Video Shows a White SAPD Cop Use a Chokehold on Black Man for 32 Seconds while Another Repeatedly Punches Him in the Kidneys to Make Arrest for an Alleged “Criminal" Assault

From [HERE] The family of a man whose arrest was caught on camera claims he was the victim of excessive force, at the hands of San Antonio police.

SAPD says they arrested Denzale Shaw Monday because he was assaulting his girlfriend near Pecan Valley Drive on the East Side.

Police tried to put him in handcuffs, but say Shaw resisted.

"He shoots him with a taser gun," Krystal Thomas said.

That's when one officer shot him with a taser. His family says Shaw was simply in a panic and wasn't resisting.

"I know he was fearing for his life because for one, he's never been arrested like that, he's never been tased," said cousin Krystal Thomas. "That's traumatizing, you can tell he was traumatized."

Shaw remains in the Bexar County Jail, charged with assault and resisting arrest.

SAPD chokehold brutality.jpg

Police sent us the following statement:

“Per policy, all use of force incidents are documented and reviewed to ensure departmental policies were adhered to. Any incident where the force appears to be excessive or outside of policy will be addressed through the formal investigative process at internal affairs.”

Thomas said officers went to far, especially when the video appears to show an officer put him in a choke-hold and another punching him.

"You're supposed to protect us no matter what," Thomas said.

In terms of domestic violence, Thomas said it could have been a mutual fight between Shaw and his girlfriend.