White Cops say They had a Legal Basis to Point a Shotgun at a Black Man & Niggerize Him Outside Walmart in Festus (MO) after an Uncorroborated False Flag 911 Call & b/c “He was Known to Us"

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From [HERE] On Tuesday, all available Festus police officers rushed to the Walmart store in the 600 block of south Truman Parkway believing they may encounter an active shooter situation, based on a call to 911.

"A caller stated a subject, by name, who was known to us, was in our Walmart threatening to shoot some people," said Capt. Doug Wendel

Wendel said as officers arrived, they saw the person named in the call coming out of the store with two others. In a photo, three men can be seen lying on the ground with officers around them and one of the officers holding a shotgun that shoots bean bag rounds.

A 20-year old man named in the 911 call told News 4 that he’d gone to Walmart to buy bottles for his newborn baby son.

After talking with the three men and independent witnesses, Wendel said officers determined the man had argued with two people in the store with whom he’d had a previous dispute. Investigators believe one of them called 911 and made a fake claim in order to get revenge.

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"This is a very serious matter. Had the subject come out and not been cooperative with police, it could have very well turned out to be a whole different situation," said Wendel.

News 4 spoke with an attorney for the man named in the 911 call who believes police handled the situation poorly. Matthew Brown released a statement that said:

“This was an incident that could have turned tragic because of the overreaction of the authorities.”