Feds Accuse Authorities at Boyd County Detention Center (KY) of Routinely Abusing Prisoners by Using Restraint Chairs, Chemical Agents & Electronic Control Devices

boyd county death center.jpg

From [HERE] A U.S. Justice Department investigation found probable cause to believe the Boyd County Detention Center routinely subjects prisoners to “excessive force” through the use of restraint chairs, chemical agents and electronic control devices.

According to a letter from the Justice Department to the Detention Center, the U.S. Attorney General could file a lawsuit if jail conditions do not improve in 49 days.

The letter says the jail probably violated prisoners’ Fourth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment rights through its use of excessive force, and by routinely violating “prisoners’ right to bodily privacy” through its use of a restraint chair.

The letter does not elaborate on the use of these measures or how often detention center officials have used excessive force.

Detention Center officials did not respond to a request for comment.

In December, five deputy jailers at the Boyd County Detention Center were charged with first degree manslaughter following the death of an inmate.

Michael L. Moore died at the jail in late November. After being called to the scene, Kentucky State Police found his body in a restraint chair.