Gang of White Cops in Milwaukee Didn't Have Tasers So They Beat Black Man Into Coma w/Batons, Fists & Boots

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From [HERE] A new video has surfaced that shows a new angle of the Milwaukee police fight Wednesday that ended with the suspect being beaten and hospitalized, and four officers being disciplined. 

Police were called to a domestic violence incident near 51st Street and Capitol Drive on Wednesday night.

YouTube video courtesy of Galaxy Click TV shows the suspect, Demetrius Lowe, already bleeding from his face, standing and screaming his own name while being hit in the legs by batons.

He fought back until multiple officers took him down. He was punched, kicked, and stunned with a Taser for at least three minutes.

The head of the police union is saying the situation would have been different if more officers had Tasers.

In the dashcam video provided by police, one of the officers is heard asking for a Taser.

A picture sent to WISN 12 News shows a note posted at District 7 about missing Taser holsters. An update from April 27 says, "All Tasers will remain out of service until those two missing holsters are returned."

"Some of those officers who otherwise would have checked out a Taser were unable to check out a Taser. Now a Taser is an advantageous device that can end a potential ugly use of force scene quickly," said Mike Crivello of the Milwaukee police union.

Lowe's family said he's in a coma, and they still aren't allowed to see him in the hospital. Their lawyer has sent a letter to the police asking police to reconsider.