Aretha Franklin's Family says Eulogy by Cranky Old Massa'bator Pastor Jasper Williams was 'Offensive and Distasteful'

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PARROT WAS DISTASTEFUL. From [HERE] Members of Aretha Franklin’s family felt the eulogy for the Queen of Soul delivered by a pastor at her funeral last week was “offensive and distasteful”, they said on Monday.

Rev. Jasper Williams Jr., the pastor at Salem Baptist Church in Atlanta, spent his time at the podium raising social issues he said were critical to the black community.

Williams used the “platform to push his negative agenda” which Franklin’s family “does not agree with,” family members said in a statement emailed to Reuters.

“We found the comments to be offensive and distasteful,” the family said. “Rev. Jasper Williams spent more than 50 minutes speaking and at no time did he properly eulogize her.”

Family, friends and fans of Franklin offered a rousing farewell on Friday at an eight-hour service featuring tributes from former U.S. President Bill Clinton and civil rights leaders, as well as emotional performances by entertainers.

Williams, picked because of past eulogies for family members, said in his remarks that single black mothers alone could not raise black boys to become men and that black lives would not matter “until black people start respecting black lives and stop killing ourselves.” He declared “black America has lost its soul and the Black Lives Matter movement is unfounded in the face of black-on-black crime. Like a racist, he discussed said issues outside of their context; the system of racism/white supremacy. 

Detroit treated Franklin’s death like that of royalty, with people filing past her body in the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History for two days to pay their respects.

DEAD SCHOOL. This certified Sambo from the Mo-Tea-Suh Tribe is a walking corpse. This is how you sound when you have a "jesusized" "belief" in your racism/white supremacy programming. Such a falsified consciousness causes him to engage in behavior designed specifically to block out any awareness of his true reality in the context of racism/white supremacy and his imaginary freedomThis deluded Sambo negro is controlled by remote, programmed to hate himself and speak and act against his own interest - kicking his own self in the ass for problems caused by the system of racism/white supremacy. 

Above, elite racists are talking to us through their dummy, Pastor Jasper. Contrary to propaganda or white supremacy psychological warfare crime rates remain at historic lows. Over the past 25 years, crime in major cities fell 65 percent. [MORE] and [MORE]. Presently, crime in America’s 30 largest cities remains near historic lows. [MORE]. Unless you live in Baltimore or Chicago and someone tells you to stop the violence tell them to stop supporting white supremacy. 

Dr. Amos Wilson explains, "Alleged Black criminality, while evoking White American fear and loathing, reassures them of their vaunted self-worth, their assumed innately superior moral standing, of their self-congratulatory self-constraint in contrast with presumed Black American unworthiness, innate inferior moral standing, inherent criminality, lack of self-constraint and self-control.

White America's self-appreciation is enhanced as it insatiably feeds on overblown reports about Black criminality while denying its own incomparable criminal record, and its own racist-imperialist incubation and giving birth to the very same criminal forces which now threaten to destroy it.

Black criminals function as a negative reference group vital to maintaining the White American self-image. The Black criminal is used to support the White American community's self-serving, self-justifying judgments of itself. White America's preoccupation with Black criminality betrays its own need for reassurance; betrays its own basic insecurity regarding its projected moral purity. Consequently, the higher the incidence of reported Black criminality, the more exceptionally righteous White America feels itself to be. The more righteous it feels itself to be the more intensely and guiltlessly it promulgates and justifies its domination and exploitation of African peoples at home and abroad. [MORE]

Conversely, when Black people believe such racist programming about themselves the product is a falsified consciousness. As stated by Amos Wilson, "it is not so much that the European says we are inferior, and that we are this and that, and that the European maligns our character, et cetera: It is the belief on our part that what he says is true that makes us crazy. It is a crazy reaction to what he says, an insane and unthinking kind of approach to dealing with what he says about us, that maintains the craziness. [MORE] Such a consciousness is a political necessity to maintain RSW.

And someone tell this old brainwashed, sleeping tom that most crime is white on white crime.

Dr. Blynd explains, 

Black-on-Black Crime - a psycho-political euphemism, unwittingly used and abused by African-Americans and deliberately by Caucasians, describing demographic criminal activity in general, as people commit violent crimes on people who live in closest proximity to them, and the violence mostly occurs by those and to those who are held hostage under chronic and cyclical economically disadvantaged circumstances and environments. Do you ever hear of the slogan "White-on-White" crime? Most violent crimes (by number and by percentage of population) take place by Caucasians against Caucasians. Where's the associated terminology? (See Gangbanking & Racism." [MORE]  

Self-hatred - absence of knowledge of Self. 2) a projected walking corpse that appears as one's rejected sense of self, culture and ancestral heritage—acting as a mirror and a constant reminder of what one despises in his or her own colonized mind. Self-hatred is a feeling that should be dead—though un-tombed as an apparition—still haunts both our imagined selves as well as the imaagined selves of "others." Self-hatred is a mental disease—a falsification of cultural consciousness. Whoever loves his disease must be cured of love to be cured. (See: Black-on-Black Crime & Narcissistic Projection).

Negro - a man or woman of Afrikan descent living in pathological mental state of cultural abstinence and historical amnesia— one who wants to impress his or her oppressor while ignoring the effects and plight that his or her accommodationist posture inures. 2) a Hanky-head. 3) an indigenous-to-the-land (American) Afrikan who does everything in his or her power to suppress or pretend that he or she is other than someone of recent Afrikan descent. 4) ethnicity-denying, assimilated and confused Afrikans indigenous to America. 5) one who truly believes he or she is white American—masquerading in black face. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's a Negro after all? (See: Snigger, Rentellectual, McNegro & Negropolitan)

Pastor -  a geek man for the corporate church. "For the pastors are become brutish [crude, sensual, carnal] and have not sought the Lord, therefore, they shall not prosper and all their flocks shall be scatted" - Jeremiah 10:20:21. There is only way to seek the Lord, and that is through meditation - which by the way, is true baptism. You don't have to go into any building, any church or other edifice made by hands, but rather go into yourself, for only there will you find the Kingdon of Heaven within. See Baptsm, Meditation, Light, Single Eye , Christ Consciousness, Kingdom of God, Pineal Gland, Inner Shine & God. 

Mentacide - the "deliberate and systematic destruction of an individual or groups' mind." Dr. Bobby Wright said it is the greatest threat to Black people. [MORE]