The Hollywood Shuffle: Still Searching for Evidence of Rambro's Guilt. The Bogus Witch Hunt for Dorner & the So-Called "Manifesto"

More than 100 officers, including SWAT teams, were driven Friday in glass-enclosed snow machines and armored personnel carriers to hunt for Dorner, the alleged author of the so-called Manifesto, "The Last Resort."

Whitewash of Evidence. Christopher Jordan Dorner is a former Black LAPD police officer and ex-United States Navy reservist who was a named suspect in the 2013 Southern California shootings, which left three people dead and two others wounded. He was alleged to have killed Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence, a couple recently engaged in Irving, CA. and a white Riverside Officer Michael Crain in Riverside, CA. No LAPD officers were killed. Said murders were the basis for the manhunt. (The fourth murder attributed to Dorner occurred before his alleged death during the chase into the cabin).  The large organized manhunt  spanned four U.S. states (California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico) and Mexico. 

Police and U.S. marshals accompanied by computer forensics specialists used a search warrant to remove about 10 paper grocery bags of evidence from his mother's single-story house in the Orange County city of La Palma on February 8, 2013. Dorner's mother and sister cooperated with the search, a police spokesman said.

No One Heard Gunshots or Saw Shooting of Couple. No ID Made. No Video from Parking Lot. No Forensic Match 

Two of the victims, Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence (both non-white), who recently got engaged, were found shot to death inside Lawrence's car last Sunday night in the parking garage of the Avenue One condominiums in the 2100 block of Scholarship around 9:10 in Irvine. She was the daughter of retired LAPD Capt. Randal Quan.

Police said Lawrence and Quan appear to have been shot where they were found, in the car in the open-air top level of the structure. However, the time of their death remains unclear - it was obvious, police said, that they had been dead for some time. It did not appear that they had been robbed. Apparently no DNA match was found on shell casings and a beanie found near the car where the couple was allegedly killed [MORE

The Orange County coroner said each died of multiple gunshot wounds. Jim Amormino, a spokesman with the Orange County Sheriff's Department said "No further information will be released at this time." He would not elaborate on the cause of death, or give information about how many times the engaged couple had been shot and where on the bodies the wounds were , citing the ongoing investigation.

No one called 911 or reported hearing the gunshots at the condominium complex where they lived in the upscale Walnut neighborhood (Irvine is considered to be one of the safest cities in America). A passerby called police after seeing Lawrence's body slumped over in the car, police said.

Entry into the parking structure requires a key-code and there are security cameras throughout the complex, a resident said, adding that some spaces are allocated for overnight guests. [MORE] No video or photographs have been released.

No One Saw him Shoot Riverside Cops. No ID Made. No Other Evidence. 

Riverside police said two of its officers were shot in an ambush at Arlington and Magnolia avenues in Riverside (in photo) last Thursday at 2AM. Officer Michael Crain died, the other was taken to a hospital. Although, Police claimed Dorner did it, there were no witnesses. The request for an arrest warrant for Dorner submitted to the court on February 7 by a U.S. Marshal said that Riverside officers "were fired upon by an unidentified assailant while they were in their police vehicle at a red light." [MORE] No details or other facts have emerged to support this assertion. [MORE

Police learned of the shooting when a "Good Samaritan" picked up a police radio and made a distress call on behalf of the wounded officers, Riverside police say. No one reported hearing gunshots. No other evidence of his involvement in the Riverside killing was presented to the media. It seems unlikely that a detached Judge would find probable cause for his arrest in either of the alleged shootings. [MORE]

La Palma Police Officers check a vacant home near Dorner's mother's La Palma home as FBI computer recovery task force investigators armed with a search warrant go through a computer on Friday February 8, 2013. Various agencies have arrived to lend assistance at the home.

What Manifesto?

The LAPD believes Dorner implicated himself in the couple's killings in the manifesto posted on Facebook. They claim he was the one who wrote it because there were details in it only he would know. [MORE] and [MORE]. Like what?  The LAPD has presented the media with no proof that Dorner authored the so-called Manifesto.

In court, authenticating an item of evidence means showing it is what the proponent claims it to be. Courts, prosecutors and police cannot ordinarily takes things at face value - it applies across the board to physical evidence and to everything else but live testimony. There must be facts to support a finding that an item of evidence is what it is claimed to be. [MORE

Orange County Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory investigators at Dorner's mother's home on Friday February 8, 2013.

This letter or manifesto has not been authenticated as actually belonging to Dorner. Apparently no one saw him write it or had heard about it or heard him talk about it. No corroborating letters or statements to other people were revealed. Apparently the police either did not obtain Dorner's computer or their search efforts of the computer were fruitless. Anyone can create a facebook page, anywhere. No proof was offered that a computer was found that he had access to during the time the alleged page was created and that the computer had been used to log onto facebook. The manifesto appears to be rank hearsay from an unknown speaker. Without more, it would not be admissible at trial and it should not be the basis of an arrest warrant. 

The police and the FBI did extensive searches at his mother's home (which is where the media claimed he lived and did his personal computing?) in La Palma, CA. and at "his home" in Las Vegas on February 8. The FBI and police did not reveal that anything implicating Dorner was found at either location [MORE] and [MORE]. 

U.S. Marshals and La Palma Police stand with weapons ready outside of Dorner's mothers house.

Irvine Police Lieutenant Bill Whalen said that Dorner’s personal computers were the focus of the search warrant. “We are going to take our time and to gather as much potential evidence as possible here today,” Whalen said. [MORE] Apparently, nothing linking him to the manifesto was found. 

Officers said it appeared no one had been at the Vegas home for a few weeks. [MORE]. No information concerning his alleged authorship of the manifesto resulted or was released to the media from the searches (said searches also may have been unlawful as there appears to be no probable cause for his arrest in the 3 murders  - a generic online posting claiming that you committed unlawful acts does not give police a legal basis - probable cause - to search your home or arrest you). 

Police investigate the home of the mother of the alleged triple-murder Christopher Dorner in La Palma, California on February 8, 2013. White passerbys look away.Christopher Dorner owned a home in the southwest part of the Las Vegas valley. Police searched it and said he had not been there for weeks.This notice was posted on the outside of Dorner's Vegas home.