Amended Complaint for Jemel Roberson Reveals the Name of the White Cop who Fatally Shot a Black Security Guard Outside a Bar, But Elite White Media & Authorities Keep His Image Masked

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From {NewYorkTimes] and [HERE] A suburban Chicago police department on Friday confirmed the name of the officer who shot a black security guard as he was detaining a suspected gunman who opened fire at the bar where he worked. The security guard, 26-year-old Jemel Roberson, stopped a mass shooting at the bar and was killed after the incident was over.

Officer Ian Covey [pictured above], a four-year veteran of the Midlothian Police Department, shot Roberson on Nov. 11 outside Manny's Blue Room Lounge, a bar in the neighboring suburb of Robbins, according to Police Chief Daniel Delaney.

The name of the officer who shot her son was revealed as part of a wrongful-death lawsuit she filed against the officer, Ian Covey of the Midlothian Police Department, and the village of Midlothian.

Hours after the amended complaint was filed on Friday, Chief Daniel Delaney confirmed the officer’s name in a press release.

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Delaney had previously resisted calls to release Covey's name. Midlothian and Illinois state police had previously declined to name Officer Covey, even as Mr. Kulis subpoenaed records of the shooting and Mr. Roberson’s family pressed for the officer to be identified. The white media apparently has not pressed the issue with police and apparently Google and other elite racist suspects have managed to scrub the internet removing any images of the white cop. [MORE] It appears that no major news outlet has published an image of the white police officer - a so called “public servant” assigned a public badge number “serving” the community. One lone photo can be found on an Instagram page. Said photo has not been confirmed by cops or the disinterested media. There is nothing unique about such omissions when white cops harm Blacks or Latinos - contrary to any pretenses elite media protects authority. In what ways are such efforts [& lack thereof] similar to a klansman’s white hood masking his/her identity? Racism is carried out through deception, violence and cooperative control.  Part of the deception is not knowing who the racists are. It is difficult for non-white people to ‘always determine who is a racist, who is practicing racism and who is not - as it is impossible to monitor (or judge) all the individual actions and words of any white person at all times.’  Nevertheless, most white people, consciously or subconsciously participate in the system of white supremacy because it is in their perceived survival interest to do so. [MORE] This necessarily includes elite media - which as explained by Ishmael Reid is as white as a kkk picnic.

“If a young man shot a police officer, that young man’s picture would be on the TV tonight,” Gregory Kulis, Ms. Roberson’s lawyer, said at the news conference. “But for two months we have been looking for the name of the officer that killed Jemel Roberson.” [and the image is still not on TV]

The wrongful death suit was filed days after Roberson's killing and initially listed Covey as "Officer John Doe." Gregory Kulis, the attorney for Beatrice Roberson, has subpoenaed Midlothian and other law enforcement agencies whose officers responded to the incident to turn over any police dash camera or body camera video footage they captured at the scene.

Mr. Roberson, 26, was killed early on the morning of Nov. 11 as he detained a man who was believed to be involved in a shooting outside the bar in Robbins, Ill.

The shooting outside Manny's Blue Room Lounge has drawn national headlines, outrage and questions about whether race factored into the officer’s decision to open fire. Roberson was black. The officer is white.

Roberson was armed and licensed to carry a gun. He apprehended the gunman outside the bar, pinned him down and was waiting for police help when a responding officer from Midlothian arrived. 

Police say the officer ordered Roberson to drop his gun. Witnesses say they shouted at Covey that Roberson was a security guard. Roberson was wearing clothing emblazoned with the word “security” when he was shot. Mr. Roberson, who was licensed to carry a firearm, was holding the man at gunpoint.

The person Roberson apprehended had allegedly fired a weapon inside the bar moments earlier, wounding multiple people and drawing Covey and police officers from surrounding jurisdictions to rush to the establishment.

“I hear some people say he was shot,” Ms. Roberson said. “My son was not shot. My son was murdered.”