Too Scared to Confront Liar VA Governor, “Piece-Activist" Spike Lee Calls his Individual Consumer Choice to Not Purchase Gucci Products Over its Blackface Ad - “a Boycott"

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From [HERE] Always trying to get his masters to do the right thing [as opposed to having no master at all], Spike Lee said he will no longer wear Prada or Gucci until the fashion houses "hire some black designers."

On the eve of his official initiation into the The Moteasuh Tribe [mo tea sir?] at the upcoming Oscars, the nominated director made the announcement via Instagram on Friday in light of the labels' blackface controversies. Prada received backlash less than two months ago for an accessories collection that featured a dark-colored monkey with bright red, oversized lips as a figurine, a racist caricature popularized during the Jim Crow era. Prada issued an apology and eventually pulled the design.

Gucci clearly didn't learn from Prada's ignorant mistake. On Wednesday, the Italian fashion label announced it would stop selling a black balaclava sweater that evoked blackface imagery. The piece featured an oversized collar that could be pulled over the wearer's mouth; the collar included a mouth slit that was framed with giant red lips.

"I, Spike Lee Of Sound Mind And Body Will No Longer Wear Prada Or Gucci Until They Hire Some Black Designers To Be In Da Room When It Happens," the filmmaker director wrote on Instagram. "It's Obvious To Da Peoples That They Don't Have A Clue When It Comes To Racist, Blackface Hateful Imagery. WAKE UP. Ya-Dig? [MORE]

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Spike Lee's politics always involve an appeal to the moral suasion of racists. As discussed previously, other-directed SNigger Spike Lee is often showcased to confuse bigotry with racism. Recently he also worked as a paid consultant for the NYPD to create a propaganda campaign to sell Black people the lie - 'cops are not here to harm you but to protect you.' [As explained by FUNKTIONARY if you put money in a coin operated negro, he will spouse the view, ideas, thought forms, vision or ideology of the customer.’] Now, Spike is further expanding his usefulness to the system of racism white supremacy by using “boycott” interchangeably with what is nothing but his own individual consumer choice to not purchase certain products. In similar episodes we have seen the NAACP [Negro Anglo American Corporate Preserve] announce symbolic “boycotts” of “American Airlines” and the NFL - unorganized, token “efforts” that had no tangible impact on either business. His SNiggering comments about Gucci and racism during the ongoing controversy surrounding the racist suspect VA governor demonstrate his black cowardice and fear of confronting white supremacy and authority. As governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam is poised to do more actual harm [that is practice racism] against Black people than a maker of luxury fashion and leather goods. Black consumers probably account for less than 5% of the $1 Billion it annually generates in revenue. [MORE]

Paper chasing niggers fail to realize Black dollars matter. Rather than begging or trying to persuade racists to change a particular course of conduct, a successful boycott can force a change in the relationship between Blacks and elite racists.  In theory, a successful boycott can empower Blacks and simultaneously disempower strategically targeted elite whites and change the relations and structure of social power."

However, boycotts cannot be random or individual. Personal boycotts or symbolic boycotts are not boycotts. They are simply an individual consumer choice and have only a minimal, symbolic effect. This is more "protest" actually in cooperation with and submission to white supremacy/racism.  

Rather, a boycott is a collective, group effort to inflict some economic loss to compel the target to change its conduct. A boycott must be an actual organized campaign that directly communicates to Black consumers to mobilize their participation via social media & grassroots organizing in Black & Brown communities/organizations and then targets specific businesses.[MORE].