With a Mission "to Defeat Hate," NAACP Urges "Associated Confused People" to Vote for More Friendly Masters in Upcoming Elections [in “Advancement" of an Agreed Upon illusion]

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From [HERE] When Derrick Johnson, national president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said he sees a mission that is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago, and maybe more so given the divisive political climate.

“We’ve seen a rise in racial hate crimes and intolerance since the 2016 elections,” Johnson said before the start of the MetroCom NAACP Unit 4019, Davenport’s annual Freedom Fund Black & White Ball held Saturday at the Rogalski Center at St. Ambrose University, Davenport.

This year’s theme for the NAACP throughout the country is Defeat Hate-Vote.

“A big part of that is because not enough people are participating to ensure their voices are heard,” Johnson said. “Our goal as the NAACP is to change the political landscape to ensure that the elderly are cared for, our young people are prepared and those who are disadvantaged are protected.”

The NAACP itself is 109-years-old, he said. “It was founded by African-Americans, whites, men and women. We recognize that if you discriminate against one community it’s discrimination against all communities. It undermines and subverts democracy as a whole.”

That’s why it is so important to vote, he said.

“Voting is the currency of our democracy,” Johnson said. “Voting is essential to being heard. We must vote in order to be heard.

“I think in this political landscape a lot people, not just minorities, are feeling left out and ignored,” he said. “They don’t feel a part of developing a country that reflects their needs and interests.

“It is the role of the NAACP to be a vehicle to ensure that all people have their voices heard,” he said.

It is imperative, Johnson said, that people vote to ensure that they put into office individuals who will represent the needs of the community. [MORE]

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CHOOSING NEW MASTERS IS NOT FREEDOM. Like most Black people the NAACP is engaged in an other directed struggle that will never solve any of Black people’s problems. 'Other directed' here refers to what Amos Wilson described as,

"black consciousness and behavior under the various regimes of White domination characterized by habitual thought patterns and behavioral tendencies which render them pliable to White authoritarian/authoritative social control with minimal resistance; which induce Blacks to accept their subordinate status as natural, perhaps actually to misperceive their oppression as freedom." 

Such a created mind or falsified consciousness in a system of white supremacy "requires that Blacks involuntarily and obsessively deceive themselves. This collective self-deception, which is the benchmark of oppressed Black consciousness, is the main product of White-Black social power relations, motivated by anxiety and ignorance, founded on the denial and distortion of reality. Such a consciousness and its produced behaviors require that Blacks operate against their own best interests in the interests of their White oppressors; that they be self-denying, self-defeating, and oftentimes self-destroying, while convincing themselves that the opposite is true.' [MORE]

An example of self deception from false programming are beliefs in the concept of government in a democracy in which they participate through open, fair elections where their leaders are chosen. This is nonsense.

In photo Congressman Greg Meeks (D-N.Y.). Among other things this puppetician supported THE “   Protecting Consumers' Access to Credit Act    of 2017.” The legislation allows payday lenders to ignore state interest rate caps on consumer loans TO RIP OFF BLACK PEOPLE as long as they partnered with a national bank. [   MORE   ] he also voted to Make Assault on a Police Officer a Federal Hate Crime. [   MORE   ]

In photo Congressman Greg Meeks (D-N.Y.). Among other things this puppetician supported THE “Protecting Consumers' Access to Credit Act of 2017.” The legislation allows payday lenders to ignore state interest rate caps on consumer loans TO RIP OFF BLACK PEOPLE as long as they partnered with a national bank. [MORE] he also voted to Make Assault on a Police Officer a Federal Hate Crime. [MORE]

First of all do puppeticians really “represent” you? The claim is that the people, by electing certain individuals into positions of power, are “choosing their leaders” and that those in office are merely representing the will of the people. During every election friendly white puppeticians and bourgeoisie negros from The MoTeaSuh Tribe try to convince the Black votary that they share the same interests and that by voting for them they are in fact helping themselves also. Although racism white supremacy causes more problems than a math book for Black people, the notion of neutralizing white supremacy or economic emancipation and empowerment is never on the agenda.

Amos Wilson explains, 'politicians and the media strive strenuously to convince the Black votary that every conceivable problem which confronts it can be resolved through voting heavily for Black and friendly White politicians. The establishment is ever quick to remind the Black electorate of the historical struggles necessary to achieve their right to vote. It indicts the community for any perceived electoral apathy and seeks to evoke guilt feelings in those who do not participate in the electoral process — making such ritualistic participation emblematic of democracy and first-class citizenship.

