissemination and reproduc­tion as the work of disinterested, unbiased, non-manipulative, liberal yet authoritative, White American individuals, groups, or institutions, or as flowing from sources independent of the marked influence of the powerful. Thus, White America strongly pushes and projects the powerful mythology of independent, liberal American media, universi­ties, and other information processing establishments. That is, America loudly congratulates itself for what it calls its "free press" and mass media which permit the free exchange of ideas. . . Most are not mindful of the fact that the American press and mass media are privately owned, profit-making, White elite-controlled corporations.” 

According to FUNKTIONARY:

consensus - the hypnotic communal cultural trance—the collective psychosis. 2) a common agreement about reality. 3) an artificial overlay or semantic screen (filter) that obfuscates clarity of our subjective reality. 4) a search for an acceptable myth. 5) an opinion or position no one really likes, but everyone is seemingly able to live with it or through it. It is impossible to ever find (or experience) reality by consensus. Consensus is the art of conning the group—Con-Sense-Us—you con. Consensus has nothing to do with census, but with common sense, albeit mostly manufactured through programming and social conditioning of the masses. (See: Consensus Reality, Split-Mind, Mirrorealization, Predictive Programming, Conformity & Funnel Vision)

consensus process - a group decision-making paradigm/system wherein the goal being the attainment of a decision with which everyone voluntarily participating can agree (assent to), without the imperative of unanimity or the resort to the win-lose democratic (mob rule) process of voting, i.e., decision-actions may either be carried out (if the dissenters deem it a minor opposition, or if it is deemed a major opposition), the decision-action is postponed and the onus of resolution is placed on the dissenters, while the group proceeds on other business matters to be addressed. 2) a form of self-governmental legitimization. (See: Belief Space, Communitarianism Stratocracy. Citizen & Symbiocracy)

consensus reality - a movie comprising belief, expectation and the magic of agreeing. 2) an aggrieved upon hallucination. Consensus Reality is the most malefic trickster of all. Whether you think you can or you can't, or whether you think it is or it isn't, you're right! (See: Maya, Granfalloons, OWLs & Dreamland)

consent - voluntary and explicit agreement. Anything done under the guise of consent can be done by consent. (See: States)

consensual validation - pretending to agree on a thought form level only. The supposed agreement that we're all seeing the same things in an external objective reality "out there'" is a pretense—we have all been programmed to have the same expectations of what is being seen—with threats of force and violence (only when necessary). Get real, frank and honest—you have to start where you are. Stop pretending. People can't stand other people being honest or real, it's always easier to be a polite hypocrite. 'This experience right now is your door to freedom, just like this, nothing needs to change." -Chameli Ardagh. The door away from and back to ourselves are within us. How fortunate we are that it lies within all of our hearts. (See: Funk Dojo, Kingdom of Heaven, Spiritual Provocation, Experiences. Program. Seeing. Looking, Thought Form & Authenticity).