GOP Propagandizes the Alleged Baseball Massacre

The Media Made a Man So Angry @ Trump That He Shot up Random Republican Representatives on a Baseball Field in Front of Cops in Broad Daylight. Familiar Narrative We Are Conditioned to Believe? As with other suspected false flag/uncle sham hoax events 1) the alleged perpetrator is conveniently shot dead by police or conveniently leaves an ID behind or easily surrenders. 2) Dead terrorists can't talk but these cold killers also conveniently leave behind an unauthenticated web page, manifesto or diary complete with a complete confession to crimes or where other inculpatory, unverifiable statements from social media are attributed to him; or if the terrorist is still alive they issue a press release or provide a full recorded confession to police (which also provide motive and point to other tangible evidence); 3) the alleged perpetrator pre-meditated and carefully planned the entire episode - except, of course, his getaway and like wearing a mask - b/c they want to get caught & then be killed - but still have their story told. 

Case closed before its opened. No need for any formal police investigation or investigative reporting: all evidence is conveniently turned over to the media in a little box. These stories become truth without questioning. [MORE] Naturally,  4) there is no need for an actual adversarial trial with discovery, rigorous cross examination, scrutiny of witnesses, evidence and statements in a forum where the rules of evidence would be applied to so-called evidence. 5) Then, the media employs a 'let's focus on the victims approach' instead of a presentation of actual facts about what occurred -9/11 style.

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Propaganda - a psychological technique and means by which the lawless confound the lawful (dwellers upon the land). 2) any message intended to influence whether true or false. 3) disinformation used as programming that in its absence wouldn't stand up itself nor stand up for itself by itself. The Jesuits were the ones who invented the word and the first to systematize its practice. Propaganda is memes distributed with an external anchor and an embedded carrier. Propaganda is to be used as subversion, which is the undermining or detachment of the loyalties of significant social groups and their transference to the symbols and institutions of the aggressor-oppressor. "It is a political necessity to destroy the African consciousness of colonialized Africans or African people." -Dr. Amos N. Wilson. As for the minds of the general public, the most sinister part of The Matrix in which we now live is that you have been cajoled and convinced to suppress your own free will and surrender to the manipulators who control not just your mind, but your entire reality. Edward Bernays, the father of modem propaganda, explained: "If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it... We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of... In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons— who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind." "Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which they live is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one's self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all," -Michael Rivero. (See: Public Relations, Memes, Mind Viruses, Dance of Truth, Absolute Truth, Human Language, Memetics, Good & Evil, Confusion, False Flag Operation, Nine-Eleven, MEDIA, Propagenda, The Truth, Subvertilizers, Evolution, Religion, State, Symbolaeography, Voting, Elections, Orderlies, Corporate State, "Government," "Rolebot" & Reification)  

 Full of Shit. From [Media Matters] and [HERE]  James T. Hodgkinson, a man with a record of domestic violence, a legally purchased assault rifle, and a valid concealed carry permit, on June 14 opened fire on Republican congressmen and staffers practicing for the congressional baseball game.

The FBI is still investigating the incident, but one thing is already clear about this latest example of unhinged gun violence. The overwhelming evidence of conservative media's influence on a significant number of deadly incidents makes their attempt to deflect attention from their role in creating a toxic political culture both cynical and exploitative.

According to reports, the gunman had shared anti-Republican sentiments publicly online and had been critical of the president. Reports of the shooter’s political background immediately prompted unscrupulous right-wing hacks to pounce on the tragedy, looking to exploit the terrifying gun violence incident as a way to score cheap political points by blaming the left. In a new display of audacious defiance of reality, conservative voices have put the blame of the shooting not only on the left, but also on the press and various celebrities as well. But, blaming the left or the media for Hodgkinson’s actions is equivalent to blaming Jodie Foster for the attempted assassination of former President Ronald Reagan.

The gimmick, however, is deplorable not just for its cynical exploitation of fear, pain and human tragedy; it’s also a hollow attempt to distract from the conservative right’s own responsibility in creating a political culture that inspires violence by fanning the flames of hatred. It’s a red herring aimed at avoiding the obvious, and very concrete, policy-centered conversation that needs to happen around gun violence.

Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, two of the loudest conservative voices, immediately blamed the shooting on “the left” and “left-wing news media.”

The NRA, an organization that customarily deflects conversations about gun violence by blaming fatal shooting incidents on video games, political correctness, and strict gun laws, skirted its own precedent to also blame the left at large for the shooting. [MORE] Other White Party freaks have blamed the following: 

  1. Snoop Dogg: WorldNetDaily cited Snoop Dogg as an example of a left-wing figure whose opposition to Trump “adds up to a culture teetering on the brink of disaster.” Fox's Eric Bolling also referred to Snoop Dogg when he claimed, “Crazy people act on the crazy things they hear from politicians and celebrities.”
  2. President Obama: Right-wing radio host Michael Savage alleged that former President Barack Obama had “been screaming for” people to “kill” or “shoot” others.
  3. Madonna: Fox’s Steve Doocy and Sean Hannity and far-right outlets WorldNetDaily and Breitbart blamed Madonna for the shooting.
  4. New York theater production of Julius Caesar: Fake news purveyor Freedom Daily cited a New York theater production of Julius Caesar as a cause of the attack, saying the show's Caesar -- who is assassinated -- represented Trump.
  5. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch: Bolling, far-right conspiracy theory outlet Infowars, and fake news purveyor TruthFeed blamed former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for the shooting, citing her remarks about how those who have fought for social justice bled and even died for their causes.
  6. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA): Infowars and TruthFeed took Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA)’s comments about “fight[ing] in the streets” out of context to blame him for inciting violence.
  7. Kathy Griffin: Bolling, Hannity, Breitbart, and TruthFeed cited comedian Kathy Griffin's commentary on Trump as one of the causes of the attack.
  8. Democrats: TruthFeed, Freedom Daily, and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed that “Democrat leadership” is “100% complicit in this tragedy.”
  9. The deep state: Infowars’ Alex Jones blamed the “deep state” for the shooting.
  10. Southern Poverty Law Center: Breitbart wrote that the shooter “liked” Southern Poverty Law Center's Facebook page, and that the SPLC hasn’t retracted “repeated attacks on Rep. Scalise.”
  11. CNN and MSNBC: Savage also said the heads of CNN and MSNBC were “propagating hatred on a daily basis,” which led to the shooting.
  12. The investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia: Chatter Media’s John Cardillo tweeted that “those pushing false Russia narratives have blood on their hands.”
  13. Mainstream media: “Alt-right” trolls Jack Posobiec and Nick Short, Fox’s Lou Dobbs, Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson, as well as hacker Kim Dotcom blamed mainstream media for the shooting.