Wisconsin Police Force Investigates Itself & Concludes that Violent Arrest of Black Woman was Definitely Consistent with Policy of Racism

What is white collective power? From [HERE] The Superior Police Department has wrapped up their internal investigation into the actions of Officer George Gothner following a controversial arrest in the Keyport Lounge parking lot.

Following a month long internal investigation, the Superior Police Department has determined that Officer George Gothner's use of force was justified following the violent arrest of Natasha Lancour in the Keyport Lounge parking lot on January 5. Also, last month a white Bayfield County prosecutor decided that no charges would be filed against the white cop. [MORE]

The internal investigation focused on two issues:

First- was the force used making the arrest reasonable and consistent with policy? More on the policy of white supremacy [HERE]. 

Superior Police Chief Charles LaGesse says the use of force was both reasonable and consistent with the policies of the department and the training provided by the State of Wisconsin. He says the finding is based on a review of the arrest conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

Secondly, the investigation looked into Gothner's conduct and communication with Lancour during the arrest.

The department concluded that Gothner failed to utilize proper communication skills and was vulgar and unprofessional in his initial contact with Lancour and his words were a violation of several department policies.

As a result, Gothner was suspended for 10 hours without pay.

"Superior police department places great value on our relationship with the community. This trust has been eroded by the public perception of this incident and we will strive to win that back by living through the tenets of our mission statement," said Superior Police Chief Charles LaGesse.