The Whitewashed NFL Showcased Coin-Operated Negro Entertainers & Token Negrataries who Bounced, Grinned & SNiggered Across the Screen at the Super Bowl to Enrich Elite Whites

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Nigrataries (outspoken-token) Negro dignitaries Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young along with symbolic rolebot Rev. Bernice King, the youngest daughter of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. kicked off the Super Bowl on Sunday by taking part in the ceremonial coin toss. King flipped the token, tweeting moments after that this was a "significant moment." 

"My mission is #JusticeForAll, Humanity is turning the tide and our efforts must include bridge builders, strategic negotiators and ambassadors," King tweeted. [MOREYes yes exactly, that plus moral suasion is just what it will take to fight the power of racism/white supremacy and end Black people’s centuries long losing streak and continuous state of checkmate!

BOHICAN - Bend Over Here It Comes Again Negro. As explained by Doc Blynd, “the value of a dollar, will never, ever drop as low as the standards of some miseducated self-hating Negroes to obtain it." Members of The Moteasuh Tribe let it be known that Kaepernick or solidarity against Doggy’s oppression will never trump master’s rewards.

Showcase Blacks Have Priceless Value to Racists in System of Racism/White Supremacy. "Showcase Blacks" are high-profile blacks that are constantly paraded before the public. They may be political dignitaries, pro athletes, entertainers, educators, business people, judges or elected officials. Their real purpose is to mask the REALITY of being black in America. [MORE] They are rewarded handsomely for their activities by elite whites who control the media and the domain of discourse. 

Elite racist suspects have created an army of showcase Blacks. They are a necessary illusion of the media, which Dr. Blynd calls  a "mind shampoo"- shaping the thoughts and understandings of non-white people with miseducation about themselves and their environment giving them a false consciousness - a mind filled with lies, non-realities and self-hatred. According to Neely Fuller, in a system of racism white supremacy Non-white people function as children in their relationships with white people (their masters). The matrix reality portrayed on television/movies functions to keep Black people in a child like state; people see, people do. FUNKTIONARY explains, “Entertainment is mental masturbation bringing you to indoctrination—coming into your (five) senses. The goal of entertainment is entrainment—to rot the minds of the populace—that is, what's left of them.”

Bear in mind that white supremacists/racists control the show. Showcase Blacks are not showcasing themselves, they are being showcased by elites to promote some aspect of RSW.

Verizon showcased token NFL head coach Anthony Lynn of the Los Angeles Chargers (12-4). In a league where at least 70 percent of the players are African-American he is one of the two black coaches [Mike Tomlin] in the entire league of 32 teams. In the commercial he praises white public servants [“1st responders”] who came to his rescue after a car crash in 2005 and cries in the arms of a white woman who helped save him. A nice result that is incidental or random in a system of coercive, consensual control by government. An authoritarian system in which orderlies, costumed or otherwise, treat Black people more like enemies of the state and slaves than it saves them from harm. Here in this constructed reality, coach Lynn is showcased as an illustrative example of how Blacks should interact and appreciate government “servants” and what to expect from them. The commercial also promotes the common function of elevating governmental systems into the minds of all viewers. FUNKTIONARY explains this as “SELL-A-VISION” in the “place and time we occupy where we are offered the image and never the reality.” In reality the public is not the servant. Police, for instance, so frequently abuse their power that no Black or Latino motorist, juvenile, adult or professional of any kind—could make a compelling argument that so-called constitutional rights afford any real protection from the state.

According to FUNKTIONARY

whitewash - the glossing over of wrongdoings or using deception, symbolic subterfuge or historical-revisions to conceal the magnitude of terrible happenings, especially those suffered by Black and other sun-kissed pigmented peoples at the hands of Europeans (i.e., Anglo-Saxons, Arabs, Jews) originally sanctioned by the Pope and the Catholic Church, and that of the notorious bloody Corporate State. (See: Racism White Supremacy & His-Story)

The Moteasuh Tribe - the miseducated coin-operated buck dancing, sole-shuffling, politically dis-appointed kneegrows who pander to Massah's agenda - Mo' Tea Sir? This tribe of sorry ass kneegrows follow the dictates and even orchestrates the marching bandits of racism white supremacy as spewed forth from the mouthpieces of political power within the borders of the Witches Castle. It's the Condi-Clarence-Powell complex - that is, those who do Massah's bidding as if you weren't kidding yourself that you were doing otherwise. Keep your eyes on the lies, the liars, and the disguise. (see McNegro). 

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Professional Sports - a socially insignificant form of amusement (synthesized and packaged reality) designed/used primarily to pacify the masculine population by absorbing their aggression and (secondly) to keep them distracted from liberation technology (by maintaining mental impoverishment), and lastly to peddle beer and unass them, i.e. take their “chicken” from them and leave them scratch. (See: Consumerism, Testosterone and Tumescence).

Entertainment Criminals - the Media Mafia. If you give them your attention, you give them your power, unless you can observe the Spectacle without involvement, consumeristic demand or mindless attachment to a virtual world. [MORE]