[Contravening the 2nd Amendment] NRA Ad Calls for Violence to Silence Legitimate Outrage @ Government Oppression

Messaging to Zombies. The NRA, a tricked out organization that whores for Doggy and Crimeth Inc., is looking for a few suckers or sheople to join its ranks. What the NRA is calling for here is the opposite of what the 2nd Amendment stands for as an auxiliary right, supporting the natural rights of self-defense and resistance to oppression and tyranny from the Government. [MORE] In reality, the NRA are upholders, supporters and perpetrators of the institution of the White Supremacy Dynamic. [MORE] They sell fear to racists and support the Governmental oppression of non-white people. 

Dr. Blynd explains in FUNKTIONARY 

Crimeth Inc. - an elite class of intergenerational financiers and psychopathic human parasites. Crimethlnc. is a faction of men and their legal fictions created in this Matrix by those who make them rob widows and orphans, who take your sons and daughters into pre-emptive corporate invasions and occupations of foreign lands, who kill the innocent, jail the just, mine the womb of your daughters, devour the weak, terrorize and falsely imprison political activists, traumatize the oppressed, and covet the wealth of all. 2) Back-on-Track crime. 3) the twisted empty-souls of humanity's invisible oligarchy. Crimethlnc. is a geo­political agreement among territorial gangsters to share power over looted differential wealth of people's labor, minds, lands and natural resources. The objective pay-off is still empire no matter the condition of the ecology or many people expire. (See: Doggy. "Credit" & Reificarion)

Sheople - economic prey. 2) those who are both sheep and asleep. 3) people who mindlessly let others do their thinking for them. 4) people who are not in control of what they allow themselves to come to believe in. 5) people who have not taken personal responsibility to question their belief, faith, the content of truth, the nature of subjective reality. 6) those who watch major misinformation and propaganda television networks presumably for news that is factual. Sheople blindly follow a path where reality is excluded from the process. Are you the shepherd, or the flock? Are you the prisoner, or are you the lock? Sheople line up to get fleeced at the Baa Baa Shop. Scientific studies have found that it takes a minority of just 5 per cent of what they called "informed individuals" to influence the direction of a crowd of a minimum of 200 people. The remaining herd of 95 per cent follow without even realising it. The coziness of millions of others just like you give you a false sense of safety, but there is no life worth living where reality isn't the glue. Sheople are those whose eyes the shepherd has pulled the wool over. Will the sheople ever wake up and see the light? Na aa aa.   (See: Internal Revenue Service, Authority, Regalia, Obedience, Judicial Victimization, Mind Viruses, Jury, Psychological Reversal, Memes, Shephard, Eugenics, Danger, Intellectual Incest, Faith Paradox, Belief, Predictive Programming, Conditioning. Fear, Gun Control & Predatory Economics) shenanigger - a Negro (neo-lawn-jockey) who carries out Step-n-Fetchit type activities/actions (shenanigans) for the dominant immoral minority (the psychopathic white power semi-organism), i.e., the Rhodes, Rothschild Anglo-Saxon Zionist power clique, unknowingly at the expense of him/herself and knowingly at the expense (sell-out/buy-out) of his/her people and culture. (See: McNegro, Coin-Operated, The Moteasuh Tribe. Sambo & SNigger).