1 of the Only 2 Alabama Based Doctors who Does Abortions is Black. After Racist Statists Ban Procedure She Faces Life in Prison for Doing Her Job. Says En-Forced Law Will Mostly Impact Non-White Women

From [HERE] Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a controversial bill Wednesday that bans nearly all abortions in the state, including in cases of incest and rape.

The Alabama Human Life Protection Act is one the most restrictive anti-abortion laws since Roe v. Wade legalized the procedure nationwide in 1973. The act bans performing abortions in the state and imposes criminal penalties of up to 99 years in prison on doctors who perform an abortion. In addition, the Act goes further than most other recent abortion bans, with no exceptions to the ban except when the mother’s life is threatened by the pregnancy, including banning abortions when the fetus is conceived from rape or incest. These “carve out” exceptions to abortion laws are widely popular even among people who are otherwise anti-abortion, with a 2018 Gallup poll showing 77% of Americans favor allowing abortions in cases of rape or incest.

The bill passed through Alabama’s Republican dominated House of Representatives and Senate with overwhelming majorities. Though women make up 51% of Alabama's population, its lawmakers are 85% male. There are only four women in the 35-seat Alabama Senate, and they are all Democrats. [MORE]

In a statement issued following her signing of the bill, Ivey described the act as “unenforceable” and directly contrary to the precedent set by Roe v. Wade. Echoing the sponsors of the bill, she stated that the purpose in passing such a restrictive law was to force the federal courts to weigh in on the legality of abortion and “for the U.S. Supreme Court to revisit this important matter” in the hope that they will overturn Roe.

The American Civil Liberties Union has already committed to bringing a lawsuit to block the law’s implementation.

Since the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court last year, numerous states have raced to implement restrictive abortion laws with the hope that the new conservative majority on the court will overturn Roe. Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky have all recently passed “fetal heartbeat” bills that bans abortions later than six weeks into the pregnancy, while Texas and North Carolina have implemented “born alive” bills.

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DEMOCKERY. In an unrepresentative Demockery 25 white male senators enact abortion ban on behalf of a deluded, violent neuropeon votary, forcing their unwanted views down the throats of millions of non-white women. Like all laws, the abortion ban is command backed by the threat of violence against those who do not obey. Such is the true nature of “democracy.” Undeceiver Larken Rose observes,

“the belief in “authority” leads to a strange contradiction in how people see the world. Almost everyone advocates that “law” be used to coerce others to do certain things, or to fund certain things. However, while advocating such violence, knowing full well the consequences to any who are caught disobeying, those same advocates fail to recognize that what they are advocating is violence. There are millions, for example, who consider themselves to be peaceful, civilized people – some even proudly wear the label of “pacifist” – while advocating armed robbery against everyone they know, as well as millions of strangers. They see no contradiction, because the robbery is given the euphemism “taxation” and is carried out by people who are imagined to have the right to commit robbery, in the name of “government.”

He states,

A prevalent lie, used to try to hide the master-slave relationship between “government” and the public, is the notion of “representative government.” The claim is that the people, by electing certain individuals into positions of power, are “choosing their leaders” and that those in office are merely representing the will of the people. Again, not only does this claim not at all match reality, but the underlying abstract theory is inherently flawed as well.

…Even in theory, the concept of “representative government” is inherently flawed, because “government” cannot possibly represent the people as a whole unless everyone wants exactly the same thing. Because different people want “government” to do different things, “government” will always be going against the will of at least some of the people.

Even if a “government” did exactly what a majority of its subjects wanted (which never actually happens), it would not be serving the people as a whole; it would be forcibly victimizing smaller groups on behalf of larger groups.

Furthermore, one who represents someone else cannot have more rights than the one he represents. To wit, if one person has no right to break into his neighbor’s house and steal his valuables, then he also has no right to designate a representative to do that for him, To represent someone is to act on his behalf, and a true representative can only do what the person he represents has the right to do. But in the case of “government,” the people whom the politicians claim to represent have no right to do anything that politicians do: impose “taxes,” enact “laws,” etc. Average citizens have no right to forcibly control the choices of their neighbors, tell them how to live their lives, and punish them if they disobey, So when a “government” does such things, it is not representing anyone or anything but itself.

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According to FUNKTIONARY:

Statism - the belief "citizens"' and "states" exist and the memetic thought patterns supporting such beliefs. 2) the religion of oppression and domination coupled with the science of exploitation and sociopathic control. 3) the opiate of the so-called Elites. 4) a philosophy that idealizes majority rule gang force (authority) over individual authenticity (autonomy). 5) servitude over liberty and statutes over humanity. So long as "states"' are viewed and accepted as natural, normal, reality-based and inevitable, they will continue to violently abstract humans into extinction. Statism is mind control; people both unwillingly and willingly surrender their property (labor being one's most inviolable property) to men and women pretending to be "governors,"" "commissioners," and "presidents" etc. because they believe they are "citizens" of a so-called "state" and must pay their proverbial "fair share" to support such abstractions or fictions of law. Just using statism against itself proves bureaucrats never have a case regardless of what they "charge" someone with. "Statism and it's supporting political theology do not exist in people's minds to promote freedom or protect 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness:" it's pure mind control to divert our attention away from the actions of anti-social individuals (sociopaths) who are so desperate to "protect" us they are willing to kill us and steal our property." -Marc Stevens. (See: DOME. Beliefs, Landmine Legislation, Scrapitalism, Standing, Subject Matter Jurisdiction. Judicial Victimization, States. Holodeck Court, Allegiance. Anarchy, Society, Civilization, Citizens, Monopoly Capitalism The Golem, Government Paradox, Granfalloons, Corporate State. Government, Servitude. Stalinize, Property, Standing & Monopoly)