This is of special interest when it is realized that very few of the major political, economic and social goals achieved by Black America, including the Voting Rights Act, were accomplished through Black voting prowessThe ballot box has been a relatively impotent weapon in the achievement of major victories by the Black community. Suddenly vigorous protest and direct-action legal suits and extralegal processes such as boycotts, sit-ins, and the like, which were used so effectively by the community to achieve its socio political ends and to fight injustice and oppression, have fallen far behind the election of Black and friendly White politicians to achieve the same ends. [MORE]. In reality so-called “representative governments” are constantly doing things their subjects do not want them to do. Larken Rose explains,

“Even in theory, the concept of “representative government” is inherently flawed, because “government” cannot possibly represent the people as a whole unless everyone wants exactly the same thing. Because different people want “government” to do different things, “government” will always be going against the will of at least some of the people. Larken Rose explains, Even if a “government” did exactly what a majority of its subjects wanted (which never actually happens), it would not be serving the people as a whole; it would be forcibly victimizing smaller groups on behalf of larger groups.

Furthermore, one who represents someone else cannot have more rights than the one he represents. To wit, if one person has no right to break into his neighbor’s house and steal his valuables, then he also has no right to designate a representative to do that for him, To represent someone is to act on his behalf, and a true representative can only do what the person he represents has the right to do. But in the case of “government,” the people whom the politicians claim to represent have no right to do anything that politicians do: impose “taxes,” enact “laws,” etc. Average citizens have no right to forcibly control the choices of their neighbors, tell them how to live their lives, and punish them if they disobey, So when a “government” does such things, it is not representing anyone or anything but itself.

Interestingly, even those who talk about “representative government” refuse to accept any personal responsibility for actions taken by those for whom they voted. If their candidate of choice enacts a harmful “law,” or raises “taxes,” or wages war, the voters never feel the same guilt or shame they would feel if they themselves had personally done such things, or had hired or instructed someone else to do such things. This fact demonstrates that even the most enthusiastic voters do not actually believe the rhetoric about “representative government,” and do not view politicians as their representatives. The terminology does not match reality, and the only purpose of the rhetoric is to obfuscate the fact that the relationship between every “government” and its subjects is the same as the relationship between a master and a slave. One master may whip his slaves less severely than another; one master may allow his slaves to keep more of what they produce; one master may take better care of his slaves – but none of that changes the basic, underlying nature of the master-slave relationship. The one with the right to rule is the master; the one with the obligation to obey is the slave. And that is true even when people choose to describe the situation using inaccurate rhetoric and deceptive euphemisms, such as “representative government,” “consent of the governed,” and “will of the people.”

The notion of “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” while it makes nice feel-good political rhetoric, is a logical impossibility. A ruling class cannot serve or represent those it rules any more than a slave owner can serve or represent his slaves. The only way he could do so is by ceasing to be a slave owner, by freeing his slaves. Likewise, the only way a ruling class could become a servant of the people is by ceasing to be a ruling class, by relinquishing all of its power. “Government” cannot serve the people unless it ceases to be “government.” [MORE]


Dr. Blynd explains in FUNKTIONARY

voting - a pacification (sucker) process which allows the votary to make choices provided to her/him, not decisions. 2) a "privilege" of U.S. citizens to do it behind a curtain—as long as they do it alone. 3) political masturbation exercises for those who can't cop real power. 4) a habitually accepted imposition that gives the votary-vassal-suckers an illusion of inclusion or participation. 5) an act of self-abuse. People mistake their voting for their voice—as the voice of the people is seldom, if ever, their own. While some died fighting for the privilege (not right) to vote or not to vote, they were restricted and therefore had no choice in the matter. If voting was a right, no one would ever have had to lose his or her life in a struggle to exercise that right. The Voting Rights Act of 1964 demonstrates that voting is a civic privilege (franchise) bestowed upon a people instead of the act of voting being an inherent right where exercise of the option to vote is one's own decision without an attached obligation (compulsion) or expectation (compunction).

We need to establish and assert our economic rights and declare our "endependence" by designing, collectively owning, controlling and administering our own systems of monetary and economic exchange (that funktion in the interests of its creators and participants) so as to take ownership of our bodies, labor, and fruits of our mental assets in the form of substantive rights receipts (circulating "money" in electronic form or circulating cash). Whoever creates the symbol that acts as a claim on your labor or wealth (in the absence of any other competing system of exchange) is the true owner of same—and you remain a slave to their system of unjust enrichment for exploitative gain. When we learn to vote with our own "money" and control the systems wherein economic power is wielded, political voting will be seen for the wholesale fraud and sham that it really is so that you may one day respect yourself the morning after voting.

