In the Fake World of Court it is Nearly Impossible to Prove Reality [racism] While Ignoring It. No Hate Crimes Charged in the Nia Wilson Case as Killing Spree by Angry Neuropeons Rolls On

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Unequal Protection of the Law[less Society]. From [HERE] In the aftermath of 18-year-old Nia Wilson’s murder on Sunday night, Oakland transit police initially described the brutal attack against Wilson and her sister on a public transit platform as “random.” But social justice scholars and activists say that a white man’s violent attack against two black women — 26-year-old Latifah Wilson survived her injuries and is currently hospitalized — cannot be removed from the context of gender and race.

John Lee Cowell, 27, was booked on violating parole, assault with a deadly weapon, and first degree murder on Tuesday. According to local news reports, Cowell boarded and exited the same BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train as the two sisters, but they never exchanged words. Latifah Wilson told ABC7 that after the attack, Cowell remained in the station and stood on the platform while wiping the blood from his knife.

BART police’s initial characterization of the attack as “random,” angered many people in the Oakland community, who criticized the use of the word early on in the investigation. Police eventually said that they can’t rule out any possible motives and that they don’t have evidence that Cowell was part of a white supremacist group.

John Cowell, the white man charged with murder and attempted murder in connection with Sunday night's BART stabbing, made his first appearance in court Wednesday.

"It's a brutal, horrific murder and attempted murder," said Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley.

Cowell is charged in the stabbing death of Nia Wilson and the premeditated, deliberated, attempted murder of her sister Letifah Wilson. But no hate crimes. 

O'Malley said her office is still investigating whether the stabbing was a hate crime.

"There has to be evidence that it was motivated by hate and in this case, whether it was motivated by their gender or by their race, we're still gathering the evidence to look at that," said O'Malley. [MORE]

Similarly, racist suspect prosecutors in Pinellas County (FLA) are investigating the killing of Markeis McGlockton, a black man who was gunned down in a parking lot by another, angry neuropeon Michael Drejka last Thursday. After mis-applying the FLA stand your ground law racist suspect cops declined to arrest Michael Drejka. [Drejka did not have a reasonable belief that he faced either imminent death or imminent great bodily harm from the unarmed Black man who was backing away from him from 10 feet away. As such, the use of deadly force was not necessary under the circumstances and stand your ground does not apply [MORE].] It was murder and only a mind filled with racist belief could miss what is right in front of him.  Racist suspect prosecutors have yet to decide whether said murderer will be charged with murder. 

In the Wilson case the Oakland prosecutor is looking for smoking gun, tangible "evidence" that reveals the mind of a racist decision maker. Evidence such as a statement that the killer made racial slurs while killing the victim or an admission like 'I hate blacks & want to kill them' or specific documents detailing plans to target Blacks or the killer was wearing a KKK hood during the murder or he maintains active membership in an official racist organization - an endless futile search because such admissible evidence exists only in the most egregious cases [Dylann Roof]. Despite the intentions of the "do-gooders" involved, this fake search is done for appearances and is designed to rarely result in justice for the victims of white supremacy. The public's [white and non-white] belief in the "fairness" of this process is the only substance to this racist charade or con-game. In general, said "belief" in such processes is the only thing holding together the legitimacy of the legal system besides brute force.

PropaGhandi complaining by liberals about racial injustice in the legal system gets drowned in the moat and never makes it way into the material facts or processes of cases in actual courtrooms. Reality or anything too real (such as racism) in court is simply unbelievable to judges, prosecutors, probation officers and jurors in the fake world re-created in court. Race is a 4 letter word in courts and defense attorney's know to keep their mouths shut about it because it is going nowhere fast. Courts are "race-neutral" - as race neutrality is presumed in the legal system. In other words, the presumption despite staggering evidence of the system of racism/white supremacy - is that nondiscrimination is the norm. Such a presumption functions as official approval of racism by the "legal system."  Reality is flipped upside down in courtrooms, and the system of racism/white supremacy, the context in which all things happen to non-whites, is disregarded by design. {said version of reality is similar to the false world presented by elite whites on TV and movies depicting Blacks & whites living/working side by side and having arms lengths conversations and interactions as cooperating partners.] Fantasy shit in a "lawless society." When judges, prosecutors and probation officers hear the sound of hooves they think of unicorns not horses.

