[All Laws are Orders Backed by the Threat of Violence] To En-Force Noise Law White Syracuse Cops Snatch Black Man Out of Car by His Neck & Stop Passenger from Filming Evidence of Police State

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Laws Create Violence From [HERE] and [HERE] Several white Syracuse Police officers remain on duty as their department begins a routine review into the use of force and alleged misconduct captured on a now-viral video that has amassed hundreds of thousands of views since the weekend.

Social media users are accusing Syracuse Police Department officers of attempting to cover up their unlawful use of force after a series of events at a traffic stop on Friday was caught on a video posted by Twitter user @St_Lu3.

The 33-second clip begins with a disagreement over whether the driver, 23-year-old Shaolin Moore, is required to exit his vehicle. Syracuse Police say the traffic stop was conducted because the car was playing loud music.Cops are seen piling on the driver, delivering a series of punches to his head before one officer rushes to detain the passenger who's recording.

Social media users, including Syracuse activist Nitch Jones, assert the entire situation should have simply ended in a citation for disturbing the peace.

"Wait, did I mention once both young men were removed from the LEGAL registered and insured car — no drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc., were found?!" Jones highlighted on Sunday.