Voting without having economic rights and control of substantive rights is voting fraud—you get what you got laid for—a royal screwing (Phillips or Flathead) and it's your own undoing. When we learn to finally wean ourselves off of the official Corporate State imaginary debt-based "dollar" it will one day (like Marvin used to say) make'em wanna' holler! Governance is for mature, clear-thinking, evolving, creative, humane, compassionate, non-coercive, responsible, unselfish and non-authoritarian people who overstand the difference between mutually voluntary acts (overruling self-government) and veiled commands (rule of compelled performance). The Pathocracy grooms and pre-selects those paraded in front of you whom you imagine your votes are counted towards resulting in the "elect." The Elect (the Elite—the aristocratic Dominant Minority families), openly hidden among us transcending generations, plot the scripts through their think tanks, foundations, parallel governments and other high occultic orders that are carried out by the lower level controllers (the puppets). Why would anyone knowingly give away power of attorney over their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to a bunch of psychopaths, I mean politicians—i.e., Congress collectively? Why would a significant portion of the population give up their birthright (inalienable rights) to become a fictitious entity (citizen of the United States created by Congress in 1866) just for the "benefit" to vote in the very system that is destroying them?

Voting only provides evidence of our complicity as imagined participants in an already-decided outcome. Our existence as economic units (producer-consumers) simply serving a greater overruling elite and their Agenda. To those who believe in democracy—overstand that the act of voting itself is the source of your own pain. Those who look to the political process or political system to end or undo the madness ruling planet earth are simply wasting their precious time. But the choice, as always, is yours—even if it has already been selected for you. You get the democracy you deserve. We are still holding onto the twin illusions: that democracy is an ideal of freedom; and that democracy prevails in the Western world. Voting, like the old shell game, is a racket you can't win. Whichever you choose, you're sure as hell to lose. Happy Voting! (See: Voting Booth, Citizen of the United States, Democracy, Agenda 21, Elections, Politicians, Quirkers, Council on Foreign Relations, Politics, Inalienable Rights, Pathocracy, SLAP-House, Voting Hoax, Economatrix, Funkonomics, Ritual, Politician, The Guardians, Think Tanks, Congress, Substantive Rights, Holodeck Court & Ho Reps) [MORE] and [MORE]

Elections - the tricks of the Elect; the advanced auction of stolen goods. 2) rituals where periodically citizen-subjects are called upon to "participate" in the staged-hoax ratification of one group of state managers or another, which provides the comforting illusion of "democracy" where none exists. 3) Dumbocracy in action; stage prop to enable the puppeteer and his puppeticians to pull the strings of you and me. 4) show and shell games. 5) the orchestration and preservation of the illusion of choice and open competition. . . Elections are always an attempt to stymie cognitive dissidents' (the unlearner and the natural man) and the working poor's struggles, to silence legitimate outrage at psychological, social, judicial, and economic oppression and demands of self-determination. Those that "get in" long before they are chosen by the Elect (the ruling elite) are groomed and tested for their loyalty to the dominant minority ruling class over the interests of the individual or the commoners as we are referred to when in a more jovial mood. Money only makes you eligible, power determines if you're suited to do their bidding and act as a distraction (sideshow) away from the shadow or parallel government where the Agenda of the Pathocracy gets executed while the Punch and Judy show of sham participatory democracy (three-ring media circus) plays out as a daily dose of entertainment for the clueless, conditioned and apathetic masses (the voting public, i.e. citizens of the United States). [MORE]

The Electorant - the ignorant electorate—the suckers (voters and "taxpayers") who delegate and abdicate their power to elected and appointed officials (employees) and the system through which voters" will is subverted through statutes, laws and policies not approved or even known in the election process. The "electorant" are always ranting and raving about their sordid and assorted conditions when they are responsible for them by being ignorant of the nature of delegated power and its effect, i.e., arbitrary power wielded with impunity and State-sanctioned immunity. The electorant have no recourse but to fuss and talk about change—utterly clueless. All power of the State resides in those who hold the purse strings. Control of the ""money" is in the hands of those who further use it to corrupt others in order for one to retain power (dynastic banking cartel families) and the other to remain in power (politician). It is a symbiotic racket and one that continues unabated. (See: Voters, GEO-Dollars, '"Monetized Debt," Federal Reserve System. Gangbanking, Elections, MONEY, S&M Banking, Taxpayers, Second Tax. Dumbing-Down & Citizens of the United States).