Judge Nullifies $37 Million Jury Award to Korryn Gaines’ Family: Cop’s Conduct was Not Unreasonable b/c the Law of Jungle [“Sovereign Immunity"] Applies to Government Interactions with People

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From [HERE] The family of Korryn Gaines is reeling after they not only lost their daughter, they lost a previous wrongful death award. As previously reported Gaines was killed during a 2016 standoff with police in her apartment that left her dead and her 5-year-old son shot and non-fatally injured.

Following that jurors found the police officer’s action “unreasonable” in the situation and awarded her family more than $36 million for medical and funeral expenses and pain and suffering.

$32 million was to go to her injured son Kodi, $300,000 was to go toKorryn Gaines’ father, $300,000 was to go to Korryn Gaines’ mother, and $4.5 million was to go to Korryn’s other child who was not present during the shooting.

Now however that’s all changed and Korryn’s family will NOT receive the money as promised.

Baltimore’s WJZ 13 reports that Mickey Norman, a Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge, has dismissed the family’s claims against the county, and against Corporal Royce Ruby Jr. who fatally shot Gaines.

Norman made the dismissal citing “Qualified Immunity” which shields law enforcement and government officials from civil liability when carrying out their duties. It also shields the officer “from liability for civil damages” since he was acting in his capacity as a county police officer.

“The evidence is clear,” said Judge Norman. “This Court has found that Corporal Ruby is entitled to qualified immunity and therefore, his shooting of Gaines was not unlawful.”

Things are not completely over however, the court will grant a new civil trial and attorneys for Gaines’ family are filing an appeal.

The shooting of Korryn Gaines occurred on August 1, 2016, in Randallstown, Maryland, near Baltimore,[1] resulting in the death of Gaines, a 23-year-old woman, and the shooting of her son, who survived. According to the Baltimore County Police Department, officers sought to serve Gaines a warrant in relation to an earlier traffic violation.

Under the Eleventh Amendment, state governments and officials, acting in their official capacities, are given sovereign immunity in many private actions brought against them, as well as many actions brought against the state in federal court. Such actions include most personal injury lawsuits. FUNKTIONARY makes it plain:

Sovereign immunity  - ''government" so-called, applying the law of the jungle to its relationship to the people. We are bound by the written law but those who wrote the law are bound by the law of the jungle. Makes you feel like a fool, doesn't it? Minority rule majority fooled? Surely, on earth as it is in heaven. Why would we ever allow "government" to assert the position that it is not bound by the same law that binds us? The answer is that we are fools sweet-talked by judges into believing that the "natural state of affairs" is to bind the people by law, and the "'government" by fiat. "Government" has replaced religion as the opiate of the masses using the Media as its subduing gasses (fumes of subterfuge). (See: CHAOS, Overrulers, Judicial System, Constitution, Law, Domestication, Justice, Economics, Civilization, Weitiko Disease & "Government")