Dallas Cop Charged w/Manslaughter for Shooting Black Businessman to Death in His Apt - White Media Already Raises Doubt: 'Mistaken White Cop [in no danger] "Stood Her Ground" in Black Man's Home'

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CASE CLOSED.  From [HERE] A white police officer who shot and killed a man in his apartment in Texas after claiming that she believed she was in her own apartment has been arrested. [The cop has not claimed the Black man did anything to threaten her. A new rule seems to be emerging here courtesy of white media and cops: A white person can shoot any perceived Black intruder to death - even where he poses no danger or threat that is imminent. It's like stand your ground self-defense but it is triggered by Black skin not actual, imminent harm and an actual need for the use of deadly force.  Here, cop "Amber" had a "reasonable" mistaken belief that a Black intruder was in her home and therefore is automatically allowed to shoot to kill. As it turned out she was the intruder and was in no danger in a white over Black system. This is “projection” from minds filled with racist beliefs. Dr. Blynd explains that Racism white supremacy is a virus in the mind. Whenever the unreality of race is present racists are in a real deep state of attachment that prevents them from being conscious/mind blocked. OSHO explains, “how you look at things depends on you, not on things.”]

Officer Amber Guyger, 30, has been charged with manslaughter. [with a mind-blocked jury you know where this is probably going.]

The family of 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean had demanded that the officer be taken into custody. 

The media has been reporting that the victim was a devout Christian who graduated from a university in Arkansas. Jean worked as a risk assurance experienced associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Officer Guyger was booked at the Kaufman County Jail and the investigation is ongoing, the Texas Department of Public Safety said. She posted $300,000 bail, ABC reported, and has been released.

The arrest warrant was issued after an independent investigation by the Texas Rangers and the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.

The victim's family have hired lawyer Benjamin Crump, who represented Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, unarmed black teenagers who were shot dead by a neighbourhood watch volunteer and a police officer respectively.

"We're still dealing in America with black people being killed in some of the most arbitrary ways, driving while black, walking while black and now we have to add living while black," co-counsel Benjamin Crump said.

The Dallas shooting occurred at an upscale apartment complex just one block from the police department, south of downtown.

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According to a police statement, the officer, still in uniform after her shift, walked into the unit she believed belonged to her and saw Botham Shem Jean inside. got inside because the door wasn’t locked, a law enforcement official said Sunday. 

Officer Amber Guyger had just ended a 15-hour shift when she parked on the wrong  level of the South Side Flats garage— the fourth floor instead of the third, where she lived, according to the official who has direct knowledge of the case but is not authorized to discuss it publicly. 

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings also said Sunday that Guyger parked on the wrong floor. She went to the door she thought was hers but was one floor too high. The four floors of the South Side Flats in the Cedars look the same, with concrete floors and tan doors. A light fixture to the side of each door displays the apartment number. The night of the shooting, Guyger didn’t notice that Jean's door had a red doormat in front of it, the official said. Her entrance didn’t have one.

According to cops: Guyger, who was still in uniform, put her key in the door, which was unlocked, and the door opened, the official said. The lights were out. She saw a figure in the darkness and thought her apartment was being burglarized, the official said. Guyger pulled her gun and fired twice.

When she turned on the lights, she realized she was in the wrong apartment. Jean, who worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, was shot once in the chest. The cops have not alleged that the business posed a threat to the cop or threatened her at any time. 

The officer then called for assistance and the victim was taken to hospital where he later died.

Officer Guyger was tested for drugs and alcohol at the scene.