In the real world most white people are racist. Neely Fuller explains, "most white people hate black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you." 

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Derrick Bell explains, "the Court's failure to recognize the pervasive influence of often unspoken racism is a failure to deliver upon the promise of equal protection for black persons in our system of justice. For to require the [defendant] to produce concrete evidence of discrimination, in effect, is to hold that [defendants] may almost never prevail in race discrimination cases." Courts are committed to maintaining the status quo of unequal power and conditions in the system of racism/white supremacy

Fuller states that racism is not merely a pattern of individual and/or institutional practice; it is a universally operating "system" of white supremacy and domination in which the majority of the world's white people participate. The word "race," has little biological validity but is translated more correctly as "organization," the sole purpose of which is to maintain white domination and world control of non-whites'. [MORE]  "There is no known code of White Supremacy that can be formally recognized as such in a single set of words or pictures. The basic code of white supremacy is the total pattern of everyday thought, speech and action of the individual white persons who practice it. All things that help to promote it are apart of the white code."  [more]


As defined by Dr. Blynd in FUNKTIONARY

Lawless Society - a socio-juristic human relation confliguration where law is upheld, codified, and deified over humanity. If you fear or worry about its advent, you'll certainly never recognize its presence. 2) a Police State of the Overruling Class.

Lex-icon - law as image - the appearance of justice (the form) over the substance of justice via truth and law over humanity. 

Neuropeans - (Neurotic Europeans) - neurotic, ignorant, narcissistic and self-deluded white supremacist Caucasians operating at the mythic and rational levels of consciousness only. 2) Fascists. (See Weitko Disease, White Supremacy and Yurungu.)

Neuropeons - neurotic, stupid and self deluded poor white trash. 2) skin heads 3) Nazis, neo-Nazis and Theo-nazis (See KKK, WOTAN, Weitko Disease, Fasxism, Racism White Supremacy, Stupidity, Ku Klux Klan & Yurungu).  

anger - a prophylactic protection against mental and emotional pain—active sadness. Anger is the emotional chemical reaction produced when the ego is confronted with an aspect of self that it has rejected, judged as "evil," experienced as insecurity and a threat to self-identification. 2) stubbornness breaking through truth to reality. [MORE]

proof - merely a form of truth—self-contained, self-contaminated and self-referentially explained. Reality is as oblivious to proof as water is to a duck's back. Proof is like Teflon—it's a slippery non-stick coating. Reality-based truth always evolves independent of proof s illusions. Truth for most folk is based on proof but what is proof based on? No one has proof that it is not truth itself. Remember, we live in limit-proof and proof-retardant reality—not in axiomatic or dogmatic retarded truth. If you really want to prove something, why don't you "prove" that you can't prove anything—a fascinating paradox indeed! There are things you can now think of that have no known representation in reality. "One can never really give a proof of the reality of anything; reality is not something open to proof, it is something established. It is established just because proof is not enough. It is this characteristic of language, at once indispensable and inadequate, which shows the reality of the external world. Most people hardly ever realize this, because it is rare that the very same man thinks and puts his thought into action." -Simone Weil. Our perceptions of reality, due to the nature of infinity) can be (and indeed is) constantly open to revision and correction. However at each instant (actuality update in the Literal Present) there can be no doubt that there are some realities realized by a supreme indisputable reality: our self-consciousness. Like truth, proof employs limits. Limits are not truly limits but variables. All variables of infinity, including past, present and future, interact through consciousness. Among the most marvelous implications of infinity is that everything is interconnected—but not at the expense of free will. Proof is conditional and contextual because the opportunity for change is never withheld or diminished—not for anyone or anything—ever. To escape a fate implied by proof, we move away from the conditions and context. We move by believing, not by proving. Blazoned with the golden heresy of truth—alas, must we be stuccoed slaves of axioms to prevent the arrant escape of "let's keep it 100" proof? (See: Logic, Axioms, Uncertainty, Faith, Belief, Truth, Truth-Based Truth, Reality-Based Truth, Quantum Reality & Infinity)