Paterson Race Soldiers Caught on Video Assaulting Deaf Black Man

From [HERE] A white city police officer is seen striking a Black suspect in the back of his head while struggling to handcuff him in a video that circulated on social media over the weekend.

Raaseon Adams, 42, of Paterson, is the man being punched at least three times by an unidentified police officer, who, along with two other officers, is attempting to handcuff the resisting suspect, on the sidewalk of Godwin Avenue between Carroll Street and Rosa Parks Boulevard, according to police and family members.

“Why was he beaten up?” asked activist Bilal Hakeem on Saturday. “My nephew is deaf and mute.”

A dozen onlookers gathered around the scene. After the officer struck Adams several times, the crowd began to react. Some taunted the officers and one person hurled an object at them.

Rucker said Adams suffered a seizure soon after he was put into handcuffs.

Adams was caught up in a police drug bust in the area, according to municipal officials. [MORE]