"please don't do me like that." Video Shows White Chattanooga Overseers (Officers) Brutally Beating Unarmed Black Man

Two large white officers beat Mr. Tatum, a Black man, so forcefully that they broke both of his legs in multiple places.  There was no indication that he was resisting arrest or causing harm to himself or others. Nevertheless, the officers overreacted by grabbing him from behind in a choke hold and then hitting him mercilessly no less than 60 times while he sat helplessly on the ground. [MORE] The cops actually get physically tired while beating him. Video was released on Friday. [MORE]  

"The subjugation of people based on color, and/or, by using factors “associated with” color, has resulted in the establishment, maintenance, expansion, and ofttimes refinement of the greatest and MOST EFFECTIVE form of INJUSTICE in the known universe. This injustice is offtimes referred to as “Racism”, and, more specifically referred to as “White Supremacy”.

• In the process of making “non-white” people subject to them, those “white” persons who participate in the practice of White Supremacy do so through the greatest and most sophisticated use of deceit, direct violence, and/or the threat of violence, ever devised by people, among the people of the known universe.

• White Supremacy (Racism) is now the dominant socio-material force among the people of the known universe, NO major problem(s) in the areas of Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex or War can be SOLVED as long as White Supremacy exists." Neely Fuller [theCode 

A white supremacist assumes that all non-whites are "enemies of the state" and potential threats to the status quo. The police and court systems are used to intimidate and terrorize non-whites to keep them from rebelling against a racist system." [MORE