Black Self Respect Continues to Drop in VA as 5 Negro Leaders Take a Stand to Forgive Ralph Northam & Pray He Won’t Lie About Posing as a Klansman or in Blackface in Photos Ever Again

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[leadership as performance] Yeah Tell Jesus to Give Him a Call. According to Dr. Blynd;

Negro - a man or woman of Afrikan descent living in pathological mental state of cultural abstinence and historical amnesia— one who wants to impress his or her oppressor while ignoring the effects and plight that his or her accommodationist posture inures. 2) a Hanky-head. 3) an indigenous-to-the-land (American) Afrikan who does everything in his or her power to suppress or pretend that he or she is other than someone of recent Afrikan descent. 4) ethnicity-denying, assimilated and confused Afrikans indigenous to America. 5) one who truly believes he or she is white American—masquerading in black face. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's a Negro after all? (See: Snigger, Rentellectual, McNegro & Negropolitan)

Meanwhile Rev Al was not having it.