North Miami Beach Cop Kicked Visibly Pregnant, Unarmed Black Woman in the Stomach, Forcing Her to Give Birth


From [HERE]  and [HERE] Just after 8:30 last night, Miami Beach Police rushed to Española Way to find a woman who was eight months pregnant in distress. The woman told police she was having severe abdominal pain and contractions after another woman had beaten her in the stomach.

Police quickly found her attacker: 26-year-old Ambar Pacheco, who works as a police officer in North Miami Beach. Pacheco didn't deny the brutal attack on a "visibly pregnant" woman, MBPD officers say in an arrest report.

Ambar Pacheco, 26, admitted to attacking the woman, claiming the victim’s boyfriend kicked her sister in the face. Pacheco said, "I saw red and beat the shit out of her."

The woman was taken to an area hospital, where she ultimately gave birth, The Miami Herald reported.

Pacheco, a police officer in North Miami Beach who was off-duty at the time of the attack, was arrested immediately and charged with a felony count of aggravated battery on a pregnant woman.

A spokesperson for NMBPD, Maj. Richard Rand, said that Pacheco has been with the department for less than a year and was “relieved of duty” pending an investigation, New Times reported.