Like Hurricane Deaths in Puerto Rico or an Underfunded Census, Racist Suspects at the CDC are Undercounting & Posting Inaccurate Data About the Number of People Killed by Cops


From [MassPrivateI] Earlier this month it was revealed that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) now includes all fifty states.

"The NVDRS claims to be a surveillance system that pulls together data on violent deaths in all 50 states including information about homicides, such as homicides perpetrated by an intimate partner (e.g., boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband), child abuse and neglect or child abuse homicides, suicides, and deaths where individuals are killed by law enforcement in the line of duty. "

As you will see the NVDRS's "surveillance system" for Americans killed by police officers raises many questions.

Clicking on the only database available "Violent Deaths 2003-2015" reveals a disturbing fact about police officer involved deaths.

Researchers have only one choice, which is to go to Section 3 and tick the box marked "victim injured by law enforcement officer" and click the year you want to view. And as you will see the results are highly questionable.

The CDC claims that in 2015 only 358 citizens were killed by law enforcement. The same is true for the past six years. (See the results below.)

358 citizens killed (2015)

267 citizens killed (2014)

212 citizens killed (2013)

210 citizens killed (2012)

168 citizens killed (2011)

173 citizens killed (2010)

If you totaled up the numbers for those years, the number of people the CDC claims have been killed by police is 1388. Which is just above the average number of Americans killed by police each year.

According to a report by Persuade Me Politics, police killings are much higher than what the NVDRS has reported.

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