Venezuela Blocked From Moving $2 Billion in Gold as Territorial Gangsters Unite the System of White Supremacy [Republicans, Democrats & Elite Media] to Steal Resources [oil, bauxite, iron, silver]

From [Bloomberg] The embattled Nicolas Maduro regime had its plans to ship 20 tons of Venezuelan gold overseas halted as a growing international push to ring-fence the country’s dwindling hard assets unnerved those handling the transaction, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter.

The gold bars, which are worth about $850 million, had been weighed and separated in the central bank vaults for transportation, but will not be sent out anytime soon, the person said. The bank has quietly transformed into a microcosm of the crisis: Some staffers, fearful of getting ensnared in U.S. sanctions and worn down by the crippling economic collapse, have begun to disregard orders, prompting senior management to oust them.

The blocking of the 20-ton shipment comes just a week after the Bank of England denied Maduro officials’ request to withdraw $1.2 billion of gold stored there. While the destination of the gold and the nature of the transactions aren’t known with certainty, it’s unusual for a country to be shipping around such massive amounts. And the U.S. officials who are leading the push to have Maduro cede power to a transitional government contend that the attempted transactions form part of his authoritarian regime’s bid to ransack the country in its final days in power.

Bloomberg reports “the central bank’s foreign reserves, including the gold, are down to a mere $8 billion.” Those assets form a key part of the fierce battle for control of Venezuela’s finances between Maduro who was elected after an election approved by Western election observers and Juan Guaido, the National Assembly leader installed by Crimeth Inc - he did not run for president. Rather he simply raised his hand in the air at a rally and proclaimed that he had the right to rule - and US authorities agreed. [MORE] Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves, surpassing Saudi Arabia a country run by psychopaths who have regular beheadings and sanction slavery with US approval.


According to FUNKTIONARY:

territorial gangsters - individuals (masquerading as "the State" so-called) who skillfully use fraud, coercion, and terror to claim "jurisdiction" (so-called) over their victims who happen to be in some geographic territory. Territorial gangsters brainwash their victims (the pixelated populace) so that they will work for them not only like slaves but actually as slaves. (See: Stationary Bandits, Statutory Oppression, Jurisdiction, Allegiance, Involuntary Servitude, Slave & Tyrant-Paradigm) terrorism - the implementation of the principle/concept of limited liability. 2) "A system of government that seeks to rule by intimidation." -Funk & Wagnalls New Practical Standard Dictionary, 1946. All acts of terrorism, even those carried out by those outside of the fold of the machinations of Corporate State and its minions (territorial gangsters), are either political or religious expressions. One's man's ideology is another man's religion and vice-versa. Terrorism and the terrorists who carry it out is a kind of psycho-economic Thug-of-War—leaving the countless shattered lives of innocents in its wake. (See: Corporations, War, Corporate State, Territorial Gangsters, Patriot Act, Mononright, Wargasm, Racism White Supremacy, Cryptocracy, Sovereignty, Crimethlnc, Violence, Coercion, Oppression, BOP & Gangbanking)

Orderlies - ordained authorities—those who are trained by the Pathocracy how to scientifically use your mind against you imperceptibly and repeatedly. 2) wardens of the prison planet serving the will of the global elite—your invisible masters. The Orderlies have been duped into and charged by the overruling Pathocracy for the implementation and orchestration of an eventual electronic matrix system of active brain chipping, mind-alienation, genetic modification and population control. Those dressed in authoritative costumes—doubling as uniforms—are kept the most uninformed. The Orderlies implement all the insidious things the Pathocracy conjures up through their foundations and think tanks to constantly plague and depopulate the masses around the world. Orderlies are recruited and vetted for a psychological propensity for inflicting untold strife in (and between) life participants viewed as the profane or "useless eaters" by the overruling dynastic-aristocratic pathological elite. The operatives in and behind government (i.e., orderlies) want and need us to be afraid and invest heavily in creating docile fear-ridden citizens. Orderlies' primary responsibility is fidelity to the overruler's status quo and whose primary responsibility to global racism white supremacy is to console us for our boredom within it and our bondage to it; to deflect our attention away from the reflection of the marvelous in other's eyes who have escaped it or exposed it for all to see—if not directly—at leas indirectly in the eyes of those who are free—who indulge in what its like to finally be Tasty-Free, i.e., so free that anything tha: doesn't constitute freedom registers on your tongue as budding tyranny which is immediately reduced to spittle and dislodgec with a scorn of putrid disdain—even the aftertaste wreaks of pain. This planet is imprisoned by much stronger bars than iror and steel—mental bars of obedient acquiescence far exceed the reach of metal. The orderlies are the same everywhere (like in the movie "The Matrix.") Do we have the courage to see them and overtake them—raising our level of resistance and collecthe consciousness at the same time? Only crime will tell. Holla! (See: Good Shepherd, Pathocracy, Matrix, Eugenics, Chemtrails. Police, Bureaucracy, The Dark Majesty, Law Enforcement, Rut & Realitrix)