To Maintain a Continuous State of Checkmate Elite Racists Intend to Keep Black People in a Childish Condition

FUNKTIONARY explains that among other things, the imbalanced power between Blacks and whites in the system of racism white supremacy (a system most white people participate in) is maintained through cooperative control. ‘Racism/white supremacy is a power group dynamic involving a master-servant relationship between whites and Blacks in a system of vast unequal power and conditions.No one can play master without servants - it is a two way relationship and most Black people, subconsciously or consciously, consensually play along with it - playing a servant role. Dr. Amos Wilson explains, “the oppressive configuration the White man has assumed in relationship to the Black man is in good part the result of the fact that we have permitted ourselves to remain in a complementary subordinate configuration conducive to his oppressive designs.”

He explains, ‘We empower whites by the nature of our own behavior and attitudes as a people. They cannot be what they are, unless we are, what we are. To a good extent, the European is our creation … yes. If we look at our behavior, we will see that to a good extent, it is our behavior, our values, our consciousness, the kind of personalities we’ve established in ourselves, our taste, our desires and needs; that maintains the European in their dominant position.’ [MORE]  

Neely Fuller explains “as long as any non-white person submits to, and/or cooperates with White Supremacy (racism), that non-white person is, for all functional purposes, a child.”

Neely Fuller explains that in a system of racism white supremacy ‘non-white people, regardless of age function as children. They are the servants to, the victims of, and the "children” under the power and direction of elite racists. Elite racists function as their parents, bosses, masters, and their major decision-makers.’ Elite racists hope and intend to keep all non-white people in a childish condition.’


Negrosis - the psychological disease affecting and afflicting native Black Americans, Afrikans, Afrikan-Americans, Negroes and all other people of Afrikan genetic heritage characterized by double-consciousness resulting from the falsification of Afrikan consciousness, history and applied spiritual sciences. (See: Double-Consciousness & Asili)