Protecting & Serving White Supremacy: White Prosecutor Declines to File Charges Against Seattle Cop who Punched Handcuffed Black Woman in the Eye

"You Aint Shit"  From [HERE] and [HERE] A white King County prosecutor announced that a Black Seattle police officer who punched a handcuffed Black woman will not be criminally charged. 

Seattle police released the digital in-car video of a police officer punching a handcuffed woman after she assaulted him. 

On June 22nd, Officer Adley Shepard responded to a call of domestic violence at a Seattle home. Miyekko Durden-Bosley was involved in the dispute and was handcuffed and placed into the backseat of the police vehicle. According to the Shepard, Bosley kicked him which prompted him to respond with a punch to her face. The blow broke her eye socket. In the video after the  Black cop is kicked he is under no immediate threat of violence because Bosley had been thrown into the backseat and her feet were on the floor of the car - her hands were handcuffed. [MORE]

At an evening news conference, Gerald Hankerson, president of the Seattle King County NAACP, sharply criticized King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg over his finding that Officer Adley Shepherd acted within legal bounds when he punched the woman and fractured two bones in her right eye orbit.

“That punch was a retaliatory act, not a tactical act,” Hankerson said.

Hankerson likened the case to the deaths of two black men, Eric Garner in New York and Mike Brown in Missouri, and the decisions of grand juries not to indict white police officers for their killings.

However, Shepherd, 38, is African American, as is the woman he punched, Miyekko Durden-Bosley, 23, who was initially arrested for investigation of domestic violence. She later was booked for assaulting a police officer but never charged. [MORE]