White Man Angry b/c ‘Master-Servant Relationship’ was Not on the Menu yesterday at McDonalds, Punched in the Face by Black Cashier After Grabbing Her Over the Counter

It was the last straw and Yurugu Got Less than he bargained for. The NY Post states, a fight broke out at a McDonald’s in St. Petersburg, Florida, after a white customer attacked a Black employee. Video [above] captured at the scene shows 40-year-old Daniel Willis Taylor grabbing employee Yasmine James, who fights back with a flurry of punches. According to a woman who filmed the encounter, the fight broke out after Taylor was unable to find a straw in the restaurant and was told by James that customers by law must ask for straws. [MORE] wha? lets just say McDonald’s food makes everybody McDelusional.

Here, a young Black woman rejected the white man’s invitation to engage in any master-servant role play. Although there wasn’t a lot of power on those punches, in so doing she disempowered him and empowered herself. Hopefully she will run for president.

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Dr. Blynd, explained that "racism/white supremacy it is a power group dynamic, i.e., a defined group cooperatively via legacy institutions exerting structured, systematic injustice and power over another group. This "group dynamic" involves a master-servant relationship between whites and Blacks in a system of vast unequal power and conditions. No one can play master without servants - it is a two way relationship and most Black people, subconsciously or consciously, consensually play along with it - playing a servant role. Dr. Amos Wilson explains, “the oppressive configuration the White man has assumed in relationship to the Black man is in good part the result of the fact that we have permitted ourselves to remain in a complementary subordinate configuration conducive to his oppressive designs.” He explains,

'white people’s so-called power, is to a great extent based upon the nature of the relationship they have with Black people. We empower them by the nature of our own behavior and attitudes as a people. They cannot be what they are, unless we are, what we are. To a good extent, the European is our creation … yes. If we look at our behavior, we will see that to a good extent, it is our behavior, our values, our consciousness, the kind of personalities we’ve established in ourselves, our taste, our desires and needs; that maintains the European in their dominant position.  

We talk about the Civil Rights Movement, and the Apartheid system of the South, when Blacks decided to just get out of the buses and just walk, the system changed. Yes, when they stopped sitting behind the white driver, just changing that relationship, changed the nature of power, in that system. When they decided then to walk side by side, when they decided to walk abreast and line themselves up, because they had not walked that way before … for the ends to be fought, the relationship changed. When they kept their monies in their pockets, when they sat on the stools and blocked the other people from them, and change the nature of the interactions between themselves and Europeans, the nature of the system changed.  

So therefore we have tremendous Power. It depends upon how we align ourselves as a people, and how we decide to relate to other people in the world, because they cannot have what they have, unless we are who we are. And that is why we don’t have to waste a great deal of time always appealing to them, and analyzing them, because we can better appeal to our own sense of self, and our own consciousness, and we waste a lot of time trying to transform them, when through transforming ourselves, they will be transformed automatically.’

Of course there are other ways to reject the master-servant relationship than by punching white people in the face - here, it was an appropriate response because Yurugu put his hands on her. Also observe that the alleged brother, who witnessed the entire encounter, comes to the aid of the white man. The master-servant relationship roles have nothing to do with particular types employment or the title a non-white person has. It simply refers to how people choose to relate to each other in a system of racism white supremacy. There is nothing wrong with having arms-length interactions & relations with white people but a master-servant relation is not on the menu. Wilson explained, “we must take responsibility for that part of our personality, that part of our community, and that part of ourselves over which we have control, and change that part.”

As explained by Wilson, "It is not so much that the European says we are inferior and that the European maligns our character, et cetera. It is the belief on our part that what he says is true that drives us to be crazy. It is a crazy reaction to what the European says, an insane and unthinking kind of approach to dealing with what he says about us, that maintains the craziness." [MORE] and [MORE] In order to for the system of racism/white supremacy to thrive Black people must be maintained in a particular state of mind - literally kept out of our minds. [MORE]. Watch your mind, change this relationship.