Proxymoronic Puppetican Trump Parrots Racist Dummy Sean Hannity in State of the Union Address to Believers in Agreed Upon Illusions

Media Matters reports President Dummy Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address sounded remarkably similar to the commentary aired on Sean Hannity's Fox News show. Above is a side-by-side comparison they complied.

As defined in FUNKTIONARY:

dummy - a wooden puppet or programmed dupe that only speaks when spoken through. 2) one seeming to act independently but in reality controlled by another. -Webster's Dictionary. I know it's hard for most people to imagine themselves as dummies, but the reality of our circumstances painfully underscore this sad fact. How else could it be that for eons, centuries, and even up to this day, that the elite few rule, fool, divide and terrorize the many? If we imagine that we are free, we won't ever suspect or imagine we are dummies. Seeming to be free and actually experiencing, i.e., load testing, your alleged freedom are two different things altogether. As long as we seem to be free (despite all the facts to the contrary), it is most trivial to be manipulated and conned into doing the will of another against your own vital interests. If and whenever one is willing to overcome denial and accept his or her apparently free condition as false or an abject delusion, then the strings of control that have been (mis)guiding you will begin to become noticeable or perhaps even felt. What part of you has been complicit in ''pulling the strings" of the puppet master as the fat lady sings another stanza from the star-spangled banter? (See: Politician, Borg, Zombie, Proxymoron, Jehovah's Witness Protection Program, Dummy Return, True Believer, Perceptions & Disciple)

trump clown guy.jpg

FUNKTIONARY explains: “Throughout history many intelligent thinkers all around the world have tried to contemplate or design some way to have "government" and freedom too. Failing miserably and repeatedly to find one either in practice or in theory, it is time for intelligent human beings to give way to beings of higher consciousness using sagacity and sapience to finally realize that:.

1) "government" itself is a deadly mental contrivance and immanent threat to their freedom;

2) there is no way to prevent "government" from constantly increasing its power and eroding freedom;

3) "government" itself being a reification (deadly cartoon) will vanish when the illusion on which it rests dissipates. [MORE]