New McDonald's Commercials Use "Showcase Blacks" to Imply that Speed Eating its 1/4lb Sugary SHamburger & "Genocide Fries" Won’t Cause McSweats or McIndigestion

Showcase Blacks Have Priceless Value to Racists in System of Racism/White Supremacy. Coin-operated SNAG and "showcase Blacks" are high-profile blacks that are constantly paraded before the public by elite whites who control the media and all other areas of people activity. They may be political dignitaries, pro athletes, entertainers, educators, business people, judges or elected officials. They are rewarded handsomely for their activities and their created personas are a career investment. But they are disposable [see Cosby]. Their real purpose is to mask the REALITY of being black in America. [MORE] People see People Do; another purpose is to control conduct & thought by setting the parameters of acceptable behavior with the numerous characters and personas that Showcase Blacks portray in the media. They set examples and teach lessons to other Black people as directed by elite whites. Showcase Blacks are a necessary illusion of the racism/white supremacy system.

Bear in mind that white supremacists/racists control the show. Showcase Blacks are not showcasing themselves, they are being showcased by white supremacists to promote some aspect of RSW.  [MORE]  

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Above showcase Black, Gabrielle Union looks concerned and she really should be because she is eating a SHamburger and selling out her people during her coin-operated experience.


From [HERE] and [HERE] FOOD at McDonald’s is higher in calories, sugar and salt than it was 30 years ago, despite its pledges to be healthier.

Fries, cheeseburgers and quarter-pounders all had more calories compared to a leaflet put out by the chain about its grub in 1989. The Quarter Pounder with Cheese, for example, is 285 per cent higher in sugar than it was in 1989. And the level of sugar in the Big Mac has surged by 221 per cent.  The Filet-O-Fish has three times the sugar than 30 years ago

Levels of protein have fallen in most McDonald's burgers in the last 30 years.

Sugar was up to three times higher in its burgers — including its Big Mac and Filet-O-Fish.

Meanwhile, levels of protein have fallen in most burgers and by a fifth in its chicken nuggets.

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Professor Graham McGregor, of Action On Sugar, said: “These figures truly are shocking.

“At a time when the food industry should be making strides to reduce the amount of foods high in sugar, salt, saturated fat and calories, McDonald’s is clearly lagging behind.”