Video: After a Black Man Asked White Florence Cops for a Ride or Directions at a Gas Station They Grabbed Him by the Throat, Slammed Him to the Pavement & Attempted to Choke Him to Death

RULERS DON’T SERVE SUBJECTS IN A DEMOCKERY. From [HERE] A woman who says she saw two Florence County deputies use excessive force on a man they were trying to arrest has released cellphone video of the incident.

Rachel Buie released the video Wednesday during a news conference at the Florence County Sheriff’s Office in Effingham.

Officials with the National Action Network spoke during the news conference and is calling for the resignation of the two deputies.

In a news release, the network said:

The aim of the Press Conference is to bring attention to this unprovoked attack and the shed light into inequities and bias treatment of Blacks in Florence County. While America is still trying to shed her horrific past, looks like Florence County still wants to hold onto hers.

Buie and Tony Esposito both said they witnessed the incident. They spoke during the news conference and said they were appalled by what they saw.

“It looked so terrible to just stand there and do that. I could not believe the people that we are supposed to trust is about to kill this guy in front of us. I said the devil is a liar. That’s when I began to move in. We got more than just pictures, there is a video. So I want to see what they got to say about that big. Because I know pictures say a lot of words, but videos don’t lie. He began to choke this man. I saw when he even took this man, his face and try to put it in the cement . He choked that guy so long for a few minutes until he started kicking because he couldn’t breathe. His shoe came off," said Buie.

“Then all of a sudden, I seen the police officer grab him around his throat. Slam him to the ground. And that police officer wasn’t very detaining him in a proper manner. He was trying to kill this man. The female was standing over him pushing her foot into the back of his knee I took a couple of pictures of it. I took a couple pictures of a cop cars on scene," said Esposito.

florence county cops.jpg

Esposito said that he called 911, but when the deputy who was dispatched got on scene, he was less than kind.

“In a very threatening manner, he told me to leave the gas station. I was there to get gas. He refused. He also refused to take my statement. When somebody calls 911, they are supposed to take the statement. He forced me to leave," said Esposito.

The man deputies were trying to arrest also talked during the news conference. Tyler Fleming said all he did was ask a deputy for a ride to Mullins. Fleming said he had just gotten off a Greyhound bus and needed a ride to see his family in Mullns, whom he hadn't seen in 10 years.

"I wasn’t aggressive the whole time. I wasn’t resisting the whole time. I was very still. I was asking questions. He decided to slap me from behind while I was in handcuffs. He slammed me to the ground. He proceeds to still choke me. I said why are you choking me? Why are you choking me? He said to me, 'I’m not choking you,'" said Fleming.

He added he just wants justice for the way he was treated.

"Justice. Not just for me, but for everybody that’s been victimized like me," he said.

Buie initially released pictures Monday but said she didn’t she didn’t realize that she was recording video from her cellphone. She said she was so nervous by what she was seeing and had no idea there was video until she later looked through her cellphone.

Florence County Sheriff Kenny Boone said Sunday he immediately assigned an investigator to look into this matter, and Monday, in a statement, Sheriff Boone said, "Public confidence that we discharge our law enforcement duties in a fair and impartial manner is essential to our mission, and we are investigating to determine what happened in this case." You can read the whole statement here.

Boone said he takes allegations of excessive force and brutality very seriously.

The National Action Network said they're planning a series of protests in Florence.

The group has also requested information from the Florence County Sheriff's Office to learn more about the deputies involved in the incident.