‘Never Put Your Hands On Cops b/c They Are Not Your Equal in a “Copitalist" System: NYPD Authoritarians are Furious the DA Dropped Charges on a Black Man Beat Down in the Street by White Cops

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The [NY TIMES] writes, A highly unusual public feud broke out between prosecutors and top police officials on Friday after the Manhattan district attorney’s decision to drop charges against one of the men pummeled by the police with batons during a chaotic arrest in Washington Heights.

The office of the district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., fielded angry phone calls from two of the Police Department’s senior officials — Terence Monahan, the chief of department, and Edward Delatorre, the chief of the transit bureau — over its handling of the matter.

And in an uncharacteristically public salvo, the police commissioner, James P. O’Neill, took to Twitter to sharply criticize Mr. Vance’s decision not to charge one of the men, Sydney Williams, 37, and not to seek bail on the second, Aaron Grissom, 36.

Mr. O’Neill said Mr. Vance’s handling of the matter put the safety of police officers and the public in jeopardy and sent the wrong message to New Yorkers.

During a radio interview with racist suspect Joe Piscopo later in the day, Mr. O’Neill defended the officers’ actions, saying the violence had started when Mr. Grissom refused to be arrested and punched one of the police. “You can’t punch a cop,” he said. “You can’t fight a cop. You can’t resist arrest. You have to respect the police.”

A relevant question for this racist suspect authoritarian is who was the aggressor when the Black man was retreating and subsequently lying on the ground receiving strikes from metal batons, foot stomping and punches from white cops and white civilians [auxiliary cops]? As he fled, could the cops have had a reasonable belief that they were in imminent danger of bodily harm? How is it that none of the cops or civilians were arrested and charged for their assault with intent to bodily harm?

With regard to mere mortals self defense is measured against necessity and civilians don’t have the right to initiate unprovoked violence against others. But cops are not mere mortals in a legal system of coercion or physical force. According to statist belief “the people” have delegated or transferred to police the moral right to commit acts of unprovoked violence on people. [MORE] Question here: can you delegate a right to someone that you don’t have? where does their “authority,” the right to rule others, come from? Asked differently, if you don’t have the right to initiate unprovoked acts of force against other people then how can you delegate or authorize another person to do such things? How did police acquire such super-human powers? The answer is logically unsupportable as “the belief in “authority,” which includes all belief in “government,” is irrational and self-contradictory. Yet all modern statism is based entirely on the assumption that people can delegate rights they don’t have.” [MORE]

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Mr. Vance declined to respond to Mr. O’Neill’s criticisms. “Our office is conducting a full, fair and independent investigation into the alleged offenses for which Mr. Grissom and Mr. Williams were arrested,” Danny Frost, the district attorney’s spokesman, said. “We are separately conducting a full, fair and independent investigation into the force used by officers during this encounter.”

The police commissioner’s comments underscored the simmering tensions between the two law enforcement agencies. Though they historically have been closely aligned, Mr. Vance’s office has met resistance from the Police Department as it has embraced more liberal policies, like not prosecuting all low-level arrests for marijuana possession. At the present time the NYC murder rate is the lowest it has been it several decades and its crime rate has been in a consistent decline over the past decade - as it has been most of America’s largest cities according to the Brennan Center at NYU Law.

The brawl in Washington Heights erupted Tuesday afternoon after police officers — identified in court documents as Jeffrey Mota and Bramlin Rosa — asked Mr. Williams and Mr. Grissom to leave the subway entrance at 169th Street and Broadway after complaints from riders that the men were smoking on the stairs, the police said. The cops are white.

In a six-minute video taken by a passer-by and posted to Instagram, the police are seen pummeling Mr. Grissom with batons and kicking him.

In a separate video obtained from a nearby bodega, which the police released, Mr. Grissom can be seen just before the Instagram video swinging at the police officers as they back across the street.

The incident has prompted an internal affairs investigation into accusations of excessive force, though Mr. O’Neill pushed back against that allegation Friday morning.

“What I’m seeing right now, and this is preliminary results, these cops did exactly what we asked them to do,” he said in the radio interview. [Their job is to remind us daily, through acts of force, that we are simultaneously both enemies and slaves of the Corporate state.]


Mr. Williams and Mr. Grissom were arrested and charged with felony assault. But when they were brought before a judge Thursday evening, prosecutors deferred charges against Mr. Williams, who had been struck in the head with a baton early in the video. He was released. Mr. Grissom was charged with assault, attempted assault and resisting arrest, but prosecutors did not ask for bail and he was also released.

Sanford Rubenstein, a lawyer for Mr. Williams and Mr. Grissom, said they planned to sue the city over the arrest.

“The Manhattan D.A.’s office needs to wake up and realize that police officers cannot do our job when prosecutors won’t do theirs,” said Patrick J. Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, which represents the city’s police officers. “Every perp who has ever thought about taking a swing at a cop is watching the outcome in this case.”

The incident has created a politically difficult situation for Mayor Bill de Blasio, who ran as a criminal justice reformer and has gone through periods of conflict with the police. He said on Wednesday that he was concerned about the beating Mr. Grissom sustained at the hands of officers in the video. He now finds himself walking a fine line between his police commissioner and the Manhattan district attorney. [He literally begged the Black votary to vote for him but has delivered very little.]

“It is absolutely unacceptable to hit a cop or to resist arrest,” Olivia Lapeyrolerie, a spokeswoman for Mr. de Blasio, said in a statement Friday. “We won’t tolerate that, and the Mayor believes that behavior should be met with the toughest punishment available under the law. The Mayor has also been clear that there were parts of the video that gave him real concern.”


According to FUNKTIONARY:

Copitalism - police-state authoritarian force, usurped power and repression over men and women wielded in furthering the interests of commerce and the protection of commercial property; any benefit whatsoever accruing to people exists in spite of this corporate police state monster.

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