democracy - a commercial form of "government" (exploitation and theft via force, deception and involuntary participation) of the mob, by the mob, and/or the mob, i.e., Mob-Rule. 2) a guise rubber stamping of an alternative royalty into overruling power. 3) the worst possible form of government because the majority rules whether they be good, evil, or misled by a minority. 4) slavery of the people, by the people, for the people. 5) equality achieved through force. 6) a system where only the majority need to befooled. 7) advertised equality. 8) a parody of a free society that only ethical anarchism or voluntaryism can usher into existence.

"Democracy has always been seen (and is still seen today) as equality of rights (granted privileges), not conditions. To the hypothetical equality of rights there has always corresponded a substantial inequality of conditions. And instead of being related to the nature of their individuality, differences between people have always been those marked by the different basic conditions they live in as they struggle against the suffocating artificial divisions imposed on them by power." —Alfred M. Bonanno. Democracy is a euphonious term created mainly to serve as sheepskin for Leviathan, Doggy and the Crimethlnc. All-Stars. 9) Dictatorship camouflaged as freedom 10) a whitewashed plutocracy with a pastel eggshell finish. Democracy, next to "monetized debt," and direct taxation (on labor) is the biggest con-game perpetrated on a population. Democracy has proved only that the best way to gain and sustain power over people is to assure the people that they are ruling themselves. Once they believe that lie, they make wonderfully submissive and self-maintained slaves.

"There are those who maintain that at bottom what is called democracy, (whenever and wherever it is supposed to have existed), is merely the mask for the rule of capitalist and/or bureaucratic minorities over an ignorant and deceived majority whose franchise signifies only the right to choose or tc change its masters." -Max Nomad. As long as mob rule is allowed through secret ballots, operational and organizational transparency will evade us and vice (vested interests controlling economies) will continue to forsake us and break us. Democracy is a powerful synthetic ideology of recuperation. Democracy goes against the emancipation of desire. Democracy allows for A to band together with B (majority rule) to rip off C. Democracy and citizenship are the chains that filter your pursuit of happiness and the happiness in your pursuit. Democracy in America has been checked and balanced, or gone unchecked and unbalanced—depending on one's indoctrination—to the point (extent) of collapse. Only the improper is left to prop it up aright as if it were still standing on its own ideological efficacy and edifice. "Democracy (the political ideal) is just a dream, it has not happened anywhere, it cannot happen. And wherever it happens (in practice), it creates trouble, the medicine proves more dangerous than the disease itself." -OSHO. "If the people of a democracy are allowed to do so, they will vote away freedoms that are essential to that democracy." -Snell Putney. As H.L. Mencken so aptly observed, "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard." In a democracy, scum rises to the top; otherwise it starts there. Democracy is a specific instance of stationary rogue State power. Under the rubric of democracy, justice can be attained only by begging, buying, milking and taking.  

A gang is an embryonic democracy in the making. Keep in mind that Hitler was elected in a full, free and fair democratic election. Democracy is a sweet-sounding word that offers freedom but delivers illusions. It has no other choice—it isn't what it appears and never could be what it advertises. There has never been a democracy where the public was consulted for input or consent before statutes and policies detrimental to their interests were already completed and or implemented by the shadow, invisible or parallel government (the Pathocracy). The ruse of democracy and fake elections stalls rebellion.   It's a placebo fed to the public so the ruling dominant elite can execute their plans for a global society—a New World Order.  

"Already American democracy and freedom are in their to throes, hemorrhaging from years of corporatist mutilation. Elections have become a sham, a farce. Freedoms are disappearing becoming extinct. The enemy within wishes for nothing more than an authoritarian, fascist nation, the easier to make decisions the easier to implement their vision, the easier to control the population. The enemy within detests democracy, and this we must understand. Democracy and freedom are enemies.

Ask yourself who has been the organization destroying our democracy and freedoms, our civil rights and liberties?  Who has enacted Patriot Acts I and II, who has destroyed due process, right to an attorney, habeas corpus? Who has tried to silence truth, dissent, protest and free speech? Who has made torture legal, faise imprisonment necessary, confessions by torture legal and evidence concocted through hearsay or torture legal? Who has made it legal to spy on American citizens, opening our email accounts, overhearing our phone conversations, and looking into our lives It has not been the dreaded Arab evildoers. It has been the Bush administration. It has been your own government." —Manuel Valenzuela. [MORE]