[don't bullshit yourself] 70% of White Voters Voted for Racist Roy Moore [because most white people hate Black people]

The Chart Above Explains How the White Votary Voted. White pundits and journalists and their black probots & clones are going out of their way to sugar coat reality here. White voters in Alabama connected with Roy Moore, an avowed overt racist Neuropeon - child molestation charges be damned. Exit polling indicated that 95% of all Blacks voted for Jones but when it comes to the white vote analysts chop up the white demographic into so many sub-groups as to render its group identity meaningless - which is laughable in the context of a system of racism/white supremacy and during a political campaign than had everything to do with race and hatred of Blacks, Latinos & muslims. Like Trump's racist campaign, Moore's campaign was designed to appeal to white people as white people... not as union-members or as unemployed people or as home-owners... as white people. Only 27% of the white votary supported Doug Jones and roughly 70 - 73% of whites voted for Moore. The white votary did not want to elect any perceived "nigger loving Democrat" and they tried not to - but not enough of them turned out to vote.

The child molestor charges gave the white votary a way out but racism/white supremacy was and remains their priority. "People who classify themselves as White, who wish to be taken seriously, and who are righteous and responsible, will only talk about ending White Supremacy (Racism) and replacing it with Justice." [MORE]

Shenaniggers such as Charles Barkley are being showcased by the media to promote some sort of redemption for Democrats or Alabama. The Black votary had no meaningful choice but to vote for the only human being in the race. Blacks were merely the means to victory for Jones. After this spectacular distraction dies down, Jones most likely will pursue the DLC agenda of defending upper class wealth and corporate power of elite whites. The election did however, provide the comforting illusion that Black people participated in a democracy - where none really exists. The election was what it was but don't become part of any deception and do not create more deceivers. 

what is a shenanigger?"It is pathological for Blacks to keep attempting to use moral suasion on a people who have no morality where race is the variable." [MORE

Most white voters in Alabama voted for Roy Moore because most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you." -Neely Fuller and [MORE]."