Racist Suspects at DCist Remind its Readers- ‘Cops Can Detain Black Kids on the Street Anytime, Anyplace for Any Reason in a Police State, so long as they are polite when doing so’

Just like the Constitution says if cops are polite they can detain and search you whenever they want. According to the internet at least seven (7) Metropolitan Police Department and Metro Transit Police officers detained nine (9) young black children outside the Petworth Metro in DC on Thursday night for at least 50 minutes from about 10:30pm-11:20pm, including putting two kids in handcuffs at the beginning. One cop tried to justify the situation to passerbys used all kinds of dog whistles and coded racist language to imply that these children are [inherently] criminals and threatening based on the fact that they were out late and used profanity after 50 minutes detained in the cold [MORE] [as you know those are valid exceptions to the 4th Amendment also so...]

According to DCist, several passersby in the area stopped and filmed the incident and put several clips up online. Members of Showing Up For Racial Justice DC have shared clips of the incident on Twitter, and Black Lives Matter DC organizer April Goggans tells DCist that activists are mobilizing to bring the incident to the attention of local politicians.

The liberals at DCist seem to have no problem with potential violations of the 4th Amendment occurring so long as it involved Blacks. Check out their mindlessly ignorant article devoid of any mention of so-called rights [HERE]. Such an article might have focused on the legal basis for the stop and included details such as what crime occurred, when it occurred, where it occurred, what was the description of the suspect[s] (hair, complexion, age, size, clothing, height, weight, hat, tatts, clothing, etc), the number of suspects involved, who reported the info, whether it was corroborated and if so how, whether there was video, etc. Rather, their article revolves around the passerbys who stopped to observe/record the spectacle and express their disapproval of what so-called “public servants” were doing in their community. Always here to manage and mediate our reactions to things, the journalists found the spectator reactions to be deviant from what is expected. Elite media elevate and upload abusive governmental systems into our minds without us even noticing.

Here then however, they have helped to reveal to us the true nature of “police work” which is to manage and control Blacks and Latinos in a white over Black system of vast unequal power and conditions “and remind us daily through various acts of force that we are simultaneously both enemies and slaves of the corporate state.“ Also, they have reveal the true nature of “your rights” as myths -”obedience to servitude or jail is the reality.”

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