With the World’s Largest Oil Reserves Venezuela is "a Threat" to White Supremacy, US Govt [CEO of Latin America] Pulls the Strings On [S]elected Puppet who Raised His Hand & Claims to be President

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No Need For Regime Change by Crimeth Inc in Tyrannical Saudi Arabia. Another manufactured racism white supremacy crisis. According to FUNKTIONARY:

COUP - Covert Overthrow Usurping Power. 2) Covert Oppression Using Politics. 3) Chain Of Unbroken Politics. A dirty-bird in the hand is a Bushtit. Our world continues to be a continuous Mickey-Mouse coup of territorial gangsters holed up under the guise of various Corporate States (as all fictitious Corporate States are Rogue States). Look for the Bushtit in the Four Wangs while listening to Johann Fux. (See: Stationary Bandits, GAG, Tyrannolaw, Civilization, Tribute, Taxation, Voting, Taxtortion, Wallflower Order, Crimethlnc. Cities. Lame Duck, Force, Psychopaths, Racism White Supremacy, Gangbanking & Violence)

Crimeth Inc. - an elite class of intergenerational financiers and psychopathic human parasites. Crimethlnc. is a faction of men and their legal fictions created in this Matrix by those who make them rob widows and orphans, who take your sons and daughters into pre-emptive corporate invasions and occupations of foreign lands, who kill the innocent, jail the just, mine the womb of your daughters, devour the weak, terrorize and falsely imprison political activists, traumatize the oppressed, and covet the wealth of all. 2) Back-on-Track crime. 3) the twisted empty-souls of humanity's invisible oligarchy. Crimethlnc. is a geo­political agreement among territorial gangsters to share power over looted differential wealth of people's labor, minds, lands and natural resources. The objective pay-off is still empire no matter the condition of the ecology or many people expire. (See: Doggy. "Credit" & Reificarion)

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