Trump Stood For Anything the White Votary Would Fall For. Racists Want to be Deceived & Might Believe Anything [know that]

[MORE] Racists have propelled Trump into the Whitehouse. Racism is a "virus in the mind." [MORE] Suffering from the disease of constant comparison racists and their imaginary cartoon beliefs, [imagining themselves to be a part of a hierarchy where persons unable to produce color and lacking melanin are supreme; imagining themselves to be higher than what they imagine you to be] want to be deceived. In a state of unconscious stupidity a racist might believe anything. According to FUNKTIONARYto "believe" is to wish one had proof or could rely on the illusion of proof to uphold a cherished assumption not based in or supported by the fundamental nature and workings of reality. All believing is make believing b/c to know, only you just have to know; whereas to believe, you have to make others believe also." A "believer" is one who accepts that which has no basis in reality; a person who enjoys being deceived." [MORE] These programmed victims create their own deceivers. So, don't blame Trump or fake news. Trump fulfills a need and if he wasn't around some other deceivers would take this fool's place. 

Watch your mind. Because if you begin to believe in their fairy tale - that you are somehow inferior to all powerful whitey- then you are also going crazy. Self oppressive. Dr. Bobby Wright calls this "mentacide."

Bhagwan says: 

"Whatsoever you believe, you project. Belief is a projection.

It is just like a projector in a movie film-house:

you see something on the screen which is not there.

The projector is hidden behind,

but you never look at the projector, you look at the screen.

The projector is at the back,

and the whole game is going on there,

but you look at the screen.


The whole game is going on in your mind,

and a mind filled with belief

always goes on projecting things in the world,

it sees things which are not there.

This is the problem.

The mind which believes is always vulnerable

and always provides an opportunity to be exploited

by the cheaters - and the cheaters are all around.

The whole path is filled with robbers, because no map exists.


Moving into religion is moving into the uncharted,

into the unmapped. Robbers can flourish there very easily,

they can wait for you - and they are waiting.

And sometimes, even if the person is not deceiving you,

you want to be deceived. Then you will be deceived.

Nobody can deceive you if, deep down, you are not ready to be deceived.


Just a few days before, a man came to me and he said:

A baba has deceived me, and he is a great yogi.

I asked him: And what has he done?

He said: He can make gold out of any metal.

He has shown me and I have seen it happening with my own eyes.

Then he said that I should bring all my gold

and he would make it tenfold.

So I collected all my ornaments

and he has simply escaped with them. He has deceived me.


Everybody will think that he had deceived him,

but I told this man: It is your greed that has deceived you.

Don't throw the responsibility onto anybody else.

You are simply foolish. Greed is foolish.

You wanted your ornaments to be made tenfold.

That mind has deceived you; the other person has simply used the opportunity.

He is just a clever person, that's all. You are the real problem.

If he had not deceived you, somebody else would have.


So who deceives it not the question.

It has been my observation that if somebody deceives you,

it shows a certain proneness in you to be deceived.

And if somebody can lie to you,

it means you have a certain affinity with lies.

A man of truth cannot be deceived.

A man who lives in truth cannot become a victim of liars.

Only a liar can be deceived by another liar;

otherwise there is no possibility.

There are millions of people who are ready to be deceived,

who are simply waiting for someone to come

and deceive them - because of their beliefs,

because of their vicious desires, because of their greed.

And remember well that greed is greed,

whether it exists in the material world or in the spiritual

makes no difference." [MORE]