Cambodian Woman on Bike w/Child Asks White Man: 'Why Are You Calling Me Bitch? Why Are You Calling Me Nigger?'

Answer for Cambodian Woman: 1) 'Most white people hate non-white people. The reason that most white people hate non-white people is because whites are not non-white people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you.' -Neely Fuller [MORE] Most White People Love to Hate Blacks. Its a Hatred that makes them feel good, righteous and justified.' [MORE] 2) Provocative racists love to provoke you to bring the nigger out of you for their amusement. Non-white people, especially Black people have been programmed to react in certain ways and they enjoy watching you react. 

You must become aware and meditative to deal with racism in the present moment. Analyzing a racist episode after it occurs does not help you deal with the present moment. Your knowledge will be stale and always too slow for the right now moment; it can only help you react not respond to what is going on. [MORE]

From [HERE] What was supposed to be a pleasant bike ride for a family in Sunnyvale, California, ended in a racist incident on Thursday evening.

Paula Nuguid was riding with her 9-year-old daughter when they needed to make a left turn.

An unidentified man in a car behind them apparently didn’t like waiting, so he began to honk the horn, according to Nuguid’s Facebook post. Nuguid said he called her a bitch.

She then confronted the motorist, an encounter she documented on video.

“Why are you honking at me? Why are you calling me a bitch? Why are you calling me a bitch? You’re in a two-ton vehicle and my daughter and I are on our bikes,” she can be heard shouting.

Nuguid added some additional information in the comments section:

“Some background: This happened to me today at 4:33pm as I was traveling south on Frances St in the downtown area of Sunnyvale, California, which is part of Silicon Valley. I was trying to make a legal left into a parking lot where Frances St and Olsen St intersect. His claim I made an illegal right is absurd [the substance of racism is make believe]. I was traveling east in the bike lane on Evelyn Ave and the light was green as I turned right. 

 “I was signaling left and waiting for oncoming traffic to pass when this man began incessantly honking at me, calling me a bitch, and telling me to get out of his way. I was attempting to make a left the way the California DMV recommends (see screenshot).”

In the video, as Nuguid tries to explain that she is making a legal left turn, she approaches the driver.

“How fucking dare you, you entitled white prick?” she can be heard saying.

He responds, “Oh, shut the fuck up.”

When Nuguid tells the driver she “can tell you’re not from California,” he replies, “You fucking Cambodian n****r, get out of here.”

When she informs him the encounter is going to be on Facebook, he grins while repeatedly saying, “Awesome.”

Nuguid told RawStory that she and her daughter both cried after the experience and that she’s been forced to explain racism to her kids. [MORE]