"You Were Driving 26 mph!" PG County Police Suspend 2 Black Officers (in white-face) over 'Driving While Black' video

Racist Police Department Hurt by Video From [HERE] An anonymous tip to the Prince George's County Police Dept. has led to the suspension of two Black police officers for their participation in a video Police Chief Mark Magaw described as "very inappropriate."

The video, which was posted on the Internet on Nov. 1, contains "crude stereotypes, racial slurs,"  and depicts two officers stopping a car driven by an African American male, Magaw said.

The video shows a traffic stop that appears to take place in Prince George's County. It depicts two African American officers, in uniform, who use crude stereotypes and profanity when interacting with an African American driver who appears to be an actor. "It is supposed to be a spoof but there is nothing funny about it," Magaw said at a Friday evening news conference. "It depicts our officers, our community, in a terrible light and is just unacceptable. This video does not depict this police department."

Magaw said the officers, both from District 5, have been placed on leave. "Both these officers will be held accountable for their actions. They both could be fired. It will go through the administrative proceeding just like any other violation. They are entitled to their rights, but the ultimate outcome could be termination.

The 20-minute video "depicts our officers, our community, in a terrible light and is just unacceptable," Magaw said.

One officer is a 10 year veteran, the other has three years service with the department.

The video, said Magaw, "was well done and orchestrated to be put on Youtube. It was  a spoof on 'Driving While Black,' but there is nothing funny about it. I believe the officers were asked to be in the video."