Only in Black People's Dreams Does Voting Heavily for Black & Friendly White Politicians Equate into Black Power

No Choice. The Black votary expressed a preference for the only human being in the Alabama Senate race on Tuesday. Now what? Is Mr. Jones interested in developing a program for the economic emancipation and empowerment of the Black community and is he committed to neutralizing White supremacy?

voting power - an oxymoron. 2) a transitory form of illusory power. 3) the appearance of power without the juice. [MORE] As explained by Dr. Blynd,

"When we learn to vote with our own "money" and control the systems wherein economic power is wielded, political voting will be seen for the wholesale fraud and sham that it really is so that you may one day respect yourself the morning after voting.

Voting without having economic rights and control of substantive rights is voting fraud." [MORE]