[In the Presence of Color Racist Authoritarians are Unable to See Things as They Are] White Philadelphia Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man Panhandling in Traffic who Posed No Threat

From [HERE] and [HERE] Shocking footage shows the moment that a Black man said to be mentally disabled was shot by a white plain-clothes officer through a closed car window in Philadelphia. 

Joel Johnson, 28, was walking between several cars on Monday night at approximately 8.50pm when a white officer fired at him three times, striking him once in his torso. The 29-year-old Philadelphia Detective Francis DiGiorgio is now on desk duty while an internal affairs investigation is conducted. [as is standard protocol in a police state and system of white supremacy where white cops are judged by different standards of morality, legality and accountability] Johnson is in critical, but stable condition.

Johnson, whose brother Jose Tirado referred to him as 'Eddie', was taken to Temple University Hospital late on Monday, according to a post by Tirado on Facebook.

shot through closed window.jpg

Surveillance video obtained by CBS Philadelphia is dark and grainy, but you can make out Joel Johnson panhandling Monday evening between slow-moving traffic.

Just as the 28-year-old Black man approached an unmarked police car with his arms outstretched, four shots were fired from  inside, shattering the closed window and sending Johnson stumbling to the ground -- hit once in the torso. The white cop shot him through the glass.

"He approached the driver's side of the vehicle and the detective believed what he saw was a firearm in this man's hands," said Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew. "The detective believing that he was gonna be robbed or something was going to happen to him, induced his firearm."

Video shows Johnson walk up to the detective's vehicle and in the next moment, several shots are fired and the man falls to the ground.  

'The detective believed what he saw was a firearm in this male's hands,' Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew said.

'The detective, believing he was going to be robbed or something was going to happen to him, produced his firearm, discharged his firearm - we believe at this time - three times.'

'A lot of people say he just made a hand gesture for change like he always does,' one of Johnson's brothers said. 'The officer was on his phone and when he looked up he got startled, he got nervous, and started shooting through the window.'

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. said there was no weapon at the scene.  

'It's not automatically an issue of whether there's a weapon or not. I know for some people they think that's the way it should be - obviously, it's the first thing we look for,' Ross said.

'But I'm always going to be very candid with you when I know there's not one. So I'm not going to sit here and tell you that we haven't found one, we don't expect to find one.'

Karaoke With A Bored Cop in West Philly on 5/23. Black cops public relations effort to deceive Black people and create better false relations with the people they surveil and treat as enemies of the state on behalf of their elite, white masters.